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Courtesy Chris Cheng and Facebook
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Top Shot champion and firearms trainer Chris Cheng experienced one of those situations we all hope will never happen to us. Just before midnight on Sunday, a man he didn’t know started pounding on the front door of his San Francisco home, demanding help.

As he later found out from the video, there were two men outside his home. It all happened fast (as these things usually do) and Cheng had his hands full. As he concluded once things calmed down . . .

I’m not a home defense expert, I’m a target shooter and teach general marksmanship. I consider myself a lifelong student of all things and so just because you own a gun or know how to shoot well, it doesn’t mean that those skills translate to home or personal defense.

Education, planning, training and re-training are essential to keeping any skill fresh. I hope everyone stays safe out there.

He documented the incident in a Face-o-gram post embedded below that’s worth a read.

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  1. Having personally witnessed SF’s finest after 9-11, I’m not surprised the cops never showed up.

    The city is still trying to climb out of the comparison to Calcutta with it’s human feces problem.

    I never intend to reside in California again.

    • It looks like he lives in a nice part ($2million dollar homes nice) of San Francisco some where in the Sunset district of the Travel Police district. That district covers 1/3 of the city and has the lowest density of officers. At that time of night they probably only had two or three patrol cars covering the entire police district. Nearest unit was probably 20-30min away. Its the closest thing to an unincorporated area you’re going to get in San Francisco County.

      • And yet the bums still run rampant…there’s no ‘nice’ anything in Californian urban areas without fencing being involved.

        Cheng is smart; he should get a clue & get the hell out of that place. Stop feeding that beast his tax dollars and population apportionment. Wait too much longer, and I bet they won’t let him leave with.

    • San Fransico is just so anti trump, so progressive, so enlightened, that they literally became a third world Shit Hole in protest of Trump.

  2. Two sketchy dudes acting strung out… That’s one of those don’t know, don’t care what’s going on, the first one to try to bust in gets rounds situations.

  3. Absolutely true story:

    Over this past weekend, someone was in my back yard close to midnight loudly rummaging through things. Several times in the past, I’ve awoken (either in the middle of the night or the next morning) to find damage to my yard or home. One time, a person tried to jimmy one of my rear windows open, leaving the screen bent in the attempt. I’ve called the Sheriff Dept several times, and they showed up only once. The other times, I called multiple times to no avail. Even when the perps in question were drunk or doing drugs right there in their car before the confrontation. When I tried to report to a cop in person, he literally told me he couldn’t do anything because “he didn’t witness it himself” and wouldn’t take my info. Huh??

    So this time, I’d had enough and went outside with a high-powered flashlight and my handgun, announcing that I was armed and ready to defend my home and my person if attacked and that whoever was behind the hedge had better take off and never come back. The intruder ran off immediately in a loud ruckus. I sincerely hope he never comes back.

    I’m going to seriously look into a perimeter camera system. Been thinking about it, but it’s time to finally install one.

    • I Haz a Question,

      I’m going to seriously look into a perimeter camera system. Been thinking about it, but it’s time to finally install one.

      The primary value in security cameras is providing clear evidence that you faced a credible, imminent threat of great bodily harm or death when (if) you used deadly force.

      Video recordings of some vagrant rummaging around your back yard will be useless for two reasons:
      (1) The recordings will almost certainly NOT show enough detail to positively identify the culprit, especially at night.
      (2) Even if the recordings showed enough detail to positively identify the culprit, there is a 99% probability that the local police and prosecutor will not pursue the case. They just don’t care about (or do not have enough resources to prosecute) low-level criminal activity.

      • As long as I can have the areas of vulnerability (e.g., doors and windows not visible to neighbors and therefore preferred points of entry) reasonably recorded from both the outdoor and indoor vantage points, it’s certainly better than nothing.

      • It depends on the camera system. Some if them are good enough with IR night vision for you to read a license tag at 50 yards in pitch black.

        • I’ve been looking at home camera systems lately. But hard to judge just based on reviews and with out actually getting hands on and working with the associated DVR (which are notoriously sucky).

          Any recommendations?

        • Five: Take a look at ZOSI 4 and 8 camera systems. I’ve installed several and the IR night vision cameras are
          good out to 100 ft or more, depending on the cameras.. I have an 8 camera system at my house, with a 1TB
          hard drive that will record upto 30 days continuous. It has motion detect and several other features.
          Look at ’em on either Amazon or ebay. Try to order the system from ZOSI_CCTV out of Kentucky. Thats where I buy my systems.
          They’re a good store with lots of equipment.

        • It works both ways, though.

          Someone with a good pair of nogs rolling by at night, can see a lot of active sensor beams or passive IR receivers.

          Last year we had someone spoofing the driveway IR motion alarm (probably with a garage door opener or IR flashlight) before 9am, to the point my wife muted the base station. Not long after, I happened to be out back & saw a guy cutting up the hill from the road, while the driver sat in an idling truck.

          He was back down the hill and off almost before I could finish “GET OFF MY LAWN!”.

          Hey, I take my garbage out naked, but for the boomstick in my other hand. Don’t judge me.

      • There is another value from newer camera systems beyond creating an event record. Newer cameras have motion and person detection and can alert you in real time when they detect someone.

        I’ve been amazed with the features i the $20 Wyze cameras. I have a few set up with AI powered “Person Detection” and it does a god job alerting my phone app and sending a video clip.

        Alerting is frankly more important to me than a grainy video that doesn’t change the fact that your property has been violated.

        • Many of those new internet connected cameras are streaming the video feeds to China. Not surprising, as that is where most of them are manufactured. In one article I read (there are many online), nearly 80% of interment connected home security cameras are feeding steams directly to Chinese servers that are monitored by intelligence service affiliates.

          So, if you don’t mind the Chinese having a continuous stream of everything in view of your cameras, than go for those great deals on Amazon. Otherwise, do your own research.

    • I Haz a Question,

      For reference I have had extremely dangerous confrontations several times with my neighbor’s psychotic German shepherds. Figuring it was only a matter of time before I had to shoot them in self-defense, I installed surveillance cameras and a digital recorder to prove that I had legal justification to shoot those dogs if it ever comes to that.

      That will be the primary value of surveillance cameras in your situation.

    • The cops ain’t comin’ . . . Suburban cops are telling people who call in to report property crimes (even those in progress) that they are too busy to come out for someone who is “just” stealing something. It’s now their position that these kinds of “broken window” crimes should be handled by the homeowner’s insurance.

      • Pretty much true where I live. The only single time deputies ever showed up over the years was when I reported that a group of drunk white skinheads (yes, believe it or not, in our mostly-Hispanic neighborhood) threatened to “kick my ass” because I had dared to tell them to turn off their loud music and stop using vulgar language within earshot of my home at 1am. I had kids in the house at the time.

        If you dress up your phone call with the words “I have children with me and those guys threatened me”, they’ll show up. Otherwise, nope.

    • Motion-detector flood lights back there might help, as well…

    • Sounds like a good place to store your collection of bear traps or dig a deep pit with 2 foot long spikes protruding upwards. Just don’t forget to take that blue tarp off so it’s clearly visible at night.

      • GS650G,

        A hole with spikes is a Punji trap. For anyone who is unaware, many/most jurisdictions frown upon someone creating Punji traps in their yards, whether or not they are visible. Should a person fall into one of those, the homeowner could very well face significant criminal as well as civil liabilities. Please consult a competent attorney in your jurisdiction before constructing Punji traps.

        • Yeah don’t dig punji pits or any active booby traps. There are other similar things that are perfectly legal, however.

          1. As mentioned, barb wire.

          2. Thorn bushes. And some thorn bushes are *worse* then barn wire, and unsuspecting.

          3. Dogs, even non aggressive dogs bark and alert.

          4. Clutter. You can’t set a booby trap, but you can store your junk metal and broken glass recycling pile wherever you want, and however you want.

          5. Lights/cameras.

          6. Hornets nets. If wasps/hornets make a nest by a window, leave it there. Personally, I wish I could invent a substance that would attract hornets and fireants to specific areas. That would be downright funny.

        • And of course I was completely serious about digging a punji pit.
          Really I was. Honest…………………

    • Proper motion lights, four dogs, video surveillance with sound, CS Tear gas, bear spray, tactical baton, I have it all, plus I’m pretty heavily armed including a bullet resistant vest. Now, if someone would do me a big damn favor……I’d appreciate it! 🙂

    • Get you a big ole mean half starved 175lb grizzled up possum, on a long chain. If that don’t scare the begeezus out of them , not much will. Plus I’d bet a possum that big would have them dead guys gobbled up and gone before the cops showed up.

  4. “I don’t need your f…ing help!”

    The only thing I would have heard through the locked door. Home carry.

  5. My primary fear in that situation is what expenses I will incur as a result of effectively defending myself and my family.

    • I feel like someone should point you at ACLDN, but being affiliated I wouldn’t want to do it myself and make it seem like I was advertising.

      • Casey,

        Thank you for the suggestion: I became a member several months ago. (Reference my comment above where I have had several very dangerous confrontations with my neighbor’s psychotic German shepherds.)

        As far as I understand it, my membership only covers my legal defense expenses. I would still have to cover the expenses for bodily fluids cleanup, debris cleanup, and repairs to my home — all of which could easily exceed $2,000.

        • upgrade.
          others pay for cleanup. Look around for better coverage. I have a very good very trusted gun lawyer who told me that “firearms legal protection” is his #1 pick for my state, and he has no doubts about their coverage in other states.
          There are FLP plans that cover bail up front, cleanup fees, unlimited attorney fees, red flag, expert witnesses, lost wages, criminal AND civil protection, etc.

      • Those groups have told me they won’t cover me because I’m a security officer, Which means they’re probably useless come crunch time.

  6. Apparently it is not illegal in the City of San Francisco to be pounding on some homeowner’s door in the middle of the night screaming for help. So why would the police respond to that?

    Can’t imagine why anyone would expect the police to respond to a non-crime in progress.

    • If you’ve ever called 911 in San Francisco you’d soon realize it’s like pulling teeth to get the 911 call takers to treat you seriously. About 90% of the calls that come in are from idiots, crazies, pants-$hitters, liars, and drunks/druggies. The ECD people are cynical and jaded to the point that they don’t take calls seriously unless YOU are patient with them and can clearly and candidly articulate what the life threatening emergency is….. unfortunately, the ability to communicate is the first higher brain function to shut down under high stress.

      • Same in L.A. I once recorded a drug transaction on video on my street. Got the guys, the car, the license plate, even one of the discarded vials they left on the ground afterward. Never confronted them, but contacted the authorities and requested to file a report and get some occasional drive-bys. Nope, they weren’t interested, and never followed up, regardless that a citizen of the community had done all the work for them and offered to provide slam-dunk evidence.

  7. I should care WHY? Live in SF and obviously you’re on your own. Gay or straight(sorry “cis”). Does the diminutive champ even have a right to self-defense in SF?!? Or possess the means LEGALLY?

  8. Seems more like some addicts had a bad night, couldn’t get a hook up, and one of them got pissed and wanted to hit the other. The other, (being the “help needed” one), in an attempt to defuse the situation from his buddy, went to the door.

    Weird? Yes. Concerning? Sure. The lack of anything actually happening is a beefed up story for some gun writers because it happened to “one of us”. Had it happened anywhere else in the city to a normal person nobody knew, this wouldn’t be a story at all.

    Carry, and carry on.

    • “Seems more like some addicts had a bad night, couldn’t get a hook up, and one of them got pissed and wanted to hit the other.”

      No, this is a known problem in San Fran, the ‘street people’ can get *highly* aggressive with the out-of-towners and residents.

      Couple that with the disease risk of the city tolerating human shit and urine on city streets and sidewalks, and it’s a city in *fast* decline.

      And maybe that’s what they really want out there. I cannot understand why the few remaining sane city residents don’t band together and sue the city to force them to stop crapping on the streets.

      It’s kind of a shame. I was there for a week in 1998 and it is a neat place to see. I don’t see myself ever going back unless they improve the sanitation…

      • There’s zero reason for me to ever cross the state line. No matter what. It would take a hefty tax-free payment from someone to even consider it. I was in Huntington Beach in ‘05, seemed ok. But if a cultural shock because I’d never seen those kinds of cars driving around, and so many of them. Looking at the homes, trying to understand why they cost $1m when the same house here (at the time, they’ve since doubled or tripled) was 1/5th.

  9. No comment.. If you have made the decision to live in Ca.., I can’t help you..

    The only way I would even consider visiting that state again, will be when the good guys are massing on the border to take it back…

    May God have mercy on that states inhabitants…

    • Pretty sure “God” wrote off CA quite a few years ago, and that it now belongs to the “Other Guy”.

    • Um, Johnson, there are a lot of us living behind enemy lines doing our darndest to “take the state back” from the inside. Don’t blame me/us for living here. Some of us are determined to dig in our heels and fight the commies, not run.

      I remember my duty to fight the good fight every time I see little kids playing on my street. They deserve to have a better future than what the Libtards in Sacramento (and San Fran, and L.A.) are offering.

      • I don’t care that you “fight the good fight” when you choose to do so in a way that is counter-productive. Taxes & apportionment; California doesn’t deserve either from you. California uses both against you, *and* me. Just because you waste your resources tilting at windmills & enriching the opposition in the process doesn’t make you ‘righteous.’ If you actually care, go some place where your efforts can do some good.

        No, the courts aren’t going to save California. They never have, they never will. People hanging their hopes on judges are simply trying to delay admitting the fight has been lost for a long, long time.

  10. “Naturally, I was preparing to go arm myself but was also on the phone with the San Francisco Police Department relaying information to get an officer onsite immediately. Between juggling my phone with 911 while also trying to keep eyes on the situation it was hard to evaluate whether to temporarily leave the front door area (and potentially put my husband and dog at risk) to retrieve a firearm upstairs. ”

    So he is bogged down with the cops while guns are upstairs probably locked away and unloaded. I don’t think the dog or the husband (!) were any better or worse for the situation either way.

    Someone I know lives in a less than perfect neighborhood. He has screen doors locked on the front and back of the house which are several feet from the door. That gives a buffer area so if the door has to open he’s not smelling his breath in his face. The porch lights also light the screen doors so the person can’t easily see inside at night. But even in his sketchy neighborhood the cops show up rather quickly and they usually have 2 cars and 4 cops. That’s 60 rounds of handgun power which can eliminate the Univ Cal Santa Cruz wearing drunk if necessary.

  11. While Chris is a Top Shot, with Commiefornia’s anti-gun laws, would the average gun owner be able to unlock their CA Approved gun safe, get their unloaded weapon, locate ammunition, load the weapon, call 911, ensure the family is gathered and safe, then go see who is banging violently and yelling loudly at the front door in the middle of the night all the while hoping that there are not multiple persons trying to break-in from different sides of the house??? Gun safe – YES. Weapon kept loaded and ready to go with mounted light and extra ammo if needed – DEFINITELY!

    • That’s only if unattended, and/or if there are minors or felons living at the residence.

      Regardless of situation, though, you are absolutely allowed to keep ‘Ol Betsy locked and loaded within reach as you sleep.

  12. I moved to ventura California in 1955 age 7 it really was a great place to be spent 20 years there saw it starting to go wierd in the early 70’s

    • Pretty sure everything got a little “weird” during the 70’s. A bit hallucinogenic. Maybe that’s why so many of these idiots exist now days, they are acid babies.

  13. “The cops never showed up” says it all. As Q said “it’s not safe out there” and as many other self defense experts have said, “you are on your own and responsible for your own safety.” As to having a Ring door bell be worth the money, I don’t see it. Mixed reviews, how long does it take to boot the app on your phone, laggy, not in real time video. Spend the $100 bucks on ammo and or some range time. I want an integrated security and lighting control system that has does not have to rely on the internet to work. Old school. All lights on buttons at bedside, points of egress, etc.

  14. First mistake was answering the door at 11:40 PM. Never would have answered for someone I did not know . Second mistake was not answering the door armed at that time of night. Out of sight but armed.

  15. Move to the country. Even if you work in the city, it’s worth the drive. 60 miles round trip for me a day, no prob. Half of it’s through farm land, I get a lot of calls done going home each evening. My home is a quarter mile from the road, NOBODY has a reason to come back there after dark. Zero neighbors within a half mile. Sign says “Warning: If We Are Not Expecting You Proceed At Own Risk.” Plenty awaits them if they do, including two big German Shepherds and a Catahoula Bulldog as first line of defense, three Chihuahuas as the second, and the third, well, not too hard to figure out, I’m on this site. Also have five cameras and motion lights.

    • Same.

      50 miles for me. Well worth it. Even looking into getting a 2019 hybrid AWD Rav 4 to make that 50mpg only cost me one gallon instead of 3-4.

      • Therein lies the rub. My Ford F-250 Super Duty Diesel 6.7 Power Stroke gets 13 MPG on a good day. But, just like moving to the country, everything’s a trade-off. Love the ride!

        • 13mpg? You lucky B… I have an 85 suburban with a 454, th400 tranny and a 4.11 rear. 8mpg on a good day.

    • I read about a woman who worked in downtown LA but lived in San Bernardino because that’s what she could afford. She had a four hour commute each way with an eight hour work day in between. She was a single mother which meant that, outside weekends, her kids were raising themselves.

      Moving to the country wasn’t an option. She was already too far away from her job. What she should have done was move to a medium size city in the midwest where the kind of salary she could earn would pay for a place half an hour from work.

      • Two years after Trump got elected, I got the first real job I’ve had since Obama was inaugurated.

        I’m making a third more than I was during Obama.

        My drive time from work went from over an hour to 9 minutes.

        Yeah, we need to switch to [national] socialism courtesy of the Democrats…

  16. BREAKING!!!!!! Cops just ran through my yard yelling at my wife and I to go in the house as they were chasing an attempted robber(yeah black with a gray hoodie). They searched my large garage and went chasing in my neighbors abandoned yard. Several very fit( and polite😄) young cops with pistols drawn. Saw one cool AR-not counting MINE-ALL CLEAR. They got him. They respond mighty quick in my suburb(the cop & fire station are quite near). This AIN’T SAN FRANCISO!!!😏

  17. If we take a report, then our reported crime rate will go up.

    • And it will ruin there chances of getting a bonus for reporting year-on-year reductions in crime.

      This is how things are done in good olde blighty. District Commissioners get 6-figure bonuses for crime not exceeding certain limits. So they fob off people trying to report crime by saying it isn’t important enough or they don’t have the resources. They only respond when the crime is serious enough or there could be public outrage or scandal involved.

  18. Schizophrenia is a horrible illness. A 24/7 living hell from which there is no escape for the person affected. Without medical intervention and stabilization through effective drug therapy, there’s absolutely no hope for these individuals. While Illegal Aliens are coddled, and protected by sanctuary jurisdictions, our own citizens suffer needlessly and die in the streets of their homeland.

  19. They want crime in SF.

    In S.F.P.D if you actually fight crime and make arrests they put you behind a desk.

    The big/ tough cops in SF get benched and they put the women and they small of stature officers on the street.

    Friends of mine who are SF cops say it’s not worth it to arrest people because they are out before the paperwork can be completed. They only make arrests to “slow their stride” but it is a complete insulting waste of time

    • The U.S. justice system wasn’t designed to put everyone in prison for causing a ruckus. They have a right to be treated as innocent until proven guilty in a court of law by a jury of their peers. You can’t keep everyone in prison until they are found guilty of a crime then sentenced. This isn’t Sweden.

      • That really wasn’t what Galt was hitting on. He was hitting on what I think should be called the “broward phenomenon” or the “Baltimore phenomenon”. In that due to the political climate and liberal heads of big cities, police are being ordered to stand down in the face of serious threats to the public, encouraged to look away, pressured into passivity, and yes, taking the officers who show initiative and assertiveness off the street. Now, allot of people here may cheer that on, as the police aren’t exactly popular on this blog, however it’s this kind of approach to law enforcement that leads you to the parkland disaster, or LE being too timid to confront antifa/BLM.

        • The police are not timid to confront masked white kids. They are ordered to not do a thing. They follow the orders. That is what police are designed for. You follow orders given by your superiors. You don’t help the people or society because that actually fixes problems. Politicians/government want problems to solve so they can get more power and money.

          Broward county wanted to get the extra bucks the government gives out as a reward for low crime stats. The entire police department was complicit in that scam. Their behavior lead to many innocent children being killed. Even when they had the chance to risk their lives they chose to worry about themselves over society and children.

          Cops are not here to help us; the supreme court agrees. They are here to cage you or take your property. They are not our friends. They act friendly to get you to give up your rights. That’s what they are taught.

  20. If that’s being threaten, then I think we have another Jesse Smollett on our hands. Besides if you’re living in the Sh*thole of Mexifornia then your contributing to the problem. Grow up an be a man ……..Some day!

  21. “so just because you own a gun or know how to shoot well, it doesn’t mean that those skills translate to home or personal defense.”

    But they should. It’s kind of why our right to own them exists. Self defense above all else, including sport.

  22. The new California state flag is going to replace the bear with a pile of poop?

  23. UPDATE: It seems homie and gal pal were attempting a carjacking. Really happy I got that AR…loaded with M855Greentip😄

  24. Something like this happened twice to me. Both times very late at night. Of course the police don’t like to hang around when they are needed, but they will show up during heavy traffic hours to write 20 tickets in a day. Makes you feel real safe…

    • The police are now revenue collection agents for local and state governments. If there’s no revenue to be collected, they are not interested.

      This is why you will see a radar trap on a downhill section of freeway where no accident has occurred in living memory.

      • Every month the police come to hang out in the neighborhood at the same place to find people to take money from. Two of them sit there hiding ready to pounce (a tag team). They write a certain amount of tickets (I haven’t felt like counting) then they leave until the next month. They have been doing this the past year.

        When car accidents happen around here it’s usually at night. During the day things are fine yet they show up.

        Just a week or two ago during the night some people some how crashed into each other spinning around and ending up on the sidewalk. The police came, checked if everyone was okay, then left. They came because they were called. When they are here to write tickets no one asked them to show up for that purpose. Where they choose to hang out to write their tickets is ironic and sadistic.

        I would guess their excuse for coming out to give all the unfortunate hard working people tickets is because of all the super/sport cars driving around the neighborhood. Not one Ferrari nor GTR (not even a Corvette or modified Mustang) has crashed around here. I hear just as many cops speed through the neighborhood without lights or sirens as I do a super car. At least the super cars sound cool and spit flames as they go by. The cops just have a pissed face, like they hate life, as they speed by.

  25. A lesson learned – fortunately, at no cost. When someone pounds on your door at that time of the night, load up when you check it out. In my case, that would mean shotgun + sidearm + loud growling and barking dog. Of course, I live in a deeply red state so I can load up like that.

    BTW, I love my Ring doorbell. Allows me to check out a situation like this without opening the door or otherwise engaging with the door-pounder.

    Really glad things turned out for Chris Cheng like they did. Could have been much, much worse.

    • It’s not a good idea to come to the door with a gun when you live in a deeply red state.

      You might get shot or your family might get shot because officer safety.

      Doesn’t announce he is a cop. Opens the door in attempt to make entry without a warrant. Blinds the people inside with his light. Then draws down and shoots two people, killing a teen sitting on the couch, because he thought he saw a gun.

      Texas’s finest. The DA didn’t want to charge so they sent it to the people. The people love/worship their cops, thus didn’t charge the cop for killing the teen after breaking the law.

  26. Welcome to San Francisco. Unless you live next door to fineswine’s mansion, you’re screwed.

  27. The saddest thing is: what if there really is someone hurt banging on your door. (car accident?) If the cops never show up, and you don’t open the door, that poor guy/girl dies. I’d probably answer the door. Yea, I know that’s stupid, but I’d never forgive myself if someone died on my doorstep because I thought of only myself.

    • There was a hit and run that almost hit an elderly lady. The cops didn’t come for a long time. By the time they came the driver was able to get away although their car was heavily damaged and damaging the road as they drove away. Then the cops said it wasn’t their jurisdiction, that we had to call another department. That department took longer then the first. Waited over an hour. Too late. Imagine if they had hit the old lady and smashed her against the wall. Cops wouldn’t have caught a killer.

      Another time a drunk attractive young woman committed a hit and run. We stopped her before she got away. Cops came and called her mother. Then they let her go home with her mother without being arrested for her attempted hit and run and drunk driving. Nice, huh? Because she was hot and young.

      Just a few stories of the fantastic police work today’s cops do. You’re on your own. Can’t rely on the government for anything but tyranny.

      • So.. this hit and run, that ALMOST hit an elderly lady… was it a hit and run on another vehicle that almost struck a pedestrian as well? Was the old lady driving? If it ALMOST hit her, then it was not a hit and run…

        Either way, Not too late. You seriously doubt they caught the driver? If the road was damaged it wouldn’t be that hard to track down the vehicle. Plus it’s probably registered to them and the reason they tried to drive off. If they had stole it they would have just walked/ran away. Traffic cam footage… other camera’s… tons to investigate.

        Also, If the cops let that teen go, that’s because the person they hit did not press charges or there was no evidence she was actually driving, in which case your word would be the only thing saying she was, subpoenaing you to go to court and testify. It would be a month or longer ordeal, and since by your story they let her go, then nobody saw shit or you did not want to be a witness, or just making it all up.

        I doubt the legitimacy of your stories, and it’s not the first time you have spouted off stories on this website either. Every time, I smell bullshit. You just try to push that anti-cop shit a little to hard, bubba. Not saying I fully support a police state or am a gun grabber thinking they cops will protect me… but I’m also not an idiot who thinks they are going to respond to an ALMOST hit and run within 20 minutes. Location also plays a key, so does current call volume, staff, and tons of other issues. The world does not revolve around you kiddo.

        • People I know were the victim in both cases. I wont go into detail because I don’t want to put out identifying information just to prove to someone on the internet that I am not lying.

          The first story the driver hit a car from behind and totaled it. I should still have the pictures on a memory stick. The lady was out for her walk and was passing by the parked car that was struck by the driver who was making a left turn. The cops took too long to show up, by the time they got there the car was gone. I guess they didn’t consider it a emergency because no one was hurt. Then they said we had to call a different department because of the way the roads are defined, they don’t deal with accidents that happen on it. I might be able to look at the time stamps on the pictures to come up with a time line, but is that really necessary?

          The second story I was also a part of. We stopped her from leaving the scene, she tried to flee. I might have pictures of her and the cars still, we took them as she was trying to get away. We ran out when we heard her smash into the parked vehicle. I don’t remember if the victim wanted to charge her or not, but I know they didn’t want her escaping because they told me to make sure she doesn’t leave while they called the cops. I think the cops didn’t want to charge her because she didn’t actually flee the scene. Of course she didn’t flee because we stopped her from doing that. Instead they decided to turn the situation into a traffic accident and simply file a report to be used for an insurance claim. They didn’t want her to get a DUI and a felony because they didn’t want to ruin her life.

          The same thing happened a few years ago (can’t remember exactly) but this person was a young guy. He bounced off a light pole and then hit a car. Same situation as the girl, however, this guy couldn’t drive away so he tried to run. We had to stop him from running. He kept trying to escape and he was begging for us to let him go. He was trying to make a deal with us if we just let him go. He said he could pay for everything and get someone to fix the cars if we don’t call the cops. The neighbors had to come out to help keep him from running away. We had to wait awhile for the cops to come although it was early in the morning and this area doesn’t have high crime to distract cops. The guy ended up running away because it took too long for the police to come, the cops had to chase him down. They didn’t treat him like they treated the young woman.

          Keep in mind, I think a lot of these people are considered Hispanic/Mexican. So, that could play a part in the government not waiting to do their job. They don’t want to mess with the illegals. People that get away with hit and runs tend to be Hispanics.

          From what I recall, the government is easier on females who commit crimes than males. They are also on the side of the female in family courts. I think it’s also true that attractive people get in less trouble or found guilty less, at least people with a good appearance.

          So a young Hispanic attractive female could have an easier time these days. She just has to put on the sad face…

  28. I have a Kuna porch camera light and Kuna floodlight cameras for the driveway and backyard. My neighborhood is known mostly for car break ins. The Kuna App makes it super easy to configure, mangage recordings and communicate with anyone that trips the cameras on. Kuna website and Costco have sales on the camera several times a year.

  29. From Chang’s post:

    “At this point my husband and dog were standing inside the front door and we were both unarmed.”

    See, that was Chang’s first mistake. How’s the dog going to defend himself from the cops if he’s unarmed when the cops show up?

  30. The veneer of civilization hangs but by a thread. We are witness to it’s unraveling…

  31. “You can’t always rely on the police to protect you”?

    Who knew?

    My family during the 1919 Chicago race riot.

    Protect YOURSELF or don’t get protected AT ALL

  32. As California continues to sink further into a smelly, disgusting pit of doom, will the lib-farts in LA and the bayarea make sure they vote to re-elect Gavin Nonsense three years from now? Sure they will. They prefer the odor.

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