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Bruce Krafft has been a friend of this site since its inception (a year ago on the 15th). Kraft’s links to TTAG at propelled us from obscurity to semi-obscurity to semi-obscure notoriety—and beyond! KABA sustain us still. OK, enough ass kissing. Every time I visit the site, I thank God Bruce’s Krafftwerk takes the form of link-love, rather than full-on editorial. That kind of competition I don’t need. Check this comment underneath our post confirming the ATF’s criminal conspiracy . . .

W A R N I N G: Strong language ahead . . .

“Sources said U.S. authorities did not have the ability to adequately monitor the movement of the guns toward the southern border”

Did you get that? They “did not have the ability”. Not “we lost track of a couple,” not “our informant tracking the shipments was killed”. No, they “did not have the ability“. So these microcephalic morons KNEW they were going to lose track of these weapons. These murderous bureaucratic shitheads knowingly and deliberately provided arms to some of the most violent scumbags on the planet.

I say turn these fuckers over to the Mexican authorities and let them rot in Mexican prison for however long it takes for the gangs that they provided with guns to pull a Vlad the Impaler on them. Failing that, since they aided and abetted drug traffickers with their salaries, take their pensions, take their savings, take their homes and take their cars under ‘civil forfeiture’ laws (finally a good use for those laws) . . . Lock their asses up for the rest of their lives.

Don’t sugar coat it Bruce. Tell us how you really feel. For there are plenty of gun owners who understand that righteous indignation isn’t naiveté. It’s what separates us from men and woman without honor, shame, integrity or morality.

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  1. They should at least – AT LEAST – suffer the same fate as U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents Campion and Ramon did a couple of years ago, when they shot at a drug smuggler, wounded him, then got incarcerated for doing their damn jobs.≤/i> You know…put them in a prison on the border…I hear that facility in El Paso is just lovely this time of year, and let ’em do hard time. Maybe even put them in with the general population there. I’m sure LOTS of fellow inmates would love to hear the ATF’s side o’ things, firsthand.

  2. If you say so, but they’re no substitute for a full set of marbles. Let’s start here: What “criminal conspiracy”?

  3. Actually Robert you can keep the ass-kissing up for as long as you like ;). As for any help I might have provided; hey, you guys do the hard part, I just quote you and link you . . . One other little quibble, it’s KrafFt. If I were heir to a multi-billion dollar mac&cheese fortune, rest assured you would be seein’ a whole lot more court cases challenging various stupid mala prohibita laws around the country.

  4. actually the Federal butt wipes congratulate themselves and get big pay increases and retire with full paid bennies just like the C**T Lois Learner! guess what? they are all Democrats! A**hole LBJ Democrats gave the ATF unlimited authority to screw with the American People sort of like FDR and the start of gun control, all because of Chicago,, sort of like today the DNC party bastion of Chicago can’t control their own but demand that we conform to them and their Commie Pinko ways and anything Amoral. Pick on the poor and incapable for enforcement but leave illegal immigrants, Christians, but protect Sharia Law, destroy our history! nothing but good ol boys!


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