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Guns are the number one killer of children in this country – and a group of Denver moms is banding together to change that by asking the governor to make a bold move and ban guns in Colorado.

The group is set on accomplishing something unprecedented. Here 4 The Kids said their movement isn’t a push for gun reform – it’s a push for a changed America. 

The moms recently gathered with their kids in a Park Hill home to make signs to protest gun violence. One of the kids making a sign asked, “How do you spell dying?” …

“The executive order is asking Governor [Jared] Polis to ban all guns and implement a buyback program,” said Alyce Blum.

The group’s vision is grand, even daunting. How does a group of mothers think they can get the governor to take executive action on guns? Do they actually think it could work – banning guns in the Centennial State?

“Yeah, we get that a lot,” said Blum, as she laughed at the question. “I hear that it sounds out there. It sounds out there to me still, but I’m deep in the work, which helps, and I really believe with every fiber in my being that this is something that we can do.” …

Blum said right now, she actually owns guns. She said the planned sit-in and gargantuan ask of Colorado’s governor has changed her viewpoint. 

“I’m willing to change my life, and my husband is too, and to say whether or not Polis signs this, we can get rid of our guns,” Blum said. “Not because we are the ‘bad people’ but because do we need them?”

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  1. Not gonna happen. They just sound like complete morons.

    “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. They may be more likely to go to Heaven yet at the same time likelier to make a Hell of earth. This very kindness stings with intolerable insult. To be “cured” against one’s will and cured of states which we may not regard as disease is to be put on a level of those who have not yet reached the age of reason or those who never will; to be classed with infants, imbeciles, and domestic animals.” C.S. Lewis.

    • +1 for the C.S. Lewis quote. It’s been a while since I’ve seen this particular one referenced, but it’s valid.

      • All the insight of Huxley and Orwell but still somehow optimistic. Probably should catch up on his works again.

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        • Coincidentally, Huxley and Lewis died on the exact same day: November 22, 1963.

          An unfortunate date, as their deaths were overshadowed by the assassination of JFK. Or perhaps Lewis would rather no one even notice his passing.

      • Ban Guns Now! Help child molesters, kidnappers, mom rapists, perverts, criminals and tyrants succeed!

        Well busy body pathetic moms and your poop for brains kids…History Confirms Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is Rooted in Racism and Genocide.

        The aforementioned is chiseled. That means your clown show requests for Gun Control Rot is Denied.

        • molly, emma you batches need to find an appropriate topic and site to sell your wares.

          Grinds my gears when I get moderated and I see complaints about being moderated then see spam getting a pass.

      • Yes, one of my favorite Lewis quotes also. I think it may be part of one of the Lewis doodles on u tube.

    • They’re not morons. People are giving them money to do this. They drum up support for a cause, and start a “non-profit” organization. 2-3 percent of the population is stupid enough to give them money. They work a couple days a week while paying someone to organize events to get more money while sitting on their ass at fancy dinners, meeting famous people and gov. officials. All to support a cause that can’t actually happen. Job security.

  2. First of all, guns don’t kill anyone, the felons and illegals using them do!
    Second, the 2nd Amendment absolutely prohibits any government restrictions of ownership, possession and legal use of any weapons of choice by and American Citizen. End of story.

    In Texas recently a man ran over many Venezuelan illegal immigrants, but we did not say all CARS need to be prohibited and we will buy all cars back. So what it the point.

    Let’s go after the Criminals, gang members, terrorists, illegal aliens, drug dealers, human traffickers, felons and lock them up forever and allow the law abiding US Citizens the unfettered and unrestricted use of their weapons for personal safety, protection of family, protection of friends, protection of others, protection of property and general safety on their own property and while driving their cars!!!!

    Just say NO to this BS – please let these lovely ladies know that their fear is misdirected and they need to focus on the Criminals not the TOOL that we are all allowed to possess without ANY governmental interference or restriction or taxation! thank you.

    • @The NC Tax Man: Ah yes, you use logic to solve problems, the moron moms little brains are only capable of basic emotion, which has been proven to never solve problems.

    • Second, the 2nd Amendment absolutely prohibits any government restrictions of ownership, possession and legal use of any weapons of choice by and American Citizen. End of story.

      No it does not. The only thing that protects our rights is us fighting for them. No piece of paper will do it for us. The left’s new strategy is simply ignore SCOTUS and the Constitution completely and IT IS WORKING.

      • Gman, that is why I keep saying that the NRA and the other pro gun organizations need to sue the state governments that put up these illegal, and unconstitutional laws and CITE THEM WITH CONTEMPT OF THE SUPREME COURT. Fine each and every man or woman who votes for these illegal and unconstitutional bills. When we hit them in the pocketbook, their hearts and minds will follow.

        • They do sue, but citizens do not have the power of contempt, only the courts do. Bruen was an NRA case (through its local affiliate) against the State of NY.

        • Mark N, WRONG! You can file a Contempt Citation in the District Court having jurisdiction. In that Citation, you request that the Court find the offenders in CONTEMPT OF THE SUPREME COURT decision and ask that the people who voted for this violation of the Supreme Court Decision be fined and or incarcerated for a period of time. It is really that simple. BRUEN does not only apply to the State of New York.

    • Please note that the dems have introduced bill this week to make DC state 51. This would give them nutty majority for LONG time. WRITE YOUR “ELECTED” COMMIES NOW!!!!!!

  3. So they’re dumb enough to believe “number 1 killer”, they’re probably dumb enough to believe taking our guns will magically solve everything!

    • I caught that too. I wanted to try to get to the original article and see about leaving a comment about abortion killing far more children, but there’s no link to it.

  4. Why don’t you take that money and effort to support mental illness and the young mind influences that mold our children? If you think Americans are going to give up their weapons because a few nut jobs can’t be controlled by society, then society needs to control your children.

  5. Using little children as pawns for political purposes is unacceptable and does not help the situation or bring people together. Not only is it a lie that guns are the number one killer of children, it’s also very damaging to these kids to force them into this arena like this.

  6. One more point…
    IF there was a buy-back program that compensated each of us for the purchase of that turned in firearm, it would mean a raise in taxes since no Federal bureaucracy would pick up the tab, since there is a loophole called the 2nd amendment. AND, if the state DID institute this plan it would cost the taxpayers. That means I’m buying back my own gun? STUPID.

    • And who will vote for an increase in taxes?

      Petty virtue signaling versus logistics. Logistics wins every time.

  7. Colorado moms are brilliant socialist, communist, as we can all tell. Oh yeah, also fools, since those brilliant buy back plans work so well. Really!

  8. And what will they use to protect themselves from the natural predators that occupy Colorado, bears, wolfs, mountain lions, rattlesnakes, and coyotes? God know they have nothing to fear from normal men. Oh wait a minute, I forgot loony leftist live in clusters in big cities because they are incapable of surviving independently. Never mind.

  9. ROFLMAOBT! Colorado is known for its hunting as a tourist draw. It is a large contributor to the state’s economy. I have to wonder what the state will do with the wild animals that are not hunted with the confiscation (buy back) of all these guns?

    • Lose a lot of purse dogs to coyotes and see much higher incidents of deer on car accidents………..oh and not have money for maintaining parks or have homeowners that are likely to survive home invasions in more remote sections of the state.

      • In spite of what these “mothers” want to do with buy backs, it is doubtful that they will even put a dent into the number of firearms in the state.

        • At this point they could ban guns put in hardline confiscation and magically get no overt resistance and it would only get a fraction of what is in Colorado. 80% arms aside the various cartels are all over that state.

  10. If this isn’t excellent evidence in support of repealing the 19th Amendment, I don’t know what is.

    I hope the f****t does it. Sign that executive order, Mr. (Ms.? Mrs.?) Polis. Get hauled through the courts. I’ll donate to FPC, GOA, or whomever to fight that cause. Do it. Please.

    • Unfortunately the history about women voting in this country is not taught in schools. Women were voting when this country was founded.
      People forget that the criteria for being able to vote, was you had to be a landowner. And black landowners were voting at the time of the founding of this country.

      But why did they lose their right to vote? That is something that is not studied. But if you look into it, you’ll start to discover that women have a tendency to vote for all forms of government welfare.

      From Sep 2020

      1. “Repeal a Woman’s Right to Vote? Some Republican Women Have Called For It”

      From Oct 2021

      2. “Conservative pundit Ann Coulter speaks at Missouri State, says women shouldn’t have the right to vote”

      There is also the issue of what many religious people refer to as the “natural position of leadership of a male” in the family and in the community. This goes back thousands years. And it is something that atheists despise. Teaching boys about responsibility. Teaching Men about leadership. And teaching Men about consequences and accountability.

      And thank you to the Christian David Barton, and to the atheist Stefan Molyneux who is a “classical Liberal/Libertarian”. And one of the good ones. He was kicked off of YouTube unfairly by the atheistic Left. Who run YouTube. They both talked about this history years ago. Some of the best you tube was on the channel of Stefan Molyneux.

  11. There is no fix for the level of complete stupidity displayed by these idiots. Communist revolutionaries usually refer to them as useful idiots and send them to the gulag once they have taken over, or put them to some pointless task all the while demanding more effort “for the glory of the State. “

  12. They’re getting desperate. Keep pushing. Keep buying firearms and ammunition. Keep donating to FPC, GOA, 2AF. Keep voting for the 2nd. Keep up the heat. Winning this will affect many other issues: the nature public schools (or whether they will even exist), law enforcement, checking the power of the state, all of it.

    The 2nd protects all others. Our founders were geniuses.

    • Didn’t Colorado used to be a regular cowboy state? Why wasn’t it the crime capital of the Americas with gunz galore then?? It’s the criminal-not the tool! Like the lowlife who ran over a bunch of Hispanics yesterday. I ain’t giving up my rifle🙄

  13. “Guns are the number one killer of children in this country …”

    false – ’cause the figures from which this is drawn includes 18 year olds which are not children.

    • Didn’t their numbers also include 19 and in some cases up to 22 depending on what dataset you are looking at?

      • yes, they did include those. 19 and up as ‘children’s.

        when those bogus 18 and up are excluded, those are adults not children, the number one “killer” of children is car accident (and other things depending on age).

        and besides, guns don’t kill anyone. people kill, not guns, and the number one ‘people’ who kill are criminals (which include the mass shooter all of which are mentally ill).

        • Guessing they do their best not to break the numbers down by gang affiliation for the kids involved either………funny bit even when they do drowning in pools is still close to top cause for one and competing with car accidents for the other up here.

        • It’s abortion, guys. The #1 killer of children in the US is abortion, far and away.

        • hawkeye while you not wrong data collection does focus on post natal so results will exclude that outcome.

  14. Abortion is the #1 killer of kids in this country!
    Yes, that’s right it’s their own prospective mothers doing the killing.
    Behind that it’s primarily young dark-skinned males killing other young dark-skinned males.

    • Give the girl holding the sign saying ” It could have been me, I’m ten.” a plastic bag containing an aborted fetus and all of the moms would go absolutely batshit crazy.

  15. There’s not great shame in an hysterical mother demanding that everything dangerous in the world be locked up.

    The shame is in the number of politicians who cater to that hysterical woman.

    • Paul, actually it might be a good idea to lock up the politicians and these deluded “mothers”.

    • But then the bad people will not have guns…………….yeah even ignoring that bullshit reasoning a crowbar and gallon of gas can do things worse than being shot.

  16. Me haz no gunms to sell back madaam, after ze tragic accident on ze lake all thoz yearz ago…

    These are the same trollops that’ll be hunkering down behind the 2a folks when the shtf one of these days.

    • They were lost in a lake out of state somewhere.
      Yes but memory fails and which state or lake is a mystery.

  17. Colorado dads demand governor bans women’s voting in Colorado.

    Has the sane validity.

    • The 19th amendment has been responsible for every Democrat president since FDR. Women elect Democrats, men do not. I am not saying all women, just that there are a lot non-thinking emotional creatures out there that never developed the logic gene.

  18. These bigots are offensive to non-traditional birthing persons.

    Hell, at least the transurectionists understand the value of being armed.

  19. “do we need them” yeah we do, & per the constitution we have a right to them. We might need to use them if someone tries to take them or change the constitution.

  20. I’m still waiting for the Libertarians to do another video and update this one.

    Democrat Jared Polis: Most Libertarian Governor? Video 6 min long

  21. Damned, what happened to Colorado? They used to be a hands-off-my-guns kind of state. Now, they are just another leftist sh** hole state. Are they trying to out do California in being the most Communist state in the Union, because they seem to think it is a contest as to who can be the worst/best Communist? People say that outside of Denver and Boulder, the rest of the state is just that: Pro gun, level-headed, and full of nice people you would sit and have a BBQ with. So why in the hell should these two big cities have all the say, especially if they are leftist lunatics?

    • Colorado was invaded by the drug leg@lizat!on crowd from California. Who prior to the leg@liz@t!on of pot they supported raising business taxes in general. Because this crowd is primarily, s0ci@list Pr0gressive in their p0litic@l 0rient@tion. But when pot was made legal suddenly those High business taxes that they supported, were now being applied to them.

      They “seem surprised in fact they were surprised”. So they decided to leave High tax California for low tax Colorado. And they took their politics and voting patterns with them. And they proceeded to “F” up Colorado just like they “F”ed up California.

      The drug leg@liz@t!on crowd has never supported liberty. And they have always supported gun control. Yes there are people who are going to say otherwise. But those leg@liz@t!on potheads are new to this game. And they don’t know the anti-Liberty history that is in the drug leg@liz@t!on movement.

        • While going up in California in the 1970s all the abult potheads around me said. “jf they could just make pot legal. All the crime would just go away.”
          And they said, “Then there would be no need for the black drug dealers to have guns.”

          I have never trusted the drug leg@liz@tion crowd. I see no reason to change. Because I have not seen a change in them. They are responsible for the writing and passing of Prop 47 into the California state constitution.

        • The drug leg@liz@tion crowd has destroyed and is destroying civilization, in the major cities of the west coast of the United States.
          And they want the government to subsidize it. They want the government to give them “free” condoms. “Free” STD testing and “free” AIDS/HIV treatment. They want to be monitored for “free” by government doctors, at the government run injection centers. So they don’t overdose.

          And they don’t want to be arrested by the police when they shoplift in order to pay for their drug habit.

          I had previously stated I support drug leg@liz@tion. I just want to be able to kill dead on site, criminals who steal in order to pay for their drug habit. But the drug leg@liz@tion crowd does not support that.
          They support property owners just doing nothing and “being a good Witness”.

          “San Francisco’s Whole Foods Shuts Down: 560 Emergency Calls in 13 Months!” video 24 min long

  22. He can buy the ones I wish to sell for $10,000 per gun.. The others ain”t fo sale!..GOOD LUCK WITH TAKIN UM!

  23. everything was going great in the world
    -peachy even-
    until the woman showed up
    and then literally

  24. remember the hot crazy matrix for women
    how the crazy axis starts at 4
    because theres no woman out there
    that isnt at least a 4 crazy
    shes at least an 8
    because either wittingly or unwittingly
    shes ultimately dragging us
    towards the schindlers list scenario
    where only the military and police have guns
    and the smartest people in the room
    all know how that ends:
    long knives
    broken glass
    its not good
    and before you say
    “thatll never happen here”
    nobody thought it could ever happen then either

    • It’s scary, but you are most likely correct. It depends on if we are mostly sheep or sheepdogs… Remember only 3% of the population fought against the kings tyrannical gun confiscation.

  25. “this business will get out of control
    it will get out of control
    and well be lucky to live through it”
    lets all try to enjoy whats left of america
    as weve known it
    because its almost over

  26. Confiscate personal property through “Executive Order?”

    We seem to have a significant portion of our population who want to live under a “benevolent” dictatorship. They’re going to love what’s coming to them when Red China takes over…

  27. Any truth to the rumor that one of the “Colorado Moms” was ACTUALLY ex-Kimber exec Ryan Busse in drag?

  28. imagine thinking your opinion matters more than the Constitution just because you let some guy cum inside you…🤣🤣🤣

    XXs are dumbazfck

  29. “the number one killer of children” is abortion and not guns. the number one goal of tyrants is a disarmed and docile populace. keep your guns and get rid of your politicians.


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