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“There are people frustrated with criminals and criminal activity who have made the headlines, and I totally understand that. But they are taking it out on law-abiding people, and shutting down a gun show is not going to save a life and not going to prevent crime. All you do is send the message to a group of people exercising their rights telling them ‘You are undesirable.’” – Michael Schwartz, CEO of San Diego County Gun Owners in Push to ban gun shows has long, tangled history in California [via]

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  1. They (we) are undesirable to these people. Our freedom threatens their ability to dictate to us how we live our lives. They hate that.

    • Once more, NONE of the efforts the prog/libs are attempting to foist are about safety, saving lives, or making citizens safe.

      They are all aimed at “The Narrative”.

      The final goal of The Narrative is complete civilian disarmament. Any step toward that goal–the incrementalism of ‘gun control’–is a win. It will never be enough, and they will ALWAYS be back for more until the goal of The Narrative is achieved.

      To that end there is no point in a ‘conversation’, no point to ‘negotiating’, as anything given to them is a win for them and a loss for freedom and liberty. They will not stop until they have achieved their end goal and each little ‘chip’ that is given to them only serves to undermine your rights and freedoms; freedoms which they fear and loathe.

      Banning gun shows is yet another point of incrementalism (making it more difficult for lawful citizens to acquire FA and ammo, while also de-normalizing guns to possible non-FA owners).

  2. ‘“If we stop glorifying guns, it’s one step in the right direction toward reducing g un violence,” she said.’

    So why the hell isn’t she picketing the Hollywood studios instead of g un shows?

    • “So why the hell isn’t she picketing the Hollywood studios instead of g un shows?”

      Sooner or later they will get around to that. They will have to. Honestly, I bet behind-the-scenes, they have already had that ‘conversation’, and didn’t like the answer they got.

      At that point, I predict Hollywood will tell them “Screw you. First amendment.”.

      It’s a beautiful thing, using Stalin or Lenin’s own tactics against them by literally “Selling the rope that will hang them”…

    • Gun violence in movies is a huge money maker for Hollywood (as it is also for TV ratings, which includes news reporting) and since making money is the capitalistic endeavor, it’s not going to change. Advertising in the media works extremely well, and this “advertising” of violence that permeates all media is working very well to all age levels.

  3. But their crusade is not against crime, it likely never was. That’s just how they brand it to appeal more to the undecided. Their campaign is against civilian gun ownership. Telling lawful gun owners they are “undesirable” is, if anything, an understatement. To believe otherwise, you’d need to believe that decades of the movement’s rhetoric, policy prescriptions, and statistics just happened to be cooked in such a way as to conflate criminality with legitimate gun culture by pure accident.

    • I agree with you when it comes to the organizers and anti-2a politicians, but the rank and file protester/mom-in-need-of-action actually does seem to believe that guns are the root cause of violence and evil. They truly seem to believe that if guns just ceased to exist the world would be full of peace, there’d always be a rainbow in the sky and the unicorns would return to sprinkle magic fairy dust on us so we all could fly. Well, except most of us on TTAG, we couldn’t because we are too full of toxic masculinity.

      • “They truly seem to believe that if guns just ceased to exist the world would be full of peace, there’d always be a rainbow in the sky and the unicorns would return to sprinkle magic fairy dust on us so we all could fly.”

        There’s historical precedent for that line of thought, you know.

        1930s Germany, demonizing and blaming the Jews for *everything* wrong.

        And interestingly enough , they had a ‘solution’ back then for that ‘problem’…

      • The real leaders of the gun control movement are the Marxists in this country that know it would be a very bumpy road to take control of this country when there are like 100 million gun owners to overcome. It’s all about control and guns are an impediment to this end. These Marxists have many useful idiots to use to this end.

    • I see DaveL and I are on the same wavelength.
      Telling lawful gun owners they are “undesirable” is, if anything, an understatement.
      More like the Progtards should tell the gun owners that they are headed to the showers if the truth was known.

    • Which only reinforces my point that the only logical, rational solution is to break up the United States into different countries that can choose their own laws. If the socialist northeast wants to only have the police and military to have guns, then let them. Every U.S. citizens could have five years to decide where they want to live in which country and then they would become citizens of that country. This would prevent a civil war where millions are likely to die and billions in property damage.

  4. Go protest in the hood’.
    No? Then you ain’t serious about “gun violence”

    • + 100. Until this year about 10 children a year died in school shootings. In Chicago that is about a week’s worth. Don’t those lives matter ? Let David Hogg stage a die-in in a bad Chicago neighborhood. No, that won’t ever happen. My gun rights can be messed with but not the bad guy’s.

      • If he were goaded hard and long enough, he might try it.

        But … it might not wind up being staged.

      • Up until this year about 10 children a year were shot to death at school.

        In the past 20 years, 749 children were slowly roasted to death in cars.

        Which of the above causes of death is more worthy of our attention?

  5. California gun shows are stupid, but they still come up every few months. You have to pay parking and admission fees. There aren’t any good deals because the vendors have to pay a lot of money for a table. You can’t buy a gun even if you wanted to. At this point, all they’re really protesting is tazers and beef jerky sales.

    • +1. The Agricultural Board that runs the Del Mar Fairgrounds just wants to make a statement.
      If you buy a gun at a California show you have to pick it up from the vendor after the waiting period is up, so only local stores show up. Ammo sales will soon be restricted at gun shows because it is not the dealer’s licenses location. Other than beef jerky, all you can buy is parts, but these may soon be subject to the waiting period.
      This is what happens when the deep blue city of San Diego (so blue the Chargers used to be both light and dark blue) runs the county’s stuff even though the rest of the county is purple / leaning red.

      • Although I have never been, at some shows, like the one in San Francisco, there are local FFLs who will do the transfer and hold the guns no matter who the seller is (so that the seller need not be local) –for $100. Buying guns on the internet in most California locations isn’t worth it. Many FFLs charge $75 and up to process the paperwork for a gun they did not sell, even if it is a gun not available in their store. And that does not include the extra $25 California collects for every firearm transaction to pay for the state’s own background check required to complete a transaction. Between these fees and the shipping cost, any deal isn’t anymore by the time you pay all the costs.

    • I went to the a Ventura Co one a month ago. A few vendors were selling guns. I saw a lot of knifes, Chinese knock off gun accesories, AR-15 CA compliance parts, body armor and quality AR uppers. 10 round mags were kinda pricey as usual. A few vendors were in process of RDT&E .224 valkyrie uppers, but nothing available yet. I talked to a lot of vendors and attendees, and learned more about CA knife laws and what we’re trying to do to fight the Anti-2A. Parking was free, admission was $14 and I spent about $100 on AR parts. No protesters present, I’m guessing it’s because Ventura Co has a big veteran and military population, maybe? I’ve been going to this particular one a few times a year, weren’t any good deals, but it was great to talk to so many like minded folks face to face.

  6. All you do is send the message to a group of people exercising their rights telling them ‘You are undesirable.’” –
    To the Progtards, white conservative gun owning folk are undesirable. To the Progtards any person of color from any country outside of Europe is superior and should have a higher priority than any white European type of person. Ann Coulter had a great essay on this in Breitbart, but I cannot find the article.

  7. Message to the Commiecrats/Progtards, your feelings don’t out weigh my Constitutional civil rights,so Eff Off.

  8. San Diego county sued to protect sanctuary status so criminals who are not residents / citizens cannot be turned over to the Feds. If they cared about crime they would be happy to turn criminals over to the Feds. Shutting down the gun show is about the 15 minutes of fame they will get making a statement just like Sanctuary Cities were.

  9. The useful idiots and particularly the generic uneducated sheeple are cultivated by the anti-gun left as a kind of cannon fodder against the 2nd Amendment. These people generally believe the propaganda floated at them from the broadcast media that serve the anti-gun cause, simply because they lack the education and time or attention span to pursue understanding the history of the 2nd Amendment, and why it is absolutely relevant to today’s society.

  10. Why don’t they go down to the nearest court/prison and protest the people who actually broke the laws and used guns to victimize people.

  11. Gun shows in California are being replaced with sex toy shows over a long period of time. They are street level store window displays of this activity for public viewing.

    It is a homosexual utopia. The elected open gay leadership that is anti gun civil rights have made it so.

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