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Never mind. Nothing to see here. Just another assault — or worse — stopped by a legally armed individual. The kind of thing that all the smartest people tell us almost never happens in this country.

The thing that didn’t happen this time was a domestic dispute in a Jefferson City, Tennessee restaurant parking lot. An argument between a man and a woman escalated when the man slammed the woman to the ground and began to strangle her. That’s when a licensed concealed carrier in the drive-thru stepped in to stop the attack and protect the woman.

Here’s the JCPD’s description of what happened:

Legally Armed Good Samaritan Stops Assault
July 7, 2020

Shortly before 2 PM JCPD officers responded to a fight in…

Posted by Jefferson City Police Department on Wednesday, July 8, 2020


Just another successful defensive gun use, one of millions that happen every year that you’re probably deluded enough to believe resulted from lawfully carrying a firearm.

Move along.

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  1. I saw this on CNN, boy they move fast to get the story, no wonder they are the best in all the media.
    As for the woman, I hope she is okay & finds better group of bums to hang out with.

    • Yeah, CNN is quick as dog shit with their political spins and mis-truths. At one time, they were a trusted news source. Then, they were Libtard and couldn’t report the truth if their reputation depended on it..Oh, it does.

      • This throwing out of the baby with the bathwater is why reptards believe everything breitbart says at face value. What shambles our country’s public is in…so many morons with free access to the internet.

        • That you’re defending CNN from their justly earned reputation as a partisan smear rag says all anyone needs to know about your opinion.

        • CNN? There’s no baby, it’s all stagnant water.

          How old are you, dude? Do you remember when CNN was full of facts? Do you remember when CNN carried stories that no other network would carry? Do you remember when CNN did investigative journalism? Do you remember when CNN was new?

          Like some others here, I watched CNN grow from nothing, to a respectable news source. Then, I watched them throw that hard-earned respect into the toilet, and flush it away.

          If you don’t know the history, you are not qualified to have an opinion. If you do know the history, and you still have that stupid opinion, you’re either an idiot, or a subversive.

          Where is Joe McCarthy when you need him?

        • @Paul
          If one must be ‘qualified’ to have an opinion, then what is the point? Individuals have opinions and thoughts on things. People are NOT qualified. This is ridiculous and comes from a place of intellectual superiority.

          CNN is worthless! But that’s just one humans perspective.

          • CNN is worthless! But that’s just one humans perspective.

            Actually there are a BUNCH of humans that share that perspective…

      • For the most part CNN is very good. They have a Hoplophobia problem, not an uncommon affliction among news services.

        • “Good,” like pushing the proven false Steele Dossier? Like hiring all the discredited FBI And CIA personnel as analysts because they’re anti-Trump? There is nothing good left.

        • You forgot the most important part of the sentence: For the most part, CNN is very good leftist propaganda outlet.

  2. Two weeks from now she’ll claim that Shelton was simply trying to work a kink out of her neck and that the bystander who saved her was actually an aggressive gun nut who should have minded his own business.

    No good deed goes unpunished.

    • Seriously. Be very wary of domestics. I’ve read of some seriously screwed up situations.

    • Ralph
      Unfortunately very likely.
      Off duty officer I knew stopped similar thing years ago. A week later I’m at their unit for a different matter and she is all loving and hugs to him.

    • My mother had her arm broken by my aunts abusive husband. Even after taking that skank in and helping her get on her feet my aunt flipped and said my mother was the aggressor when it came time for trial. I’ll never forget that, not only was my aunt a victim, but she was a victim that would drag her own family down for her abuser. Avoid domestics, it’s nothing but bullshit.

    • A variation on the Stockholm syndrome. All too common. Sometimes for the logical reason that he is her sole source of support. Her alternative is living on the street.

      I hope there is independent confirmation of the attack so that he doesn’t get out of it even if she won’t cooperate.

  3. This was a good citizen, who did the right thing. Hopefully the woman has the support to move on from this guy.

  4. I like the irony of the article’s title referring to a “concealed carrier” and the choice of photo showing someone drawing a full sized G17 from under a t-shirt, and with an additional thigh rig. That Glock’s snout is nicely printed thru the person’s jeans for all to see.

    Just an observation. Let the haters commence with the flaming, if they feel they must.

    • Not hating, but who tf cares if you’re printing? Unless your garment is vacuum sealed around your pistol, nobody is going to think that little bump is a gun.

      • If someone’s not against printing, then why be against open carry? So many here say open carry is “stupid” because it lets potential bad actors know you have a gun, so they’ll attempt to take you out first. If you’re clearly printing, you’re communicating that you have a gun and are defeating the purpose of concealed carry.

        This is completely up to the individual carrier, and I support whatever anyone wants to do with their own gat. It’s just confusing, though, to say printing your gun through your clothing is no big deal.

    • I sometimes carry my G17 OWB with just a t-shirt pulled over it. The shirt covers 2/3s of the holster. It is a nice looking holster, red leather. I really don’t care if someone realizes I am carrying. Yes, in this attire, I will yield to those few, pesky, ‘No Guns’ signs, just to avoid a scene.

      When I carry in my Sneaky Pete, I ignore the ‘No Guns’ signs. Even if someone suspects, they do not know and cannot search. The mall guards (posted, no guns) have glanced at the Sneaky Pete, looked into my eyes, turned and walked away. No one wants to bother.

      • I am envious. I live (as you know) in CA, and in Los Angeles County. The belly of the beast. We non-sworns plebes are not permitted to carry here in any fashion.

        Note I said “not permitted”. I didn’t say people don’t actually carry…

        • This is true. I know people in LA, SD, and SB Counties that carry without a CCW license or keep it locked their truck. People do what they have to do.

      • I have a black fabric holster made by Elite that is even more anonymous-looking than a Sneaky Pete. My 1st series LCP (w/ better trigger) fits perfectly. The interesting thing about these holsters is that they don’t say “gun” and instead decode as a phone, tablet, or tool case. They’re like hiding in plain sight.

      • I love my SneakyPete, but anyone thinks you’re fooling anybody with one is dreaming. But you are correct, there is no probable cause to search for a gun, as nothing is visible. I carry past silly signs all the time, but of course there is no real penalty in TX anyway. In something over 10 years now, nobody has appeared to care.

    • The people who would be casing the bumps and bulges of my pants are the same people I’m already sizing up as well. I carry like I know everyone can see it cause I’m not betting my security on a shirt tail stopping more than the most unaware from noticing.

      • I look for bumps and bulges. I also look for knife clips.
        When I see a knife clip on a pocket I assume there is more.

        • I don’t know if I believe that, but I’ll admit I was carrying full time for years before I started carrying a knife clipped to my pocket.

  5. For those who concealed carry, that is the choice. Do we intervene in an event that isn’t our business but may be an occurring felony? At the risk of being charged? Or do we mind our own business?

    • My concealed carry gun is for protecting me and my family. Would I feel bad about walking away from a situation like this? Of course. But would I want to risk “getting it wrong” and losing my life, or the ability to support my family? Well, no, actually. And that’s the risk, especially these days.

      It really depends on the situation … but basically I’d want to make damned sure I wasn’t stepping into something I shouldn’t, before attempting to intervene. Like, say, a plainclothes officer taking someone down.

      I hate saying it, but that’s the world we live in now.

        • If you see a situation like this one and don’t intervene, you’re a coward. Straight up.

        • Typing about how other people are cowards for not putting themselves in physical and legal danger in a situation they probably didn’t see form the beginning between two strangers in a relationship is the epitome of keyboard commandoism.

          I’m not saying someone shouldn’t get involved. But it’s not like fleeing your house and leaving your kid in there when there’s a home invader.

          “Not my zoo, not my monkeys.”

        • I get Ralph’s point, but, it would be painful to turn and walk away from a situation where someone seems in real danger. Would feel better and more likely to intervene if others are recording the scene. Details matter, so, I cannot predict my response.

        • Hard pass. Call me a coward, I’m not getting up on a domestic issue. Even if it looks like someone is in major danger. I know all too well the feeling of getting kicked in the teeth for trying to help someone. I guess another way to look at it is some people don’t care enough for themselves for me to bother caring about.

      • A few LE friends have told me Domestic Dispute stories. It seems any well intended intervention will have implicating consequences. Yes I have CCW Safe, but not Cop Insurance. I’m not a hero, just a civilian dude that want to protect family and close friends, that’s why I carry.

        • Worst calls you can go one especially alone in the rural areas with no back up near by.

      • A woman being choked is reason to intervene. Whether she later appreciates it or not.

  6. I agree not to intervene, maybe 20 years ago but not now. My gun is for protecting myself and family, that’s it.
    It’s really too bad that we have to think this way, but liberal policies have made it this way. I care less and less about people I don’t know or associate with. Most are not victims, they end up in bad situations because of behavior or lifestyle choices. Very few people are real victims through no fault of their own.

    • I agree. Involvement in unknown situations invites all manner of legal entanglements compounded with threats to personal and family safety. Quick-draw 911 (maybe someone will answer).

  7. Alls well that ends well I suppose, but even under the most justified circumstances, drawing on someone creates the very real possibility of having to shoot them, and even if you do everything perfectly by the book there is still an excellent chance you’ll be charged, then have to spend a year and tens of thousands of dollars proving your innocence… and that’s the best case scenario if you’re charged.

    Let’s also not forget that, given the current political climate, if you’re a responsibly armed conservative there are tens of millions who want to see you dead, and if they can’t kill you they’ll make your life as difficult as possible. Some of these people are prosecutors, judges, and cops. Intervening while armed, on behalf of a stranger, is a TREMENDOUS risk, especially for someone who clearly couldn’t even be bothered to tool up themselves.

  8. Good for the un-named good guy!

    As for woman-beater James Michael Shelton, age 25, hope he’s learned a thing about not beating on women.

    What could have happened next had the asswipe not complied? That is worth thinking about.

    If he’d been shot while in the act of attempting to murder a woman, I’d like to think Tennessee would regard shooting him a reasonable response.

    Had he turned and attacked the good Samaritan, I’d hope that again Tennessee would think shooting him justifiable considering the degree of deadly threat he had been displaying at the time.

    Some other states, shooting an unarmed attacker could get messy for the good guy under any circumstances.

  9. I HAVE intervened. 35 or so years ago. Unarmed too. I was younger,agile,big and very strong. Now not so much. I’d intervene for a child. A grown azz woman? Not so much. I remember helping a prostitute out in Chicago. Call a cop…

  10. Whether I step in or not would depend on where I am….here locally yep, but 20 miles South in downtown Atlanta, oh hell no! If the local DA will hang a couple of cops out to dry for his political campaign, what do you think he would do a regular gun owner?

    • Downtown Atlanta- hell no. I prefer driving around that monstrosity. Takes longer but worth it.

  11. My opinion of acting in defense of others is, except for family and old friends, they should have protected themselves. Yes I have done it in the past, and no I will not do it again.

  12. The kind of thing that all the smartest people tell us almost never happens in this country.

    That’s because the “smartest” people are too busy digging to find another “bad cop” story (even if they must rehash an old one or better yet just make something up) to report on ANYTHING positive….

    • There is no need to dig for a bad cop story. Far too many blatant examples are screaming out loud all by themselves.

      It is also easy to find good cop stories. All you need is to be willing to see them.

      A Texas officer runs into a burning house and saves an 8-year-old boy

      City of Socorro, Texas
      *** Press Release ***
      The Socorro Police Department expresses gratitude to the community members and Officer Gonzalez for helping their friends and neighbors in need. For more details please read below.

      • That cop freaking ROCKS!! I think that’s the first time in my life I heard somebody basically admit he was scared shitless yet still did his damn job! Admitted to the world that at one point he was wondering if he was gonna make it out. I’m not certain you’re a hero if you are so damn stupid you don’t realize there is a danger. Plus, he looks like he’s about 19. Makes me proud just to be a Texan.

  13. I’d intervene for a dog.
    Unrelated human? Never.
    Just shout “Biden 2020!” and walk away.

    • Agree. I’m more on board with helping non-humans. I’m not some wild-eyed PETA, Vegan SJW, but intentionally hurt a dog and we are going to have a go.

      Humans don’t deserve dogs, but the universe felt sorry for us.

      • “somebody kicked my dog mavis and i’m gonna find out just who the hell it was.”

      • Bravo, humans are unworthy of dogs.

        I’m glad that the canine heart is larger than the human heart.

        • When she made Barbarella, she was not yet crazy.

          Have you actually SEEN Barbarella? It’s like A Clockwork Orange on acid…..

  14. Our Second Amendment exists for a reason.. Primarily defense, as a last resort, from the government. Mean while for protection of self and family from life threatening situations. In 1996 the CDC did a study to determine the frequency as they did not believe a prior study. The CDC found citizens defended themselves just under 2,000,000 times per year. Not necessarily was a shot fired (best outcome!) We are our own first responders. There is a true saying that “when seconds count, the police are only minutes away”.

    I absolutely recommend professional training should you wish to go armed. Be sure to think through your mindset as this is the most serious decision as death may result. Know the law as applicable to your location. Accept the attendant responsibility.

  15. Domestic disputes with serious anger is a dangerous situation, example. I was int the military, Navy officer, walking on side street in downtown New York city, when I hear a woman screaming HELP, holding her shoes in her hands, with a guy chasing her, I turned around held my arms outstretched to stop the guy, about 15 feet from the woman, she
    screams, leave him alone, don’t hurt him. Needless to say a young guy, looking to be a hero, just did a very stupid thing. year 1945.

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