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Anyone speak Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese, I’m not sure)?

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  1. One of those crowd control type of weapons? Blind and disorientate the target? Just guessing. I only speak 2 languages, english and hillbilly. And my hillbilly is real rusty.

  2. The beam isn’t tightly collimated, which tells me that this is designed only to dazzle or permanently blind human targets. A laser which damages the target by thermal effects (e.g., Han Solo’s blaster) needs a pinpoint impact beam to concentrate the energy on one spot of the target.

    • Han Solo had a blaster, not a laser gun. A blaster fires plasma balls as projectiles; not beams of light … I wish there was a written way to express the sound a disgruntled nerd makes after he corrects an ignorant non-fanboy.

  3. My guess is that it is at the most nothing more than a training gun with a laser. I do not see how it is a laser gun being “deployed” with the police on the streets. There were no shown images of police in uniform just a bunch of office business people demonstrating the gun. Big difference.

    • There is such a thing as plain clothes police in the US and abroad.
      How else do you think the cops sneak around without detection unless
      your really good at spotting them?

      • Obviously there are plain clothes police here and in China. Any media release video demo by the developers of something as spectacular as a new laser gun that the police would be using would most likely have the brass or some officers in uniform present for photo ops even if the use was intended strictly for plainclothes officers.

  4. It appears to be a dazzler in rifle form. You’ll notice an infrared illuminator below the laser, this is to blind electronics. The wide laser is to (temporarily) blind humans. The UK has been using a similar device for riot control. BAE makes a ship mounted system similar to this for pirate control, although, it seems that shooting at the pirates with rifles works better. Similar devices were also used during Operation Desert Storm.

  5. Definitely Mandarin, though my Mandarin isn’t good enough to pick up most of what the video is about except it’s a non-lethal weapon being developed.

    I suppose it’s better than getting run over by a tank, but hrmmmm.

    • Yeah, same. I wish I was fluent enough to be able to pick up what he’s saying. I might listen to it a couple of more times to see if I can get a slight idea of what he’s saying.

  6. Lasers to the eye? I’m waiting for the “brown note” sonic gun to become man portable. Endless possibilities.

      • For those not living with teens or anyone generally under 25 years old there is a device called the Mosquito. It emits a sound with a very high frequency which could in theory irritate the heck out of a home intruder not to want to stick around. For people over @ age 25 if they can’t hear it there is no risk of hearing or other damage. Obviously some home intruders are over age 25 so it’s just another unconventional home defense tool to deploy. I’m not sure how it affects pets.

  7. Norinco caught a lot of heat 10 or 15 years ago with a blindness ray (for lack of better name). If I remember correctly it violated all sorts of Geneva laws.

    Nice to see that they are at it again.

  8. It’s a laser gun for non lethal police use that supposedly can blind you for a minute with just a short burst. Apparently it feels like a real firearm and has similar controls for easy thraining. My Mandarin is good enough to catch that much.

  9. They talked about the “laser gun’s” weight being similar to other weapons, then stated that it was a research project with one of the most compact lasers of it’s type. The green laser if shined in person’s eyes it will daze them temperaly for 1 minute with full recovery in 30 minutes and leaving no permenant side effects. I think the last part was talking about it being developed for evaulation purposes with a target price of ~55,000 yuan. That is about all I got.

  10. After cutting out reporter fluff:

    5.6 kilo weight. Developed by Che-jiang University Industrial Technologies Research Institute (probably not official English name, just a literal translation). Non-lethal laser weapon. If hit in the eyes, it will result in one minute of temporary blindness. Full eyesight recovery in 30 minutes, no permanent side-effects. The gun relies on a laser element that is the smallest in its power-class, the size is about half of a package of cigarettes. The cost to produce is 150000 yuan ($24k). The Public Security department is in the process of evaluating the weapon.


    The laser element is actually quite small (seen at the end of the segment). My guess is the weight is in the optics and battery packs.

  11. Just a reminder that this is Commie China. The laser is to point out the protesters who need to get a beat down by the undercover political police. They then drag them away to prison where their organs are removed for sale to highest bidder.

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