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From Ron Norton, President of Chiappa Firearms:

Thanks for the review . . . I have enclosed information regarding the performance kits that will soon be available. I have been asked, why not provide the “Stage 1 “ stock with the production gun? Due to the many variations of .38 & .357 cartridges worldwide, we want to insure the reliability & positive ignition of every “Standard Rhino.” We found only a few primers that “may” not be ignited by a lighter hammer strike, even though these hard primers were found in ammunition not manufactured in the USA, they could still be available, and the only way to ensure positive ignition of all ammunition available was to increase the mainspring tension.  Please keep in mind that the Rhino is built for “Worldwide Distribution” and the Rhino’s diet will vary from country to country.

I have a Stage 1 kit installed in my personal gun, a 2” DAO version of the Rhino. Even though the Sage 1 claims a reduction to 10-12 pounds DA pull, with a little extra work, my Rhino has a silky smooth 7 pound DA pull and I have found no ammo that it won’t ignite.


A revolver bred for competition! The Rhino Revolver’s unique combination of ergonomic design and physical characteristics, will make it a natural born revolver for competitive shooting. Chiappa has developed a series of competitive enhancement kits to meet the specific needs of competitive shooting sports which will increase the Rhino’s performance to the greatest degree. Both double action pull and single action release will be greatly enhanced by these performance kits. Please note, that due to the lighter pull obtained, some of these kits may not be suitable for defensive purposes and should not be utilized in a “Service” revolver. Every Rhino will be manufactured with a standard “Fire Control” set, however you will have the option for the following performance “Fire Control” sets:

Stage 1:  While maintaining reliability for a “Service Revolver”, Stage 1 Fire Control reduces both double action trigger pull and SA release from the standard model bringing the DA pull to approximately 10- 12 Lb, with a very smooth DA cycle.

Stage 2: Perfect for combat / tactical competition, Stage 2 Fire Control kit reduces the DA trigger pull is reduced and will allow speed on trigger release. DA Trigger pull is reduced to 7-8 pounds delivering a very soft but reliable DA trigger pull with reliable ignition*  (this set must be used with soft primers to insure reliability)

Stage 3: For speed events and precision shooting, the Stage 3 fire control kit is the perfect choice!  Stage 3 reduces the double action pull to a mere 6-7 pounds, providing a very smooth and lightning quick trigger return.  (this set must be used with soft primers to insure reliability)

Only authorized service centers can perform these modification, because they will have necessary tools and original components for replacement.

Ron Norton

Chiappa Firearms, Ltd.
Dayton, Ohio

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  1. So…how much will these modifications cost? And are they available now? If not, then when? And what is the turnaround time?

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