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The Washington Examiner reports that the vast majority of Democrats expect to see politically-motivated violence resulting from the current political war of words. In fact, 91% of Democrats believe this, compared to “only” 61% of Republicans.

Here’s an excerpt from the Examiner story:

After a week that saw President Trump and his foes toss toxic words at each other, there is now a warning that the next phase could be “violence.”

Nearly 8 of 10 Americans told the Pew Research Center that supporters for both sides could “act” on the politically charged rhetoric with violence. It was higher for Democrats, 91%, than Republicans, 61%.

“Could be” violence? Have the folks at Pew been living under a rock? Have they forgotten the Bernie bro from Illinois who tried to assassinate Congressional Republicans?

From Buzzfeed:

At around 7:06 a.m., a man in a blue T-shirt approached the field and fired 62 7.62x39mm rounds through a lawfully purchased Century International Arms SKS-style semiautomatic assault rifle, according to Alexandria’s elected prosecutor. The shooting, he concluded, was “an act of terrorism” that was “fueled by rage against Republican legislators.” The day was one in a continuum of violent, surreal days over the past year, from mass shootings to Charlottesville.

You may love them, or you may disagree with almost everything they stand for, but that morning, the roughly two dozen people on that field just tried to stay alive. Those nine minutes were a near miss of modern American history, between the dark aftermath of a deadly, mass political assassination and our own reality, in which most people don’t think very often about June 14, 2017, the difference between everything changing and almost nothing changing at all.

Read a vivid description of what happened at the link.


Meanwhile, over at Law Enforcement Today, they have expressed serious concerns about the possibility of more political violence. Obviously.

91% of Democrats and 61% of Republicans surveyed by the Pew Research Center believe that the political war of words will escalate to violence.

These “words” either involve law enforcement or are directed at members of the law enforcement community, since our police officers are the first line of defense in protests and neighborhood “assemblies.”

antifa fascist protest violence
By Carptrash – I, Einar Kvaran, took the picturePreviously published: none, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

But not only for law enforcement officers.

This translates directly into violence towards our police in a very simple way – Trump supports law enforcement, and the mainstream media doesn’t. Liberals attack those they’ve been programmed to attack, and the enemies are delineated very clearly – conservatives, the police, the military, and anyone who supports any of these elements.

Citizens with only a minimal disdain for authority or those in police work have been effectively radicalized, and watching this unfold has been significantly horrifying. It’s nearly impossible to attack the President physically, so people are motivated to attack those he supports and those who support him…

Rhetoric is programming and radicalizing people, it seems, and with violent results. What we thought of liberals in their tolerant, “hug everybody” and advocate for the environment and animals agenda has devolved into straight out violence against anyone they disagree with – and our police and conservative leaders have been some of the first to be attacked.

Among my close friends, we talk the brewing civil war in America.  And how long it will take before it goes “hot”.   We agree in our belief that given how the far left’s violence has heated up, it’s almost inevitable that incidents of armed conflict will happen. It’s not a matter of if, but when. And where.

At this point in one of those conversations, I said, “I wish I knew where…”  To avoid trouble, of course.

They chuckled. “Don’t worry. They’ll come to you.”

And they already have, puncturing my tires at my home a little over a year ago in the dead of night. How long will it take for one or more of them to work up a little more courage and employ some direct action against me and/or my family instead of just property? I try not to worry about that.

Image by John Boch.

If the worst happens, that bite-trained German Shepherd will be the least of their concerns.

But looking at the larger picture, how many besides me will have political violence touch our families in some way? Will your family become involved? Are you prepared for political violence?

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  1. Coming? It’s already here. Or are we going to continue to ignore the ANTIFA terrorist attack last weekend?

    • pwrserge,

      Coming? It’s already here.

      Absolutely correct.

      Remember that Democrat partisans viciously sucker-punched two conservative candidates (one woman, one man) this last election cycle because the candidates were “political enemies”.

      And these two attacks are only the tip of the iceberg.

      • I fear that the USA may go full “Yugoslavia or Rwanda” sometime in the next decade or so. It could get truly horrible. If we are lucky, we will just go our separate ways, like the former USSR or Czechoslovakia. I doubt the Union will last a whole lot longer.

        • “I fear that the USA may go full “Yugoslavia or Rwanda” sometime in the next decade or so. It could get truly horrible.”

          Well, if it goes full Hutu and Tutsi, I’d be scared shitless If I was on the side that lived in a packed urban environment like a major city… 🙂

      • It may be inevitable that conflict will escalate in some form, but be careful before you give your enemy what they want. And I’m not talking about ANTIFA street thugs, I’m talking about the ones funding and organizing them. They want chaos. As long as it’s the state policing lawlessness, it’s survivable. However, devils often find opportunity in chaos.

        • Exactly right! Beware the puppet masters, they do indeed want and foment hate and chaos. When the dust settles and the blood has dried, they’ll come out of the shadows and seize the power they so desperately want. History, people!

        • Get a grip, there are no shadowy organizations funding antifa street thugs.

          Anyone who believes that drivel is a victim of the propaganda. 98% of the Democrats share nothing in common with a spoiled rich kids rioting over animal rights or whatever. Sure, you can use the overpublicized pictures of some nuts breaking windows in order to justify arming yourself but it still isn’t based on reality.

          Sorry, no Bustin protesters, no paychecks from George Soros and no secret meetings in shadowy dungeons as black-clad thugs plot government overthrow. Hilarious.

          You are just being effectively distracted from the billionaires looting the American taxpayer, as the military industrial complex ramps up their wars of profit across the globe.

        • BS. Who says, you? Just walk the streets of any major city and you will see Antifa types looking for trouble. Soros is well documented to fund anything and everything that goes against traditional life in the United States. Who funds most of the anti gun groups? Soros and Bloomberg, both anti liberty billionaires.

    • If you mean the Northwest Detention Facility in Tacoma… I’m a local photojournalist and was covering it that day. What was frightening wasn’t that the loon did it… it’s the handful of protestors/supporters who were there later that day. Off camera, we were told “The cops murdered him, he was a pacifist and wouldn’t hurt anyone, he was only trying to destroy property…”

      He tried to shoot at cops but his rifle malfunctioned, he was throwing firebombs at the facility, he tried to blow up a 500 gallon propane tank next to one of the buildings, he had a previous assault arrest for attacking a cop (at a protest last year, a cop tried to arrest someone, and he tried to pull the cop off the arrestee, getting himself arrested).

      Also, “He was justified in what he did… it’s all Trump’s fault…” and apparently he emailed a manifesto the night before saying he was doing this. many of the folks I talked to off camera most likely received it… and did nothing. The shear amount of self-righteous delusion and lying to themselves was just scary to hear.

      I doubt a “civil war” is coming. But I do NOT doubt that let wing violence is going to increasingly become a thing, and that if Trump wins in 2020, there will be violent attacks that result in people’s deaths.

      • “But I do NOT doubt that let wing violence is going to increasingly become a thing…”

        Absolutely. The only reason the leftists have been relatively peaceful (and they have been relatively peaceful, for leftists) is that they have been getting their way through other means. If their power continues to slip, they will get violent.

      • What you are describing is right out of the Fascist/Nazi playbook. Most people really have no idea that the AntiFa thugs are using tactics that perfectly mirror the way the “Black Shirt” Italian Fascists and “Brown Shirt” Nazis acted in the 1930’s. There’s nothing at all new about any of this. It’s not even surprising that AntiFa has the tacit support “Progressive” local authorities. And—again no surprise here at all—this morning there are news reports of “White Shirt” thugs with tacit government backing attacking demonstrators in Hong Kong. What we’re seeing in all these cases is Fascism, not Communism, nor some form of Democracy. This is Fascism, put and simple.

        • And yet again, fascism is a left wing ideology. Funny how it keeps coming back to leftist ideology being so violent and destructive, in order to further the power of the State.

      • “handful of protestors/supporters“

        The keyword is handful. Sure, there’s always a few loons out there who will support these nut jobs, it’s human nature.

        During World War II there were actually American citizens marching in support of Hitler’s concentration camps, look up the American Bund.

        The vast majority of Democrats are reasonable citizens who are not in favor of open borders or total gun bands. A majority of Democrats in the United States own firearms, don’t be fooled by a few high profile weirdos who just want to spark outrage for their personal entertainment.

        • While I don’t have any hard numbers, I doubt anywhere near ‘the majority’ of democrat supporters are for stricter immigration controls, or even doing what Schumer and Pelosi supported even 4 years ago, as indicated by the hard left turn the party has taken in the last 10 years.
          As for how many own guns, I’d say it’s fewer than 40%, and if the ones that do, the majority obviously don’t care to be ardent supporters of the 2A. The few of the leftists that openly admit to owning the very guns the majority of the left want banned only do so for things like shooting cops, conservative politicians, innocent people, and CBP detention facilities.

    • Antics sucks, and has killled zero people. Right wing terrorists and violent men in the US kill more than a dozen people a year.

      Are you equally mad about that? Do you know it? you don’t see it reported on Fox or other propaganda sites, but it’s true

      • For the last time commie, national socialists are not and have never been “right wing”…

        Also, I don’t particularly care about national socialists running over international socialists. To me, that’s a win-win.

        You commies need to learn some basic history that doesn’t involve sucking dust out of Stalin’s mummified crotch.

        • It’s amazing how the media has pushed the narrative that national socialists are right wing when socialism is a left wing ideology, and low IQ morons (everyone on the left) eat it up.
          Nazis, commies, maoists, marxists, socialists, ‘progressives’, ect are all left wing ideologies that put the government above all else.
          There is nothing wrong with nationalism in and of it’s self. If you don’t believe your nation is the best on earth, you should find one that aligns with your views.

        • The political right is about “God (Christianity), family, and country”.

          Communists, and fascists are both on the political left. Democrat Republican etc is a false dichotomy. At the end of the day, we all either serve Jesus Christ, or we serve the serpent. Commies and fascists both serve the serpent. The serpent is tricky, and mascarades as an angel of light.

          • Amen fellow believer in Christ the wicked truly follow Satan but we are going to suffer greatly for allowing this evil to get out of hand this is no doubt the last days unless Jesus takes us out of here soon the suffering will be great


  2. It’s the inevitable result of backing down to childish, petulant, entitled children! Let’s get it over with, time for the long postponed “spanking”!

    • Amen. I’m available for unrelenting, merciless direct action starting……tonight. I’m not getting any younger. Nothing less than the complete eradication of all leftists and their filthy ideology will suffice.

      • The left is the enemy. They deserve no peace or quarter. The deserve to only be eradicated. . . By any means necessary.

    • No, none of us truly wants this thing to go hot. Many keyboard commandos might think it’ll give us a chance to use the guns we’ve acquired, and the training we’ve gone through, but this isn’t something that will be pretty, or short. Or even end up the way we wish.

      As soon as the spark is lit and a slew of increasingly frequent shootings under the same group/manifesto is apparent, all conservative gun owners will begin carrying, damn the legal CCW consequences. And that’s exactly what LE in blue states like my own CA will anticipate. There will be declarations of martial law, and stop-and-frisk (currently not a generally permissible procedure in CA) will start by regional diktat. Mayors, police chiefs, and Sheriffs all over will suspend the legal niceties in favor of getting ahead of the train curve and keeping the peace.

      Many LEOs and departments will be acutely aware of the raw tensions and will attempt to conduct themselves to avoid escalation with members of their own communities. But all it’ll take is a couple of I-have-a-badge-and-I’m-badass cops overstepping their authority and getting shot for it, to have this mess go ape crazy. Here in L.A. County, we’re a prime “ground zero” for such a spark, and I absolutely guarantee that LAPD knows they’re outnumbered 100-to-1 (if not much more) by not only all the good people who own guns and don’t want to be messed with, but all the gangs who don’t want to be messed with. There would quickly be a pandemic of “Blue Flu”.

      Remember…a polite society is a social construct. It’s simply an unspoken agreement by all within it, nothing more. If that trust erodes enough, it’ll collapse.

      • Satan wants human kind to kill ourselves off. His followers will keep pushing good peoples buttons until we finally react. This will lead to general mayhem for all. The authorities must do their job of tamping down the violence to stop this from escalating to full blown carnage. If the powers that be do not put an end to the extremists starting mayhem, than all bets are off and Satan will be a very happy being.

      • Speak for yourself. I legitimately pray that this turns hot. These sh*tbag leftist deserve nothing and everything must be taken from them. IDGAF who the leftist is, they are the enemy, and you don’t negotiate with your enemy, you destroy your enemy. . . .

        There is no such thing as a decent leftist. It doesn’t matter how close to center, or how far out they may be. They are the enemy. The time for negotiation is long past, the time for tolerance has come and gone. The time for direct action to get rid of the f*ckbags is here.

        • I think we all share your ire for the Leftist idiots fomenting an escalation, but when I mean this won’t go as we wish, I mean exactly that.

          9/11 gave us the DHS, the TSA, and a more intrusive government. The Black Panthers flaunting their guns led to the first gun control law (thanks, Reagan) in CA’s long march toward massive overreach.

          A hot war would start off in a few locations, but spread wildly to encompass numerous cities. Whatever happens, and over whatever time span (perhaps a couple of months?), you can bet your panties that both Fed and State governments everywhere will be clamoring to do whatever it takes to stop it from happening again. Goodbye, easy-to-purchase $300 ARs.

          • That’s why the democrat voter registrations must be seized. Their doors must be kicked in and must be eliminated as they sleep in their beds. Kill their dog as you leave, too.

        • I’d like to believe you’re not serious. But just in case you are, I’m a decent enough guy to give you a warning.

          You better be prepared for hell, because I’m related to some people who may actually be registered Democrats (holdovers from the old days when the party actually was almost liberal), and I’m ready to kill ANYONE who threatens me and mine, no matter who anybody voted for.

          That’s going to play out all across the country, and better patriots than you or I are going to die if you idiots get your wish.

          • They say blood is thicker than water but I can remember times when water was there and blood wasn’t. Blood will turn on you just as quick or quicker than water will. The only blood I’m concerned about is my wife and my child. Anyone else either shares my ideals of this country or immediately becomes suspect. All bets are off after that. I’m not one to wish for such tragedy but I often wonder can this country really recover without it.

          • “…and I’m ready to kill ANYONE who threatens me and mine, no matter who anybody voted for.
            That’s going to play out all across the country,…”

            We’ve read about this sort of thinking before. Didn’t deter war.

            When “mine” are bent on removing constitutionally protected rights from “me”, “mine” come up second place every time.

        • I know many leftists feel pretty much like you do. I for one refuse to hate them. That doesn’t mean I won’t face what they are or stand idle if they try to impose their will on me by force, but I won’t dehumanize them. That thinking leads to dark places.

      • “I haz a question”

        “Here in LA county”

        LA county is a bad place to be, and will get much worse. I recommend you move out of there before things go down hill.

  3. The Toleration Fascist’s of ANTIFA are tooling up,of course it’s coming because they are intent on bringing it.

    • Come on, Martial Law 2020, I want to see Trump order the mass arrests and prosecutions of every DNC leader with ties to ANTIFA… It will be hillarious to watch him run unopposed.

      • I’d love to see them get declared a terror org and their funding cut. Maybe a wanted tag on the person doing the funding… (ahd yeah, a lot of it is one person, through 2 shell companies)

      • That’s assuming that Trump wins reelection. When you take into account how much the democrats are going to cheat in 2020 he may not. I advocate a meeting of governors outside the USA border to split up the country and when the violence really starts have the American people move to where they are most comfortable. Northeast U.S. to the hard core leftists, Wisconsin and Minnesota. The states of Wyoming and Montana go to the Libertarians. The plains states go to the Republicans and so on. There’s no need to kill each other if we recognize we can just move instead of killing each other.

        • Sounds nice, but obviously wildly unrealistic.

          You are talking about an enormous undertaking that would require the movement of 10’s of millions of people. Not to mention the property, businesses, etc.

          Besides, state lines aren’t usually the dividing line. Those in upstate NY have more in common with those in rural Georgia than many in Atlanta. Same all over the country. Its gonna be more of a Balkanization rather than a Civil War. Regional, cultural, racial and religious factions, In other words, a living nightmare that will shatter the nation forever. F@#K COMMUNISTS!!

        • Hey!

          F that! They may have Philly and Pittsburgh but we control fly over country and we’re not giving it up!

        • Wisconsin!!?? Sheet, it won’t end up as a liberal territory. You are clearly not familiar with that state or it’s people.

        • I completely agree that a peaceable separation is far better than civil war, but where in the Constitution are state governors granted authority to partition the nation?

        • @Porridgeweasel,

          I have family there, and was in Milwaukee last year. It’s been moving leftward for a while, and downtown was just as Progressive as any other Lefty metro area. They even have a crosswalk formally updated with rainbow paint (instead of the classic white lines everywhere else) at a certain intersection in the middle of the city to celebrate LGBT. Even L.A. doesn’t have that.

          My chats with some of the locals out in the suburbs where I was staying didn’t reveal any conservative leanings.

          It *is*, after all, only a short drive from Chicago, and many former Illinoisans moved there and have been changing it. Similar to how Californians have been moving to Las Vegas for two decades and have now flipped that state blue.

        • I Haz A Question,

          There is so much more to Wisconsin than Milwaukee and Madison. Just like New York, the rest of the state is nothing like those 2 liberal junk yards. I have family around the Green Bay area, and they are more like Texans than anything Chi-Madi-Waukee has to offer.

          • “There is so much more to Wisconsin than Milwaukee and Madison.”

            Attitudes outside the major population centers are only relevant if the “outsiders” outnumber the city trogs in votes. Not sure how many states have an inverted ratio, where city trogs are of little electoral consequence.

        • @ I Haz A Question

          I had a longer reply/rebuttal in the works but Frank covered the jist of it for me.

          Milwaukee is 1 city. Just one. I’d give you Madison as well (Particularly the college). It won’t matter. There is a much, much larger portion of people in the state that are NOT leaning demo/lib/communist in their general beliefs about government and its role,especially the ideology of ANTIFA. They are simply not as vocal as the left, Don’t confuse bemused silence with acquiescence and agreement.

        • @Frank, @Porridge,

          I hope you guys are right. I’m just saying I’ve never experienced it whenever I was there (going back again soon, too).

          I *will* say, though, that spending the Holidays in WI is more pleasantly “Americana” than in CA. People I met were all nice, albeit not outwardly conservative.

        • re: m’wauk. half a million residents in a state with over 5million. sure that enclave has some doodlewhopper donkeycraps, but madison is the hotbed for progressives. the rest of the state needs jobs and will vote accordingly.
          none of the folks outside of the university system have any use for the current “four horsemen of the apocalypse” that trump is elevating to the limelight with his twatter wars.

        • The left will never agree to a peaceful separation because parasites cannot survive without a host.

        • Like others have noted about WI, Minnesota also has a large metro area that is very liberal. The rest of the state is not. I’ve often thought it would be nice if the Murderapolis metro area would secede from the union and become their own little city state. Minnesota may have a chance of turning red then.

      • Bro, if Trump did that, there would be no democrats left to run against. The demos has been fomenting violence for a prolonged period, both in their regular guise as “regular people” and as the “antifa” cretins who think they have a right to violench for violence’s sake.

        • That’s would be the plan. I wonder how long Nancy would keep her seat when 2/3 of her buddies in the house wound up in handcuffs.

  4. My take: Antifa will likley become an Al Queda like organization to include funding from a mad leftist billionaire. They will use bombings, assassination, arson, and kidnappings, in the same manner as Al Queda used to take power. By using fear and terror to convince the population to bend to their will. Also like Al Queda, they will not see any of their opposition as “innocent.” They will target conservative legislatures, judges, LE, but also what we would consider civilians. They key (to them) of the terrorism they embrace is striking regular people who might be conservative, or “alt right”, or simply not left wing. They’ll think nothing of bombing or shooting up a country music concert let’s say, as they’ll assume all the attendees are “red staters”.

    Now, although Al Queda was made up of what you could say were more dedicated, and even better trained individuals, Antifa will have institutional support from the media and factions in government, that will make them more of threat then Al Queda could ever become.

    • Antifa is the enforcement arm of the deep state. Somehow they never face any prison time for their acts of violence. Yet those who defend themselves against attacks by antifa are charged.

    • Perhaps, I do not think the ant eat fudge has what it takes. Without the beliefs Al Quad he has, once the Feds turn up the heat it will be over. Might be a few boobmings, and tear or is tick tacks but nothing like Al Quad he has. , , , , HAh take that evil word press f be aye

      • I tend to agree.Most of the Antifa “warriors are scrawny little wankers. The bravest ones usually get smacked down pretty hard, having more anger than brains orskillz.

      • Ok…. Now repeat that in English so I can understand wtf you’re talking about

    • Reportedly AntiFa funding, like Black Lives Matter, and similar less known organizations are funded by George
      Soros related “front” organizations. The Left in America has a long history of using organizations with benign sounding names to provide support for hard-left activities. AntiFa has been around for quite awhile now and is obviously well-funded. Following the money trail shouldn’t be all that hard.

  5. They don’t say when, where, or who. I need actionable intel, not just some poll. 🙁

  6. I give it three years if Trump loses, one if he wins.
    I’m sure it’s been pointed out plenty, but we’re passed the point of a Cold War, and are dipping our toes into a “Warm” war, where one side culturally supports the politically motivated guerrilla warfare, while the other is reactionally defensive. I leave it up to you to decide which is which.
    Obviously, that radical side would lose if they managed to irk enough opponents in a sufficient enough manner for them to ignore rule of law and effectively engage them, so those covering for them try desperately to minimize their actions via biased reporting, light or no sentencing, obfuscating evidence against them, etc.
    Of course, that can only last so long.

    Also, John, that’s a lovely dog.
    Reminds me of my girl that I lost recently.
    She made it all the way to 16, somehow.

    • You are extremely optimistic, these people are openly bragging about arming themselves while holding the asshole terrorist who tried to kill ICE agents and burn a government facility as a fucking MARTYR. It has already begun, they have pulled down an American flag and replaced it with the flag of a foreign nation at a government facility, they physically attack people in swarms, they destroy random properties, set up illegal roadblocks and all while hiding behind masks showing the world what COWARDS they really are.. IF they go all in it won’t be a face to face confrontation, they will continue their cowardly ways by shooting people in the back from the dark holes they hide in..
      This is not about TRUMP, this would be happening to anyone who beat HILLARY in 2016, this is about their failure to continue the destruction of our Constitutional Republic begun by Obama and to be concluded by Hillary (Obama on steroids) Clinton.. They are angry because her loss/failure has set them back quite possibly as much as two to three decades and a Trump win in 2020 would put them in a hole they might never be able to crawl out of all because they prematurely began to celebrate their perceived victory and showed their faces as they bragged about the “TRANSFORMATION OF AMERICA”, the successes (in their minds) of HOPE and CHANGE and the ultimate overthrow of this Constitutional Republic to be replaced by their version of Democratic Socialism (an oxymoron) which in reality is nothing more than some fascist/communist hybrid that would make Kim Jong Un shudder with delight.. The only way forward now for ANTI-fascists and radical progressives is the elimination of law enforcement and right wing political leadership.. Hell, an attempted assassination of Trump would not surprise me at all especially if the Dems can’t produce a viable candidate to run against him in 2020 and there is certainly no one currently declared who fits THAT description.. Keep your guns clean, your ammo dry and your eyes open, it’s not coming, it’s here…
      Self defence is not considered “ignoring the rule of law”

      • MadMaxx,

        The only way forward now for ANTI-fascists and radical progressives is the elimination of law enforcement …

        I disagree. So far, local mayors and/or police chiefs have supported Antifa (and their ilk) and ordered the police to allow Antifa to operate.

        I think it will have to be We the People of our nation who will have to end the employment of those police officers.

        • When the police and mayors protected antifa violence, it reminded me of the academics praising the early soviet society. They thought they were immune to the violence because they were the elite who were part of the ‘awakened’ society. Funny, a lot of them disappeared in the night, just like others did. Useful idiots are useful.

      • Once you fire that first shot, life as you know it—everything you love about your life, which in my case is plenty—is over. That’s a lot to give up, knowing that it has been given up before.

        • Exactly. And if you listen to the rhetoric, that’s exactly what the current crop of Fascists have in mind for us.

        • b.. yeah. there’s a lot of anticipation on both sides, but nobody looks at the bigger picture of what happens when it goes from cool to warm and then hot.

          Does either side think it will be over in a few days?
          and does either side really think that the other will be so impressed that they’ll just… quit.. being left or right?

          the kind of ideological fervor that leads to this kind of war easily becomes generational. Because unless you kill every last one of them, it’s gonna be Hatfields & McCoy’s.

          Think IRA style crazy carried out in, oh… say.. Milwaukee. or Atlanta.

          what’s the end result? occupation by military? tanks parked in the streets? curfews, lines, “papers please..”, accusations, arrests, food riots, terror, looting, martial law, mob attacks, LA will be the worst place to be.

        • I wonder if it is thought the founding fathers of this country didn’t consider the same thing before they started the Revolutionary War? Granted the tyranny and tyrants they had to endure were far worse than what we have to deal with. However is there really an acceptable amount of tyranny and tyrants?

          The problem here is there won’t be uniforms to identify most so my bet is most conservatives will hole up and defend what is theirs. That’s what we did “for the most part” when Clinton and Obama were elected. When George Bush was elected in 2001 and Trump in 2016 the liberals lost their minds and couldn’t function. The conservatives keep moving forward not looking for trouble. That’s where I am currently, I’m not looking for trouble. I’m just ready and waiting to protect me and mine.

        • RidgeRunner: The first shot has already been fired, prepare to be uncomfortable… You have a whole lot more to lose than your stuff if you do nothing and you better believe if those assholes have their way life as you know it will definitely be over. Are you going to sit on the curb in front of your home while THEY move a family of illegal immigrants in after they cleaned out your bank accounts to redistribute the wealth? How does that work? Five for them one for you one for him one for her two for it… SOCIAL JUSTICE will rule call someone by the wrong pronoun, disparage someone over their sexuality or wear the wrong shirt on Friday and go to prison, there won’t be any due process, those that are allowed to drive will all have the same cars there will be no one to defend you and your stuff because those who would are all dead or in jail for resisting gun confiscation.. You are not the only person that has a life but some are willing to give up their stuff and forego the comforts in the name of freedom. You can always get more stuff…

  7. Nobody forgot the Bernie bro. They just ignore him. Violence only counts when the right wing does it. The left can open fire on a ball game, beat the elderly with batons and toss Molotov’s at occupied structures and that’s all perfectly acceptable dissent.

  8. “91% of Democrats See Political Violence Coming. What That May Mean for You”

    What that means to me? It means I will finally get to use several thousand dollars worth of rifles, pistols and ammo on what they were intended instead of just paper, cardboard and plastic jugs….

  9. Of all the “mass” shooting, the one on politicians is the only one I could care less about. As far as I’m concerned the bickering and fighting of politicians is what caused this crap. Politicians now days just as well wipe their ass with the constitution as a demonstration of what they really think of it. Their actions show and prove one thing. They are entitled self centered crooks. If and when this pot does start to boil the politicians will have no one to blame but themselves. To hell with them.

  10. Yoda said, “Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering…”

    The testosterone pumped, gun bearing arm of the Pro-Life right is rightly feared by all. Aggression and violence are the cornerstones of many gun owners and their reputation precedes them. Because the right fears a socialist state it is likely that they will use violence to oppose whatever issues our new president (Kamala) puts forth. These 2A Jethro’s need to be taught a lesson. Perhaps it is time to institute a nation-wide red flag law: If you threaten verbally or physically – regardless if you are wielding a gun or not – a person within 100 feet of yourself, your guns are taken away and your CCW if you have one is terminated. Permanently. The legal process will have to be ironed out but with people like Pelosi, Schumer, and AOC, not to mention the deep pockets of Bloomberg, an efficient system could be put in-place within months.

    Yes, I also fear violence may be coming sooner then later but the socialist movement can use the threat of violence to their advantage. Let the right wing make the first tragic mistake a la North Carolina. Let them draw first. The youth and immigrant movements will be watching. All hell will break loose. and guns will be eliminated – once and for all – from this great nation.

    Ms. Harris if you’re reading this, we need you more than ever.

    • Bullshit like this is what will bring it. You are most definitely part of the problem. You should move to Venezuela, I’ll contribute to help buy your plane ticket, one way on the first thing smoking.

      Kamala Spread Her Legs Harris is the last person this country needs running it.

      • He’s likely an actual professional troll, working for an extreme leftist organization or very possibly China. China and Russia both have an intense desire to see another American civil war, as it will pull America out of Europe and Asia.

        • Naw, I think he’s just a bored American neckbeard who found a forum he can mess with. Nothing pro about it. Just someone who knows how to get attention.

          Don’t feed the trolls, and they’ll eventually stop begging.

    • “…Ms. Harris if you’re reading this, we need you more than ever…”

      That’s your best line yet!! Awesome!

      But some bad news, kinda old news too.

      President Trump has already won a 2nd term, the Left/Democrats/Progressives just don’t know it yet.

      and their melt-down is going to be EPIC!

      `just sayin–signed ‘jethro

      • Liberal tears the first time was pretty substantial. The next time might cause localized flooding. I don’t want to put the cart before the horse but I’m looking forward to the laugh.

      • They will cheat. They’ve been doing it at least since the 60’s, probably always have. But they’ve been getting increasingly brazen and been going bigger in recent years. If it were a fair election (and nothing unexpected happens in the mean time) I agree Trump would be assured of winning against any of the Dem candidates currently in the race. But as it is, I’m not sure of anything at this point.

        But, I’m pretty sure if a Dem wins it won’t be Harris (read that somewhere above).

    • “..Aggression and violence are the cornerstones of many gun owners and their reputation precedes them. B”

      But you don’t *actually* believe that. I mean why would you work so hard to provoke so many of them and in their own home, so to speak, if you thought the gun owners to be so aggressive and violent? I mean if we are so horrible and trigger happy why are you working so hard to piss us off?

        • But it’s soooooo much fun and can be stimulating in a warped kind of way, I am always amused when IT finally realizes it is losing and it’s senseless arguments become even more incoherent. Of course there are limits and even I eventually become bored and and finally just ignore it…

    • Where to begin… Ahhh yesss, quoting that great REBEL philosopher YODA, nice touch “Vlad”, also it’s nice to know that my “testosterone pumped” fear-mongering reputation has spread to national notoriety, you would do well to take heed, the rumors are true.. Kamala Harris is a joke, she has more baggage than Paris Hilton on a road trip and stands a snowballs chance in Hell of becoming president..
      (“If you threaten verbally or physically – regardless if you are wielding a gun or not – a person within 100 feet of yourself”).. With that one sentence you have disarmed everyone that puts on the antifa uniform (not a bad thing) and your insinuation that North Carolina was the 1st “tragic mistake” means you are basically unaware of the attempted assassinations of several Republican Congressmen and Senators who were simply practicing for a baseball game over a year earlier… If you intellectually challenged progressives really think a shooting war in the United States will eliminate guns you are sadly mistaken because there won’t be enough of your ilk remaining to make that happen..

      • Speaking of Yoda … You realize the whole mess was his fault?

        Obi-wan, who ignored tradition and screwed up Anakin’s training? Yoda’s student’s student. Dooku? Yoda’s student. Palpatine? Right under his nose for decades.

        Darth Whiner? (Aka Kylo Ren) Luke’s student, also in the line of Yoda.

        And then Luke literally burns down the last of the Jedi knowledge.

        So I don’t look to Yoda for … wisdom.

        • Uhhhhhhh, you do realize my YODA comment was a shot at Vlad, right? Once again my humor has failed me, my attempts at being facetious are lost among the masses and probably wasted on Vlad anyway… so okay, I surrender, no more attempts at funny shit, from now on if I post it I meant it… that should clarify my position about that… Okay?

      • What is the North Carolina reference about? I live here and have no idea what you guys are talking about.

        • This is exactly how the Russian trolls are doing it, pitting one state against another. Placing one race at odds with another, one religion a posing another, etc.

          This forum is filled with individuals salivating at the opportunity to kill someone with their shiny new gun. Vague complaints and non-specific whining about their lost rights, when the whole issue is their lack of education and willful ignorance About the world around them and the history of human conflict.

          • More drivel from miner.

            There is nothing vague about the attacks on the 2A. Ever since 1934, the 2A has been under attack. Just because you don’t think the infringements are onerous doesn’t mean that they are any less an infringement.
            What a brainless tool you are.

        • Erik Weisz: I’m pretty sure Vlad was referencing the Charlottesville VA. incident and I failed to correct it. Sorry man consider it corrected.

    • Okay who left the ‘looney’ door open again?

      BLaaaa the Impotent got in again

      Someone get a broom and sweep up the mess!

    • Outstanding suggestion; there ought to be a law witb jail time, n curtailed rights thereafter if you threaten violence.

      Oh wait, there are a bunch already. It’s called assault.

      So, I await charging of the faculty n staff at Evergreen for running folks off campus with threats – more than once. The folks with their extensive e-trails orchestrating violence in Portland, Seattle, Baltimore, DC.

      Since we can charge presidents for campaign rhetoric, let’s see “Punch back twice as hard.” “If they bring a knife, we bring a gun.” – guy arraigned. I’ve heard that “incindiary rhetoric” is bad mmmm-kay?

      Spitting, milkshakes, glitter bombs are alk assault, and battery if tbey connect, with many incidents on camera. I do believe from the video evidence that the hat kid in D C was assaulted.

      Every single mob-ite who smashed Tucker’s door.

      Let’s start charging people for assault. If we need any evidence, just use the roadcast CNN reports.

      Really, a capitol suggestion, Vlad.

      • I’ve never heard any accusations against Frank Oz in regards to being a pedophile. Maybe you are confusing him with the guy who originally voiced Elmo?

        • No, I mean the character. He hung out in bathrobe with a bunch of little kids calling him “master” in his own private rompus room. Remember the “Jedi mind trick”? Total pedo.

        • “Remember the “Jedi mind trick”? Total pedo.”

          *snicker* 😉

  11. 91% of Dems know they consider violence useful. They won’t admit that though. They’ll just project that position on to conservatives and go out and steal someone’s MAGA hat or laugh when someone is assaulted over their political beliefs. Mainstream culture with support from the media has gone pretty far in labeling middle of the aisle political ideas as fascist and racist while using actual fascist and racist tactics to silence those who don’t conform to mainstream/pop culture think. Scary times.

    • If the media did their job they could expose this sort of thing and the national temper would cool down. I truly despise what the media has become

  12. CW2 won’t be state or regional armies against the US Army. It will be small unit terrorist attacks mostly, but not entirely, by the left. For those old enough, remember the Weathermen and the Symbionese Liberation Army from the 1970s. Targets will be government facilities and personnel, especially police, and prominent citizens not on the left’s side. Remember Baader-Meinhof in Germany and the Red Brigades in Italy.

    Right now, there are unresolved conflicts between federal, state and local governments on various topics. Different levels are refusing to cooperate with each other. There are sanctuary states and cities for illegal immigrants and the same for firearms. Higher levels of government could impose control by denying critically needed funding to lower ones but, so far, they haven’t been willing to risk the furor that would result. I don’t know how that will play out.

    • They tried to have a rally here. It didn’t go well for them. They got their butts beat to hell and back.

  13. Will there be acts of politically motivated violence? Of course, as there has been in this country since its founding. But another civil war? Or even large-scale ongoing mass violence? Absolutely not. We’re nowhere close to it. Pure histrionics.

    • It’s more fun to pound chest at paper tigers than to face our own failures. It’s understandable, I totally empathize. If I had voted for the guy who banned bump stocks I’d be desperate to repress the feeling of shame as well.

    • I imagine that a plague induced economic wreck is possible. Lots of bugs out there that could bust a move.

        • When big city police departments are ordered to Stand Down, I would say it really increases the chances of political violence happening.

          The Socialists are sore losers. They caused millions of dollars in private property damage when their side lost and Trump was elected. And that is new in the United States.

          Previously political groups physically fought each other in the streets. They almost never went out of their way to destroy property.

          What is new in the United States is not shooting somebody dead when they did try to destroy your private property. That did happen historically in this country. But now you’re prosecuted for protecting your private property.

          • Especially when you don’t put one ounce of effort into it, maybe why so many millions are moving to Texas and the the South, will still kill you dead and it won’t even make the Houston news

        • Chris in NY,

          “Previously political groups physically fought each other in the streets. They almost never went out of their way to destroy property.”

          I don’t know about the rest of the country, but rioting and the intentional distruction of private peoperty has been the norm in Texas and California for a century. In Texas, it was common in the 1900-1930s. As far as Cali, remember the LA riots?

    • I’d bet that most of the antifa people are paid protesters. They’d run like chickens if anyone actually fought them. One shot from a police gun and they’d scatter. But, they know that won’t happen….someone told them it won’t.

    • I agree that Antifa is not a particularly worrisome threat. What i fear is the Left Wing “Deep State” that intends to tear down the country, first by taking the White House, and then by taking both branches of Congress. They will accomplish this by skewing the vote to assure a Trump defeat. Google is already making plans. If they succeed,they will attempt to eliminate the Electoral College, and replace it with the supposedly “fairer” one man-one vote system that will assure Democratic Party dominance until the entire country crumbles (aka USSR). Currently, Democrats out number Republicans in raw numbers (but fall far behind in actual territory,as their power bases are centered in the urban centers). In California, the urban centers run the state. In NY, NYC runs the state. In Illinois, Chicago runs the state. The same is true for Massachusetts and most of the north east. Atlanta is trying to crowd out the rest of the state. And so forth and so on. Having political power gives them the police power, and the police will obey. Ony then will the country be ripe for a strident revolt such as is going on in France now–except that the revolutionaries here have guns. For now.

      If Trump loses, the travails will happen sooner than later. If he wins, it cold be another few decades before the barricades are manned. An it may not get hot–fly over country controls the food supply.

    • Holy cow… A voice of reason.
      JW, You must be old enough to remember the 70’s… lol

      The Republic is not nearly as fragile as people think. Histronics, indeed.

    • JWT is right. Life is extremely comfortable and the Super Bowl is only a less than a year from now. As long as there is a Superbowl, there will be no CW2.

    • She’s right, at least in major urban centers. Most of what I know about it comes from the police side of things where cops had to adopt tactics on patrol to prevent everyone from being taken out in an ambush. The shootouts with left wing reactionaries were the stuff you would have trouble imagining today. Hundreds of cops in an all-out firefight over blocks of Philadelphia that ended with them dropping bombs from a helicopter on top of a fortified building (the “MOVE” organization shootout). Machine gun emplacements. To say nothing of the string of political assassinations.

      The republic largely survived it although I’m not sure the political atmosphere will allow it to do so again.

      As an aside it’s interesting how police are hated by one side or the other of the political spectrum as decades go by as if it’s a pendulum. In the 70s you had police as the ‘law and order’ force that were hated by liberals only for things to chance in the 90s when the conservative movement and cops had a bit of a falling out with some high-profile interactions (notably Ruby Ridge and the looney tunes at Waco). At that point liberals didn’t embrace the police but chilled out a bit. Then, of course, 9/11 happened and people liked cops almost as much as firefighters. Now it’s a bizarre situation where cops seem to catch a lot of hate on both sides while both sides ALSO demand the police do what they want to the other side. I have no idea where things are going to go from here except to suspect it might look a lot like Chicago in a lot of places soon.

      • Hannibal,

        Hundreds of cops in an all-out firefight over blocks of Philadelphia that ended with them dropping bombs from a helicopter on top of a fortified building (the “MOVE” organization shootout). Machine gun emplacements.

        Wow, I had no idea. Funny how now one ever talks about that event in U.S. History classes in our nations schools.

        Morbid curiosity: exactly what “bombs” did police drop out of a helicopter?

        • “There was an armed standoff with police,[4] who lobbed tear gas canisters at the building. The MOVE members fired at them and a gunfight with semi-automatic and automatic firearms ensued.[28] Police went through over ten thousand rounds of ammunition before Commissioner Sambor ordered that the compound be bombed.[28] From a Pennsylvania State Police helicopter, Philadelphia Police Department Lt. Frank Powell proceeded to drop two one-pound bombs (which the police referred to as “entry devices”[27]) made of FBI-supplied Tovex, a dynamite substitute, targeting a fortified, bunker-like cubicle on the roof of the house.”

    • Don’t forget about the left-wing Simbionese Liberation Army (SLA) battle with the LAPD on May 17, 1974. The SLA became famous when the kidnapped Patty Hearst.

      Six members of the SLA fired over 4,000 rounds (including from full-auto modified M-1 carbines) and threw homemade hand grenades at the 400 LAPD officers surrounding their safe house. The police fired over 5,000 rounds at the SLA terrorists. “Dozens of tear gas canisters launched into the house by the police, creating fires, the 6 SLA members were finally all killed from gunshots or smoke inhalation, including [the SLA leader] Donald DeFreeze who had shot and killed himself during the shootout. Incredibly, not one single police officer had been hit by any bullets, nor were any bystanders hit with errant shots.”

  14. “Century International Arms SKS-style semiautomatic assault rifle”

    Huh. The SKS has never been an assault rifle, even when it was used on military service. The rifle has always been semi-automatic.

  15. It wouldn’t be the first time a bunch of foolish left wing reactionaries ended up taking power because nobody stopped them.

    • Hey, we have guns for sport and hunting. Rifles in the hands of non government are limited to those uses. Once you use guns for something else you become a terrorist.

      • “Hey, we have guns for sport and hunting. Rifles in the hands of non government are limited to those uses. Once you use guns for something else you become a terrorist.”

        User1, you apparently did not take any history

        • So when someone breaks into your home and attacks you your spouse and or children and you shoot them you are now a terrorist. Do you have some neurological disorder that stops you from analyzing what you say before you blurt it out?

  16. Block the interstates, stop trucking, cut the rail lines, sabotage runways etc.
    No food or goods able to move into “blue” states.
    Are they going to go out and try to fix the problem, no.
    Militias at state lines turning them back, like commiefornia did to the oakies in the depression.
    That is when we will see the real “zombies”.
    No fear! No hate! chants the zombies as they tear down what they can’t burn.
    Warren Zevon; (paraphrased) antifa will hear the burst of Rollands’ (the headless gunners) thompson gun.

    • “Block the interstates, stop trucking, cut the rail lines, sabotage runways etc.”

      Tactics can be turned back on you. There are only six bridges crossing the Mississippi river that can carry train traffic. And nobody patrolling.

        • My experience in LE and military has taught me many strategic/valuable resources like that, that you would assume are guarded, likely aren’t guarded at all. And if they are, it’s by garbage rent a cops.

      • There is no doubt in my mind that middle America, east of Ca. and west of the mississippi river can survive.
        I also have no doubt that we have many former military quite able to bring down bridges and such. I also know of many that have been trained in COIN operations.
        Besides luxury goods, what do we get from the east or west coast? Not much.

    • The government will happily put a bunch of bullets in your head or drone strike you into pieces while you try to commit attacks of terror against their infrastructure at night thinking you are safe. They are already training the police to do such attacks against citizens during a “civil unrest.”

      Look at how the police stand down as ordered in Virginia, California, Washington, Oregon, New York, etc as to allow criminals to attack people who want to protect the Bill of Rights. The cops stand there and allow felonies and treasonous terrorists run the streets. Don’t assume they will be on your side when they are simply order followers that enforce the rule of law. Republicans will not be on your side when you attack government.

  17. Anyone on the “right” side should arm the he!!up.Yeah I remember the 60’s &70’s. We had violence galore and race riots at my HS. Idiot’s burned their own neighborhood down. A revolution would have ensued if Vietnam had continued. Fun times…

    My wife of 30 years thought I was a bit bonkers when I got into guns. After a spike in crime and an old lady was raped within 100feet not so much. Same with violent leftards…I maintain a “grayman” facade. Friendly old guy. Until I’m not. I see DEAD PEOPLE😄

  18. Well yeah. Of course democrats see political violence in the future because they’re the ones causing most of it. So far the only confirmed example of serious politically motivated right-wing violence this decade is some ethno-stater a-hole that hit some people with his car killing one. And contrary the MSM narratives most of that ‘right wing violence’ has been isolated to online threats. Not that this is anyway acceptable. But but as counter left-wing violence has been rampant for the past half decade. Especially after the 2016 election. Multiple riots, arson attacks, and ever a few mass shootings and attempted bombings.

    • If you use the current political scale, the Mosque and Synagogue attacks were done by right wing people. That’s a lot of dead people in one year of attacks.

      • What an idiot. 95% of these ‘attacks’, along with the other ‘hate crimes’ are either straight up lies, or perpetrated by the ones claiming victimhood. But yea, keep listening to what your MSM masters tell you to believe.

  19. Seems Democrats are smarter then Republicans because they actually know first comes words than comes violence. You would think Republicans would notice that speech comes before guns in the Bill of Rights.

    You can talk things out, walk away, give up or fight. Sometimes the options are limited.

    Disappointingly, white millennial and gen Z males want to fight with their brothers and sisters. They are thinking about killing them in the future. Once that idea is in your mind you could actually act on it; you are already half way there.

    I keep hearing from white males that they foresee a civil war, that they will kill every lefty and win a flawless victory. Some of those males also want to send back all the non whites and ban non whites from the U.S. They have disdain for diverse/integrated societies. These people think their way of life is the best way and should be the only way to live. If you don’t like it you can leave or else.

    In the Bible it says there will be a race war and other events that will lead to even worse things. Some crazy religious people are actually trying to make that a reality right now. From the Christchurch gunman to talking heads like Alex Jones. A lot of Trump’s administration (who are also anti 2A) want these conflicts to happen, they want WWIII to start after they attack Iran. They talk about it regularly. They say Trump was sent by God to bring forth the rapture. Even black activists (some who pretend to be black when both their parents are white) on “black Twitter” try to spark race conflicts between white and black to make sure there is no unity only conflict and violence.

    There are FBI agents on the Chans trying to get young males to commit attacks. They lurk and post to radicalize teens and make groups look bad.

    Unfortunately, the current Republican party and modern Christians are on board with bringing down America in exchange for the return of Jesus or crushing commies with an iron fist. Texas is full of these types of people, their government and police are being designed around it. This is why a lot of them worship Trump, defend everything he does even when it goes against their proclaimed principles and ignore all the bad he has done.

    The left see this and want Trump out by any means necessary. The general left doesn’t like religion and they have romantic fantasies of communism. When the left calls people out the right immediately labels them as anti semites or anti America, then the Republicans start chanting in rage

    The rest of us in the middle just want to keep America free and retain our liberties. Yet we have two major tribes fighting for tribal supremacy and government domination. I don’t want to be “raptured” or enslaved.

    • “…In the Bible it says there will be a race war….”

      Where in the KJV is this?

      • For nation shall rise against nation is considered to be about race/ethnicity depending on the language.

        Japan is not just a nation state but also an ethnicity known as Japanese. Most nations have been that way until recently. Italians are not just people born in Italy or given citizenship there…

        Which is why its very weird to refer to Europeans whom live in the U.S. as Americans or to call “Indian” people Mexicans or to think Mexican is a race/ethnicity. Americans don’t really think of Mexicans/Latinos as being white/European. Heck, I have seen straight up 90%+ white people say they are Mexican not European as if being Mexican is a race or that somehow in a couple of generations they have genetically evolved from being Europeans into North Americans.

        • Japan is not just a nation state but also an ethnicity known as Japanese.

          Actually, “Japanese” is a NATIONALITY, their ethnicity is ASIAN…. shared with people from Russia, China, the koreas, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and all other nations that are a part of the Asian continent….. Just sayin’

    • User 1, you seem to have a reading comprehension problem with the bible. Satan put his minions at both ends of the political and religious spectrums to attack those who are not as extreme. The Bible says nothing about race – that is the realm of the political extremists. (Far more from the left than the right.) Right now, Satan has far more followers that follow the leftist viewpoint vocally, while those followers on the extreme right are fewer and more subdued. He will use each to push normal people into the other camp by extreme events and to attack those who are not interested in joining either extremist group.

    • “In the Bible it says there will be a race war and other events that will lead to even worse things. Some crazy religious people are actually trying to make that a reality right now. From the Christchurch gunman to talking heads like Alex Jones.”

      Relax man. There would have to be a perfect storm of events for an actual civil war to take place. Assassinations, mass killings (during protests), a coup attempt or two, a city wide blackout (oh wait). But you get the picture. I’m not sayin there won’t be skirmishes and some deaths in the next couple of years but nothing so bad as to start a war. Even a modern version of Kent State wouldn’t be enough to do it. The left loves their homes in Malibu too much. They’re not going to see the area go up in flames.

      Go have a beer.

      • I think you’re missing the point….. The left, and their homes “in Malibu” won’t have a choice….
        And it won’t hinge on what they want…
        It’ll start in major cities that have high rates of minorities….. NOT in Malibu….

    • User1 is not a friend. If you push back against his rants he won’t answer. He just likes to stir the pot.

  20. Political violence has been going on for years. The media tries to hide it. Most of the political violence has been initiated by the progressives/communists. When right wing citizens try to defend themselves they get thrown under the jail.
    Stay away from large rallies in progressive cities. Otherwise you might be looking at 800 years in prison.

  21. Being of very mature age, yet still capable of high accuracy when using the Great Equalizer and the Peacemaker, i will definitely put my 2 cents in when the time comes. I have only one thing to add to this conversation:

    I will not go quietly….

  22. I find myself concerned “NOT” by these video game children. Who’ve never killed anything that wasn’t on a video screen with unlimited lives and health packs. Once they start seeing their comrades with their brains scattered all over the ground and their guts hanging out screaming for their mommies. They’ll turn tail and melt into the background. Saying you are going to fight a war and fighting are do very different things. Killing is easy to talk about especially when you’ve never done it. They think they are tough because they gang up on some defenseless reporter or college student. I can guarantee when the REAL SHTF and people start bleeding and dying their bravado will die as fast as their comrades. So if they want a Fight. I say bring it on. I’ve seen my share of Death and I’m old enough to just not give a Damn. The gene pool in this Nation is due for a little cleansing. Keep Your Powder Dry.

    • Holy crap, I just pulled out every hair out of my back and ass and wove myself an Indian blanket, put around myself open the front door and killed the first person I saw and then came in watch Patton !!!!

      • LMAO!!!
        I see someone also walks ten miles uphill to and from work in the snow barefoot. But do you use your eyelids as bottle openers?

  23. As soon as this goes hot you won’t know who to trust everyone will be a target except a select few who are organized

      • What do you mean we won’t know what they look like? Their asses are hanging out and Rainbow hair and smell like cotton candy and they look like they’ve got Astroglide smeared all over them, hell how can you not miss that?

    • “…you won’t know who to trust ”

      Me: How many genders are there?

      Them: It’s a spectrum made up o………

      Me: *bang*

      Seems simple enough to figure out.

  24. “What we thought of liberals in their tolerant, “hug everybody” and advocate for the environment and animals agenda has devolved into straight out violence against anyone they disagree with – and our police and conservative leaders have been some of the first to be attacked”

    …and the Leftists think the cops are on their side…

    • Actually Antifa doesn’t think the cops are on their side and they call for them to be abolished (and ironically they support gun control too). Most young Democrats hate the police state. The old hippies are anti police. BLM people are anti police. The typical activist Democrat doesn’t believe the police are no their side. Of course they will use the police as useful idiots if they will do their bidding. Typically they think the police are the tools of the right wing and white America.

      The Democrats that worship the police are the soccer mom’s who hate guns or the racist white person that doesn’t want some black teens walking around their community/home. The general state dependent scared of everything type of Democrat.

      It’s usually the Republicans that think the police are on their side. When use of force occurs by police the Democrats are likely to say the police did something wrong regardless of the truth, the Republicans are on the other side thinking the cops are always doing the right thing and it’s the suspects fault.

      Democrats only “respect” the police when they follow Democrat’s demands. Republicans respect the police at all times and follow the police’s demands.

  25. every day i feel like its a little closer. the left will start it, thinking we’re ill prepared. but we are legion. we are the people who spend our lives training for this, they are just a bunch of morons with more hate than skill.

  26. Well, we’ll have to see. It isn’t anywhere near as bad as the late 1960’s with the bombings and shootings.

    Antifa is generally a bunch of rich white kids. They haven’t really been seriously challenged by the opposition. A few get shot and they’ll disappear and only a few nuts will be left.

    But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any other groups ready to cause trouble.

    • Yeah like the New Black Panthers, LaRaza, Democratic Socialists, BLM and a dozen or so more… It could get real ugly once antifa (the sacrificial lambs) have forced the hand of the right allowing other groups to assess things like potential numbers, firepower, ability and willingness to engage..

    • True, most are just followers that are encouraged to act violently under the cloak of anonymity the black block provides. Just look at how different it is where there are anti-mask laws and police enforcement.
      90-99% of these kids will go home when the violence escalates and people start dying for “the cause”.
      The remaining hard core communist/anarchists/intersectional/fruitloops will go underground and probably form some sort of SDS/SLA/Weather Underground/ELF type groups and resort to arson, bombings and crime to support “the cause”.
      Maybe we’ll get luck and AOC will go Patty Hearst.

      Either way, keep your powder dry. Things are going to get worse before they get better.

  27. my advice for antifa going forward:

    1 keep wearing those outfits- it allows for positive identification at long range

    2 keep assembling in tight groups of 20 to 30 individuals

    3 you cant do better than pistol caliber carbines in 9mm

  28. No one wants it to go hot, but most of us here don’t want the constitutional republic to be supplanted with communism in our grand children’s lifetimes

    I am afraid that my children will have the constitution stolen, educated and peer pressured out of them.

    If we who understand the constitution, socialism, communism and who understand where communism leads and what communists do do not water the tree of liberty with the blood of TRAITORS it may die for our children.

    “If there is to be a war, let it be today that my children will live in peace”

    We should start by trying every politician, beaureaucrat and official who swore an oath to uphold and defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic and then started undermining it and talking gun control, for TREASON and then hang them as a lesson to future lying traitors.

    This may be the only course of action that would lead to a learning experience and possibly forestall the inevitable.

    Torches, pitchforks and Auto Rifles…………..and lots of nooses and lamp posts

    • “If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, so my child may know peace”. Thomas Paine Common sense.

  29. “I see a black mask, I kill the man wearing it.” With apologies to Kurt Russell.

  30. , Republicans vs Democrats, in a winner take all Battle Royal shootem up. No holds barred, no disqualifications, no count outs, win by submission only

  31. I recall some Russian academic, government agency, or think tank in the early 2010s predicting the break-up of the US by, as I recall, some date in the 20s. I also recall doubting this conclusion. This article and discussion, however, suggest we are on track. What I wonder is how much the Russians and possibly the Chinese have influenced the situation.

    • Only if we experienced a complete economic collapse which would bring the entire planet into a major economic recession. It’s possible if our agriculture production fell through the floor like the 1920s.

      • “Only if we experienced a complete economic collapse which would bring the entire planet into a major economic recession.”

        And a Leftist in the White House is the fastest way to an economic collapse…

        • Have you checked the national debt lately? It’s gone up.
          Don’t let the D vs R politics fool you. Trump isn’t exactly a fiscal conservative because government spending has increased.

    • what you wanted is how much the Russians have influenced the situation? they are doing it here and now in this board

  32. That seems a pretty compelling argument for peaceful people to arm up. I don’t think the anti-people have thought this through.

    • Many of them believe they can buy a gun off the shelf, load it, point and shoot and whatever they are pointing at will fall dead.. No clue about sighting in, aiming technique, sight picture, breathing or how to clear a jam… At 5 feet they might get lucky but at 10 yards or greater not so much… Most of them have likely not ever killed anything that actually bleeds, that shock will get a lot of people dead…

  33. Pragmatically, it means the new gun accessory hotness is a streaming personal camera, always-on, uploading to secure cloud outside the country. (With a trusted, unidentified friend having admin access.)

    Much like MAGA hat kid, you want video of what really happened. The gun helps you survive the first assault; the footage the second.

  34. Just ordered another 1000 rounds of Red Army 7.62×39 BTHP 124 gr.. Just in case they want to play…. good shelf life if they don’t, 18000 and counting…

  35. Idiot children, from affluent families, are playing dress-ups and running around pretending to be super-hero social justice warriors. Some of them are committing violent criminal acts.
    Do their victims have the right to use lethal force to protect themselves? Yes.
    Do these idiot children have parents? Yes.
    Will their affluent parents react badly to their little snow-flakes bleeding out in the streets? Yes.
    Shannon’s Sugar Daddy and the Hysterical Mother have been busy for years. They have spent enormous amounts of time, money and effort to build their national astroturf organizations. Now, they need a base comprised of more than a handful of deranged cat ladies. Grieving affluent ex-parents will do nicely. The political fallout from a single, large scale fight, where firearms are used by one or both sides, will result in an insane overreach of intolerable new gun control laws at all levels of government. This could tip us into a second, guerilla style, civil war.
    The Troubles in Northern Ireland make for a grim lesson. The killing started in the 60’s and went on for almost four decades. We really do not want to see that played out in our cities, our neighborhoods and our homes. Soros wants it. He wants it so bad, he is spending enormous sums of money to ratchet up the violence in our cities and on our southern border. He is counting on pushing so hard the blood starts to flow. I do not know if we can avoid it. I do know, once the bullet exits the muzzle, you can not take it back.

    • It already happened in 1990 Canada and is what brought about their massive gun control laws that got passed in 1996. It was called the Oka crisis. Can’t have them damned Native Americans armed and in a position to fight a golf course paving over their sacred burial grounds.

  36. What it means for me is that I’m glad I found that can of M193 that I misplaced.

    What it means for them? If they choose to resort to mass violence to suppress those who disagree with them, it means the same thing it meant for Custer at Little Bighorn, the British at Isandlhwana and the Italians at Adowa.

  37. Simply put, Antifa punks attack me, I will be in fear for my life, they will be shot in self defense.

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    • “”””””””””””’Sad fact: The majority of mass shootings are caused by leftists.
      Prove me wrong.””””””””””””””””””

      Every survey taken has proven you wrong.

  39. So after the ICE Shooter and the current rhetoric, who else is reconsidering the “Trunk Gun”?

  40. I have never seen so many shit talking chairborne ranger commandoes who are going to do absolutely nothing.

  41. The surveys taken prove most of the mass murders are committed by Right Wing Religious and Racist Fanatics like Dillon Roof and Nut cases that bomb and attack Planned parenthood.

    Trump has already strongly hinted he may never step down from the Presidency unless the Military takes him out feet first. His fanatical storm trooper supporters want a dictatorship and an American 3rd Reich with no freedom of speech and a Christian Protestant Caliphate. His jack booted followers hate everyone who is not a WASP and everyone who is not Protestant. The current state of political affairs in the U.S. mimics Nazi Germany and is in lock step with Hitler’s book Mein Kampf which Trump keeps by his beside and was verified by his own wife.

    Yes not just Democrats but Independents too are becoming increasingly worried about the rise in hate groups since Herr Drumpf lied his way into power. Herr Drumpfs racist political campaigns mimic that of Adolf Hitler and his attacks on the Jews and other minorities. Trump like Hitler has also strongly demonized all opposing political opponents and parties often promoting and suggesting extreme violence and claiming all that oppose him are unpatriotic even when he himself was a draft dodgers along with his chief War Monger John Bolton also a draft dodger. Bolton saved his own skin by avoiding the war in Vietnam but has no qualms about sending thousands to die in the new American Wars of rape, pillage and conquest in the 21st Century. Both men are hypocrites and charlatans.

    Hopefully Mueller may inadvertently foster a “Nixon Moment” in his upcoming testimony before Congress where hopefully the American People will see that both Herr Drumpf (by working closely with the Russians) and Mitch McConnell (by refusing to Russian proof the voting machines) will both go down in political flames in the 2020 elections.

    America stands at its most critical time in history with Democracy hanging precariously in the balance. The American people can choose to save their country from a Right Wing Dictatorship and Protestant Caliphate based on extreme racism and religious intolerance or be swept to destruction by keeping the jack booted Republican Gangster Criminals in power.

    • You factor out who is really in charge his name is Jesus Christ and you along with all who reject Him will burn forever in the lake of 🔥 you will fry roast boil and sizzle forever without any mercy or reprieve right now He reaches out in love but when He returns it will be in wrath.oh you don’t believe in Christ try and tell him that only I doubt that will be on your mind.accept him today the world has been warned

      • So if I don’t worship your God’s vanity then he’s going to burn me forever? And you are in favor of that policy?

        And read your Bible, Jesus never said he was lord. That’s just a rewrite bad or later organized Christians, the word trinity is not in the New Testament. Neither is the word rapture.

        And the weird practice of ritual cannibalism that you call communion, eating the body and drinking the blood is just too far out there for civilized folks.When you bass a religion on cannibalism you head down the wrong path in the first place.

        If your sky daddy requires unconditional allegiance, and following a moral code that includes slavery, rape and genocide, then you can keep it, thank you very much.

        • Miner49er I love it when a non believer tries to understand scripture God’s word says it is foolishness to those who are perishing if you die in this state of unbelief your very words will haunt you forever

        • Buddy, what are the errors in my post?

          Eating Sim Bolick foolish and drinking symbolic blood is not ritual cannibalism?

          And what prophet in the Old Testament spoke of the Trinity?

          And I’ll bet you think that the serpent in the garden was Satan as well, don’t you? Even though the Bible says the serpent was the lowest beast of the field and there’s no mention of the serpent being a fallen angel. That’s just more propaganda.

          • miner, Jesus never said he was God. He only stated he was the Son.
            It’s funny when idiots like you, who have no working knowledge of the Bible try to act like they know shit, but it’s so easy to see that you don’t know shit about anything, much less the Bible.
            Run along before you make yourself look even more stupid.

            • Your attempt at education is admirable but in this case I think you are wasting your time.

        • Miner is a troll. After reading this last response it is confirmed. Him and User1 need to read a history book other than Howard Zinn.

        • Wow miner is so lacking in orginal thought he is regurgitating propaganda from the days of the rpman empire.

    • See kids vlad is a good example of why you should never:
      1. Drop acid
      2. Watch the Hand Maiden’s Tale.
      3. And defiantly don’t do 1. and 2. together.

      • Nothing wrong with dropping acid. Did it more than once in my youth, and I’m nothing like that idiot Miner.
        But I can’t say the same about watching The Hand Maiden’s Tale, as I have no experience with that.

  42. We won’t need to rely on shootingthebull410 reviews of ammo to determine effectiveness. Armed leftists open themselves to armed response. This isn’t a video game where you respawn and play again. We are quickly moving toward a place where radicxal lefties dont care about laws and dont fear police. Letting antifa do whatever they want has emboldened them. When they meet serious determined people who also don’t give a fuck Charlottesville will be mild in comparison . I sure hope it doesn’t happen but I’m prepared to defend myself and family from these masked mudderfukahs. The ms13 gangs are dangerous and have no qualms about killing but these spoiled brats don’t have the balls to do it. As soon As they raise it up they are done for.

  43. Most of these cannon fodder have never faced a determined resistance that can an will actually puts their lives in danger! these people and their families will get everything they don’t want!
    once it starts there will be a lot of VETS like me that are going too have more currant PTSD, hey that might be fun; having Hunter killer wheelchair groups!
    Walkers –Check, Oxygen– check, Meds –check, depends –check, false teeth and adhesive –check, Orthopedic socks and shoes–check, hearing aid check, {maybe not}! Homemade Napalm check, 12 GA shotgun check, #4 buck check, Hooter booby traps check check,

    • @ kap: Never mind civil war. I think the laughter is going to kill me first!

  44. Of course 91 percent of Democrats expect political violence. They’re about to be the people that start said violence. It’s their history and their habit.

  45. I see alot of folks are underestimating the enemy. Saying they wont be able to shoot or when they see their buddy shot they will run and hide, that may not be what will happen. Likely it will just solidify their resolve to fight and cause them to evolve into even worse shit. In military ive seen the skinny kid that no one thinks would do well have bigger nuts than the neckbeard who thinks hes a tactical god when under fire. When the rubber meets the road i think we will all be suprised by how people we think are one way or another will react. Even the nicest animal when backed into a corner and threatened can be a vicious beast in an instant.

    • That’s precisely why the Left should not misjudge those of us on the Right and Center who are law abiding and don’t go out looking for trouble. That certainly does not mean that if threatened or attacked we will not defend ourselves because that is simply not true. I am a law abiding gun owner and do not go looking for trouble just because someone disagrees with my beliefs or politics. However, it would be a grave mistake on anyone’s part to physically threaten or attack me as they will be extremely surprised at the full on reaction they will receive. I know many people who feel as I do who are fed up with all the Leftist anti-American rhetoric and it would be a huge mistake on their part to think because we do not behave as they do we will sit back and let them walk over us. Not likely.

  46. Between the armchair commandos, the conspiracy theorists, and those who have no problem saying they actually want to go out and shoot someone, this place is getting weird.

    • This place has kinda always been like that, more or less. You should go back and read the slug fests on here from 2013, during both the height of the AWB and the bundy ranch stand off. Them times were pretty interesting. Not to say they’re not interesting now.

  47. Do the owners of this site ever look at posters to determine which are our enemies trying to hurt America? Why provide a platform for them? Why write stupid inflammatory articles like this one for that matter?

    Russia has stated goals of inflaming sectoral and race hatred to cause internal strife.

    Lots of posters here do that, in increasingly extreme ways. Are they americans?

    • The “russians” aren’t the problem. The Left and their violent pets are the problem. They hate America and the very people who created this country.

  48. Who do you think is coming to confiscate your guns?
    The politicians who wrote the laws?

  49. I am surprised that the current heat wave has not spiraled into urban rioting. If (hopefully when) Trump wins a second term, I expect there will be urban riots like in the ‘60’s. National Guard will be called up by governors because mayors of the big cities will follow the Baltimore model and let the riots go unchecked. Fortunately we live in a smaller community where the riot-prone population would be put down with prejudice, most likely by the local police but if needed by the rest of the local community. Lots of gun stores here and a strong anti-crime stance from the politicians. No registration. Open carry is legal. All is good.

  50. 9% of Democrats willfully blind to political violence already taking place?

    Pretty sure that’s not a good look.

  51. I love the fact that the Republican number of 61% is glossed over. THAT IS A HUGE NUMBER too! I love the fact that the author says him and his friends talk about the “brewing civil war” The civil war is here and it isn’t being fought “hot” it is being fought “cold” with 1s and 0s. With information. We are literally David going up against goliath with the advantage they have on us with Silcone Valley and the MSM. They know they lose the hot war with us. They are attempting to win the war via information.

  52. One thing most gun-grabbing liberals, and those who fund antifa, etc, fail to realize, is that most of the conservatives whom they wish to control, DO possess most of the arms, which they are DEFINITELY unwilling to surrender. Plus, they outnumber the cops, should liberals believe THESE will protect them. And NOT those rabble-rousers! When push comes to shove, the conservatives WILL use them to defend self, property, and friends!! The rabble, OTOH, have sticks stones, ice-cream and eggs! Never bring a knife, only, to a gunfight!

    • I tend to agree, but: the issue with us conservatives is that we are rugged individualists. If we don’t start practicing TOGETHER, we will be picked off as individuals.

    • You bring up a good point (and ill counterpoint by arguing that there is nothing liberal about these gun grabbers and sjws, they’re authoritarian leftists)

      Many on the ‘other/opposite side’ of antifa understand violence quite well. Many are OIF/OEF vets, law enforcement, etc, who have a very familiar grasp of what organized violence is.

      They’re simply barking up the wrong tree and will regret initiating violence

  53. The modern left has rejected the concept of the sovereign individual, which is the very basis of western society. Identity politics dictates their entire worldview, which is why they no longer support an individual right to free speech (“black faces must have black voices”). I fear that there is no way to reconcile with them.

    • Your are correct. The ideologies of Americans and Progressives are diametrically opposed. I still hope that the progs have already seen their high water mark (for the next few decades at least).

  54. I consider myself a law abiding responsible gun owner and I am strictly a self defense type person. I will never go out to start anything but I will also defend myself and my family to the death. I know many folks like myself who are not looking for trouble but will not run away from it if it comes our way. Let the Left be warned. You start it and we will destroy you with a vengeance you can’t even imagine. There are millions of us who have sat quietly and listened to your childish BS. You start something violent and we will not be like the pussy footing cops are today who let you do whatever you want. We will utterly and completely destroy you.

  55. It means that you need to keep your aim sharp, your arms clean, your mags full and all close to hand. Never leave home without it…

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