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How do you distill all the stupidity spouted after the Orlando terrorist attack down to the seven dumbest? A good place to start is by limiting yourself to only federally elected representatives of the people. At least that narrows the potential emitters down to 535 Senators and Congressmen plus the prez and veep. But even confining yourself thusly is still kinda like drinking from a firehose.

Red Alert Politics’ Ryan Girdusky, though, has gamely taken on the task.


Rangle’s display of naked elitism is certainly an excellent start. The rest of the list, however, doesn’t really hold up as top-seven material. Just off the top of our heads, we can think of this this top-of-the-pops gem from Tailgunner Joe Manchin:

“The FBI did everything they were supposed to do but there was no way to keep him on the nix list or keep him off the gun buy list. There was no way to do that. So can’t we say that if a person under suspicion, there should be a five-year period of time that we have to see if good behavior, if this person continues the same traits, maybe we could come to that type of an agreement. But due process is what’s killing us right now.”

And maybe Girdusky missed Connecticut’s favorite son, Chris Murphy, accusing Republicans of aiding and abetting terrorists:

“We’ve got to make this clear, constant case that Republicans have decided to sell weapons to ISIS,” Murphy said, using an alternative term for the Islamic State militant group. “That’s what they’ve decided to do. ISIS has decided that the assault weapon is the new airplane, and Republicans, in refusing to close the terror gap, refusing to pass bans on assault weapons, are allowing these weapons to get in the hands of potential lone-wolf attackers. We’ve got to make this connection and make it in very stark terms.”

So while we certainly appreciate Red Alert Politics’ effort, the list seems, well, incomplete at best. What’s the stupidest thing you’ve heard an elected official utter about guns in the last ten days?

DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Why Do You Carry A Gun?">Previous Post
DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Will A House Divided on Gun Rights Stand?">Next Post


  1. “What’s the Dumbest Thing You’ve Heard A Politician Say About Guns Recently?”

    If the comment came from a politician of the Progressive ilk, count on it being vapid and-or utterly moronic…

    • What’s Alan Grayson saying. He’s always in the running for dumbest statements on almost any subject.

  2. Too many idiotic statments to sort – cannot pick only one – AAAAHHHHH … BRAIN FREEZE!!!

    With Democraps, it would be easier to list the ones who have NOT made idiotic statement recently. (That would be “none”.)

      • If anyone other than the NRA says “NRA members polled believe X”, immediately call bullshit. I have a lot of issues wit the NRA, but they don’t give out their membership info. So how would you have polled them?

        • Same way they extrapolate all other polling data – They call 500 people at random. During the poll they ask if you belong to the NRA. Ten people reply that they are NRA member and nine of those people say something vaguely agreeable with background checks. Voila! NRA members agree 90% that universal background checks are a good thing!

    • This is classic bait and switch.

      funny thing. I keep hereing that 90% number of people want common sense back ground checks too. I read the entire CNN ORC poll, and that question was not asked. what was asked was :

      “Please tell me whether you would generally favor or oppose each of the following proposals which some people have made to reduce the amount of gun violence”

      “A background check on anyone attempting to purchase a gun in order to determine whether the prospective buyer has been convicted of a felony ”

      92% of people answered yes they favor this. I guess thats good since THIS IS ALREADY THE LAW. What they dont tell you is this is the lowest its been in the 4 times they have polled that question.

      when looking at the polling there has been little movement on most questions

      The one new question

      Preventing people who are on the U.S. government’s Terrorist Watchlist or no-fly list from owning guns – 85% in favor.

      I think alot of people need a refresher on Due Process.

    • Ha! That’s about all you need to know, right there. If a Democrat opens his yap and guns are the subject, stupidity will inevitably come pouring out.

  3. Tie between the two I heard from yesterday’s Senate Democratic sit-in.
    1- “We must keep automatic weapons off our streets!”
    (This next one actually made be gag uncontrollably and I still have an eye twitch that won’t stop.)
    2- “We can’t let something like Due Process get in the way of stopping potential terrorists from getting these weapons”

    OK, I feel sick again, goodbye and God help us all!

    • I didn’t hear them say anything during the sit in.

      But then again, I tend to ignore children when they throw tantrums. 😛

      • It was on Fox or RT, don’t recall, but it showed a bunch of 5-10 second clips immediately before, during and after the sit-in .

  4. One of the Republican candidates for FL-6’s house seat, Galloway, responded to my asking if he would introduce legislation to repeal the NFA and GCA by giving a card where he claims to support the second amendment but never actually mentions the legislation I asked about (though it was hand written).

    When I called him to ask about it, he tried to deflect but I wouldn’t let him. He eventually said he doesn’t think you should be able to own “hundred fifty round clips” and “Gatling machine guns” because you don’t need them for “hunting”. I told him the second amendment isn’t for hunting and nobody used “clips” in almost a hundred year and he insisted he was an avid hunter and that’s what they called them in Texas. I asked him when the last time he bought a gun is and if he even knew the four rules. Of all possible ways to respond, he tried to fake breaking up (despite the call being completely clear before then) as seen on TV.

    Thankfully Fred Costello, a far more likely candidate, actually did say yes to this question (I’ll any a scan of the letter if they want it).

  5. None of those statements are “stupid”.
    They are coldly calculated political maneuvers designed to disarm the population to make us more compliant.

    Stupid would be things like “the shoulder thing that goes up”, “thirty caliber clip”, or the lady who said that magazines are a one time use item. But they’re all state level, so they don’t meet the first criteria.

  6. I support the 2A but…
    No one needs …
    Common sense.
    The one that I truly hate is , We need to have a rational conversation. Wich means sit there and STFU while we tell you about what we intend to do.

    • Isn’t that bill already dead? That was introduced 8 days ago. Toomey abandoned it and threw his support behind the Collins bill.

    • A list of names compiled by the government for no other purpose than stripping those people of their rights is a classic Bill of Attainder. It’s no different than a list of names for the purpose of taking your property.

      I’m all for investigating suspected terrorists and taking appropriate action. Due process demands probable cause, a warrant and a trial before stripping rights.

      Proposing putting thousands of innocent people on a secret list, without due process and without effective recourse is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

      I hope people wake up.

      • You are missing some zeros. There are over 100,000 people on those 2 lists, and over 1,000,000 on all the “terror watch lists” combined.

  7. In speaking about what makes an “assault rifle” something about a “thingy in the stock that tells time”

    • That would be the official, carbine-action, 200-shot range model assault rifle with a compass in the stock and this thing which tells time.
      As difficult as it may be to believe, the military-grade models of this Weapon of War actually hold 650 rounds, which means that a terrorist could put out 325 peoples’ eyes (not counting his own) without reloading. Assuming that each victim had two eyes to start with, of course. And given that the terrorist shot out both eyes of each victim, instead of just one in some cases. Or didn’t shoot out his own eye first, as is most likely.

      Oh, the humanity!

  8. Look it’s always the same thing. I asked a co-worker this week to tell me what gives the state the right to take over the health insurance industry and he kept saying ‘people should be able to get healthcare’. When I challenged him to tell me – losing the question completely (what gives them the right) – what is meant by ‘should’ he literally could not explain it in logical terms, but not to worry, he stood his ground and kept saying things like ‘people should be covered’, ‘people should be taken care of’. This is all he had, and rational reasoned thought took no place in his mind for the argument.

    Forget about explaining to such people that the state doesn’t have the right to force other men to provide a healthcare service. This is completely outside of their ability to understand.

    It’s the same with these idiots and gun rights. There are no gun rights to them, all they see is a state that ‘should make us safe’ because ‘people should be safe’, and there is no entity possible to make such a thing happen other than the state. Because the state makes *everything* happen in the minds of these people.

    And this is how you come to such absurd statements such as Rangels above.

    It’s all feelings and smoke and mirrors.

    Is Rangel this stupid? I think he is. But a lot of them aren’t, they are in it for the raw power, they mean to take it, and they are using everyone else to get there.

    Back to the question, what’s the dumbest thing a politician has said? I don’t know, I don’t listen to any of them. Why should you? You cannot trust them and they will not say anything worth listening to.

    I’m not worried about the politicians, I’m worried about all the rest of our citizens who keep voting based on what ‘should’ happen. It must really be nice to live in that world where things will just magically become true when you say ‘should’ three times in a row and click your shoes together.

    • Didja notice how he stopped mid-sentence to recalibrate that they ” deserve” to they “need” to be protected? Like that makes it more palatable and/or acceptable. What, he thinks they’re special? They’re special all right….special doofuses. He realized right then he had stepped on it and had to make an immediate mid-sentence adjustment. Heck, my family and I deserve and need to be protected as well. That’s my job until the good guys in blue can arrive.

  9. Any quote about most Americans wanting gun control… as gun sales keep setting records.

  10. Charlie Rangel is a sleezeball who tied up THREE apartments in a city-owned project for “District Office Space”. This creep denied living space to three poor families so he had a low-rent place to stash his hoes. Sad to say, even though the NY Post exposed this corrupt deal, he got away with it in Demo-controlled NYC. And the sheeple continue to re-elect him.

    • Yea, he is a piece of work isn’t he.

      Here’s a fun challenge, which politician is most detestable? Rangel? Schumer? Obama?

      I literally cannot decide as no matter who I start to think is the worst there is always another one of these scumbags that pops into my mind as slightly worser.

      300 million people in this country and these are the shitbirds we get stuck with?

      If only we could implement that rule (can’t recall who thought it up first), if you actually want to be a politician you are immediately disqualified.

      • I’m all for making public office a sentence instead of an election. Oh, and when we vote you out, it’s an execution.

  11. “Close the terror gap…” What the hell does that even mean?

    Personally, I think terror gaps are a good thing. If there’s a gap between me and a terrorist, I want to widen it, not close it. And being able to own my choice of firearms means that I have the ability to open up a fatal gap in any terrorist who tries to cross the gap between us.

    Chris Murphy has an empty gap between his ears and needs to keep his stupid yap gap shut.

  12. “The average citizen doesn’t have the training they need for a (insert evil gun here)”

    Because all police and military are Jason Bourne.

  13. Anytime one of these s.o.b.s lies about gun control and them refers to themselves as an American.

  14. Not what a politician said but what someone said to me via FaceBook. “Warren Burger said that reading of the 2nd Amendment was the biggest fraud on the American people.” Yes, he said that…but in a PBS interview…5 years after he retired from the Supreme Court. His opinion counts for s#!+.

  15. “I support the second amendment, but. . .”
    Translation: “I hate the second amendment, and. . .”

    • Also in your link:

      BLITZER: Let me get your quick reaction to the other breaking news at the top of the hour. The Democrats have just ended their sit-in on the floor of the House. They wanted a vote on gun control. That vote is not happening anytime soon. Your reaction?

      KINZINGER: I mean, of course, I’m all for having the debate. I have said that. I think we were making progress, some kind of bipartisan in terms of background checks with terrorist no-fly lists. A sit-in — I mean, that is — I know it’s kind of inside baseball, but that’s a huge break down of how the House operates. It was great for their social media, whatever they wanted to achieve there. But for long term ramifications, we have a level of respect that we debate in out here, and that allows the area to function. So I hope this is not long term because this leads to a break down of, frankly, civil debate, which is extremely important in a republic like ours.

      In other words – Kinzinger didn’t like all the social justice warriors that have infiltrated the House of Representatives.

  16. “…So does that mean the average citizen should be able to own nuclear weapons too?”

    I don’t know, Ace. Does the government use nuclear weapons on common street criminals? Are they planning on turning those same weapons against their own populace? Do you even realize what you’re implying with this inane question?

    • I actually *love* this question. Yes, they should. For if someone has the means and resources to construct and utilize said device, there is nothing, absolutely nothing we could do to stop them. Even if someone only wanted to buy one, that’s *billions* in cash they have to part with. That just isn’t feasible. The difficulty in construction and the limited shelf life of these weapons is what keeps them and most all WMDs out of the hands of everyone but governments. Do these idiots think groups like COBRA are a real thing? If so, whoe are the Joes?

    • I asked this question a few days ago and haven’t seen an answer: Is there in fact any law on the books to the effect that an American citizen cannot own a nuclear weapon?

      If you know of such a law, please provide a link.

    • It’s true, nobody wants to take our guns away — because nobody wants to die trying.

      The progbot legions aren’t brave enough to take any risks themselves. But they really, deeply believe that our guns need to be taken away from us, and you best believe they’d do it in a heartbeat if only they could find someone else to do the dirty work for them.

  17. “Republicans, in refusing to close the terror gap” … Reminds me of Dr Strangelove! As for me I am trying my best to close that terror gap with the terrorists by purchasing more guns and ammo myself.

  18. What’s the dumbest thing that I have heard a politician say about guns recently?


  19. Politicians are going to lie. So I’m not too concerned with their inane pronouncements. It’s regular people, who vote and breed, whose moronic statements shock me.

    Just yesterday, after first explaining to a foreign-born coworker what an AR is and is not, I then explained what the 2A’s purpose is.

    He told me that governments may have turned tyrannical “back in the 1930s or a hundred years ago, when the Second Amendment was written, but they don’t do that anymore”, so Americans don’t need the right to keep and bear arms anymore. They just need a six shot revolver for home defense.

    A middle aged, college educated, well travelled professional said this.

  20. I cannot believe that no one has put this one up yet:

    Then you can petition, and prove that you are innocent, and get off of the watch list.

    — Senator Diane Feinstein.

    And, in the same interview (near the end of the video linked above), Feinstein says, “If he had been on the terrorist watch list, he would not have been able to buy that assault weapon.”

    Really? How would his name on a terrorist watch list stop that person from purchasing a rifle from an individual or a criminal?

    • Weren’t several of the mopes in Paris on a the EU equivalent watch list? Fat lot of good that did.

  21. “The sit-in was an extraordinary political moment, one that’s likely to dramatically increase the importance of gun control as an issue for a large group of Democratic politicians” -

    • Hands down, that is the dumbest thing said by the Democrat Party. It shows the world that the 2nd amendment is only the beginning. If the Democrat Party had any intention of protecting the Bill of Rights, they would have jumped all over this guy. I am not sure if the Democrat Party elites are becoming sloppy or if they really think they cannot be stopped.

  22. “There is no way that people should be able to go out and purchase these automatic weapons!”

    There ought to be a law…

  23. “If he was not able to buy a weapon that shoots off 700 rounds in a minute, a lot of those people would still be alive. If somebody like him had nothing worse to deal with than a Glock pistol … he might have killed three or four people and not 50.”

    Alan Grayson, D-FL, on the ability of the AR15 to fire 700 rounds per minute

  24. Serious question, that I don’t know the answer to: what’s a background check look like if somebody wants to buy like a shitty cessna or some other little airplane?

  25. “We’re in a very violent period in the evolution of humanity. And a lot of it is brought about certainly by the political religious conflicts that exist around the world, but also it’s brought about by the proliferation of weapons…weapons of mass destruction in the hands of an individual that has hate in their heart.”

    Rep. John Garamendi (Democrat from — where else — CA) on the German movie theater shooting.

    What an asshat!

    • Click bait is when you see an interesting headline (15 most gorgeous women in the world), click it, and discover that you have to click through 45 pages to get to the supposed most gorgeous woman (usually Uma Thurman or some such PC crap) and sit through each page loading ads for erectile disfunction meds before you can move on.

      ON this site some provocative questions may be intentionally posted to get people to click and respond, but the effort is usually at least somewhat worthwhile and results in revenue that keeps the site in operation..

    • Clickbait? The title says it all. There was nothing disingenuous about the title or the content of the article. You could have just skipped over it?

  26. “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”

  27. Same old story, all attempts to disarm the population. 300 million arms and 12 Trillion rounds. Concealed carry in what – 45 states – seems to work out just fine. Why don’t they implement that common sense act along with national reciprocity. We can ask them to compromise. I think that’s fair and also fitting.

  28. Stupid Democrat swine. They can’t even do basic math, they are stuck with Obama Math. Biden and the average Dumbocrat will say AR15s must be banned because they “hold too many bullets” and that shotguns are all anyone needs for protection. Lets do some actual math, not Dumbocrat Math.

    The average magazine used in the average AR15 is a 30 rounder. The Batman Colorado movie shooter used a Betamag, but that is an exception in these mass shootings, and his jammed after 20 rds. Most shootings using an AR15 used a standard 30 rd mag which means 30 .22cal rounds can be put on target before reloading.

    The average pump shotgun holds 5 shot shells in the feeding tube, Double 00 buck has 9 pellets per shell. 9×5 = 45 .32 cal pellets that can be put on target before reloading. Some shotguns have 9 rd tubes, meaning 9×9= 81 .32 cal pellets on target before reload.

    45 vs. 30 or 81 vs. 30. Either way, Crazy Joe’s shotgun puts alot more lead on target at close ranges than the AR15. Of course this example doesnt take long range accuracy, different mags, etc etc….into account, but it does display the complete ignorance of the leftist stooges who obsess over whats really a nominally destructive platform. If this is all about capacity, the AR15 is underwhelming compared to a 9 rd shotgun.

    Just a little regular math to use when some idiot leftist stooge is spouting Obama Math.

  29. Ghost gun was pretty funny.
    Thought the clown was going to start crying as he stumbled over his made up speech.

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