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From Comp-Tac . . .

Comp-Tac recently released the eV2 Magazine Pouch, a new inside-the-waistband, hybrid mag pouch, for customers who want to carry a spare mag in the appendix position.

This hybrid pouch is made with a top-grain, cowhide leather backing and a Kydex® shell that holds the magazine. The pouch attaches to the belt with a nylon clip that is ride-height adjustable, allowing the user to set the height of the magazine in relation to their belt. The magazine pouch is also tuckable to allow the shirt to be tucked in over the magazine for deep concealment.

Features of the eV2 Mag include:

  • Top-grain cowhide leather
  • Kydex body
  • Nylon clip is ride-height adjustable and tuckable
  • Index cut on leather and Kydex for improved draw capabilities
  • Designed specifically for carrying compact magazines
  • Created for wear in the appendix region for quick access

“Appendix carry has become more and more popular as the sizes of guns have gotten smaller,” explained Gordon Carrell, Comp-Tac general manager. “Many of our customers who conceal carry also like to carry a spare magazine. While many individuals can drop a spare mag in a pocket, the number of EDC items is on the rise. Having a magazine pouch helps to balance the load of wallet, flashlight, medical kit, keys, personal items, etc. The eV2 Mag compliments our popular eV2 and eV2 Max holsters, giving users the ability to keep all their ‘hardware’ up front for easy access.”

eV2 Mag –

MSRP: $29.00

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  1. I’m not a big fan of appendix carry for a handgun. However, I can see how the shorter reach could speed reload times. And, a spare magazine should be carried in a mag pouch.

  2. Appendix carry maybe the best location for concealed carry, But there is no way that a person should carry there. It is to dangerous you could blow off your Nuts or destroy the femoral artery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • “It is to dangerous you could blow off your Nuts or destroy the femoral artery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

      Tell me, oh wise one, how can I do that with the long, heavy, double-action only trigger pull on say, oh, a revolver?

  3. More people have shot themselves carrying appendix than defended themselves carrying appendix.

    • Jeans with a watch pocket makes for a nice place to carry a spare magazine. Not all jeans have a watch pocket so check before you buy.

  4. billy-bob, it’s called, “Lay off the beer an nd eat tofu.” Of course I had Bar-B-Q and three IPAs last night; so what do I know?

    • It’s proven alcohol kills germs, so those 3 IPAs are a part of your corona virus defense strategy… 😉

  5. Doesn’t seem to have adjustable cant, but the the clip looks like it could be modified to give it cant. Looks more comfortable than a typical 100% kydex mag carrier, but they should have made the leather sweat guard wider; the image shows the pointy front mag base plate will dig into the users stomach if the torso really bends foward. For $30 it’s a good value. If anyone wants a universal mag carrier, the Tulster Echo is the best choice. Most folks now a days have a AIWB holster with a “side car” but this CompTac would be good for a 2nd spare mag.

  6. Perhaps the best option is to carry the magazine appendix and the pistol behind your hip

  7. Question:
    Does anyone carry a spare magazine in a horizontal position?
    (The mag, not the carryer. LoL)

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