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In the wake of the Roanoke live-TV homicide, gun guru and firearms fashionista Colion Noir recaps all the arguments against background checks, replaying clips of politicians calling for more gun control. It’s a compelling video for those who haven’t been following the “gun debate” since the Sandy Hook slaughter. For those of us who have – and how – Noir’s plain speaking is a welcome addition to the voices of reason opposing attempts to degrade and destroy our natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. How’s this quote from TTAG’s Gun Hero of the Day for telling it like it is . . .

“This is America, not Sesame Street. Putting people in temporary time-outs as a way to prevent violence is the solution of morons. It’s getting people killed . . . these supposed common sense gun control measures are nothing but political Febreeze used to mask the overwhelming stench of violence in this country.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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  1. Keep talking Ms Clinton, every word you utter puts another thousand guns in the hands of responsible gun owners.
    She’s probably a bigger gun salesman than Obummer.

  2. If you have to keep labeling it as “common sense” to try to convince us that it’s common sense… It’s not common sense.

    Kinda like a Smart Car… Only a fool falls for that. I drive a mid-sized sedan that pollutes less, has 4 doors and a trunk, has huge balls, is way faster, lasts damn near generations, and gets drastically better fuel economy… But the Smart Car is the “smart” one…

    • “If you have to keep labeling it as “common sense” to try to convince us that it’s common sense… It’s not common sense.”

      That is like politicians referring to America as Democracy vs Constitutional Republic.

      “Hence it is that democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and in general have been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths… A republic, by which I mean a government in which a scheme of representation takes place, opens a different prospect and promises the cure for which we are seeking.” James Madison [Federalist Papers No. 10 – 1787].

      “A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.” Thomas Jefferson

      “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.” John Adams

  3. Great video, he brings up some great points. I guess people aren’t ready to accept responsibility for their own safety and believe there is such a thing as “ultimate” safety. In nature there is no such thing, as such, I want to have the best means possible to stop violence against my family, myself, and others if warranted.

    • The “ultimate safety” would be to nuke the world clean. Then nothing bad would ever happen to anyone ever again. C:

    • “In nature there is no such thing, as such, I want to have the best means possible to stop violence against my family, myself, and others if warranted.”

      That is hard to do when previous generations of comfortable cowards turned the natural right of self defense into a government privilege. To some gun owners you don’t have a right to protect your family,unless the government says you can, and those subjects have no idea what the Second Amendment protects for a citizen of America.

  4. The father is the biggest attention Ho I have ever seen. Has his daughter even been buried and he’s on every news outlet he can be waving his daughter’s bloody shirt for gun CONTROL. Yet he’s considering buying a gun, can you say hypocrite. I don’t think his current irrational mental state is a good time to purchase a firearm.

      • Sad if he is elected, he’s in Henry county, named after Patrick Henry, a founding father of our nation and who helped write our Constitution.,_Virginia

        How many NACAR fans are Anti 2A?

        But having been in that part of VA, don’t think he’s going to have much luck with his anti 2A message wining over the voters.

        His rabid animal demeanor, lack of any logical reasoning to say “they” puts him in the same league as his daughter murderer. He is the perfect example of someone that should be put in a nice soft padded cell, I mean room and not allowed to own a firearm for the next 30 years.

  5. Every time you hear “common sense” gun control, ask yourself a few questions. First, what are they proposing? Often times, it is simply “common sense measures” with no specification of the proposal. Second, does the speaker explain why the proposal Is “common sense? Never. The fact of the matter is that these speakers are simply saying that it is common sense because they say so, not because any kind of logic supports it. They are asking people to NOT think. Universal background checks are “common sense.” Why? As Noir says, a bunch of recent mass shootings have involved shooters who passed background checks. California has universal background checks for decades (recently joined by Oregon and Washington, and perhaps Nevada in the near future) with no appreciably effect on “gun violence” in predominantly black neighborhoods. All the other proposals do nothing but (supposedly) assist the police in solving crimes AFTER the fact, like microstamping laws, or bullet IDs, purchasing limits and record keeping (as if these will have any effect when it takes only a single bullet to commit murder). Or the favorite, more guns equals more gun violence, it’s common sense.” Well, common sense is nonsense when objective data does not support the proposition; again, it is simply a call asking people to stop thinking.

    Good job, Colion.

  6. I’m looking for investors for my bloody shirt factory. We’ll make a fortune! And think of how many shootings will no longer be necessary since we can sell the shirts pre-bloodied.

    I have a manufacturing site picked out in Mexico, where labor is cheap and they really know a thing or two about bloody shirts.

  7. Violence originates in the heart of Man not from ones fists, a club, the edge of a knive or the barrel of a gun.

  8. Any sympathy I might have had for him is spent. Now he’s just another prig prating away on the idiot box who can’t keep his hands off other people’s business.

    • I thought the poll was unfair. I like them both, but for entirely different reasons. Comparing them is apples and oranges.

      • True story, and I had to vote for Hickok45 because I find myself watching his videos about 1000x more often than CN.

  9. Small correction Colion: there’s no 30 day waiting period to obtain a permit to purchase in NJ (although in theory that’d be better than what we have). Your local NJ PD should process the application within 30 days, but in reality it takes a lot longer. Last time I applied it took about 4 months. 4 months to check one or two computer data bases and run my info against it. Fine. Next time I get pulled over, in order to check my record, I want the cop to sit there and wait 4 months in his cruiser on the side of the road, while I go about my business. Seems fair enough.

    • The police department head who did not manage to process the young woman’s purchase permit app before she was murdered by her ex-boyfriend was apparently completely oblivious to the 30 day processing period–so I guess must “advisory.” I have heard of such permits taking 6 months or more; it is obvious that the police are intent on limiting the number of firearms in circulation, irrespective of the laws, and notably the chiefs of police ar always in the forefront of lobbyists in favor of the newest onerous bills restricting rights presented to the NJ legislature. They are, as most urban police chiefs, anti-gun to the core, absolutely convinced of the truth of the “common sense” proposition that more guns equals more gun crime. With a large democratic party majority that is unlikely to change any time in the foreseeable future–if ever–NJ is hopeless unless and until the USSCt slaps them silly, an action it has declined to take.

  10. Yes, “common sense” – tell us exactly what these magical laws are and how they will be effective. The anti-gunners make the solution seem so simple. Anyone who objects to them is evil. They have prejudicedly labelled them “common sense” and imply they are completely effective – if only the evil gun lobby would stop fighting them.

  11. Excellent succinct video. Plenty good enough to be played over with the link kept nearby. Indeed, the Father’s out of line to go political, and his position does not fit well with the recent death of his daughter. I ask the same question, why attack me, I didn’t hurt anyone.

    In fact, I’d of protected the daughter if I’d had the chance.

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