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NRA Commentator and Dallas native Colion Noir is unhappy about the mainstream media’s criticism of the NRA for not rushing to judgement on the Philando Castile shooting. As a black man of the same age who also has an LTC, this time it’s personal. After he calms down a bit, Mr. Noir asks for a “rational, honest dialogue” about gun rights/control. Yeah, no. That’s not going to happen. Which is exactly why he’s pissed. And rightly so. And likely to remain so for many, many years to come.

DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Is It More Dangerous for a Black Man to Carry a Gun Legally Than a White Man?">Previous Post
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  1. Mr. Colion is the last person that any anti-2nd amendment advocate wants to have an open public discussion with. He will murder them (metaphorically).

    • Exactly…

      He is the exact opposite of what the anti-gunner want to go after. A young, highly educated, black man that actually understands the law, but more importantly has more than just a little common sense. Every single person I know that is on the fence about guns, I tell them to go watch his videos with an open mind simply because he “gets” it.

      The anti’s go after the long hanging fruit to strike fear, uncertainty and doubt into the public. Never mind truth and facts….

  2. Noir pretty much just summed up everything I’ve been angered by and frustrated with since Castile died.

  3. I think the big issue in the Philando Castile case is the often confusing and contradictory instructions issued by police. Castile was first told not to move, and then produce his license, registration, etc, which resulted in his death. Which instruction takes precedence? The most compelling or the most recent?

    Police officers are trained “to assert command authority” and contradictory commands provide command authority by keeping people confused. And the situation is worse if multiple officers are on the scene each barking contradictory commands. Any effort to clarify the commands will result in either a “SHUT-UP” or shots for non-compliance.

    There was an incident caught on video in Australia where multiple officers surrounded a car all barking contradictory commands: “DON”T MOVE!” “KEEP YOUR HANDS UP!” “GET OUT OF THE CAR!” But to perform the last command the driver would have to remove his seat belt and open the door which would result in the first two orders being broken. I can’t remember if the driver was shot or not.

    Poor communication is a sign of poor training. At lease officer Tackleberry got to go home at the end of his shift.

    • “There was an incident caught on video in Australia where multiple officers surrounded a car all barking contradictory commands: “DON”T MOVE!” “KEEP YOUR HANDS UP!” “GET OUT OF THE CAR!””

      As far as I am concerned, if there ever is a case where someone is shot and injured or killed while trying to comply with contradictory instructions from LE, that LE should be charged with manslaughter or attempted manslaughter, especially if there is dash cam – body cam evidence.

      Bullsh!t like that is inexcusable, full stop.

      My .02 and worth half that amount…

    • Nobody out here knows what happened prior to the video running. Except the cop, the deceased man and the woman. And the cop and the woman may not be telling the true story.

    • In regards to your comment on Australia, this happens all the time in the US. I’ve seen it repeatedly and it’s even happened to me.

      The answer is to not move and keep your hands up until the cops calm down and start giving rational instructions.

      I could type out this long thing about an experience that taught me this, but there’s no need. Just keep your hands visible and don’t move an inch until they calm down.

      • And this is THE problem. The gun should not be pointed at anyone. Low ready, fine. Directly at anyone, no, hell no.

  4. Awesome. The old demokkkrat tendency to infantalize the black community seeps through everything they do. I can’t imagine the vast majority of blacks are happy to be constantly told they can’t make it in this society because rednecks 1000 miles away and with their own problems are “keeping them down.” At some point, the hood is bound to slip off of that lie.

  5. I appreciate the frustration with the anti-gun media and pundits that Colion forcefully voices.
    He’s absolutely right; meaning they’ll want to ignore or destroy him.

  6. God, I love this guy. He’s got the energy and the passion to make it hard to NOT watch him, and he’s well-informed enough to actually back up his passion with cold reason. Well done sir, as always.

  7. Powerful!

    Sadly only we, the responsible gun owner will hear his words. Colion is correct. The media isn’t listening to him. I’ve been spending time on major news media sites comments sections. Many posters challenged the articles that the NRA didn’t care about blacks. As well as commentors chiming the same Bs in comments. They pointed to Noir twitter feed as proof positive that the NRA was out front on this issue. Sadly, no one listened. Not one gun grabber imo checked Noir twitter.

    That’s what we are up against. Those that see a chance to smear the NRA. And those who didn’t want to be bothered with checking the facts. As that would interfere with their bias.

    Separately, has it officially been determined Philando was a licensed ccw? The Sheriff where he lived says he didn’t issue one. State of Minn won’t confirm. Sighting privacy law. Why do I sense a delay? Given the Gov of Minn comments that race was responsible

    • The BSM (Brown Stream Media), when they are looking for talking heads, would much rather book the bombastic Ted Nugent so they can ridicule his passion and unwillingness to compromise than to even consider the rational, logical and considered opinion of Colion Noir, an educated black man. Also, they probably worry they’ll mispronounce his name.

    • Nothing but the truth. That’s the problem.

      All I know is I watched a man with a child in the car shot to death and they didn’t try and save him. It’s to late after they bleed out. Stand down and try and save him.

      What I saw was wrong. My gut told me it was wrong.

      It appeared there was a total lack of concern for anyone in the car.

      The NRA has always been on the side of ALL Americans to legally own firearms, that’s their history from the beginning. Colion is a great spoke person for the NRA.

      Nothing justifies killing Police.

      Above all we need to wait on the facts.

  8. Noir is correct. Anytime a black man doesn’t see race first and says “hold on guys, let’s wait until the facts come out” they are immediately labeled by the media and their own black community as “uncle toms” or “race traitors”.

  9. Oh man this was a great laugh, Noir just crushed it. He is like Liberal Kryptonite. Ruthless, well done.

    • I didn’t see anything funny in that video. Nothing. I agree with every word. But nothing to laugh about.

  10. Mr. Noir is spot-on.

    One of the many problems we face in this country today is that our news media is agenda-driven instead of fact-driven.

    In that regard they are no better than the Soviet news media outlet PRAVDA was.

    • The MSM is worse than Pravda. Soviet journalists knew what they were spouting was BS but failure to spout it could be fatal. The MSM does it on their own voilition.

  11. Won’t see him in any mainstream interviews unfortunately. As far as the MSM and their narrative is concerned, he doesn’t exist; a black man who supports the second amendment and doesn’t buy into race politics bullshit.

    Can’t have anything (or anyone) who objectively proves their narrative is lies now can they?

  12. Colion…I love you brother not because of your color, but what you stand for the truth. I can close my eyes and your a man who speaks the truth with no gray areas and like I was taught as a child like the once great Martin Luther king said to judge a man by his character not by the color of his skin. God bless my friend..

  13. AS always, Colion is the true voice of common sense. We know the result was wrong, Mr. Castile should not have died. Before establishing cause we need to wait until all the evidence is collected and understood. If the real cause was an ineffective communication between LTC & Police maybe we can all learn how to handle the situation better and honor Mr. Castile with our increased knowledge. If we establish cause and blame before all minute details are known we rob ourselves of the knowledge that could have been gained.

  14. Yet another year going by where some police departments are so out of control that they still don’t have body cams.

    I hate the Fed gov with a passion but even I’m ready for the Feds to step in and mandate it.

    • Body Cams are a good idea, but they will make no difference in protecting the rights of gun owners like Philando Castile from being executed in police stops unless there are criminal penalties for cops who delete the videos.

      Illinois passed the SB1304 Body Cam bill in 2015 with much hue and cry from the mainstream media about how police-community relations took a Great Leap Forward. Behind the scenes in Springfield, police unions got the deletion or alteration of the vids bargained down to a “departmental charge.” If a cop cannot be charged with a crime and arrested after killing and destroying the video, why would they not destroy the incriminating evidence against them?

      How did this happen? Good Old Boy Reps. like Brandon Phelps from far southern Illiinois Klan country suck the ass of the police unions so cops can kill whoever they want, but with legal cover afterwards. Phelps is the same racist hick who invoked the name of Chicago black man Otis McDonald in the 2013 concealed carry floor debate, then let NRA lobbyist Todd Vandermyde put Duty to Inform in his “NRA backed” carry bill. NRA promotes legalized police murder of black men like Castile with Duty to Inform. NRA only uses blacks like Otis McDonald when they need plaintiffs for lawsuits.

  15. Well said, Colion. There is no such thing as “Black rights” or “Affirmative Action”, there are simply “Human Rights”. Everyone deserves an equal chance to start in life, everything after that is up to them.

    We have just found out in New Zealand that, in our poorer school areas, largely Maori or Pacific Island communities, children are on average two years behind their peers in more affluent, mainly white and Asian communities. And there is an epidemic of homelessness, mainly due to the sharp rise in house prices caused by rapid immigration and Government failure to keep pace with social changes they themselves have engineered. Again, people of color are most affected.

    So, even we have major problems. But we don’t have widespread spree murders or Police shootings as you guys do. Our Police are mostly unarmed. A traffic stop is only troubling because of the expense of the infringement notice (or performance award if you look at it that way).

    The prevalence and availability of lethal weapons in the USA is a matter of concern. The fact that violent criminals, the logical outcome of your harsh penal system, can readily access these weapons means that ordinary citizens are obliged to provide for their own defense using these same lethal weapons. This means that disarming police would be illogical and dangerous.

    The concentration of disaffected unemployed men of color in urban ghettos is an outcome of high imprisonment rates and globalised industrial production, which has only benefitted the already obscenely rich. As these rich scum also own the political process, the prospects of change look bleak.

    Perhaps Mr Trump can succeed in “Taking America back”. If so he would have to reverse the last 40 years of financial, political, industrial, diplomatic and cultural history. A very tall order. The current democratic tools available to him as President do not look sufficient. So you will either have to sacrifice your economy as you are currently doing, or regain your wealth at the expense of the freedoms you now enjoy.

    Either way, I do not envy you the choices you will have to make in November.

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