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In the video below, Chris Garris of the African-American group Bikes Out Guns Down tells it like it is to Georgia’s WJBF . . .

The killings that’s going on in these communities are basically done by people within the community. We need to stop blaming outside sources on our community problems and realize that the problems are born within the community itself. Nobody came from outside this community to commit these murders.

Well how about that? Someone who doesn’t blame “easy access to guns” for firearms-related crime. Or, if he does, he sees “gun violence” as a problem that must be tackled by the people who live where it occurs. (Notice the sign at the rally says “Bikers Against Crime” not “Guns”.)

For taking responsibility and his straight talk on firearms-related crime, Chris Garris is TTAG’s Gun Hero of the Day.

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  1. His house will be riddled with bullets tonight and he will be excommunicated by the “Community”. Hopefully not, though the “Truth” is not well tolerated by the “Community”.

    • all my guys that live in the west and south side communities will be the first to admit that this is a disrespect interpretation issue.
      folks (and peeps) tryin’ to save face.

      good for this ride club. careful how you go…

  2. How refreshing to see this issue handled with maturity, tact, and with an eye to the truth. If the rest of the ME-dia were to talk about these cases in similar fashion, then we might get down to brass tacks. But what do I know, I’m just a dude who isn’t part of that community.

    Maybe those medical professionals who term, “gun violence” as a public health issue, got their heads out the scallops and LISTENED to people like this man from the video, who as a member of the community is well aware of how this problem is a COMMUNITY problem with various ways of stopping this senseless violence and death of the young.

  3. There are many like this man. You will find them on You Tube. Some of these black conservative channel subscription numbers run into the hundreds of thousands. Because it doesn’t fit the MSM preferred narrative you don’t here from them.

    I wonder will they even interviewed him and did a story of his group? And it was a positive story? wow!

    • If you haven’t already seen them, you may like Black Guns Matter, or for a more intellectual bent (from a Snoop Dogg sorta dude, but actually smart) The Open Debate. They’re a couple of my favorite black YT guys, MyNameIsJosephine is also interesting as a younger Nigerian immigrant woman- you know, that group that out earns, on average, native blacks, and whites. Interesting the MSM left always ignores the terrible “oppression” they seem to surmount, and the “systemic racism” that doesn’t seem to hold them back at all.

      Perhaps they’re wizards.

    • As someone raised in one of these communities, I find the individual black person to exhibit traditional conservative values. As a community, they tend to bond together. Given the history of black people in this country, that’s understandable. But I wish that community would stop putting so much faith in the government and the Democrats in particular.
      Give this man the gun hero award and watch him cast his vote for a progressive gun grabber anyway.

  4. 1965 famed Democrat icon Patrick Moynihan publishes report that the Black family is in crisis due to the out-of-wedlock birth rate being 25% (white families at the time was 3% by the way)

    Moynihan is then pilloried by “black leaders” and the MFM

    The Democratic politician leaders learn a lesson about the downside of speaking the truth.

    2017 Black out-of-wedlock birth rate now tops 75%

    Now you have multiple generations of black men that are pretty pizzed that they didn’t have a father.

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