CMC Kragos GLOCK Slide
Courtesy CMC
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From CMC Triggers:

CMC Triggers’ new KRAGOS Glock compatible slide symbolizes victory and strength, much like that of the Greek God in which the name was inspired. The KRAGOS Slide solidifies CMC’s reputation for producing premium aftermarket Glock® parts and accessories. The aggressively sleek design and enhanced aesthetics of the KRAGOS improve accuracy and performance without sacrificing reliability or concealment.For more information about CMC Triggers and all the products, we offer please visit us at

CMC Kragos GLOCK Slide
Courtesy CMC

The KRAGOS™ is manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility to tighter tolerances than factory slides for increased consistency in barrel lockup, improving accuracy. Constructed from 17-4 stainless-steel billet, CMC’s KRAGOS™ Glock® Slides are then heat-treated to H900 42-44RC and coated with a Diamond-Like-Carbon (DLC) finish for added corrosion resistance and durability. DLC coatings exhibit a desirable combination of low coefficient friction and high micro-hardness, making it the perfect upgrade in high wear applications.

CMC Kragos GLOCK Slide
Courtesy CMC

The KRAGOS™ features a wraparound scalloped serration pattern that improves grip while manipulating the slide, like press checking the chamber or clearing a malfunction. The 45-degree chamfer edge eases holster ingress and egress, preventing snags on gear. All slides come with standard Glock® sight cuts equipped with tritium night sights and pre-cut optic pocket for the easy, secure, low-profile mounting that accommodates all red dot pistol optics that share an RMR® footprint.

CMC Kragos GLOCK Slide
Courtesy CMC

The KRAGOS™ Slide accepts factory or aftermarket barrels and parts, is the ideal upgrade for your factory Gen 3 Glock® 17 or Glock® 19 pistols and pairs nicely with Polymer 80 frames for new custom gun builds.

  • Fits GEN3 Glock® 17 & 19 Pistol Frames & Components
  • 45-Degree Chamfer Edge to Ease Holster Ingress and Egress
  • Machined from Corrosion Resistant 17-4 Stainless Steel Billet
  • Heat Treated to H900 42-44RC
  • Precision Wire EDM Breach Face
  • Wear Resistant Black Diamond-Like-Carbon (DLC) Coating
  • Preinstalled Tritium Night Sights on factory Glock® Front/Rear Cuts
  • Accepts Factory and Aftermarket Barrels and Parts
  • Pre-Cut RMR® Footprint Mounting Slot Fits Trijicon®, SOUSA® RAID™ RPD & Holosun® HE508T, HS507C, HS407C
  • CMC’s 100% Lifetime Warranty

The KRAGOS™ Slide is complimented by CMC’s Drop-in Glock® Trigger and CMC Barrels® Glock® Match Precision Barrel.

CMC Kragos GLOCK Slide
Courtesy CMC

All CMC products come with a Lifetime Warranty and are made in the U.S.A. CMC proudly designs all its products for Law Enforcement, Military, and Civilian use.

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  1. Oh yeah, I want a slide with giant branding on it. Sheeze. Ok just in case, I was being sarcastic don’t you know.

  2. so to make a glock better you just remove and replace all the innards and key parts with non-Glock parts. Gotcha. Best way to improve a glock is to never buy one in the first place. Should just buy a hi point 😹

  3. For $550, not counting the internal parts you have to buy separately, you can buy quite a few complete firearms.

  4. There is nothing wrong with a bog standard glock right out of the box.

    If you want to spend 1000 bucks on upgrades, fine, it’s your money. But why not just buy a 1500 dollar pistol in the first place?

  5. LOL. I just dont get this.

    But that’s ok. Spend your money the way you want.

    I would just buy an additional pistol for that money.

    I dont have issues with alide on my 3 Glocks.

    I do especially like the silver Slide on my 48. Wish it was an option on my 26.

  6. As good as any place to ask this –

    Anybody have a recommendation on a decent quality inexpensive aftermarket Glock slide good for an 80-percent build?

    Nothing fancy, just decent quality roughly equal in quality to a Glock factory slide…

  7. Groovy, baby! Slicker trigger, yes. Aftermarket barrel suitable for cast bullets, hell yes. Better sights, yes. Entire slide, no.

  8. I’m not much for tricking out my guns either. This is America and folks are free to do all the mods they want. It’s their money, and there are any number of deals like this to spend it on, but it ain’t for me. A Wolff spring here or there, maybe an optic or a sling or a different grip or handload recipes, but I’d rather spend any big money on another gun. And jools for the wife, which smooths out the process.

  9. Never understood the fascination with pimp guns…… like turning a perfectly serviceable ’57 Chevy into a hopping low-rider.

  10. Not sure of what is meant by “increased accuracy”. I can already shoot small, consistent groups with my G17. Maybe I am not sufficiently fussy. I am NOT a competition shooter. Defense only.

    • you have to spend another $1100 on their Kairos package (god of accuracy) which makes you shoot more accurately.

  11. its a cool slide
    but id rather have bare stainless though
    and cerakote the frame a medium gray with some cool stippling
    with the black barrel and trigger and controls and sights and rmr and mag
    it would look tits

  12. Buy a Glock. Check.
    Replace the frame. Check
    Replace the mag. Check
    Replace the trigger. Check
    Replace the springs. Check
    Replace the barrel. Check
    Replace the slide. Check

    Glock Perfection. Check

  13. the Greek god of power and strength… and they spelled it wrong.


    power and strength have nothing to do with spelling. rock on.

  14. Costs more than I paid for my G19 NIB.

    Whatever floats your boat I guess but I don’t really get the idea of buying a gun just to spend more than you originally paid to make it into a slightly different gun.

  15. Eventually I’d like to get slides for each of my conversion barrels (threaded 9mm, .40, and .357 Sig and stock length 9mm and .357 Sig. I guess I should get another AA slide for the threaded .22 barrel as well). Of course even at the $175 for Lone Wolfs that would add up quick for 5 or 6 slides. Which is why I haven’t done it.

  16. I’m guessing some new gunowners have the cash for a Gucci Glock.
    25 years ago I shot a glock and hated it. 2 years ago I bought my first G19, dremeled it to fit my hands, slide work, added an optic and light and kept the total cost under $1,000. I wish I got into Glocks sooner. It’s amazing what a few dremel mods to the frame can to to increase performance.

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