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The National Rifle Association has pulled the plug on production at NRATV. Ackerman McQueen created and ran NRATV. And now that Ack-Mack and the NRA have ended their longstanding relationship as of Tuesday, NRA-TV content creation has ended.

The New York Times ran the story today.

The National Rifle Association has shut down production at NRATV.

The N.R.A. on Tuesday also severed all business with its estranged advertising firm, Ackerman McQueen, which operates NRATV, the N.R.A.’s live broadcasting media arm, according to interviews and documents reviewed by The New York Times.

While NRATV may continue to air past content, its live broadcasting will end and its on-air personalities — Ackerman employees including Dana Loesch — will no longer be the public faces of the N.R.A. It remained unclear whether the N.R.A. might try to hire some of those employees, but there was no indication it was negotiating to do so.

The move comes amid a flurry of lawsuits between the N.R.A. and Ackerman, and increasing acrimony that surfaced after two prominent N.R.A. board members first criticized NRATV in an article in The Times in March. The separation had become inevitable: The two sides said last month that they were ending their three-decade-plus partnership.

“Many members expressed concern about the messaging on NRATV becoming too far removed from our core mission: defending the Second Amendment,” Wayne LaPierre, the N.R.A.’s longtime chief executive, wrote in a message to members that was expected to be sent out by Wednesday. “So, after careful consideration, I am announcing that starting today, we are undergoing a significant change in our communications strategy. We are no longer airing ‘live TV’ programming.”

Reading on into the story, you can almost discern the NYTimes’ glee at the news.

The development is the latest in what has been a tumultuous year for the N.R.A. It has struggled to right its finances; faced investigations in Congress and by Letitia James, the New York attorney general; and witnessed a leadership struggle that pitted Oliver North, the N.R.A.’s former president, against Mr. LaPierre. Last week, The Times reported that the N.R.A. had suspended Christopher W. Cox, its longtime second-in-command, after a legal filing by the N.R.A. implicated him in a failed plot to oust Mr. LaPierre. Mr. Cox has strongly rejected such allegations.

N.R.A. officials had grown leery of the cost of creating so much live content for NRATV, which was started in 2016, and wondered whether it was worth the return on its investment. The site’s web traffic was minuscule, with 49,000 unique visitors in January, according to a report provided by Comscore.

Only 49,000 unique visitors in January? Could that be correct? We’ve had close to that in an hour on busy afternoons here at TTAG.

Both the NY Times story and another at left-leaning The Hill say that past NRA-TV programming will remain available. For a time at least. If you have some favorite episodes of NRA-TV content, you better save them quick like a bunny. Because when bills come due for hosting, all of NRA-TV will probably go black.

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    • Well, to be honest, the only NRA-TV affiliated personality I ever watched was Colin (Colion) Noir, and I eventually stopped watching him as well when he became a sponsored mouthpiece for various products.

  1. This is not that complex. As NRA finances, especially its affinity and corporate funding were cut into by concerted efforts from Bloomberg’s fronts it got more stressed and sloppy.
    The amount that LaPierre was making was not really that high for a large non-profit, plenty of top non profit exec leaders make totals of one to four million. But because of this system of having its labor done by a third party, Ack-Mac, that third party was sweetening by backchanneling monies to the leadership. When there was a leadership/board fight the third party this all burst out into this clusterfuck since all the sides had dirt on each other.
    Most of what we are seeing occurs plenty in the non profit world but because of external interest in seeing NRA and 2A killed it is amplified.

    The way this is typically address is by bringing in a outsider grey hair with impeccable credentials, say a well liked ex-senator or governor (he or she would need to be paid a lot) to preside over purge/reorganization that would last three to five years.
    The entire board should be fired because this is all an issue of them either knowing (bad) or not knowing (worse).

    • True to all you said. Bloomberg utilizing his $cash to hit the NRA through “Lawfare” is ultimately what broke the NRA.

      Poor messaging from the Gunowner Community is another factor in it, because for all of the “gun-lobby” talk, just one Scumbag, Maoist, Democrat Party Billionaire Donor (Michael Bloomberg) is worth more $$Money than the entire US and European Gun-Industry combined.

      • You are spot on with your observation on “lawfare.” Gunsdownamerica (Funded by major gun control player Kendeda foundation) spent about five million per year for three years and stripped about $40 million per year from NRA cash flow. Bloomberg’s Kids group also directly targeted corporate and affinity revenue. And about a dozen Democrat state attorneys general went after pre paid legal insurance programs.

        We need a major purge of all the top leadership of the NRA but we need to keep two things in mind. 1) No other pro-2A organization will ever be near as strong as the NRA. Because of NRA training programs and other activities it has way more broad and deep power and recognition than any simple lobbying group.2) the problems NRA has will never exist in the anti-Second amendment groups because they have no voting memberships and are all both effectively and organizationally top down groups run by billionaires. If they had a crisis like NRA has we would never know. The press would not cover it either.

        NRA has an existing democratic structure it can be saved by involvement and forcing changes.

        NRA’s problem is not unique in larger older membership based on profits. Many hire outside professional groups manage them and or handle PR and lobbying like NRA did with Ack-Mac. You then end up with conflicts of interest in this case a common thing of tangible favors from then third party vendors to the top execs or board members.that is progressively corrupting. The third party management/or firm becomes the dominant party and prevents any reduction of their power by carrot or stick tactics against the people who are supposed to oversee them.
        LaPierre was obviously vulnerable in terms of greed and other failings. north was central to the problem too.

        I have no connection to the pro-2A or anti-2A lobbies/advocacy other than being a passive paying member in NRA and SAF. But I spent 10 years as a mid and senior level non profit executive with two major membership organizations that did policy advocacy in DC and know how it works. The people wanting to chuck NRA in wastebin are playing right into the long game of the enemies of the 2A.

        • The only way to really sustain victory, is at the grassroots level, that being, local and statewide groups.

          Going back to when Obama got elected in 2008, the gunowner movement put to many of it’s eggs in the basket of the NRA, which became very top-heavy, heavily centralized, and playing on the turf of the Democrat Party Billionaire Donor Class; a playing field to big for them and gunowners to be a force, longterm.

          Should the NRA come out of this, it’s gonna have to be the group that helps organize, coordinate, and cooperate with local and statewide groups with regards to Get Out The Vote. Gunowners, also, cannot throw their eggs into one oversized, spread-to-thin basket.

        • Unfortunately, 2nd Amendment supporting, grass-roots organizations are piss-poor at lobbying, something that the NRA was masterful at doing. Despite millions and millions being poured into gun-control efforts over the years, it was the NRA’s lobbying efforts with both Democrat and Republican elected politicians that successfully derailed several concerted gun-control efforts that, at first, looked to be slam-dunk successes but then surprisingly seemed to just wither away. It was the NRA’s skill at working the DC establishment that caused this to happen. Most grass-roots organizations, especially conservative gun-right supporting organizations, don’t have that kind of mojo. The NRA does which is why it really, really needs to clean up all this shit and get back to work.

        • The only way to really sustain victory, is at the grassroots level, that being, local and statewide groups.

          That is something I can not say I agree with. The NRA has to survive. Local groups are helpful but without a gigantic and powerful national group the forces opposed to the 2A will win virtually every fight and get stronger and stronger – and they will get more and more money. Politicians and funders like winners.

  2. Hoo boy. I wonder how long before we read about Dana Loesch flipping out on some poor server or check out person because she doesn’t get all that snarling out of her system at work anymore.

    • Have you ever bothered to listen to her radio show “The Dana Show?” It is outstanding. She’s super intelligent and informed and I’m happy to have her on our side.

      • Her radio show isn’t going anywhere, it’s on Beck’s ‘The Blaze’…

      • You are being sarcastic right ? Her show is nearly unlistenable to. She stumbles, halts, confuses and loses track of her stories. She is only able to read stuff. Period.

        • I have the opposite take that you have. When did you last listen? Perhaps she was like that years ago, but she’s very polished today.

    • I’m not a huge fan of her style but she obviously would not have garnered so much hate from the gun banners (some of which are posting here) if she were not effective.

      The more they whine about her the more they are admitting she was effective.

      She absolute tore apart the gun ban lobby, even when outnumbered 4:1 on several appearances I saw her make on mainstream media.

  3. Meh….seldom looked at any of the content there, Maybe not at all in the last year. Won’t miss it nor the NRA when it finally implodes for that matter.

  4. One of 2 things that Gun Owners can do with the demise and folding of the NRA coming in the near future. It’s a fork in the road; one choice right and the other.

    1). Join local and statewide grassroots groups, and other “National-Wide” groups like the 2nd Amendment Foundation, Firearms Policy Coalition, and Gunowners Of America. Get involved in workshops, help organize ‘meet and greets’, do activist outreach, and get other gunowners and 2nd Amendment supporting, non-gunowners to participate in grassroots activism.

    2). Become the stereotypical politically apathetic ‘couch-potato conservative’, and proceed to bitch, whine, moan, and complain. (I saw and still see this from right-of-center voters in my former State of New Jersey). Cry about how “it’s all the same”, “voting doesn’t matter”, “nothing matters”, as you lose your rights and as the Stalinist Left prepares to haul you off to the Gulag before you get up and go to work during the week like a good doggy. Make excuses about how you have no time to partake in civic activities with that “O gotta go to work” BULLSHIT and refuse to do the proper entrepreneurial thing called BUDGETING YOUR TIME.

    I hope everyone chooses road #1. I’m a member of 2AF, GOA, Ohio Carry, and Ohio Gun Owners.

    • GOA is amateur hour and the way it is structured it would have worse problems. GOA only does photo-op meaningless legislation in hard core red states. I would recommend Second Amendment Foundation is a c3 which can’t lobby so you need to join their twinned “Citizens’ Committed” lobbying group.

    • “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”

      (1913 July 31, Fort Gibson New Era, Wise Directions (Filler item), Quote Page 2, Column 6, Fort Gibson, Oklahoma. (NewspaperArchive))

        • “When you come upon a fork in the road, leave it, you don’t know who used it last.”

          There’s that.

          (Good one.

    • My NRA membership does not expire for 3 more years and I will not renew no matter what happens in the mean time. I have an annual membership with the FPC and am a Life Member at the GOA. I do what I can with occasional contributions to FPF and CCRKBA when ever I can afford it. I look forward to the end of the NRA sucking up ( $350 – $450 million) of the limited funds earmarked for fighting for the 2nd amendment from the POTG that can be put to better use elsewhere.

      • None of the other organizations are transparent either. They are even more rife with nepotism. And your money numbers are way off base.

        Generally speaking when the main organization in an advocacy front does the other organizations get weaker not stronger.

        Moreover the likelihood is we would see emerge a gun rights group that is much much more moderate and compromising. They would suck up the corporate money and dominate.

  5. Poor Colion Noir. He will just have to see if shilling and being okay with gun control will pay on his own.

    • Noir was a contracted Ackerman mouth piece. He was hired because he is black. The NRA doesn’t want people like him around. Noir doesn’t get to speak freely because of his contract. He likely has a NDA that won’t ever allow him to speak on certain things and he probably has a non compete clause he has to wait out.

      You could have noticed these restrictions on Noir over the last year or two. He might be set free very soon, but right now it seems he is owned by Ackerman. If he was dumb enough to sign something that won’t allow him to work for 1-3 years after leaving Ackerman, we won’t see him doing anything of value. If he is extremely dumb, he would have signed away all the rights to his content, social media and brand.

      Noir is not trust worthy because of selling out/shilling for bad people. He harmed Killer Mike and Maj Toure. He got Killer Mike in trouble by what they did with his interview. They saw what Maj was doing and took it to use for their own (hollow) content.

      Noir has a lot to apologize and atone for. It’s going to take a lot of work for him to become trustworthy. Hopefully, he doesn’t become a Hickok45 or Demolition Ranch once he is a free man.

      • He was also one of the more popular and effective gun Youtubers…but I’m sure it’s just because he was black and the White Man’s NRA is racist & pandering. Or was it because he is an Uncle Tom? Unbelievable, it really is all about race with some people. Making that claim about Noir is exactly the sort of bigotry you claim of the vast majority of politically active gun owners that work daily to protect your rights (white, male, Republican).

        Why should any of us value you or your opinion when you come at us like this?


  7. Am I the only one who thinks a whole lot of good guys are getting forced out of the gun rights fight while LaPierre circles the wagons not to protect gun rights and the NRA organization, but to protect his job, his cronies and his platinum-plated pension?

    • That’s what’s going on. LaPierre is like the Bush-Mafia Cartel, aka, the Establishment Republican Party. Existing only to play a little bit of lip-service to you so they can fleece your $money.

      LaPierre is burning the NRA down, and it’s going down no matter what the naysayers whom talk about “reforming the NRA” say otherwise.

    • The NRA was started by the good ol’ boys and it willfully remains such an organization. This is not the kind of organization America needs. Either we take it over in a ruthless hostile manner or we let it die “peacefully.” It doesn’t really matter for people like me because they never represented me nor made an effort to help. I won’t be losing something I never had if the NRA collapses due to the membership and the people they allow to run the organization. But right now the membership has their heads in Wayne’s ass and they are completely brainwashed by phony Republicans.

      You can’t win a war when you don’t know who your enemies are.

  8. Coincidentally today I gotta plea from Old Wayne to please reup my NRA !membership.Promptly deposited in File 13. Go state and local. I have NO interest in GOA…we do need a non corrupt NRA.

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