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David Crane over at is the first jobbing journo to get his mitts on Colt’s new CMC Model CM901. The “user-level, mission configured, lightweight modular, multi-caliber, weapon system’s” unique selling point: “By simply disengaging the takedown and pivot pins (No Tools, Gunsmith, or Gauges Required), the user can quickly change from a 5.56mm Close Quarters Battle (CQB) short barrel configuration to a full length 7.62 x 51mm Extended Range Carbine (ERC) configuration in seconds without the need to re-zero mounted sights.” Provided, of course, you’re carrying a spare barrel in the new configuration. But wait! There’s less! Less training . . .

The Colt Modular Carbine (CMC) Model CM901 Multi-Caliber 7.62mm NATO Battle Rifle “eliminates need for non-standard weapon systems, and training for those systems, that are currently employed in the Battlespace in order to support Warfighter Multi-Caliber requirements to meet changing mission needs.”

I loved that game Battlespace. Oh wait; it was Battlezone. And there’s this from the Department of Redundancy Department. The new gun has “Very low Doctrine, Organization, Training, Material, Leadership, Personnel, Facilities (DOTMLPF) footprint in fielding to the Warfighter.”

How do you say DOTMLPF?

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  1. I dont see the point of full auto in a 762 nato shoulder weapon … your off target and shooting in space after the first shot.

    As to the versitility of switching caliburs … do you have to carry mag blocks around with your other mags/ammo and barreled uppers or just all new mags that only fit that weapon ?

    Another answer for a question that wasn't asked.


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