Colion Noir on Joe Rogan
Courtesy Joe Rogan and YouTube
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Colion Noir has been an eloquent advocate for and defender of gun ownership and Second Amendment rights for years. And now that he’s not associated with the National Rifle Association any more, he’s an even more effective spokesman, no longer subject to the predictable, tiresome “NRA shill” attacks.

Colion recently sat down for another full Joe Rogan colloquy (Rogan wore a GLOCK shirt just for the occasion). I’ve only made it through two of the three-hour conversation so far, but it’s well worth a listen or a watch. Enjoy.


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  1. Occasionally watched him when he was with the Negotiating Rights Away,now I never miss him, he is that good in his defense of the 2 nd.

    • Same here. Stumbled across his YT channel a couple of years ago, liked some of the vids, others not so much. Got tired of the NRA shilling, left his channel.

      Later learned he’s no longer associated with NRA, and have migrated back to him. I’m not a Colion fan boi, but I appreciate his current stance.

  2. Colion Noir Is one I watch all the time on YouTube. Even have a couple of shirts. His videos got much better when he left the NRA. I think we need more voices like his.

  3. Ever wonder how a gun compares to a car or a girl? Noir’s got an analogy for that. 😉

    I don’t hold the NRA stuff against him. Man’s gotta make a living, and it isn’t his fault WLP is a loser.

    • The opportunity offered by the NRA was definitely something he’d have been a fool to turn down. At the time he came on board, I believe Youtube monetization was still pretty limited, and it was really just a labor of love for commentators like him (much like Forgotten Weapons used to be). The NRA was nationally known, a household name, and they were making noises about becoming a true media platform; that’s a nearly infinite step up from what he was doing.

  4. I cant find failult with anyone who defends a constitutional right. But I’m getting damn tired of only the 2nd deffense line and not the defense of the whole constitution. As a vetran, we raised our hand and swore an oath to deffend the whole constitution.
    It seems to me that this movement would go further by showing a stand for the whole constitution and show those who watch and judge that we are willing to stand and defend all of it not just parts of it. By doing this mabey just mabey those we elect might start doing the same. Politicians on all sides have become self centered buttwipes that pick and choose which parts of the constitution they want to obide by, and I beleave in part that this the fault of those who elect them and act the same way.
    It’s not going to change if this way of thinking and acting doesn’t change. The supreme court isn’t going to stand up and do it if we don’t.

  5. Colion is a regular at my FFL, and a range I frequent.
    He’s a great guy.
    Sorry you couldn’t satisfy your wife Gilmore. My condolences.

  6. TTAG doesn’t care about white people. The last 3 articles were about black people. Honestly- gun owners, especially law-abiding gun owners who read this blog, are overwhelmingly white.

    Why does everything have to framed for blacks?

    “Gun control is racist”
    “Looters target *black owned businesses*”
    “Democrats are the real racists”

    Since whites are now a minority in my home state of California, can we start to have “White Gun Clubs”?

    • Thanks for keeping score and announcing the results.
      Most here are pro-2nd A, and not pro one race above the other.
      Cool story about TTAG readers/commenters though.

      • First time poster? Welcome to TTAG!
        I want to see fairness and parity reached.
        That will never happen seeing color, and keeping score based on color. That only results in swinging the pendulum to the other side, causing parity to NEVER be reached.

      • Well, we already hate you, so good job there.

        Did you have a point? Or just come here to race bait the same as those you criticize? Also, shut up.

      • Mr. Campbell seems to have a personality cult based around him, for whatever reason I cannot seem to fathom…

        • I had to add a pic on my TTAG account because of trolls hijacking my name and the account. Thanks for the assist on that Dan Z. 👍
          I’ve owned and tracked several Vipers over the past 2 decades, so it was fitting to use a cropped image of a Viper Time Attack from my pics.
          I like how it enrages the basement dwellers. They usually own cars like their aunts old Ford Taurus (turd for-us?), IF their mommies have not bought or handed down a nicer vehicle.
          Sucks to lack drive and motivation, and that Viper pic is there to remind them to get off their asses, leave the basements and get to work on making a life for themselves. Both of my 20something sons did it, they can too.

      • Are we supposed to recite the 14 words or the 88 precepts now?
        I’ll admit I’m not a Noir fanboy and I dont want to hear bout racial blah blah stuff while reading bout guns or 2A issues but not being on your side doesn’t make me on their side.

  7. Kinda meh about Colion. And he’s STILL shilling for the NRA in a recent video. Not a peep about old Wayne in a recent vid. Almost like he’s still in the fudd fold😕😕😕😕

    • I can’t tell you what’s in his heart but what’s in mine….

      I don’t consider him a shill but even if he were, that wouldn’t change the fact that I agree with him. The fact that he might not mention Wayne has no bearing on my decision to join the NRA or on how much I agree with him.

    • He’s probably got a defamation clause in his severance contract, along with a beefy NDA. Most people that make real money & have real influence aren’t allowed to badmouth past bosses without it being very expensive.

      Ya’ll need to remember that in the end he’s just a well spoken Youtube guy who miraculously hit it big, and not expect him to die on a cross just because he’s more famous than you.

  8. WOW!
    Look at all those new names in this comment section.
    I guess the checks from George S all cleared the bank at once.
    Time to watch the monkeys dance for the dollars here on TTAG. 🍿

    • Honestly surprised you didn’t get a few flame responses for this one yet. Either not a lot of paid trolls or they may be spread a bit thin elsewhere.

    • no kidding! Dear trolls, thanks for bumping TTAG up on search results.
      Compliments to those that learned basic sentence structure.

        • Mommy had that troll tucked in for a nap when I posted my comment.
          He caught up after his bottle, burping and diaper change.
          It’s all good now, he’s up to speed.
          No dance for your money monkey, I command you to.

    • “watch the monkeys dance for the dollars here on TTAG”

      Are you talking about the press release gun ‘reviews’ posted here on TTAG?

        • Yep, and I admitted I was wrong when you pointed it out to me.

          And you’ve never been wrong, nice.

        • It’s all good 49er, we’ve all been there.
          Everyone gets their turn in the barrel. 😄

        • Liar, yet again.
          You didn’t admit you were wrong. Three different times you were showed images of him. You said they were doctored, and then you said that the image someone else showed you made him look white. Total bullshit. You were lying and got caught, and tripled down. Because lying is all you know how to do.

  9. Dear god! Which progressive black propaganda outfit opened the moronic troll flood gates today? If you don’t know what black propaganda is, it’s where people pretend to be the opposing side online, say crazy, insane, or racist comments on a website so they can turn around “prove” that their opponents are scum.

    • False Flag operations seem pretty heavy across many of my forums lately. I’ve been part of several Conservative and ProGun communities for years and the uptick of just plain crazy comments recently is startlingly obvious.

      My personal guess based on the phrasing, sentence structure, and lack of knowledge in many of these comments is that this is a foreign sponsored division creating internet attack.

      We are witnessing a coordinated attack on the American Ideals that have created our modern racial harmony. Add this to the rioting, looting and statue desecration that is very well organized and very similar to the Cultural Revolution movements in history and I think it points the finger at a long term, multigenerational China operation to move the U.S. ideology closer to them. My guess is this is a response to the Open China operation the Western Countries started to bring China closer to us.

      I think we really need to have the Dept. of Justice look into the hidden movements of Chinese foreign investors inside the U.S. and see if they are funneling money into pro-socialist causes.

      • Oh, that’s not the situation at all.

        All you see is actual racists who now feel emboldened to make more public statements about their bigotry and prejudice.

        And the syntax, grammar and spelling all point to poorly educated rural trump voters.

        “I love the poorly educated“

        • I see you as being in Poca, WV and many of the seemingly racist trolls in these comments have IP addresses based in San Francisco (in the 94124, no less, where I lived for 5 years…Spike Lee made a movie called “Sucker Free City” about this neighborhood) and are posting from a mobile device on Verizon so I doubt it’s being routed through a VPN or something. A few of the commenters trying to get a rise out of people here are not multiple people but are actually the same person posting under different usernames (each comment has a similar, fake email address inputted and all have the same IP address).

        • “I see you as being in Poca, WV and many of the seemingly racist trolls in these comments have IP addresses based in San Francisco”


          May I inquire as to the source of this knowledge that you are ‘seeing’?

          Would you be kind enough to reveal the location of the other posters on TTAG or are you choosing to reveal only my location?

        • When you call out a group of people, don’t expect to not be called out too, miner. You are always so focused on some of the dumbest shit, and your last comment pretty much warrants why nobody likes you here. I mean nobody. I have agreed with you once or twice, and don’t agree with the instant referral to trolling some take, but this line of commenting is what makes everyone wonder why the fuck you are even here in the first place.

        • Miner, not only are you completely unable to recognize the truth, you can’t stand it when you see it.
          Jeremy was able to point out that you are in fact the very same low educated rural denizen you claim to abhor, and was also able to point out that many of the racist comments are from a far more affluent, urban area.
          You continue to be exposed as a self-loathing lying racist.

        • Wow. Keep dropping truth bombs like that on whiner49er, and he’ll start having nightmares about being on deck at Pearl Harbor.

        • “A few of the commenters trying to get a rise out of people here are not multiple people but are actually the same person posting under different usernames (each comment has a similar, fake email address inputted and all have the same IP address).”

          Hey Jeremy S, dig a little deeper, you will see a few of these trolls using multiple “disposable” usernames also have a long term TTAG usernames.
          There are times when I respond to a well known username, and ACTUALLY know what troll usernames will attack.
          These TTAG trolls are not that bright, that’s why they go ignored by me over 90% of the time.
          Most of the regulars here can see these shape shifting trolls for what they are.

  10. I quit about halfway through. I like Colion’s stuff. I just don’t have the attention span for more than about 45 minutes.

    That Colion mentioned BLM without mentioning that it’s very origin is based on a lie (“Hands up. Don’t shoot.”) was disturbing. He’s usually more on target (Sorry) than that.

    Same with Liberty Doll. I love her 15 – 30 minute videos. But her live stream ones that run 1-2 hours where she reads people’s comments and rambles don’t work for me.

    Same for Bill Whittle’s Stratosphere Lounge. Give me all the Right Angle and Bill Whittle Now videos that they’re willing to make.

    Like laws, if you can’t make your point in less than 1/2 hour, I won’t be watching.

    (Also, some of the comments on this thread are lame-o. Get a life.)

    • If you are making a point in video, 10 minutes is a good standard. But, these are talkshow style videos… so that’s just what they do all day, talk.

        • Basically for a YT vid it’s 15 minutes max for me. I will break that rule but it has to really catch my attention. Mark Felton, Paul Harrell are 2 that I will break the rule for.

          Coming to the point shouldn’t be all that hard. I used to like Lindy Beige but he does tend to run on and I’ve mostly stopped watching him.

        • Yeah. Something has to really grab my attention for me to listen to a 2-3 hour podcast.

          Rogan has had several that I’ve been glued to. Egyptologists, nutritionists, doctors, etc.
          I listened to his first interview with Colion, not bad. Not very polished.
          May have to listen to a bit of this just to hear his opinions.

        • Mark Felton and The History Guy. Great shorts. But Nutnfancy I need to budget time for him.

      • The popularity of the JRE suggests strongly that ya’ll are in the minority.

        Personally I use an app on my phone to download them and then listen to them as I do something like weed the garden, clean the house or just go for a walk. If I get done before the podcast is over I pause it until I have some other time to listen to it. While some of the people Rogan has on are dry as dust many of them are quite interesting and cover topics in a depth that’s fascinating. Everything from biochemistry and neurology to archery, conservation, astrophysics, MMA… really everything.

        It’s far superior to TV that has five minute “debate” segments between multiple guests. That’s “soundbite” bullshit and it’s made most of the country retarded.

        • His talk with Alex Jones… my god man. 4 1/2 fucking hours of “THEY ARE TURNING THE FROGS GAY!”

          More power to you though, I have the attention span of an 8 year old when it comes to YouTube. Mostly because I am already multitasking. I guess if I popped some motivational and educational shit on while I was working on vehicles or building weapons that would work, but heavy metal just seems to fit the bill a little better 😉

        • I don’t get the idea of watching the YouTube video of the podcast. I know people do it but I have better things to do with my life.

          It’s pretty interesting when you have some long, mindless task to perform. But you also have to be selective about which podcasts. Some of the ones with nutritionists I’ve listened to for 10 minutes and just skipped the rest thinking “Well, you’re a fucking nutbar”. The ones on math, astronomy and that kind of thing are cool as hell, basically a lecture on cutting edge science and math for free. The ones with world-class hunters and conservationists are really cool too.

          Alex Jones… I know they’re friends but I can’t take more than five minutes of that guy under any circumstances. When Joe gets him high-as-fuck it’s unbearable. Almost as bad as Eddie Bravo when he talks… about anything other than Jiu Jitsu.

        • Well I listened to it. Honestly, after the first 10 minutes I was hooked. About an hour and a halfin I started getting distracted. 2 hours in, I heard Colion mention how a gun got his friend out of depression and I was back in it lol. That shit was me. Actually, buying my first gun might have even saved my life and now I have a career in it. So I listened to the rest of it after that and ranted on here. But guns did change the way I looked at the world, and I did not grow up that way (unfortunately).

          And I agree about the science/engineering stuff. That’s why I love YT. The funniest thing about the this video #1496, is Joes says don’t read the comments. It’s bad for mental health. lol. Here we are… TBH, this place is actually the ONLY, the one single place, I comment or do anything “social media” related on. I don’t even have a FB or anything like it, I have a google account which means having YT, and I share my EDC every now and then… but this place is the only place I actually comment and I have no idea why. I’ve even asked myself why. Just can’t stop. That part in the video is 2 hours 8 min in. It’s pretty funny.

          Anyways, left my rant on the video below 😉

        • “…Joes says don’t read the comments. It’s bad for mental health.”

          He says that applies to the people who create the content because no matter what you do or say you’ll get trolled. When I wrote for TTAG I quickly learned that no matter what you do some people are going to talk shit in a comment section when they probably wouldn’t say it to your face. You’d think people would just skip an article that they don’t want to read but… no.

          It’s just the nature of the internet and if you’re big like Noir, Rogan or some of these others guys it’s a never-end stream of bullshit. It’s better to just ignore it because it’s literally endless and half of it is people who are ignorant morons that just want to troll.

  11. I watched part of this this morning. Rogan is a FUDD. Noir is the real deal. As far as bump stocks go. The “gun community” is not a supporter of rapid fire guns for the poor. But rich people, criminal or law abiding, will always be able to afford machine guns. The Vegas shooter was by any measure a very rich and evil man. The government couldn’t price guns out of his ability to pay.

    • mmmm… and infringement is an infringement. If the rich can still buy it, we should be able to makeshift some shit too. If the army has machine guns, I want some too. First thing I’d buy if I hit the jackpot is a vehicle I can mount a 240 or m2 to, and then I’d blackmarket the whole process of getting said weapons so the tyrants wouldn’t know. As it should be. Probably an MRAP style one – the newer truck styles. Rogan is a FUDD, for sure. I honestly have not watched the video yet, and will skim through it here in a bit, but I saw someone mention noir talking about BLM and it didn’t sound good… I don’t expect support from him, but a nod for black people who own guns is about expected. I just wish race would be left out entirely. People would shit bricks without racial tension. They’d have so much common ground with the “enemies” it would be scary.

      • Montana,

        Yeah, I got that feel about Rogan as well.

        “It’s OK for _you_ [Noir] to have a gun. You’re smart, educated, a lawyer…”

        So, one has to qualify (to somebody) to be allowed to buy and have and carry a gun? Thanks, but no thanks.

      • One of the things you should consider about Rogan is that he’s lived in a very, very Leftist bubble for a long time. Dude was playing Quake on a T1 line at $10,000/month (just for the internet connection) back in like 1998. In the last number of years that bubble has burst.

        If you listen to him over the last few years you can tell he’s undergoing a rapid change. From full-blown Progressive to “HOLY SHIT! The Left is fucking nuts!”. He’s also come quite a ways on guns in those years. Going from “Bolt guns are all you need” to accepting the idea of private ownership of pistols. This is because he talks to people like Noir and Jocko as well as elite MMA fighters who’ve had shitty situations in places like Brazil where they wished they had a gun.

        Just listen to him talk to Bret Weinstein about Biden last week. Both agree that “…if you have TDS you have one group to blame, the DNC”. That’s nearly 180 from where Rogan was five years ago.

        Advertising, conversations, understanding how to convince people. These things work.

  12. I made it 2 hours in. I am still watching, but at this point I might as well start my own blog. A lot of it is repetitive to me, and I don’t really care to address global warming on TTAG, but it was a good watch and I’ll keep watching. Anyways, here is my take on some of it.

    So I wanted to address some comments here that pointed potential issues on the matters discussed. Like Rogan talking about people being trusting of someone like Colion, but not most other people. I don’t think it was a bad thing, I think it was more of a personal nod for being in Colion’s presence. Because it was discussed that some people just simply refuse to view guns in any other matter than “guns bad”. It’s a progressive liberal agenda, and that is how they push it to obtain control.

    Colion is spot on, as expected. It’s heartbreaking for a country like America to say “either all cops are good, or all cops are good”. It’s the most unAmerican shit ever! And it comes from people who take their PRIVILEGE of being born on this specific soil in this specific timeframe for granted. Plain and simple. They are Marxists.

    The elites: It is no conspiracy that elite people, be it far left or far right, want to control this country. They already do. There are countless number of them who are so wealthy, they already have entire private areas setup to do just that. Or, restart if you will. They have their own doctors, dentists, armies, and even their own economy just waiting for the opportunity to fund a new America. They are preying on ALL this chaos. They are in control of what the simple minded see, and they send them out to burn cities, or buy all the ammo, to shut down the economy, or fuck with the stock market. If you have not heard about them, research it. I wish I could point you in that direction, but they are the authors of chaos and control. Do not believe for a second that real power comes from politics. You can simply buy it, or at the very least, influence it. Our current state is just that. A funding of groups like Antifa, BLM, Neo Nazi’s, and shitty presidential candidates is all a part of their agenda. Fucked up right? No, Alex Jones (gay frogs?) did not tell me this. Joe and Colion briefly covered it here though.

    NRA: Pretty sure there is something fuckey going on there with the NRA and Colion, and pretty sure Colion knows that fighting them from his position would not be a good idea. The time is not right. He mentioned there being no bad blood, but also a difference of opinion. Very professional, but the NRA needs to be called out. I suspect whatever Colion knows would be a long drawn out legal battle and they simply have more money than he does. Elitist fucks. They certainly don’t actually care about your gun rights. It’s all an image and politics. I suspect they lured Colion with the monies, and when he started veering from their agenda and defying them, there was an ultimatum. Colion may not have the money (I mean, he does have a lot of money), but he has enough popularity and witts to still come out on top. That’s just my two cents on it. I don’t expect many to agree here. Whatever, fuck the NRA. Banning bump stocks to end gun violence, is like banning “fun dip” to end type 2 diabetes. And the NRA let it happen. You had one job.

    BLM: The “sentiment” is easy to get behind. It’s essentially the same as All Lives Matter. It was acceptable at first to even say that all lives matter. Except the movement is not at ALL the sentiment. The leaders are admittedly Marxists. Their useful idiots are the people out their with their fists high. All of them. Colion said it’s not the protesters, but it is. The belief in the movement is the problem, from the roots. The sentiment is that statistically speaking, it shows an anomaly of racial related events. But they fail to address the stuff that does not fit their agenda, like black on black crime, like Chicago, thus rendering the sentiment pointless and the movement to be ludicrous. I agree with Joe. I think the whole thing is a bunch of opportunists. Some are organized, and some are politically motivated, but most are just younger idiots who do dumb shit because they have no understanding of the way the world works. They have no responsibilities.

    Cops: A bit all over the place on this topic. But a good point is training. You cannot train more, without more funding. You can’t do it. You cannot have proficient people at any job without spending the time and money to train them. Joe mentioned to Colion that he’s seen cops come in for martial arts training that don’t even know the basics with hand to hand combat. Not surprising. In reality, most police probably train less than 5% of their time. Honestly, it’s the same with the military, just throw more soldiers at it… However, I do not agree with taking the elites from the military and turning them into cops. I do not agree in militarizing our police force. I think the statement was meant to having highly trained individuals at their job, but it came off like they wanted every cops to be a special operator type MFer. Hell naw dude.

    COVID: Big government Joe. Honestly, I agree. The one time the Government should help people, they fail, or ignore them. The one time! The people who voted for you to be where you are, for the most part, and you cannot support them? I mean, I agree with Colion to not depend on the Government, life is not fair, deal with it, but the one time the government had an opportunity to play a hand, they folded. People have lost faith in all forms of it because of that. Which can be good and bad. Good, because people will realize the Government won’t help them, and bad, because it’s why Government should exist! I refuse to look at COVID the way most people seem to. Do I think it’s serious? Yes. It’s a novel virus, and it hit the whole world. Was it as bad as we thought? No. Still, bad enough. Bad enough to cripple an economy? I mean, it could have been… Definitely the worst ours has been since the great depression, but not at all close to crippled. I don’t know. Personally, I was fortunate and not affected by it. It is still spreading though, so I won’t speak too soon. All I know is a lot of people were affected by it, a lot of people died because of it, and it should be taken seriously.

    Then, out of left field, Joe says “We should make political parties illegal”.

    Boom goes the dynamite TTAG. Come on guys… Trump and Biden. It’s failed. It’s 100% failed. I’m not even going to dignify either one of them with a pro or a con mentality. It’s failed. That said… Colion voted for Trump due to “pragmatism”. Some of you would agree here. I know because you have faulted me for not believing that voting for two failed parties is pragmatic. We have an opportunity between a man who is losing his mind, literally, and a man who cannot stay off twitter that is a narcissist, to actually find pragmatism! Right now, we have what Joe and Colion referred to as “cancel culture”. You are either one side, or you are the other, and both sides will do their best to cancel each other out. The “left” has Biden who is going senile. Actually going senile. And the right has someone like Trump who defends the cops for pushing some old man and calling him ANTIFA. What the actual fuck. We need to get the presidential office to a place where it’s more of a ceremony. I get the “respect the office” because that position will put grey hairs on a 20 year old, but it has failed our people. I don’t have the answers you probably want to hear, I just know what I see. Are there smarter people out there than me who can actually govern a country? Maybe. But history has proven otherwise. The influence, conflicts, and corruption are too great for any single person. Especially when someone actually cares! They get swept up and thrown away before you even get a chance to support them.

    Guns: As Strych9 pointed out, Rogan has come a LONG way in the past decade. I remember his previous stance and it shocked me seeing someone who knows the value of being trained in hand to hand combat totally against defending yourself in a smarter way! I also know that Joe does some weird shit, and has some weird shit on his show too. So I’ll limit their conversation to this video. He let Colion speak. He listened. And Colion listened to him. I think we can all agree with Colion on his gun stance here. Really no need to nitpick it. It’s spot on. Shall not be infringed. Come and take them. Criminals don’t follow laws. Train, train, train, train, then dream about training. Politicians prey on gun crime. Blah blah, we already know all this here. If you follow Colion, it’s hard to find a gun related issue that you disagree with the man on.

    Colion for President? Rogan for VP? lol. Damn, that actually doesn’t sound bad. It sounds like a VP actually doing what a VP should do, and an unbiased President who actually gives a fuck about the future of the people as a whole. I found my write in. Pragmatism < LOL.

    • 3rd paragraph.

      *Either all cops are good cops, or all cops are bad cops.

      my bad. Don’t take this comment out of context either lol.

      • I like Colion, I figured being on the Rogan show would be interesting, and I had the day off lol. Sat down at my desk and decided wth why not.

  13. Colion did great. Kudos for him standing up while the keyboard critics don’t do shit to save our rights.


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