Chicagoans don't like it when you notice all of the murder and mayhem there
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Windy City hoplophobes aren’t happy with us . . . Right-wingers exploiting Chicago violence to score cheap political points should be ashamed

Why oh why do they hate Chicago so? Saint Louis and Baltimore had the highest murder rates in the nation last year, but conservatives don’t talk such smack about them. A few theories:

• Chicago has been run by Democrats since 1931, longer than any other major city.

• Chicago produced Barack Obama, and attacking the city’s dysfunction is a way of discrediting his legacy.

• Chicago sent Trump into retreat. In March 2016, the city’s well-developed protest culture, which dates back to Saul Alinsky, mobilized against Trump, forcing him to cancel a rally at UIC Pavilion.

• Chicago hates Trump. He got just 12 percent of the vote here, his worst showing in any of the nation’s 15 largest cities.

• Chicago is a blue island. We’re urban, multicultural, progressive, and immigrant friendly—everything conservatives fear and loathe gathered into a mass 2.5-million strong in the midst of America’s otherwise Trump-voting heartland. Chicago’s murders prove that LIBERALISM = DEATH.

Hey, they said it. We didn’t.

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  1. And all 3 of those cities…the murders are VASTLY black on black…another fact they want to ignore or suppress…

    • To be accurate they’re poor on poor. It just happens that these cities manage to keep more blacks poor.

      It’s what happens when you brainwash a group into depending on government. I’m always reminded of the time I lived in Miami, Florida: when curbs and sidewalks in the black part of town were crumbling, or when windblown trash heaped up in alleys and parks, the residents yelled to city hall to please fix it all, but when the same things happened in the Cuban part, people got together and just fixed things themselves. The result was that in the black part, nothing changed, but in the Cuban neighborhoods matters needing attention were taken care of, and the result of that was crappy neighborhoods full of blacks feeding a vicious cycle of nowhere to go.

      • Yeah…. Let me know when the homicide rate in Appalachia reaches half of that in Chiraq. Being poor is no excuse for being a scumbag.

        • RATE, he said RATE. Hell, statistics wise it would take fewer raw numbers to up the Appalachia rate to match Chiraq or Bodymore, basic math. You don’t see that though. Now I don’t doubt that there is a damn good bit of violence in the hill country and there’s probably a good amount that goes unreported, as well as a good bit of ole fashioned blood feud and revenge. I suspect though that those things happen in the city too though, probably just caught more. Either way, the rates are totally disproportionate and I doubt adding in the unreported stuff on both sides of the equation would make it even, just the same disproportion. Begs the question of why.

        • Go to El Cajon, CA or Modesto or Fresno outskirts. It is methhead whites killing other methhead or opiated whites. Go to parts of West Virginia and you will see the same thing: whites killing whites for drugs.
          San Francisco has a higher population density than Chicago and a fraction of the crime rate.
          It’s not the race, income, or population density:
          It’s the prevalence of DRUGS, which Chicago has lots of!

        • While several points made are valid, it is the lack of any accountability in the core family group that has driven the murder rate. Men breeding with anyone that will allow a bareback ride and then departing for greener pastures then repeat. The inner city family group as taught by liberals means there is a lack of male role models, disinterested mothers raising them until the children can fend for themselves (early Jr high, so mom can go find her next baby daddy). Until we decide it is NOT ok to breed indiscriminately and walk away from fathered children and we hold fathers and mothers responsible for their offspring, this problem gets bigger, especially in high population/poverty areas. This is not a gun problem it’s a (lack of) parenting and anything resembling a moral problem. Life matters, all of them, despite what liberal sources tell you.

      • Not true. It translates more closely as “smelly swamp.” Leastways that was what I learned as a kid when I lived there. It came from the fact that the Chicago River originally flowed into Lake Michigan, and there was a large fetid swamp where they met. (Through locks and canals, the flow was actually reversed so that it now flows to the Mississippi.)

  2. Well I can thank the leftist wolf alinsky and Chicago for producing the worst politics this nation has seen, which the people have spoken and now it Trumpism and not leftist progressives. Thank you Hussein Obama for not caring for your nation enough and killing the blue pill momentum you helped create.

  3. “cheap political points should be ashamed”

    So facts are now ‘cheap political points’? Anybody who willingly lives in that corrupt, 3rd world hell hole deserves everything that comes to them.

      • Oh really? Do you want me to link the textbook definition of terrorism?
        “the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.”

        How is assaulting people for wanting to come hear a PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE not terrorism, BY DEFINITION?

        • I wasn’t specifically referencing just that last comment but the general tone of many of your comments. Such as equating not facing the flag during the national anthem as sedition. Disrespectful sure, but it’s definitely not a seditious act.

        • Wow… reaching into the way-back machine aren’t we? I just have a low tolerance for lefty bullshit.

  4. I grew up in Chicago when the city had 1 million more residents. Chicago has lost more resident than Detroit had at its peek population. The smart sophisticated illegal immigrant loving progressive protesters depopulated the City

  5. I forgot to mention that the Chicago Reader is one of those free papers published by the radical left. You shouldn’t take anything you see there seriously.

  6. We’re urban, multicultural, progressive, and immigrant friendly

    That right there is a bug, not a feature.

    Immigration is invasion, and diversity is cancer. But hey keep on doing what you have been doing since 1931, I mean clearly that approach has been working real well for Chicago.

    Meanwhile 1 person leaves Illinois every 5 minutes.

  7. Kinda’ refreshing when the leftards admit what’s wrong with The City. Hey I lived in Chicago in the 80’s. It’s gone waaaaaay downhill in the last 30 years. And it sucked then too…at least Richie Daley (and daddy) knew how to get along with republicans. Tiny Dancer is too sjw’ed to get it. Crash and burn and avoid Chicago…

  8. Chicago , no thanx. Sadly some of the gangs have left Chicago and are setting up shop around this area. Thank goodness I’ve got 9-1-1 on speed dial,. Support your Local Law Enforcement.

    • Ironicatbest,
      What does that mean “ support your local law enforcement “?
      It is irritating that you put that in no matter what the subject being discussed
      If it is meant to be ironic, then I am missing the point
      please explain

  9. From the graph it can be seen that Trump and Sessions are already having an impact reducing the murder rate in Chicago.

    If Sessions could bypass the corrupt local justice system in Chicago and prosecute every firearms offence that violates Federal firearms laws (without plea bargains or parole), the homicide rate would drop lower than anything shown on the graph.

    The problem with Chicago (and most large US cities) is corruption.

  10. When your politics are so shitty that everybody can score easy political points you should reconsider your life and politics…

  11. I was discussimg this with someone yesterday amd ended up running some numbers I found interesting. He was trying to argue that their per capita murder rate is lower than many other places and therefore their gun control works.

    What I was able to point out is that Chicago has about 0.8% of the population (2.7M / 325M Nation wide) and accounts for 7% of the total murders (700 / 10K annual average nation wide).

    I asked how Chicago was successful with gun control stopping violence when <1% of the population accounts for 7% of murders. The conversation ended quickly after that.

  12. Chicagoans really don’t like it when you notice their gang violence. Guns are not violent. We need to start saying something when the media uses incorrect terms. We certainly as POTG should recognize that words are important. We hand anti 2a folks a little tiny victory every time we use their language to describe the actions of criminals.

  13. I don’t think I’ll be working or living in any of those cities. I don’t pay their bills or give a shit about those places. I do feel sorry for good people trapped there economically.

  14. The top failed cities with the highest crime are all run by DEMONCRATS for many decades.

    I wonder if people will ever wake and realize the democrat party is gone!!

    They can lie cheat and steal and bring in millions of illegal voters and they still lose……

    Derangement syndrome is REAL!!!!

    Look at fake news media…. 1000% discredited millions of times with lies for years!


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