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Yesterday’s post pointing to drug money as the motivation behind the Gunwalker scandal was blessed with some major link action. Not all of it complimentary. The Sipsey Street Irregular’s main man Mike Vanderboegh took me to task for missing the fact that Gunwalker was a “deliberate conspiracy against the Second Amendment.” A quick clarification. I’m not saying that Gunwalker was born from drug money. I think it was a stupid idea created by stupid people with a genuine desire to catch gun runners—for personal and institutional reasons. But I reckon it was drug money that made the Operation Fast and Furious’ guns disappear off the ATF’s radar. In other words, I have a hard time believing that letting guns walk was the ATF’s official policy. That’s not how they roll. That’s not how ANY law enforcement agency rolls. I may be wrong about this (as I am on many things). We shall see . . .

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  1. Letting drugs walk is quite common, multiple purchases and sales, all very common. ATFE (and really big fires) was just using guns in the same way that other agencies deal in drugs, stolen merchanise, etc.

    • It is my understanding that money and drugs are NOT supposed to leave the agency’s control. Seriously. Am I wrong?

  2. So, RF, you say this is money-driven and Mike says it’s power-driven. Well, as Tony Montana said, “first you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the woman.” So here’s what I suggest. Farago, you follow the money. Mike, you follow the power. As for me . . . say hello to my leetle friend.

    • I like your take on it, Robert.

      You say that like it matters… Robert’s either right, or he’s wrong, and I, for one, would certainly like to know which.

      I’ve got to wonder why gun grabbers like you are mysteriously silent on this whole debacle… Considering the screaming y’all do about the “iron river” to Mexico, why the lack of comment on the ATF itself running that river?

      • Well, I haven’t been exactly quiet about it. A few times I suggested that guys like Codrea and Farago were making a major effort to blow something out of proportion that is really nothing more than what undercover cops do all the time.

        Later, I thought maybe you guys are right, maybe it was a big deal and the ATF is as corrupt as you say. That would be a good reason to put Andrew Travers in there, to clean up the mess.

        None of these possibilities has anything to do with my position. I certainly haven’t hitched my wagon to the ATF in any way.

        • So, basically, when the news comes out that the BATFE’s directly and specifically responsible for the vast majority of the firearms found at Mexico crime scenes and traced back to the States, you demean those who first brought it to the public’s eyes, you downplay the entire situation as best you can, and you somehow expect me to be impressed at this? And, then, to add insult to injury, you think that this disaster is the perfect opportunity to put an arguably corrupt, obviously anti-gun wheeler-and-dealer at the head of an apparently corrupt organization? What is this? A joke? No, seriously, pull the other one.


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