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Maybe CNN’s Jake Tapper’s felt the heat for running his network’s “Town Hall” on guns like a Communist “reeducation” session. ‘Cause he puts the tough question to Connecticut Senator and outspoken disarmist Chris Murphy: WTF? More specifically, how are laws going to stop spree killers if laws don’t stop spree killers? And here’s his answer . . .

After as good as admitting that Florida law enforcement screwed the pooch with the Parkland mass murder, Murphy says we need tougher gun laws because “there are just as many of these shootings that look like Sandy Hook where there were no red flags.”

NO RED FLAGS? Adam Lanza was “allowed to withdraw” from public high school — without any further supervision — for being disruptively psychotic. Hell, he was diagnosed as having mental health issues at the age of three. And from then on.

The report from the Office of the Child Advocate stated: “In the course of Lanza’s entire life, minimal mental health evaluation and treatment (in relation to his apparent need) was obtained. Of the couple of providers that saw him, only one — the Yale Child Study Center — seemed to appreciate the gravity of (his) presentation, his need for extensive mental health and special education supports, and the critical need for medication to ease his obsessive-compulsive symptoms”.

He was also living in almost total isolation in his room at home spending most of his time on the internet playing World of Warcraft and other video games. The report stated that he ‘descended’ into a world where his only communication with the outside world was with members of a cyber-community, “a small community of individuals that shared his dark and obsessive interest in mass murder”

Senator Murphy IS a red flag. As in a proto-communist who’d gladly see Americans disarmed in the name of public safety, so that the State has a monopoly on violence, who can then use it for the public good, unhindered by any Constitutional prohibitions or other impediments to government mandated utopia.

Just sayin’ . . .

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  1. You don’t actually expect him to know the facts, AND tell the truth, do you? There’s no place for that in modern politics! We’re governing by the feelz of the chilllllldrens now!

  2. Ugh Murphy the poster boy for the smug liberal a**hat.

    Why is trump even dialoguing with him? Outside of the obvious answer that he’s a turncoat and is selling us out?

      • (Not directed at you, CZJay. Thanks for posting that video.)

        “Fellas, we’ve got to really get going on some good legislation.” “There’s no bigger champion of the Second Amendment than I am.” -Trump

        Horseshit. Is THIS what POTG consider a real understanding of the unalienable individual right to keep and bear arms; how it is essential to a free people? He was speaking with top people at the NRA. They couldn’t or wouldn’t educate him? Do THEY even have a clue or are have they erroneously convinced themselves that they are “champions of the Second Amendment” as so many POTG have also done?

        “Shall not be infringed” or you are supporting gun control. It really is that freaking simple.

        • @ John in Ohio

          Saw one of Trumps sons in a interview and to me he came off as a typical Fudd not a second amendment supporter.

          My question the the president is if he chooses to run for a second term,who does he expect to vote for him,perhaps the ape shit Left.

  3. Most of all of the mass murderers had red flags leading up to the murders. No one did anything to help or stop these people from going on a killing spree and Murphy’s law came and bit people in the rear for it.

  4. Translation for people who live in the real world: The solution to any-and-all problems, whether actual or perceived, is anything that makes me relevant.

  5. Soooooo, give up your guns and the State will protect you-ish.

    Why does Murphy have an earpiece when Tapper is across from him?

    And an NRA A+ rating now means ????

    • “…give up your guns and the State will protect you-ish.”

      Yup, the very same level of protection ‘enjoyed’ by those 17 at that high school a few days back.

      Leftists love fantasies of ‘Gun! Free! Zones!’ more than they love defenseless, disarmed by force of law children.

      If there ever was a morally valid reason for revolution, that is it…

    • “The Left has gone full retard folks.”

      Oh, please.

      I have full confidence we haven’t begun to see yet the depths the Leftists are capable to reach in that department…

      • I’m with Geoff on this one. If they lose the midterm, which I expect they actually will, badly enough you’ll see a whole new level of stupid open up.

        And every time they don’t get their way after that… man the temper tantrums are going to get intense.

  6. Remember folks, none of these proposed laws affect the Ruling Class. Whether you are a Democrat or Republican, you can have armed guards because firearm laws never apply to the guards and enforcers of the Ruling Class. Or a member of the ruling class can just get his/her own license and be armed him/herself because he/she is a member of the Ruling Class.

    The two parties are simply playing the “good cop, bad cop” routine on us, and switch roles wherever it is necessary to keep the ball moving in their direction.

    • Yes. That is the incrementalism. Full restoration of the exercise of unalienable individual rights rarely ever can be realized incrementally. Government simply outlasts the individual over generations. Each generation has an opportunity to realize this fact and throw off the chains. If they don’t, the next generation’s chains are even heavier. These chains must be thrown off more forcefully as more generations pass. Eventually, only violent revolution remains. Kicking the can down the road is very, very, very dangerous. I believe there is still time to forcefully throw off the chains but it requires the stubborn resolve of THIS generation. Those here and now must resist completely. No compromise. Give no ground. Don’t stop until all ground is reclaimed.

  7. My best SWAG is that Constitution State Senator Chris Murphy/ C Communist doesn’t understand that outlaws don’t give a sweet rats patootie about any law he or his Communist party may enact because they are outlaws.

  8. “Senator Murphy IS a red flag.” Well said. Passing more laws will make politicians like the good senator have something to brag about to their constituencies, but they’ll be no more effective than current laws are at stopping illicit drug use. Passing laws and turning millions of American citizens into criminals has a sordid history of failure stretching all the way back to National Prohibition.

  9. “…there are just as many of these shootings that look like Sandy Hook where there were no red flags…”

    If you can’t see these coming, maybe we should try hardening the targets a bit?

    If you can’t see these coming, how do we know the kind of gun matters at all?

    If you can’t see these coming, what good are you?

    If you’re no help – can’t see these coming – how about let people help themselves?

  10. I agree that we need tougher gun laws. With “tougher” federal law, that idiot school system would not have been able to disarm the kids n teachers who did what they could, anyway.

    With tougher gun laws, those ROTC kids might have been armed. Then how many more of their classmates would have lived?

    As Officer Too Friendly, there demonstrated … guns don’t fire themselves. It takes someone using a gun to kill people. Or to stop someone killing people.

    We already know kids n teachers at that school had the will to do what they could. It’s a shame we didn’t have stronger gun laws, ensuring they had better tools.

  11. It has been proven time and time again that the authorities do not have the desire or capability to protect anyone except for the political elite. I would go further and say that they deliberately allow events such as mass murders to happen to further some sort of political agenda.

    It’s not a good sign that a statist such as Murphy gets full access to Trump to espouse his totalitarian worldview. I generally approve of most things Trump has done, or is trying to do (against massive odds!!) but he does seem to be a bit ‘squishy’ in that he can change his views according to which way the wind blows.

  12. Murphy is naive. Laws constrain only the law-abiding, never criminals or crazy people. Bir he will settle for the general disarmament of all the people.

  13. The old saw. Need to restrict GUNS! I call BS. The idea that the Sandy Hook shooter was not known to be mentally ill is hog wash! He was being treated he was all kinds of abnormal and all know it. The issue here is that the mental health community does not want to be responsible or liable for identification or mis-identification of a citizen. They claim that people will not seek help if they can be ‘reported’. Adam Lanza was crazy and his mother must have been just as crazy thinking that buying him an AR 15 would teach him responsibility.

  14. Was not Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School by “law” a ‘Gun Free Zone’? So how come the “law” didn’t work Senator?


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