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For today, Christian Neveu submits his Everyday Carry for us to enjoy / learn from.   He calls it his “Black and Steel.”  Seems a little dramatic, but whatever.  From Everyday Carry, of course.

Today, on Lock N Load Radio, Bill Frady asked me if the thought these were real.  Yeah, easily 90% of these are real.  Yeah, there’s the troll artist once in a while, but I take most of these at face value.  Although I’m skeptical about this one’s name – Christian Neveu – but that’s fine.

Christian brings a Taurus G2 Millenium to the party.  You know, for a $165 (post rebate, still under $200 without rebate) gun in these parts, it is *awesome” to shoot.  I’ve shot two in the last two months and if I didn’t already have one of two guns that I haven’t lost to boating accidents, I might be tempted to buy a couple just to have for my twins when they turn six or so.  Decent triggers, and it goes bang every time.

And the price!

And for those who say I never write anything nice about a Taurus semi-autos – there, I wrote something very nice.

Christian writes more about his ensemble:

Here is my essential everyday carry. All has been tried and true gear that has served me well, all carried in a Mil-Tec backpack. I recently added the paracord zipper pulls to go along with the black and steel theme and match my knife lanyard, bracelet and key dangler. This stuff follows me everywhere (where it’s legal anyway).

Why the backpack?  Unless he’s bringing along a tablet or laptop and related stuff like AC power supply and maybe headphones.  Or maybe he keeps his gun in it – which greatly increases the risk that the wrong person might end up with the care and custody of his G2.  In either event, he hopefully has a holster and doesn’t just let the gun roll around in a compartment in his backpack.  If he does, that seems like a six second draw unless he’s expecting trouble.

No more stuff that he has shown us here should easily fit in his pockets, unless he wears tights.

I like his knife – the Boker Kalashnikov.  Looks similar to my Lone Wolf Harsey.




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  1. Since no holster is shown, he probably does carry off body in that pack. My 5.11 RUSH 10 has a quick access panel but that cheap mil-tec backpack only has an open spot on the back (should be used for a hydration bladder) so that would make it difficult to get to. Whatever… sometimes you just gotta suck it up and at least you are carrying something one way or another. Hopefully he looks into concealing on body though, rather than always carrying around a backpack. Since he admits to being a law abiding poster child, I’m leaning towards everything getting left in his vehicle inside the pack when he cannot carry it, and he probably avoids routes/entire areas with gun free zones. Right? …riiiight

  2. “Why the backpack?”

    Seriously? Why the briefcase, messenger bag, welding helmet bag, tool belt. Why an umbrella? Do literally none of you people carry stuff with you to work on a daily basis?

    When I was welding I carried two bags. A welding helmet and a tool bag. Why? Because theft is a thing and the stuff is expensive. Now I carry a backpack because I’m not going to balance everything I need for the day on my nose while I ride a motorcycle or try to carry a bunch of stuff around with me in my hands all day.

    • On my bike, I use a backpack, primarily to stash my helmet and poncho…

  3. If I may suggest for Christian’s next additions: holster, defensive ammo, flashlight, night sights, a spare mag and a method to carry the mag. It seems like the Mil-Tec backpack recieves great reviews on Amazon. Now I’m curious to know what’s in his EDC backpack.

    • I would also suggest he put a phone in the phone case. He will get better reception that way.

      Seem like a lot of the pics of everyday carry show a phone case with no phone in it. Always makes me think it is not really someones every day carry. But just some photographer’s throw together for a pic.

      • The phone is in his hand as he takes the picture…… case is just a place holder for the picture .

  4. I have that knife. Works okay although automatic knives really aren’t that much better for anything than modern assist-opening knives… except for cool factor (and then you want the OTF right?)

    Have the Taurus in .45 and can confirm it’s a good shooter. Don’t like the manual of arms for the one I have (SA\DA with no decocker) though. Basically it’s just single-action with double-strike capability because of the lack of a decocker.

  5. Seriously. I don’t think it’s right to glorify items of violence on these forums. In a socialist state “weapons” are not condoned as they are a barrier to what has always worked best in a confrontation. That is, speaking and looking directly at the assailant and questioning his dignity as a human being. There is no need for physical harassment when one can simply call the police on their cell. Any criminal with common sense would 90% of the time respect these action. America – especially the hillbilly mentality section needs to embrace this fact.

    • “In a socialist state “weapons” are not condoned as they are a barrier to what has always worked best in a confrontation”

      Not in my observed experience. Weapons irrefutably get the desired *results* in a hurry, often without the need to use them.

      “There is no need for physical harassment when one can simply call the police on their cell. Any criminal with common sense would 90% of the time respect these action.”

      Weapons are for the 10% who don’t respect those actions… 😉

    • Guns are bad, Mkay. When MS-13 breaks into your house and starts carving up your significant other into little pieces you should acknowledge their humanity and ask them why they feel the need to act out in this way. Stop harassing the criminals and call the police so they can come and draw a chalk outline around your body before taking what is left of you to the morgue. Criminals are good people just trying to find a place in society and will respect your restraint. They might even use extra lubrication before sodomizing you, and you should feel honored that they would. You Americans are just mountain hilljacks.

    • Que paso Vlad. You do know none of us are convinced by your arguments? For example in my community Police Response times are about 20 minutes. That’s a long time to be fighting or bleeding. The entire rely on the Police thing is also morally suspect. If violence is needed how is it more morally correct to ask another man to put his life at risk to protect mine? If violence isn’t the correct solution why is paying someone to do it for me better in the eyes of God?

  6. Check out this fascinating article that makes a solid case Trump is playing the Democrats and the ‘Democratic Socialists’ absolutely brilliantly off each other, forcing the Democrats to support the whack-jobs like AOC and her little friends :

    “But in unifying House Democrats against him, Trump unified them around the Squad, and raised their profile — the four women are getting even more coverage this week than they were last week, exactly what Pelosi was trying to avoid, and exactly what conservative media has been trying to achieve.”

    This is an example of the effective 3-D chess Trump is capable of playing. (Well, except when he shoots himself in foot, that is.)

    He has genuine political chops…

    • And this one –

      “But Trump’s strategy doesn’t need to split the Democrats. He just needs to keep pushing them to the left of the American mainstream, where the Squad are. The more he can keep Omar and co in the public eye, the more he wins. Like all things Trump, it is stupid and smart at the same time.”

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