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Cheers went up all across gundom when the NRA announced that someone there had the foresight to sign YouTube gun rights star Mr. Colion Noir to advance the pro-2A agenda from a fresher, non-LaPierrian more current perspective. Probably the best evidence that the move was a good one was the fully pegged conniption meter on the civilian disarmament industrial complex side of the argument. All that was missing (but still very much implied) was the term, “Uncle Tom.” Patience, it won’t be long. On the RKBA side, the only real worry was how much MCN’s message might be co-opted, muted if you will, by the media powers that be at the NRA. Well the first Colion Noir (he’s dropped the Mr.) NRA-produced video was just released. And so far, so good. Still, fingers are crossed.

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    • Agreed. Great video. Need to share this with as many people as possible. I really like that guy. He’s intelligent, articulate, and knows his guns. I’ve been following him for a while.

    • “Great vid” says one of the choir boys. I posted this one yesterday and had this to say in the comment thread.

      “I already took the time and effort to parse one of his videos, pointing out clearly the lies and bullshit. I’m not gonna do it each time.

      In this one for instance, you only need about 10 seconds to hear the first one. In his “intelligent and articulate” way, as Orlin put it, he compares the gun deaths in inner city Chicago to the gun deaths in mass shootings. It sounded really impressive to all you choir boys, but what does it really mean. Nothing, that’s what. It’s almost as bad as comparing car deaths to accidental gun deaths, which you guys love to do.

      Underneath it is a big lie. His point is that we gun control folks don’t care about inner city gun deaths but we do about white kids in CT. That’s not only a lie but it’s reverse racism.

      But don’t let me piss on your parade. That’s what I heard in the first 10 seconds. You guys keep telling us how cool he is.”

    • +1
      Also, I am glad to see that the NRA is helping bring attention to the fact that inner-city violence is more than a gun issue. I’d rather see the end of gang violence than the conversion of urban hoplophobes.

  1. all meat, no fat, a little more polished for the wider audience, so some of the sass is lost, but overall well done, sir, keep it up 🙂

  2. They don’t quite trust him yet though (See disclaimer in video). Hopefully Colion gets over that final hump soon.


  3. You are on the right track Mr. Colion.
    Funny thou, that no statistics or facts just do not matter for the gun-control-freaks 🙁

  4. While I liked the vid, what’s up with the disclaimer at the beginning stating that the opinion of the commentator doesn’t necessarily reflect the views of the NRA?????

    The NRA want’s to put the message out, but not take responsibility for it?????

      • Actually I think it adds credibility in that it looks less like an NRA sponsored advertisement and instead simply a message from someone who knows their audience and has something valuable to share.

      • Sounds to me like they didn’t review the video before posting it. Or perhaps they did, and Colion wasn’t willing to change whatever they had an issue with.

        Interesting, and encouraging. IMO, it would be a good idea to let LaPierre focus on schmoozing pols (it’s what he’s best at) and let new blood be the face of the NRA.

    • I don’t know NRA’s reasoning behind the disclaimer but in my mind it gives more creedence to Collion Noir’s statements that he would be promoting his own ideas in the NRA videos.

  5. Simply amazing. Everything he said has heretofore been bungled in delivery by others. I always tell gun-opponents that so many things in society have to go wrong before a firearm is used for criminal or other violent purposes. He says it with an articulation that turns the table on armchair gun grabbers. As an African American that often has to tell other African Americans that they have the point of the NRA wrong (some of it due to its own fault), this gives me more ammo! Figuratively, of course. We are all out of ammo.

  6. As I’ve come to expect, awesome vid, but even better because the choppiness of his youtube vids is gone. Very smooth, very polished, excellent excellent excellent! When he speaks, everything he says seems so right, so reasonable, so common sense. Far better than Wayne.

    • I like his choppy youtube style. For the ADD generation, we don’t have time for all the emptyspacebetweenwordshurryuphurryupgettothepoint.

      Actually, that is my biggest issue with fate of destinee’s style – she loves to put a lot of pauses in her speech.

  7. I liked how The Root accused NRA of “trotting out” a black man “to appeal to blacks.”

    Wow. A man speaks, tens of thousands of followers (mostly white judging from their avatar photos) listen to his thoughtful and articulate views…but he’s being “trotted out” like a horse by powerful whites…only to talk to blacks…because he is black.

    I too hope he reclaims some of his Paine-ian sass. Not a bad start though, and he’s much more articulate and dryly funny than the maundering Cam. Also he doesn’t wallow in Cam’s occasional pandering to bipolar political disorder.

      • They could make that claim except that he’s been touting the same message about guns long before the NRA noticed him – probably because all of us have been saying to pay attention to him. He now simply has a larger figurative soapbox. God speed Colion.

        I just hope he runs for President next.

        • Would that not be awesome? A black man that this OFWM could support for Pres!

          This coming election I’m a single issue voter. So we see eye to eye on the gun thing. And of course, support for the 2nd amendment implies support for so many other principles near and dear to me. Self reliance and responsibility. Respect for the Constitution. I could go on, but meant this to be short and sweet.

          It sickened me to see the support Obama received from blacks these last two elections. But I can kinda understand it. Me – “But he is the WORST candidate EVER!” Them – “Yeah… But he’s the only African – American EVER.”

          How about a candidate with worthy ideas, values, and world view who just happens to be black? Would that not KILL the left? Run him with a worthy female running mate? Blow all those lies about how racist and sexist the right is sky high. And considering how many voters will vote on the basis of gender and / or race (As proven by Obama’s election.) he could win in a landslide.

          And that would change the entire paradigm in American politic’s. Especially considering we have some VERY old Supreme Court judges.

          Got my vote Mr. Colion Noir. I know nothing about where you stand on ANYTHING except the gun thing. But considering the current attacks on that cornerstone of the Constition, that enough for me.

    • > The Root accused NRA of “trotting out”
      > a black man “to appeal to blacks.”

      Isn’t that what the Donkeyrats did in 2008 and 2012?

    • “White people love Wayne Brady, because he makes Bryant Gumbel look like Malcom X.”

      -Paul Mooney as “Negrodamus” on Chappelle’s…

      Russel Simmons seems up there with Spike Lee and a whole passel of others who make money exploiting/illustrating stereotypical behavior, but when some black guy actually behaves that way IRL, they freak. Even worse, when some black guy is too much the ‘other way’ they are labeled a sell-out.

      Save for Neil DeGrasse Tyson, if you’re black, you will either be “too black” or “not black enough” for some parts of the AA chattering class. Can’t please all the people…

  8. The presence of MCN in the NRA media also takes a step towards breaking the OFWG stereotype the mainstream media so skillfully uses to portray all gun owners in a negative context.

    If this ends up being a long term engagement it could really help the NRA appeal to the younger generations of Americans- you know, the ones who don’t stare at you blankly when you quote Charlton Heston.

  9. Everybody says OFWG like it’s a bad thing! Then I look around and sure enough, it IS a bad thing. So now I prefer “Pale Ancient Sage of Royal Proportions” PASRP.

  10. It’s only bad to be an OFWG if you’re one of those that digs in his heels and declares that change is bad and we’ve always done it this way. Or you figure you should be a guiding light simply cause you’re white.

    I’m an OFWG, but I like to believe I’m flexible enough to change with the times.

  11. The only problem I had with this video was the disclaimer at the beginning saying that his view don’t necessarily reflect the views of the NRA. Well if this doesn’t reflect the views of the NRA, then the NRA needs to change it’s views. Brilliant. I reflects my views. Thanks Colin.

  12. Now if the NRA would just give Wayne a nice retirement party and a silver parachute exit then things would really be on the right track.

    If Wayne is so poor-average in public scripted speeches what makes you think that he is effective in the back rooms of congress in UN-scripted moments. Something tells me that what effectiveness the NRA has in Congress is “in spite of Wayne” instead of “because of Wayne”.

  13. Coilon Noir is a firearm aficionado, concealed carrier, gun reviewer, budding attorney and you tuber since jan 2011. He currently has 96,.000 subscribers to his you tube channel. Check it out……………

  14. Very well done. Well edited, great tempo and built to a nice climax in terms of pacing and content. My only quibble: his last line where he said “guns we need the most.” I ignore “need.” It’s a bill of rights, not a bill of needs. (To quote a popular meme.)

    +100, Mr. Noir!

  15. Excellent commentary as usual MCN or Colion Noir in NRA-speak. May you continue to bring about more positive realizations in the public at large (or the silent minority, whatever)


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