Boch screengrab from YouTube courtesy the UK National Crime Agency.
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The Brits have fobbed off the formerly Princely Harry and his wretched wife Meghan to us here in the USA. Thanks for nothing. Now, the UK has blessed the world with a new public safety announcement talking about how great life is as a defenseless sheep and how scary and dangerous those icky guns really are.

If only the UK would throw its civilian disarmament laws on the ash heap of history, perhaps British subjects could defend then themselves against the bloody brutes and violent predators who operate there while the police tackle and arrest citizens who dare to protest peacefully.

Alas, it will likely never happen in our lifetimes. Once a population is disarmed, it rarely gets its gun rights back. So, instead of defending themselves when attacked, even in their own homes, British subjects simply have to cower in the face of violent criminals and beg for mercy.

Meanwhile, if the new National Crime Agency’s PSA is any indication, the government-funded advert will help keep firearm possession by the little people a high crime instead of a civil right.

“Life… you only get one shot at it,” the piece begins.  Then, as it winds down, “Lives ruined just for firing one.”


Image by Boch. Yes, she has her finger on the trigger. It was her first time shooting an “AR-style” long gun and she was empty and excited (and then some). She still retained good muzzle control and was counseled about the trigger finger on the bang switch afterwards.
Image by Boch.

Clearly these lives are being utterly ruined just for firing a gun. The NCA had this description under the video on YouTube:

Life is full of opportunity. Your family, friends and future are on the line. It is the NCA’s mission to crack down on the sale and distribution of illegal firearms. Life is an opportunity. Don’t miss your shot. #KnowTheLaw​:

Keep in mind that virtually all firearms are illegal firearms in the UK. And British-style gun laws are a goal America’s Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex has long worked toward on this side of the Atlantic.

Could a PSA like this run in America under President BidenHarris’ regime? They will if the Dianne Feinsteins, Nancy Pelosis and Chuck Schumers have their way. President BidenHarris’s handlers aren’t particularly that fond of deplorables…or their guns. If you need a glimpse of the future they want for Americans and their gun rights, you only need to look at life in the gun-free utopia of the UK.

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    • The UK government pretty much seems like a terrorist organization at this point, and a pretty pathetic terrorist organization at that.
      This kind of thing happens when men forsake the Living God.

      • They truly believe their policies will have positive outcomes and reality is an aberration.

        The UK Government doesn’t suffer from cognitive dissonance. It thoroughly enjoys it.

    • “Boycott Britain…”

      But I *love* those Altoids mints!

      Tic-Tacs are a piss-poor substitute, and don’t get me started about those *nasty* York peppermint patties… 😉

    • By defeating Germany, the US pretty much helped enable the socialist takeover of the UK. Socialists and national socialists are both socialist, and profoundly evil at the core.

      • For some reason they simply cannot understand or comprehend the idea of leaving people alone and letting them live their lives as they want.
        Also, why do they keep pointing out or looking towards British policies as though we should give a damn after 1776?

  1. It was a mistake for americans to volunteer and send their excess personal firearms to help defend the english homeland. But the english royality will alawys have guns.

  2. I got from the video your lifes ruined for firing one because you’ve not got a license .
    I dont know if true but I’ve heard prisoners are treated better in the UK then in the U.S.?
    Now hears a funny thing, if you cant get a gunm in the UK without a license, wheres the “just for firing one” getting their gunms?

  3. Shouldn’t they be worried about knives or, I don’t know, maybe multiple scores large gangs of pedophiles grooming and raping then grinding their children into kebab meat all covered up by their media, police and parliament?

    Maybe my racist, rural white privilege has skewed my priorities.

  4. What a banal and depressing example of the modern zeitgeist. Fill your life with self-absorption and shallow pursuits. Not God. Not intellect or hard work. Not creativity. Not honor, meaning, or greatness. Rather: “holiday” and “food” and “mates” (and fear).

    Glad to see that “mum,” at least was mentioned. No idea where dad is, but I can guess. What difference does it make anyway? Focusing on family might get you thinking about what really matters, and we can’t have that. Facebook, Google, and the Ministry of Fun have an optimized schedule of pointless distraction all figured out for you.

    Make some online purchases! Post some hilarious memes! Get in arguments online (but don’t you dare say anything that the party of tolerance can’t tolerate). Live life to the fullest, and don’t think too much about how full it actually isn’t. you’re not a free man, bruv; you’re index No. 6 in a social media advertising database.

    Sure, some stuff is off limits, but it’s not important stuff. Just individual liberty, personal privacy, and free thought. No big deal. Food and mates and holidays and “the one” are way more important.

    Way more.

  5. But what does that poofter and amateur Chris Christie impersonator Geoff PR have to say about this important issue?!

  6. Been to Great Britain once…They had good fish and chips…It was the only thing to eat worth eating…And lots of fog…Back then The pound equaled $1.55…Couldn’t afford anything… well that’s about it…

  7. It’s hard for me to give a shirt about the British view on gun rights when I live in Texas, soon to become a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary state under Gov. Abbott.


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