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Lt. Paul Vance of the Connecticut State Police (courtesy

Lt. Paul Vance of the Connecticut State Police [above] categorically denies reports that spree killer Adam Lanza stopped at the Newtown High School before driving to Sandy Hook Elementary. “There was no other school involved,” Vance told TTAG. Vance revealed that the full incident report—a document that will be several hundred pages long—will include “anything and everything related to the case, including any visual evidence [i.e. dashcam, officer and/or security video].” When asked why the report is taking so long to prepare, Vance bristled. “Have you ever investigated the murder of 26 victims?” According to Vance, a standard State Police murder investigation takes anywhere between six to 14 weeks. The officer’s short fuse has a lot to do with rumors surrounding the weapon used. “There’s a tremendous amount of misinformation out there,” Vance said at the end of our call. “The murderer used a Bushmaster XM15.”

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  1. That should allow time to cook up another school shooting, so folks will forget about this particular report.

  2. At that link they call the 30 round magazines used “high capacity”. I think I’ll send them an e-mail (the address is under “Contact:”) informing them that 30 round magazines are in fact standard issue.

    • So he ends the call with “there’s a tremendous amount of misinformation out there,” and yet they post liberal gun grabbing terms like “high capacity magazine” to describe the magazine that was used. I’m sorry but I don’t recall being issued a “high capacity magazine” at any point in my military career. I mean I could start to understand if it were something abnormal like a 100 round drum, or surefire magazine, but seriously? To hell with apparently being unbiased and just doing their jobs.

    • Keep getting you head wrapped around the semantics axle and you’ll gain nothing.

      You want to call high capacity magazines normal or standard issues? Go ahead. Not only does it sound as silly as arguing what “is” means, but it changes nothing to the question as to the whether magazine capacity should be restricted. It shouldn’t.

      Gun control advocates can just as easily change the debate by saying citizens only need “small capacity magazines”. End result: you wasted your time and breath chasing the red herring which detracted you from addressing the real question while making you look like a fool.

      Same reason I don’t get wrapped around the whole “assault weapon” naming convention either.

  3. They’re not going to tell us the whole truth. It doesn’t line up with their agenda. If people realized police at the high school had scared him off, or that they had manipulated the information to benefit civilian disarmorment, they would lose all credibility.

    • And take the chance that the evidence will not support your agenda or that kids will be out of school and people on vacation and ADD will have kicked in not remembering the incident — nah! that would be silly

  4. Interesting how the Bushmaster is the only firearm on the report that has a magazine capacity attached to it. Why no magazine capacities of the Glock or Sig?

  5. Smells of B$ and coverup…

    There is not much investigation to be done there; the shooter is dead, there is no court case to wait on, noone to prosecute. Crime scene processed, evidence collected, statements taken…what else is there?

    • It takes quite a bit of effort to line up all the lies and then you have to rehearse them until you look like you’re telling the truth, and then you have to make sure everyone has it down. There’s quite a bit of money and quite a few reputations on the line. Considering members of the Sandy Hook choir were flown to the Superdome and got a spot to sing before the game all paid for by a “donator” we can assume more “donations” are on the way to Conn. come June/July.

  6. Dandy, just dandy. I suspect it takes only a few weeks to compile the report but several months to “edit” Long after gun control issues are resolved. Sheriff is candy ass with a bad attitude. Had owfgs like that in the small town where I grew up.

  7. By July American Servitude will have proceeded so far, violence unleashed against the disarmed Middle Class so extreme as to make the report insignificant

  8. HAHAHAHAHAH. Oh man, is there no end to these people? By then, no one will remember this particular op. On to the next one. Oh, and turn in your guns slaves!

  9. I just emailed them stating that as a government entity they should be above using misinformation on their sites. Please add the capacity of the other weapons recovered, and since ar-15s are issued with a standard capacity 30 round magazine, please remove the term high capacity from the article.

    Not that it will make a difference, nothing short of a storm of legal action will likely change this charged policymaking.

  10. Isn’t it obvious? The Conneticutt State Police want to wait until all the East Coast legislatures have met and passed their Sany Hook related gun bans before dropping the report.

  11. So will they be perpetrating the MYTH that an AR-15 was used, when news chopper footage clearly showed that it was left in the trunk and NEVER FIRED?

    This whole debacle has been built on a lie.

    • Whatever was in the trunk, it sure as hell wasn’t an AR-15. All you have to do is watch the video where they work the bolt on the right side of the receiver to know it isn’t an AR platform rifle.

    • Where is this footage that you claim shows this? Because the footage everyone has seen is of a shotgun.

    • The long version of video shows a guy manipulating some sort of semi-auto shotgun and then two guys walk away with long guns. Given the crappy nighttime (why was it so late?) and aerial video it’s hard to tell what was in the trunk (one or both?). What was the other long gun?

  12. Knowing that every period, comma and apostrophy in the report will be picked over by the tinfoil hat crowd, I’m not surprised that the cops intend to take their own sweet time producing it.

    As for the cops delaying the report until 2A has been stomped on in every state posible, I’m not buying that either. Does anybody really expect to discover that Adam Lanza beat 26 people to death with a hammer? No, he shot them, and the weapon he used is irrelevant to the gungrabbers and wingnuts.

  13. Push the release out as far as possible so that the thought of Sandy Hook is as pushed out as far as possible from the sheeples’ minds.

  14. How hard could the investigation be? If there was only one shooter and one gun, the school had a new high def security system in place…. I could see it if they had to build a case to charge a defendant, but even then it seems from what they tell us it should be a easy case.

    Or does it take that long to digitally change the video to show a Bushmaster and not a Glock handguns, like they originally released but didnt fit their agenda. Or are they waiting the amount of time Senator Feinstein to get her bill passed? Why else did he spend a lot of time in DC? Are they hoping we forget what they said? After the economy crashes?

  15. The Connecticut State Police took 2 months to complete an accident report where my wife was hit by an unidentified hit and run driver and her car totaled,She suffered injuries for which she was treated and released.There was a third party witness who left a statement with police but couldn’t get the plate number of the other vehicle.And this took them 2 months!!So imagine a case with 27 homicides-I am not surprised at the projected time span.

  16. Here is the clearest video of the Saiga shot gun in the trunk. Notice the first few seconds the LARGE magazine he removes.

    Why didn’t the police list this magazine on the press release? Why didn’t they list the Izhmash as AKA Saiga?

    Why is there a police officer saying on the radio recordings to look for someone with long rifles and a shotgun? Did he see shell casings in the school?
    I want to hear Vance explain this.

  17. You’re investigating ONE person in ONE location. You’re not investigating what these 5/6/7 year olds did to explain his motive you flyping @$$ c1own!!

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