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From the CMMG Facebook page:

The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and all law abiding gun owners in our country are currently under assault. Since the horrible tragedy in Connecticut, politicians and media alike are actively demonizing and criminalizing citizens of these great United States who are exercising their rights under the Second Amendment. Theemotional responses and decisions being made right now are extremely dangerous and short sighted . . .

As individual states elect to pass more restrictive gun laws, CMMG will adhere to each state’s regulations. However, CMMG has made a policy decision that it will not supply products to law enforcement agencies in states that have enacted legislation preventing individual citizens from owning similar firearms. CMMG will no longer provide these agencies with firearms, magazines or any other products that are restricted or no longer available to civilians. CMMG will not stand by on the sidelines and let America’s rights be stripped away. CMMG will not support states that have police departments and law enforcement agencies arming themselves with firearms and weapons that are not available to law abiding citizens. CMMG does not believe in separate classes of citizens and will not engage in sales to states that enact legislation promoting that belief.

CMMG will, however, make exceptions to police departments and law enforcement agencies that have taken a public stand refusing to recognize or enforce unconstitutional firearm restrictions. Agencies making this stand are putting their careers on the line to take a constitutional stand for all Americans as fellow citizens. Abraham Lincoln spoke on June 16, 1858, and stated that “a house divided against itself cannot stand;” CMMG supports those who support our freedom.

CMMG, as industry partners, and gun owners (including law enforcement agencies), need to stand up and stand together to counter this assault on our freedom and our constitutional rights. The Constitution is the supreme legal authority in our land, and we are bound by its words. It states in the Preamble that it was written to “form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.” The Founding Fathers agreed the best way to establish this was through the Bill of Rights which includes the Second Amendment. Let us take this stand together, unified, to continue allowing this country to be the beacon of freedom to the world.

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      • Really nice with 36 grain 22 ammo. 40 grain ammo doesnt work in the evo mags. Every 700 or so rounds the upper will start sticking but just clean the action, charging handle, and the grooves that the charging handle track in and you will be good for another 750ish rounds before cleaning. Key is only to use 36 grain ammo and clean since 22 ammo is very dirty even if using cci.

  1. They sell canned “tactical bacon” and because of them joining in Im ganna buy some this weekend.

  2. How many more will it take until the politicians see these manufacturers, and the people they represent, mean business?

  3. well written….but i hate to say..beware of LEO’s lying about taking a stand…they just might turn their back on us suppressed civilians

  4. CMMG appears to have extra bases covered just in case the 2A=muskets crowd wins out. Came across this abomination on their site a few days ago while browsing.

    • I don’t really see it as an abomination. To each his own. If you like the ergonomics and trigger pull of your AR lower why not get into the early muzzleloading season with that? If you’re in a fashion show before you go hunting then it’s probably not a good pick but if the name of the game is harvesting meat then who cares?

      The modularity of the AR has led to other interesting “uppers”. I personally would LOVE one of these,


      Add http to the front of the link. Don’t want to mess up for the mobile users.

  5. And just for that, they’ve earned my giving it a shot at getting a 9mm carbine one of these days (circumstances notwithstanding). Way to go!


  6. This is all well and good, but the Big Boys need to come out on this. Lets hear the same from S &W, Colt, Ruger, Glock, Remington, Mossberg, Only then will these tyrannical state legislatures really get hit where it hurts. When NYC cops can’t get mags and parts for their SIGs, Glocks, and S&Ws, THEN we’ll see some action!

  7. This is actually becoming a thing, but I still feel like wee need a Springfield, Colt, or Remington on board to really make a significant impact.

    I can’t really fault FN, Glock, or Sig for not doing this. They are not US based companies and can’t take this stand globally and still remain viable.

    Colt isn’t run by the sort of people who are concerned with this kind of thing.

    • Colt’s never been on our side. Unless it was made before the 60’s or thereabouts I’ve no interest in a Colt.

      To me Glock is the most interesting case. On one hand they make decent money on U.S. police contracts. On the other hand they make bank in the U.S. consumer market and have spent no small amount of money in sponsorship for various shooting sports and donations to the NRA to show us their support.

      In the grand scheme U.S. LE sales are a distant 3rd to U.S. consumer sales and global sales are tops especially after they just picked up the contract to rearm the British.

      I wonder if their LE sales are enough to keep quiet on the issue or will they take a stand with us.

  8. Their quality is so crap, I wish they JUST sold to Govt.

    Kidding… kind of. Good move CMMG, now get the quality back and you will get some of us back too.

  9. So what’s the count on total gun manufacturers that are standing fast? The NRA maintains a list of celebs and orgs that are anti-gun. So do we have a similar list going on for manufacturers?

  10. I’ve got a AR by CMMG and their 22 conversion kit. Great company and great people. I’m proud to say I’m a customer.

  11. I just organized my ammo to my 6.8 SPC CMMG M4 LEP II upper. It isn’tthe most accurate thing in the world, but the dependability is definitely there. I like the way CMMG also supports LEO agencies that take a stand for the 2A.

      • Silver State Armory, Wilson Combat, and Hornady factory loads and Troy folding battle sights. I’m shooting 2-3″ 10’round groups at 50 yards. With a decent scope I predict it would be in the 1.5 – 2.5 MOA range, but it needs a more scientific test. My Ruger SR-556 is shooting tighter groups with Lake City M193 and the same Tro sights.

  12. Liberal politicians at the state level have been embolden by the corrupt, sinister, and misleading rhetoric spewing from the White House and DOJ. It’s nice to see manufactures joining us in this fight.

    STAND UP against Obama and Eric Holder and resist tyranny! There can be no compromise on 2nd Amendment rights! Get involved and join the NRA.

  13. Well, I suppose if an AR-10 is in my future, CMMG is the source. They were on the shortlist, anyway.

  14. I am going to write this (and link it) to my brother who tweaked my nose a couple years ago for buying a CMMG Quebec and calling it a “dweeb’s gun”. HAH! How’s the supply of .223 going at your neck of the woods, bro? 😉
    All I know is that I can STILL practice with a brick every week….
    Oh and to CMMG – You guys ROCK!

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