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As any Golden State gun owner will tell you, California gun laws are very specific.  Anyone transporting a firearm in a vehicle must have the gun unloaded in the trunk or a locked container—other than the glove compartment. Don’t want to jeopardize your gun rights? Better comply. To the letter. An unnamed Elk Grove police officer may not have gotten the message…

]The mystery cop’s vehicle was (supposedly) locked with the windows up, but somehow his badge and backup gun were stolen. Sgt. Christopher Trim was rather vague about exactly where in the car the stolen items were stored. According to

The Elk Grove Police Department does have a policy regarding the storage of firearms and ammunition. Any firearm or ammunition in an officer’s home or vehicle must be locked in a secure place.

It’s certainly possible that the incognito LEO was just a victim of an opportunistic smash-and-grabber who got lucky. The gun could have been securely locked away and the thief jimmied the compartment to boost the heater and badge.

And monkeys may fly out of my gun safe. If everything was kosher, why not name the officer?

Trim said “he did not think the officer was facing any disciplinary action.” That’s nice.  I’m sure local citizens who display the same level of care with their firearms can expect the same treatment should their guns fall into the wrong hands. Not.


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  1. One law for me, another for thee.

    The “governing class” and their minions is always exempt from the rules for “commoners”

  2. Where I am at, gangs have been targeting offduty cops’ cars to get guns and LE gear. There have been some cops that had gunsafes in their cars broken into. Thanks to the non-existant details of this story, we don’t know what happened. Either way, the lesson is don’t leave your junk in an unattended car!

  3. Brian says: “don’t leave your junk in an unattended car!”

    I keep my junk attached to me at all times.

  4. I know many people who’ve carried over-10-round-capacity handguns concealed while on trips or visits to California (friends and family). I’ve done it. Tough shit. What are they going to do about it?

  5. The police and their leaders are growing more blatant about showing that there are one set of laws for we serfs and are a set of laws for them. How long until we uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitutions of the states in which we reside?

  6. a cop here in utah was training , finished his training session, placed his service weapon fully loaded on the roof of his car, drove off loosing his weapon. a lady driving behind him stopped picked it up and tried to get him to stop to return his weapon. the officer failed to stop so the good lady turned in his loaded service weapon to the chief at the station. just gotta wonder what they were teaching him?

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