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TTAG’s campaign to convince the media to use the phrase “home defense rifle” instead of “assault rifle” was a miserable failure. As was the firearms industry’s attempt to euthanize the euphemism in favor of the term “modern sporting rifle.” When Mexican President Calderon chastised the U.S. for arming drug lords with “assault rifles,” the media never stopped for a moment to consider the possibility that those weapons could be used for target practice or offing Bambi. (Or that the majority of the Mexican drug lords’ weapons come from everywhere else.) Meanwhile, America’s gun-related war of words continues, with the hog-hunting honchos at the National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR) making a play to replace “permitless concealed carry” with “Constitutional Carry” . . .

The 1990’s and early 2000’s saw a wave of states create “shall issue” concealed carry permit laws, which have certainly captivated the attention of our nation’s gun owners.

But there’s a stronger, more principled movement afoot, and it seems to be surfing on the waves of resurgence for our Constitution.

That movement is permitless carry or even Vermont Carry, but is most properly called “Constitutional Carry”. By definition, it means carrying a concealed handgun without a concealed carry permit.

Somehow I think The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and its ilk might have a different definition of “Constitutional Carry.” I know! Let’s play Who’s Constitution is it Anyway? Oh wait; we’ve been playing that one since the fourth of March 1789.

Does NARG’s semantic sneak attack mean that the organization is setting its sights on permitless carry, rather than turning “may issue” states into “shall issue” states and removing the roadblocks to licenses (technically not a “permit” because Americans have the right to bear arms) in shall issue states?

NARG’s Executive Direction Dudley Brown says definitely maybe.

Though I’m not opposed to “Shall Issue” concealed carry permit systems– I have a permit, after all – I’d much rather pass a Constitutional Carry law, wherever possible.

Since most gun owners oppose regulations, registration and restrictions on carrying concealed, I believe it’s a smart move for our community to set Constitutional Carry as a goal. After all, we’ll never get more than what we ask for.

If that.

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