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The City of Los Angles tried to penalize any contractor with ties to the NRA. The NRA sued over the ordinance and a judge ruled that was an unconstitutional violation of the NRA’s First Amendment rights. The city eventually repealed it and now the city has been ordered to pay the NRA’s legal fees totaling about $150,000.

“In this case, the text of the Ordinance, the Ordinance’s legislative history, and the concurrent public statements made by the Ordinance’s primary legislative sponsor evince a strong intent to suppress the speech of the NRA,” [Judge Stephen] Wilson ruled in December. “Even though the Ordinance only forces disclosure of activity that may not be expressive, the clear purpose of the disclosure is to undermine the NRA’s explicitly political speech.”

The NRA filed suit against the ordinance shortly after it was implemented in April 2019. Amy Hunter, a spokeswoman for the NRA, told the Washington Free Beacon the rulings prove the city unfairly targeted the group because of its advocacy.

“Violations of any constitutional rights by government officials should carry consequences,” she said. “The courts have rightfully imposed those consequences upon Los Angeles. The NRA will continue our fight and, as always, work to hold politicians accountable.”

– Stephen Gutowski in L.A. Ordered to Pay NRA Six Figures After Losing First Amendment Case

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    • Ya city of Los Angeles should pay . Frisco should pay 10X that for labeling the NRA a terrorist group.

    • This was my thought too. Just deposit the check directly into Wayne’s valet’s expense account. That aside, I’m glad they won one, especially in CA. Perhaps the worm is turning.

    • So that’s how WLP thought he could get away with it? By expensing them as “First Amendment” suits?

    • “The demise of the NRA has been highly exaggerated.”

      The NRA will continue to be here, Deborah. As far as I’m concerned, If we (the NRA members) are unable to forcibly remove an obviously cancerous ‘leader’, then I’m all for the NY State AG to do the heavy lifting for us.

      *Nothing* changes the fact that WLP must go…

      • old geoff…It’s gasbags like you who cannot stand on their own two feet so they run to hold hands with those who are determined to see the demise of the NRA no matter who is running the show and no matter if every dime is accounted for etc. Instead of your “Please Help Me Gun Haters” just try to be a man and do it yourself in house or stfu and watch how it’s done.

        • Debbie, can you also tell me stfu, please! I haven’t received one from you in a while. I love it when you send “sweet thoughts for you ❤️“ my way ( I added the heart because that’s how your stfu’s feel…from the heart!).

  1. So, you sue them and win, you break even (they pay your attorney fees).
    You sue them and lose, you lose.

    The process is the punishment, folks, even if you’re the plaintiff.

  2. Where’s LA going to get the money ? Call Trump and beg for more funding? Maybe the NRA should put toll gates across the Golden State Bridge until their paid.

    • The Golden State Bridge?

      The Golden Gate Bridge is hundreds of miles north of LA near San Fransisco…

    • Probably come out of the law enforcement budget since they think it’s a frivolous department anyway.

  3. Had it been the SAF the hooker and suits crowd would be on their knees putting on a show to win audience approval. A law”suit” filed by the NRA in a City and State where owning certain firearms and even speaking about firearms were under constant attack. This NRA Victory deserves respect and gratitude just like any other Gun Rights org. would receive. Attaching knee jerk, pasty mouth lemon faced bitterness to it is childish and accomplishes Nothing, NADA.

  4. BREAKING: Trump & Melania test positive for WUHAN FLU. Oh & princess you’re sure going out of your way to make enemies by trolling for the NRA😏

    • There was speculation going around that Biden would weasel out of the debates by claiming either he or his staffers have COVID. I wonder if pundits on the left are going to say Trump got the ‘vid just because he didn’t want to lose the next two debates?

      • “I wonder if pundits on the left are going to say Trump got the ‘vid just because he didn’t want to lose the next two debates?”

        “Debates” (which they are not) began in 1960, not 1789. Anyone notice that the nation experienced rapid decline since the first televised “debates”? How did we manage as a country without nationwide radio/television “debates”?

  5. I fail to see how a fine, which will be paid by the tax payers is holding anyone responsible accountable. The elected officials don’t care about a mere 150K hell they probably spend that much on toilet paper for city hall in a year. How about holding the city council criminally accountable for a civil rights violation. Maybe if elected officials were held to the same legal standards as everyone else they might actually think about the consequences of their actions. I know it will never happen but it’s nice to dream.

    • So very true. Unfortunately under our system the violation of Civil Rights under the color of law and the protections afforded to legislators is incredibly difficult to prosecute as a crime or to sue successfully as a civil, personal injury matter.

      It is a bummer alright.

    • That would signal to all visitors to L.A. city hall to bring their own toilet paper. Kinda a “roll your own” deal.

    • I see a box of 100 pocket constitutions in ebay for $45. How many per liberal per year for toilet paper at the courthouse?

  6. Lefties do as they like. They have learned nothing from this slap down. $150k of other peoples money.

    • There it is , one of those disingenuous Party’ist self-serving statements. All political parties pull this sort of shit on their particular emotional hot-button issues. Both big political parties evolved to encourage Party Members to act more as Party Citizens than American Citizens.

      It is a very dangerous time for our Republic.

      • One party hates the first and second amendments when it isn’t convenient for them. They use the tax payer funded government to trample on people’s rights and they cheer when Big Tech silences voices they don’t agree with. They cheer when financial institutions punish the firearm industry. Everyone but you knows which party that is. You know it as well, you just can’t admit it.

        • False, I just stated what you said but in a general statement against both of these now anti-American political parties. Yes, one party does what you say. Meanwhile, the other party does other things against the natural born and Constitutional rights of all Americans.

          The absurd pretense that one party is good and the other evil is part of our national dysfunction, the dystopia that American politics has become. They are both fucked up, they simply focus on different topics to be fucked up about.

        • False enuf. One political party promoted the year long “civil unrest,” otherwise known as riots. People were murdered, assaulted, and businesses (people) were ruined. Biden only came out against it very recently, and then very timidly. That IS evil. That is one tiny spec in a sea of evil currently being committed by democrats. Pointing that out is not the same as saying that republicans are saints. At least Miner is honest about who he is. You’re a shill.

          You pretend to be nonpartisan, when you are very clearly a hard core democrat. You were upset that Obama wasn’t able to get Garland on the SC.

      • “It is a very dangerous time for our Republic.”

        Just figure that out all by yourself, enuf?

        Those of us who respect the traditional American way of life understand that it was provided for us via the Founders and our Constitution, which is almost the only document in the world that LIMITS GOVERNMENT rather than the people the document is purportedly representing. Anyone with any sense of intelligence can observe that the overwhelming danger to the republic is coming from the Left, whom it seems would rather operate under a monarchy again or just do whatever it feels is right today rather than remain with the Constitution that created the most envied nation in the world, ever. I well remember the Leftist idol RBG explaining how people wanting to duplicate a new constitution in other countries would be far better off following nations like South Africa rather than an antiquated, moth-eaten rag like ours. This crap from a sitting SCOTIUS justice? There should be a long line to piss on her grave. The Left wouldn’t even recognize that the US is a republic- they and others who’ve become used to the repeated lie over time constantly refer to our system as a democracy.

  7. Glad to see LA politicians getting slapped down for violating the constitution. Apparently they have to be reminded of that stuff routinely. And, it’s 150k less for Antifa and associated Democratic street thugs.

  8. LA lawmakers can care less, still looked great by virtue signaling, it’s the tax payers that lost and NRA tying up unnecessary resources – isn’t that the plan all along?

  9. Loser pay’s laws should be for every lawsuit, that’s where the loser of a lawsuit pays all fee’s from court fee’s to lawyers fee’s.
    That would stop most ALL frivolous lawsuits….
    But of course that would have to be approved by Congress & since Congress is full of lawyers, that won’t happen…
    “””FREE KYLE”””

  10. If L.A. is “smart”, they will appeal and appeal until they win (which they will). Then, the members of NRA will pay the costs.

    The best part would be the case languishes in the 9th Circus for a decade or so.

    The law is a ass, but what fun to watch.

  11. The NRA is its members. if they fire the staff and close the offices, we will go somewhere else. We’ll all still be here with dues-paying, letter-writing, and voting abilities.

    Therefore, it doesn’t bother me if the NRA goes away. What DOES bother me is if the Left is able to force it to go away unlawfully; that’s a problem.

  12. Oh good, Wayne can buy another suit now. Im sure they will double their efforts and beg their sheep for more donations. I just wish the lost cause that is the NRA would go away.

  13. GOD bless the NRA for the great work they are doing to help defend America. TRUMP needs organizations like this to fight the corrupt, demon possessed DEM party who HATES America and decent Americans everywhere and wants to destroy America and the Constitution. GOD bless our president as he recovers. Strange, all those people were at the debate..What did the DEM party do that they all got the virus?

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