Chicago crime scene shooting
A Chicago Police detective collects crime scene of a shooting. (AP Photo/Paul Beaty)
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Mass shootings, [social scientist Tom Scott] added, tend to lack “solvability factors,” including cooperative witnesses.

“Agencies … prioritize cases they are most likely to solve,” Scott said.

Yet law enforcement tends to respond to spiking violence by adding beat cops instead of detectives.

More robust investigations where officers make concerted efforts to find and interview witnesses can help foster the community trust needed to get more cooperation, Scott and other experts believe.

The Chicago Police Department’s efforts to crack cases have long been hampered by its strained relationship with the communities ravaged by gun violence, areas that have been over-policed and are predominantly Black and Hispanic. In those areas, fear of gangs and distrust of police has created an atmosphere that discourages cooperation, or snitching, striking fear in residents who may otherwise help investigators.

[Brendan] Deenihan, the chief of detectives, also noted the lack of cooperation from the “intended targets” of the shootings. Supt. David Brown asserted the culture of silence effectively perpetuates a cycle of violence and emboldens those carrying it out.

“People are not cooperating who are victims, which signals to us, ‘We want revenge, and we don’t want police solving this case because we want revenge, we want to retaliate,’” Brown said during a news conference on July 22, a day after three mass shootings within a four-hour span left two teens dead and at least 17 others wounded.

“That signals to us, when you don’t cooperate, when you are silent, that you prefer street justice,” Brown added. “Street justice is never-ending. The appetite for revenge is never satisfied. It only harms. It only ruins your community.”

— Tom Schuba and Andy Grimm in Over 1,000 victims, 126 dead, just 2 convictions: 6 years of mass shootings in Chicago


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  1. But I should surrender my God-given rights because sociopathic, feral animals in Chicago can’t control themselves.

    • “Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.”

      ― William Pitt the Younger

    • It’s not Violence it’s Gun Violence. That’s really a message from Gun Control Zealots to those supporting The Second Amendment. In the sneaky demonic minds of Gun Control Zealots gun owners and the NRA are to be singled out by any means necessary, demonized and held responsible for the criminal misuse of firearms.

      The solution? Just shut up and lay your right of self defense at the feet of pasty mouth pompous Gun Control Zealots. But not so fast pasty mouth pompous Gun Control Zealots… History confirms Gun Control in any shape or form is an agenda rooted in racism and genocide. Such an agenda takes America down a path paved by Gun Control racists and nazis and always ends up with defenseless people dead or in slave shacks, concentration camps, etc.

      The time has come to cease allowing Gun Control Zealots to lead America around with a despicable, disgusting agenda that is rooted in racism and genocide. Stupidity is allowing Gun Control Zealots to demonize The Second Amendment by mixing The Second Amendment in with criminal activity and that must end. To do that every thing has to have its own place…

      1) The Second Amendment is one thing.
      2) The criminal misuse of firearms, etc. is another thing.
      3) History confirms Gun Control in any shape or form is a Racist and Nazi Based Thing.

      • “Gun Control in any shape or form is a Racist and Nazi Based Thing”

        and boolshevik.

        but that’s the same thing, isn’t it?

        • It is. There may have been a difference in days gone by. I personally don’t believe so. 1 murderous thug in charge is pretty much the same as the next regardless of what party they claim.

          Now? Fascism won the race. There are only fascists to the left now.

        • “1 murderous thug in charge is pretty much the same as the next”

          oh no, no no no, it makes a HUGE difference. see, the issue is not one murderous thug or another, but rather WHOSE murderous thug is in charge. see, if YOUR murderous thug is in charge then you do ok, whereas if the OTHER murderous thug is in charge then you get enslaved or eliminated. and when one side believes with all their heart that they are the human beings and that you are not and that you’re an animal created to serve them and that they can eliminate you if you don’t, well, then you have no choice but to play the game. big difference.

        • You’re pretty much proving my point, ant.

          The only difference is to the victim. And if you’re the one being murdered does it matter if the killer claims he’s a communist or a fascist? The thugs that are doing the killing likely haven’t got a clue about the difference either.

          And historically the only side that has claimed other humans are not human and need to be killed just for that reason was the hitler era fascists in Germany.

          The folks claiming to be communists from that era killed, yes. But the reasons they murdered had nothing to do with race. So, in theory, you could have survived being enslaved by them as long as you didn’t step out of the lines.

          But the historic fascists were planning on killing all non supreme race types worldwide if they got the upper hand. They certainly got a good start in Europe and parts of Russia. Had they won that war it would have been lights out for many more.

          Sadly, fascism is now the dominant force in American politics. It will not end well.

        • “The only difference is to the victim”

          you’re not getting it. that’s ok, you will. hopefully before it’s too late. “I shoulda stood with them ….”

    • Not just Chicago. Tacoma Washington, I was privy to court proceedings where a gang member, already in jail for something else, was put on the stand under threat of being in contempt, to state what happened the night HE was shot at (the defendant was the guy that shot at him). He refused to answer any questions about the incident. It’s a culture thing, not limited to specific areas, except being more likely in urban areas where the predominant perpetrators are of a specific age range and ethnicity….

      This is why moving from areas turning liberal won’t work in the long run. The cancer spreads, anyone that sees otherwise is unfortunately, delusional.

      • “This is why moving from areas turning liberal won’t work in the long run. ”

        Not necessarily so. The criminal justice system in the US is mostly a state and municipal responsibility. Illinois, which really means Chicago, may continue to run its CJS as it sees fit. Criminals will ply their trade where they are tolerated.

        Indianapolis and Indiana will likewise do as they see fit. If they police, prosecute, convict and incarcerate aggressively then criminals will not immigrate to Indianapolis or IN. They will emigrate from Indianapolis to Chicago.

        When the enemies of civilization are making a mistake do not stop them. It is counterproductive to Federalize crimes of public safety, public health and morality (i.e., the “police power”.) These were reserved to the States by the 10A and we ought to strive to keep it that way.

        If Mayor Lightfoot has little interest in solving her problem in Chicago then why should we believe that the Great Progressive Fathers/Birthing-People in Washington will care more or be more effective?

        • “It is counterproductive to Federalize crimes of public safety, public health and morality (i.e., the “police power”.)”

          counter-productive for a free society of citizens, sure. but the ones pushing this don’t see us as citizens, or even as humans. so pushing for centralized control most certainly is productive for THEM.

          “If Mayor Lightfoot has little interest in solving her problem in Chicago then why should we believe that the Great Progressive Fathers/Birthing-People in Washington will care more or be more effective?”

          wrong question. they don’t care about the problem, they care about using the problem to gain control. the right question is, “how can we use this to gain more control?”

  2. “Chicago Police Superintendant: Shooting Victims Want Revenge, Not Arrests”

    Hasn’t that always been the case in uncivilized societies and gang cultures??? No news here…

  3. Or, the residents have concluded that the state’s attorney makes excuses for the violent criminals instead of prosecuting them vigorously.

    • They see the constant revolving door of justice. A perp arrested in the morning is out on no cash bail by the afternoon. Even odds on if the perp survives to the hearing date.

  4. They’ve seen what waiting for results gets em, as long as Beetlejuice and company are in power the carnage will continue!

  5. Most of the victims have experience with the system. Arrests, trials and prison are just part of life. Being so normalized of course sending their attacker back through the system yet again to catch up with their 75 “cousins” wouldn’t be satisfying. They’re already familiar with lock-up. They’re already poor. They’re already self-medicating. They’ve already resigned themselves to no or low employment. They’ve already forsaken higher educational opportunities.

    The only thing they have left to lose that could possible be used as a deterrent or punishment is their balls and their lives and I’d wager they value their balls more.

  6. Didn’t see nothing, don’t know nothing.

    Snitches get terminated….doesn’t bode well for the Nation’s future….expect violence prosecutions and convictions to spiral downwards while crimes rates soar.

    • “…expect violence prosecutions and convictions to spiral downwards while crimes rates soar.”

      That’s a recipe for societal collapse right there, if it spreads.

      H’mm. Sounds like something the Leftist Scum may be pining for…

  7. ….. ” after three mass shootings left 2 dead and 17 wounded “… did we change the definition again? Maybe we need a special catagory for ” Chicago gang membership adjustments “.

  8. Victims would likely welcome JUSTICE over Revenge, if only our Justice System Was capable of enforcing and carrying out True JUSTICE. However, our system is so lost and corrupt in administering Justice, nothing is resolved. Our large cities are like 3rd world nations going through political power struggles. Sadly, these wars are spreading further and further out, and there a growing number of organizations vying for power on the streets in smaller communities.

    • “Our large cities are like 3rd world nations going through political power struggles”

      because they’re filled with third-world populations …

      “Sadly, these wars are spreading further and further out”

      … and the populations are being fed housed and clothed for free and thus are increasing.

  9. Let them stew in their own dysfunctional vat of excrement. I shouldn’t have my rights taken away because these people are fuckups.

    • Arm the law-abiding, who outnumber the scumbags, I would guess, by about 10:1. Once a few gang-bangers are splattered on the pavement with some shotgun blasts, things would settle down quite nicely.

      • “Arm the law-abiding”

        well …

        … there’s not many of those, they’re outnumbered by the vast gang culture that sees rape robbery and murder as just normal, even desirable, life, and that sees anyone who thinks otherwise as an oreo cookie (black on the outside, white on the inside).

        the only blacks who succeed in uniting blacks into any kind of civilizational structure are full-on racists (garvey, malcom-x, etc). blacks doing this would not be a positive thing for whites.

  10. “Street justice is never ending.” says he.
    Perhaps, perhaps not.
    I’m kinda in the line of thought that laws and cops protect the criminals more then me. For instance. Peeping Tom at girlfiends, she told neighbors, neighbors all say ” Shoot him!”, she told cops, cops say , ” You just cant shoot him. Call us.” ??? By the time they get there? He’d be ghosted.
    [the peeping tom problem was fixed]
    This little debit is small potatoes, however if a criminal new his ass could get shot and the cops dont care, I’d betcha crime would go down. And even if the criminals didnt care about the cops not caring, a homeowner, store clerk, delivery man, shouldn’t have to worry about the law when it comes to shooting criminals.
    He’s dead, he needed to be dead you know it, I know it, so why you taking my gunm and putting me in handcuffs?
    Well ,by law.
    And now your fckd.

  11. Why would anyone in any of these places talk to the cops? The prosecutors just turn the bad guy back out on the street without even the fig leaf of demanding bail. The bad guy can use his lawyer to get your name if he doesn’t already know it and he and his gang can then terrorize your family if they are feeling charitable, or simply kill you to shut you up. It isn’t like they will put him in jail for it, you will just be another statistic to try to get the gun control laws they want.

    Given the above the witnesses and victims are all arming up as best they can because they know what is coming, and this cop describes what they are doing as revenge. Looks like basic self preservation to folks with some perspective.

  12. There is a quick and clear-cut root-cause analysis to THIS aspect of the problem.

    America has decided, at this moment in its history, that there are “too many” young minority males in prison. The rationale for this sentiment is beyond the scope of this discussion. We do not urge our legislators to build more prisons. We do not urge our municipal governments to keep prisons filled to capacity.

    Judges have no choice but to sentence according to some policy to ration finite prison cells to an infinite number of convict-sentence-able years. (‘Everyone gets 1 year before anyone gets a 2nd year.’)

    Prosecutors must live within these constraints. They respond to constraints and rewards. They optimize their personal career prospects; and, the elected DA optimizes his own. Generally, this is to get as many convictions as possible with the smallest number of man-hours to investigate and prosecute. Our system depends absolutely on plea bargaining. Almost all the accused do not have the economic resources to mount an effective defense. The process is a contest of the bargaining skills and efficiency of the respective prosecutor and public defender in each case. Some charges have to be dropped to get a confession on another charge. It doesn’t much matter the quality of the evidence for each charge.

    Prosecutors are easy targets to condemn. No doubt some culpability lies here. Nevertheless, if every prosecutor were an angel the system would still be constrained by all of the above.

    Cops are – by our legal system – only supposed to arrest. They are not supposed to be judge, jury and executioner. And so, the best they can do is look for suspects whom they can charge; turn them over to the prosecutors; return to the street to find more suspects. Simply adding more cops to the system – without solving the bottle-necks described above – is a fools errand. No matter how many noble cops we hire, they could never solve the crime problem.

    Traditionally, the solution to the foregoing would be to turn a blind eye to cops performing the functions of judge, jury and executioner. Today, this option is off-the-table. Cops will not take the chance that they will be accused – rightly or wrongly – of excessive use of force.

    When cops act as judge, jury and executioner there is, at least, the slightest thread of impartiality. There is some rational basis to hope that if Tom and Dick are good suspects and Harry is a poor suspect, a cop will try to identify the correct culprit; however imperfect his powers of discernment might be. With this option off-the-table, the search for a solution reaches further back into history, to the original extra-judicial solution.

    The most likely scenario is that gangs of individuals with propensities toward violence will replace the criminal justice system (cops, . . . prisons). They will vie for turf and patronage. There is no reason to suppose that the more benevolent gangs will prevail over those gangs which are most avaricious.

    More than likely, a peaceable polity will leave law enforcement – the law of the jungle – to gangs. A slightly less peaceable polity dissatisfied with it’s choice of gang enforcement will undertake policing its neighborhood by itself. We call this vigilante justice.

    In neither case, gang rule or vigilante justice, do we have much reason to suppose impartiality. In the Tom and Dick with a possibly Harry suspect scenario, Harry is just as vulnerable to being pursued as are Tom or Dick.

    In any case, the “Crown” has vastly many higher priorities than preserving “the King’s peace”. Whenever the “Crown” abdicates its responsibilities to keep the peace, civilization necessarily devolves into more primitive solutions.

    But in America: Who wears the “Crown”? The fault lies not in our stars, but in ourselves. We vote the legislators who don’t build the prisons, don’t appoint judges and prosecutors who will prioritize public safety, who don’t give cops the vote-of-confidence to police aggressively.

    We can’t solve this problem Federally; i.e., by nationalizing the criminal justice system. The polity in each precinct, municipality and state have to decide which system – civilized or uncivilized – it will choose. Floridians can’t make a decision that can be enforced in Portland Oregon.

    • “America has decided”

      america has made no such decision. rather the subversive boolsheviks are pushing this and trying to stampede as many of us as they can into seeing them as “the rulers”.

    • “America has decided, at this moment in its history, that there are “too many” young minority males in prison.”

      It wasn’t the Americans in general who made this decision. It was a very tiny group of atheist, non-believers, who had access to microphones and TV cameras. They said that the nuclear family was the problem. They disagreed with the Christians who said a father is necessary in the home. And these atheists gladly expanded what had already been created by the Socialists progressives. The Welfare Industrial Complex, by FDR, in the 1930s. The atheists, the Socialists, the progressives, they all agree with Black Lives Matter. Who said in their Manifesto that the nuclear family had to be ended? All of them do not believe that a father is necessary in the home.

      Not having a father in the home was bad enough. But when they supported emptying the jails because of the Chinese flu. That made things much, much worse. The Three L’s are in denial about what they helped to create. A crime wave across the United States.
      Crime is up because the Libertarians Liberals and the Left don’t believe in locking up criminals. Not arresting San Francisco shoplifters and their support for prop 47???

      Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri was a shoplifter. Who physically threatened the property owner.

      All of them are frauds. But the difference between, the black Les-be-an leadership, marxists trained, of Black Lives Matter and the atheists, is that BLM made millions of dollars off of their fraud. They were simply better at it than the white atheist socialists.

      to Slap Ing. I don’t include you in this. You are one of the very few who seem to think freedom and accountability do go together.

    • so the “bad boys” are out in a day…while the Jan 6 people are left to rot?…….

  13. Gov’t’s (at all levels) have always insisted on reserving certain powers to themselves. That includes punishment of those they want punished because if they relinquish that particular power their reason for existence vanishes. Why would they allow that?

    “Did you really think we want those laws observed?” said Dr. Ferris. “We want them to be broken. You’d better get it straight that it’s not a bunch of boy scouts you’re up against… We’re after power and we mean it… There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws. Who wants a nation of law-abiding citizens? What’s there in that for anyone? But just pass the kind of laws that can neither be observed nor enforced or objectively interpreted – and you create a nation of law-breakers – and then you cash in on guilt. Now that’s the system, Mr. Reardon, that’s the game, and once you understand it, you’ll be much easier to deal with.”

  14. They’ve just learned from experience, that in Chicago anyways, if you want something done right, you’re just going to have to do it yourself.

  15. I believe many in society have lost faith in the criminal justice system. I would be willing to soften my stance on the death penalty if the other side would agree to enforcement of a life sentence meaning the convict dies in jail. No chemo for a cancer diagnosis for a convicted murderer. No sympathy for an elderly convict with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Convicts who took a life die in their cells.

    Do that and we might see more cooperation with law enforcement. But don’t look for cooperation when a person can take a life and end up back on the street in a few years.

    • Wow! One of my favorite Twisted Sister songs!! And “Captain Howdy” right before it is a great set up for this Song.

      • Of course they want revenge! Bunch of gangbanger scam. Even the “innocents” are guilty of having a close relative criminal who males children targets….

        • An armed Society is a polite Society. And a society that can bring instant death to criminals will also stay a polite Society.

        • “And a society that can bring instant death to criminals will also stay a polite Society”

          no, it won’t, because everyone’s idea of criminality will differ, thus leading to chaotic instant revenge culture on the streets. such a society would resemble ms13 gang culture, not civilized european culture.

        • No ant7
          The American Christian and the unique American greater Society kept the peace in this country because everyone was armed. You treated strangers with respect until they had proven to be not worthy of respect.
          There is no mutual respect in MS-13 gang a culture. Because they are criminals.

        • The american christian and the unique american greater society kept the peace in this country. the guns were a seldom-used decoration.

          “There is no mutual respect in MS-13 gang culture”

          because while there is common culture, the culture consists entirely of membership in a local gang – the gangs have no mutual respect. and that is the situation america is in today – common christian culture is severely degraded, there is no “greater american society”, and most of the remaining so-called “patriots” are in fact isolated individuals who think american culture means them going it alone and everyone else staying out of their way or else.

          no, a modern “armed society” will resemble modern chicago more than mayberry.

        • to ant7
          “no, a modern “armed society” will resemble modern chicago more than mayberry.”

          Mayberry is a Hollywood created myth. Which I guess you believe in. And modern Chiraq only allows “connected” white people to have guns.

        • “Mayberry is a Hollywood created myth. Which I guess you believe in.”

          “to dream the impossible dreeeeeaaaaam!”

        • Chris T in Ky…. “And modern Chiraq only allows “connected” white people to have guns.”

          I live in Chicago and that’s totally false… I, and many others, have CCL’s and we aren’t “connected”. Get your facts straight…

  16. There is nothing wrong with getting revenge. When the entire justice system is not doing want we expect it to do. That is finding and punishing the guilty. And I don’t care what the reasons are for why the justice system fails.

    You can’t rely on the system. You can only rely on your guns and training. The only reason to call the police is to pick up the dead bodies. The police should be disarmed. The head DA Kim Fox is just as corrupt as the white DA’s from the past. She sets the agenda.

    It is her office that prosecutes honest gun owners who defend themselves against dedicated criminals.

    • a lot of us grew up in real-life “Mayberry’s”…..far from the myth they would have you believe…but drugs have changed everything….

  17. While “stop and frisk” could be stepping on the citizens’ rights, how about enforcing probation and parole? Since many of these fine citizens have already been to jail, if they are to be released make it with time served and a 2 year probation. That way they are subject to searches at any time. Gang unit/swat/metro rolls up and checks everyone’s ID after curfew. Those with records get searched first, those without records? get let go, unless they are obviously carrying. Minors get a free ride home to a parent? and searched for their safety.
    Second offense, the parent has to come to the station to get the little darling. Have a street cleaning crew right behind them to clear the area of any drugs that someone may have misplaced when the police got there.
    That is the sort of thing L.A. Metro used to do, back in the 60s and 70s.

    • The world was much safer because the cops did what was necessary. The problem came when the “civil rights crowd” was also anti-gun. Which as far as I’m concerned, also made the “civil rights crowd”, just as anti-civil rights, as the people they were fighting against.

      And that was a major split between Rev King and the Deacon For defense and Justice.
      The Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. was correct. But Christianity and its belief system can only exist in a well-armed and moral population. The devil, evil, demons, and all their forms will always be with us.

  18. The only way to end the violence in Chicago and other liberal run big cities is to eliminate the gangs by whatever means necessary. If they get caught with a gun it should be an automatic 20 years, no parole. If they are convicted of a drive-by or gang related killing it should be a capital offense, no exceptions. A lot of those gangs require initiates to murder somebody to get in, so there should be no breaks given to any of them. Make it to costly for them to do business by taking out their membership without remorse, and send in the National Guard to do it if the cops can’t. If we got hard core about this, we could end all of it in six months or less.

    • Read my comment below, where are you going to put them for 20 years w/o parole?
      The CPD doesn’t even bother to take them in if they are caught with a gun,
      they will be out of county lockup before the cop gets off their shift.
      Illinois will not reinstate the death penalty.
      There are a decent amount of gangbangers in the IL National Guard.
      You cant get hardcore if you don’t have the resources.
      It’s easier for the people in power to make laws that punish the law abiding.
      “Gun Control will stop this”- No it wont and history proves it.

      • “It’s easier for the people in power to make laws that punish the law abiding”

        that’s the purpose of gun control.

    • the only way Chicago got cleaned-up…[at least to a degree]…in the past…was the imposition of the feds and the targeting of the gangs…dangerous work…have to wonder if they’re up to it

  19. The problem is the elephant in the room that most don’t see or want to see.
    The Illinois prison system is closing in at 170% of capacity.
    It puts a stop to the idea of a criminal justice system.
    Contrary to common belief these people are not in prison for drugs.
    They are hard core stone cold violent career criminals.
    Say the PD arrests them for murder and the judges have minimum sentencing.
    The judges cant do that because the prison system is closing in on double of it’s capacity.
    There are 90 people on home confinement that are charged with murder.
    Kin Foxx pleas 1st degree murder down to voluntary manslaughter.
    These people should be in prison for life but take a plea.
    They plea 1st degree murder down to voluntary manslaughter and they get 10 years.
    They are out in 4 years and they know that’s all they will serve.
    It’s a 4 year vacation for them. In simplest terms Illinois needs to build more prisons.
    The problem is that costs over a billion dollars just to be at 100% capacity.
    To rehash: There are 90 people on home confinement that are charged with murder.
    They have an ankle bracelet and can cut it off and flee at anytime.
    Until the governor of Illinois addresses the elephant in the room, it will remain the same.

    • “It’s a 4 year vacation for them”

      they literally call it that. “being on vacation.” a chance to rest, buff up, get some medical care.

      • A a parting “shot” I sold insurance in Chiraq about 30 years ago. In the Roseland neighborhood near 111th and nowhite folks. On the front porch of a customer was a large sign stating “YOU HIT US WE HIT YOU”. Nuff said…

    • The homicide solve rate is 22% for black victims. For white victims it’s 47%. So the Chicago police just aren’t very good at solving murders anyway.

    • forget Illinois…these people need to be tried in the federal justice system…and sent to prisons far, far away…

  20. “over-policed”

    the ghetto isn’t over-policed. it’s just being handled the wrong way. the ghetto doesn’t need police, it needs troops and zookeepers. the police need to withdraw.

    • It’s racist socialist progressives like you who keep feeding “Welfare” to the “animals” in the zoo that you complain about. People like you are the cause of all the problems.

      • “racist socialist progressives like you”


        “People like you are the cause of all the problems”

        well, you allowing it plays a role too.

        • didn’t admit it, just played along with it. sometimes people only hear what they want to hear.

        • It isn’t about supporting “the Welfare Industrial complex”. There aren’t enough people in Illinois to vote out the Governor and the super majority he holds in both houses out.

          These are the people on the far left who keep the “the Welfare Industrial complex” in place, it buys them votes and keeps them in power. There are generations who have played the welfare, food stamps (SNAP cards) and other free programs ( healthcare, housing, etc) in place. It’s been like this long before I was born when the “machine” was in charge.

          It’s a sit on your ass and do nothing attitude that goes way back. In return the left keeps voting for these people.

          The state is in the red but here’s an interesting fact. Today the governor of Illinois signed HB 562 which does nothing to curb the violence or get people working and being productive members of society. Instead it goes after law abiding citizens once again.

          This all started under Richard J. Daley in the ’60’s, give the impoverished food and warehouse them but take away their guns. The “projects” were torn down and section 8 vouchers were handed out in the last 15 years or so.

          If you have a simple or any method of voting the leftist power holders out, I’m all ears. There are enough votes for them to easily win any election in Chicago alone. Life is a lot easier if your biggest problem is that you aren’t high or the exchange rate at the Muslim run corner grocery store for food stamps is too high for you to buy a pack of Kools.

          There are plenty of simple answers for very complicated problems in this thread, the simplest answer for many is too move out of Illinois. Tennessee is getting mad because they are becoming Illinois 2.0 and the lifelong residents don’t like it.

        • Go into any Muslim run corner grocery store in any ghetto in Chicago and you can buy a pack of Kools. You can also buy crackpipes or a crack kit that includes chore boy. You pay for it with a SNAP card but the exchange rate is 30% on the Westside of Chicago. 30 cents on the dollar for stuff that is overpriced. The Muslim run corner grocery stores sell very little food, most are involved in fraud.

          You wouldn’t eat some of the “food” that’s on the shelves, most of it is 25 years old. When there was actual “food stamps” the exchange rate was about 50%. The hoodrats hate the Muslims but they do provide a service to them. I do mean hate, when someone kills them they usually put 20 or more bullets in them. A Muslim run corner grocery store can easily make 500K a year and sell very little that is covered under typical SNAP benefits.

          If there’s a government run program then there is rampant fraud.
          That’s just the way it is. Murder has been banned in Chicago.
          That doesn’t seem to be working out so well so whats a pack of Kools?

        • “Your too late”

          it wasn’t my too late, it was your too early.

          “you took your mask off”

          we can let the readers decide.

        • There aren’t simple answers to complicated problems.
          Debating it on here does nothing but waste your time.
          The LEFT controls Illinois and there is nothing that can be done about it.
          The billionaire governor has never worked a day in his life.
          He bought the office and part of “the machine” gerrymandered the districts.
          This goes back to the mid 1960s.

        • not sure who the readers are. but the shite posters say guilty as charged.
          “it wasn’t my too late, it was your too early.”
          why don’t you just say nannynannybooboo, playground?

    • Actually it is over policed. They go after non violent crimes. Of vehicle violations. But the cops are t there to protect you either. This is a cultural issue. It’s why the 13% are responsible for over 51% of gun homicides. It’s the same across the nation. Maybe that’s a clue?

      • first time i’ve been censored in here…for saying the same thing you just said…but in plainer terms…

    • “revenge … saves on court costs”

      it does. but it incurs other costs – legitimized personal grudges, mistaken actions, involved bystanders. courts are cheaper overall, thus their popularity in civilized countries.

  21. It isn’t just trying to get revenge. Gang bangers’ prohibition against “snitching” applies to friends and enemies. If you’ll snitch on your enemy, you might snitch on a friend to get out of a jam. For law abiding citizens, being a snitch paints a target on your back too, so few people are going to speak up without a promise of protection, which won’t be offered or fulfilled.

    I question the claim of “overpolicing.” Are the police harassing or disproportionately charging certain races, or are they more rigorously patrolling areas with higher violent crimes? The mayor, Police Superintendent, and First Deputy Superintendent are all black. They should be able to address allocation of resources if the police are truly harassing law abiding citizens because of their skin color, and remove any bad officers that are engaging in personal discrimination.

    If anything, there’s underpolicing. White officers don’t want to be blamed if they have to defend themselves or someone else against a minority perpetrator. It isn’t just Chicago. Police are retiring and quitting, and departments can’t get enough recruits to replace them. Portland decided to reinstitute their Gun Violence Reduction Team after disbanding it last year because it was “racist.” They can’t find 14 officers to volunteer.

    • “Are the police harassing or disproportionately charging certain races, or are they more rigorously patrolling areas with higher violent crimes?”

      when another black criminal dies during arrest and blacks take to the streets crying “he didn’t do anything wrong!” – by their lights, they’re absolutely right. see, for blacks (in general) rape robbery and murder are just normal life, and being arrested for these crimes is oppression – oppression of blacks as such. when blacks take to the streets crying, “they’re just focusing on us because we’re black!” – they’re absolutely right. so the mayor and chief and superintendent being black is completely irrelevant, and irrelevant to them – what’s relevant is the oppression of black culture that occurs when civilizations impose law and order and put police on the streets to maintain it.

      • The dog catchers have a much easier time with tagging the dog that occasionally barks from within his fenced yard…. do you have any idea how much harder it is for him to find the stray cur that attacked five people in the neighborhood ?

    • The blacks in leadership are token blacks. They’re not in the position on their merits. It’s all for feelings.

  22. Or maybe they don’t trust the Chicago police. We all remember the so called black site, where the cops roughed up people while questioning them. Or they were pulled over for a rolling stop, and had their car ripped apart looking for drugs. Or they were crossing the street, and got roughed up for walking while black. The supt. should look at the Chicago PD, and start there first. The corruption is so deep, it’s legendary.

  23. I’m in Chicago and some of these commenters are wayyyy off base or flat out lying! If you’re not sure what you are talking about, STFU…. Some things are true, such as, States Attorney Kim Foxx, who should be arrested for malfeasance. CPD Superintendent David Brown is incompetent who just does the Mayor’s bidding. And Lightfoot who is in wayyyy over her head and is also incompetent… The Trifecta of idiocy!!! Also,in fairness, Sheriff Tom Dart is a buffoon and most if not all the politicians in Chicago are corrupt as hell….. Have a good day!

    • I agree 100% and here’s my credentials.
      Born in Englewood hospital. (Now closed)
      Raised in Gage Park. Family moved when I was 12 to the western suburbs.
      Went to college, graduated and was a partner in a store in Garfield Park.
      Dispute with business partner led to dividing the business and walking away.
      With the best customers. Still do business weekly at Madison and Cicero Ave.
      Former business partner is bankrupt. When on West side always carry 3 guns.
      Shotgun in trunk. Was the white privileged who carried in the ’90s.
      CPD didn’t care, actually bought many guns from detectives.
      Have CCL and actually know what being “Darted” means.
      Do I pass the test?

  24. Just going on the title, of course victims want revenge with a system of catch and release, no bail and no consequences. Law and order are nowhere to be found.

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