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You may remember our report back in March noting that Colt had laid off a number of employees in its custom shop and had stopped taking orders for custom work. It was another bad sign for the rampant pony, given the company’s downturn over the last decade.

The good news, though, is that the Connecticut-based gun maker has reinvigorated its custom shop and announced yesterday that they’re once again taking orders for 1911 work. If you want to embellish your Single Action Army revolver, though, you’ll have to wait or go elsewhere. At least for now. Here’s their press release . . .


WEST HARTFORD, Conn. (August 24, 2017) – The Colt Custom Shop, longtime purveyor of the world’s finest custom engraved and tuned firearms, is pleased to announce that it will again begin taking on new orders for 1911 custom work. In an effort to minimize the existing backlog of custom work and reduce future turnaround time, the Colt Custom Shop took a hiatus from accepting new orders late last year.

“We’re excited to start bringing in new projects again,” said Mark Redl, Pro Shooter for Colt and head of the Colt Custom Shop. “During the last few months we listened to our customers and refreshed our order options to focus on the types of services and packages that enthusiasts of truly custom firearms want. The master engraving and custom work we can do on Colt 1911 platform pistols produces one of the most sought after, heirloom quality investments available in the firearms industry today. The Colt Custom Shop has a long and storied legacy and we aim to build on that.”

The Colt Custom Shop will begin accepting customization orders for uncustomized Colt brand 1911 style pistols, or Colt 1911 pistols that have been customized by the Colt Custom Shop only, starting immediately. The Colt Custom Shop will also begin accepting engraving work for Colt brand 1911 style pistols as well as Colt brand revolvers. To learn more about the Colt Custom Shop or to download the Colt Custom Shop 1911 Customization Price List and order form, please visit

About Colt’s Manufacturing Company LLC

Colt’s Manufacturing Company LLC is one of the world’s leading designers, developers and manufacturers of firearms. The company has supplied civilian, military and law enforcement customers in the United States and throughout the world for more than 175 years. Our subsidiary, Colt Canada Corporation, is the Canadian government’s Center of Excellence for small arms and is the Canadian military’s sole supplier of the C7 rifle and C8 carbine. Colt operates its manufacturing facilities in West Hartford, Connecticut and Kitchener, Ontario. For more information on Colt and its subsidiaries, please visit

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  1. Wait…. is that gun in the pic drop tested ? Oh my I think I’m triggered, can someone make a video of it being thrown on the floor so I will know its safe for me to buy ?

  2. I think it’s time for a custom Delta Elite. Maybe I can get one with a fully supported chamber.

    • You’ll pay entirely too much for that Rampant Pony. Get a Ruger and spend the difference on ammo.

      • My first 1911 was a Ruger SR1911. It is a good gun, but it cost more in smithing to get it to run reliably than it did to buy the pistol. I can’t say the same for any of my Colts. I’m a big Ruger fan. I’ve owned dozens of their guns. But my out of the box Colt Combat Elite beats any 1911 Ruger manufactures.

        • I’ve had two SR1911’s. First one had a couple FTF’s out of the box but smoothed out after 50 rounds of breaking it in and is flawless now. The second was flawless from the box. No smithing required on either. For the value I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another.

  3. pfft yeah like the kimber “customs” just etching the word Custom on it is not what its about.

  4. I never see colt 1911’s at the range. I think in general it would be better to the market to have colt fold already as a reminder that even the juggernauts can fall.

  5. Wait…the presser says they do custom engraving on Colt revolvers. Doesn’t that include their 1873s? Not that it matters, the unembellished 1873 starts somewhere around $1700. Way out of my league. I’ll have to stick to my clones, even though the Colt finishes are much nicer.

  6. Colt: “We charge more for commodity, technical data package guns than any manufacturer in the country!”

    Colt offers literally nothing that you can’t get somewhere else.

  7. It appears that Colt haters are the flavor of the month. I find such BS mildly amusing, in my adult life the only firearm that has left me down was a S&W revolver which was jammed by the hand not retracting. Every, that’s every modern semiautomatic pistol I have used starting with an original Singer 1911 circa WWI thru a just after WWII HiPower and Glock, several different models of S&W up to the current M&P, about a dozen or so Sigs a Baretta 92FS and several more Colt 1911’s including the LW Commander I just sold. Oh yeah I forgot the Kimber Warrior which never failed.

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