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The above is not John Snyder’s appearance on Fox News this evening. [Click here for that.] It’s the same warning—of an alleged Obama plan to ban “certain” semi-automatic firearms through ATF regulations—Snyder published on his YouTube channel back on November 19. Although a stopped clock is right twice a day, and the Prez did sign a FOPA-defying Executive Order creating a long gun registry for border states in term I, I’m not buying John’s “confidential information.” Nor am I particularly happy about the inadvertent ammo he gives the left by using the expression “their boy in the White House” . . .

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: President Obama is nuts but he’s not crazy. Any move to create an assault weapons ban through ATF regulation would blow his and his fellow Dems’ political capital on a monumental scale. And, as Synder suggests, sound the death knell for the ATF; an agency that’s made itself no friends over the years (e.g., Waco, Fast and Furious).

Snyder (bio here) was only sort of right about the U.N. Arms treaty. I think he’s only sort of right now. But he certainly garnered more than his 1000 YouTube hits on Fox; emails are pinging TTAG like a reverse 911 call in an apartment building. Maybe the NRA should hire Snyder as a fundraiser. Just sayin’ . . .


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  1. It’s hard enough to be an OFWG without a dumbass like this stepping up to try and represent. I just quit the NRA for this same reason. We gotta be big tent or get stuck in the pup tent.

  2. I agree with you, Robert, on all points. I also couldn’t help notice his “boy in the White House” comment. Yeeouch! Honestly, I have no idea who this guy is (maybe I should?), but he did not come across well at all.

    PS…. I looked up and now know what “FUD” is! 🙂

  3. Well I would never comply with such an EO, that being said Snyder really sucks at getting his point/info out, very robotic.

  4. But Robert, you’ve already showed a significantly diminished imagination (when you said a few weeks ago that an AR15 type rifle and two magazines would be sufficient for any imaginable SHTF scenario – or does my memory fail me?). So how much should we trust your imagination of what our fearless leader might or might not do in the coming 4 years?

    • I said no such thing about SHTF firearms preparation.

      Also, I admit the possibility of an EO gun grab. But I don’t think it likely. Meanwhile, we have plenty of other fish to fry.

  5. Besides, what’s the harm in buying a new carbine or two and a couple thousand rounds to go with it? Everybody loves a new gun, and you’ve gotta practice, don’t you? My concealed carry and defensive pistol trainer also offers carbine courses. Typical course of fire is about 350 rounds, so those cases fly by.

  6. I agree with Robert.

    1st all the doom and gloom is crap A GOP House will not pass any AWB and of course a new BIGGER one the ugly hag from Kaliforina wants to make. The President can make import laws for AKs G-3s and Seiga shotguns miserable and even stop it for his last term. BUT he cannot ban AR-15s made in the USA. he need a act of congress to move ARs or M-1As to be part of the NFA. If what this man is saying is true Bill Clinton in his last term could have banned all at that time where post ban ARs then he couldn’t.

  7. Anyone who underestimates Obama’s detemination to undermine our Second Amendment rights is making a greivous error. The treasonous SOB is committed to initiatiating a collection process.

    • Sorry, you have not been watching the administration correctly.

      Obama will take your money because he believes in redistribution and he will take your money in the name of equality. He will take your money in the name of being politcally correct but he will not go after the guns…at least not his office.

      Obama will let Feinstien and Shumer and the AG have free rein to go after guns. He will support them, but will not get personally involved. Look at new Dems recently elected including Chris Murphy from CT. He will make more trouble for gun owners and ran on that platform. No, Obama will not involved with guns but he will support whatever bill makes it to his desk that is anti-gun and will announce that it is “historic”

      • You’re missing the point. He doesn’t need to personally get involved – just provide his subordinates and croanies with the necessary support to carry out his nefarious intensions.

        He’ll employ the same metodology that he used to seed the Federal law enforcement community with Muslim Brotherhood operatives who are now controlling the training and investigative processes of DHS, the Bureau, the Pentagon, the State Department and the Counter-terrorism Center at West Point.

    • you do realize obama is a puppet right?

      Anyone who underestimates the Oligarchy’s determination to undermine our Second Amendment rights is making a greivous error.

      there. fixed that for ya.

  8. They aren’t concerned about “blowing political capital” one little bit. If the election didn’t embolden them even more then they are wasting a good crisis.
    They could call for a ban on possession of various guns and get away with it. I’m surprised they didn’t try in the first two years of his term.

  9. I am sure it was ment as their man , guy , savior, what have you , in the white house. Not the racist term everyone is going to portray it as.

    This is one of many things wrong with this country. I can say hello and someone will say its racist.

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