Let The Bodies Hit The Floor – 31 Shot, 9 Murdered in Chicago on Labor Day

Chicago Homicide Scene

Jaqueline Gutierrez, 9, and her father, Edgar Gutierrez, 35, watch police work the scene of a fatal shooting in West Lawn. Caption by Chicago Tribune.

Drowning Pool’s “Let The Bodies Hit The Floor” should probably be Chicago’s new anthem given the unprecedented level of violence thus far in 2016. In fact, Chicago eclipsed 500 homicides over the Labor Day weekend, now standing at 508.  Nothing says “Happy Labor Day” like murdering your neighbor in America’s largest open-air shooting range. Thanks in big part to 31 people shot and 9 killed on Labor Day alone, the holiday weekend proved incredibly violent. Welcome to Chicago.

As of 11:30 pm last night, per HeyJackass.com, 2971 people have been shot in Chi-town and 508 killed. To put that into perspective, in 2013, only 2159 shootings were reported for the entire year. We’re only a day or two from eclipsing 2015’s bloody total of 2996 shootings.


As illustrated above, the clearance rate for solving these homicides is less than one-in-five, so there’s little in the way of deterrence that’s likely to change things in the Windy City any time soon.



  1. avatar kevin says:

    The problem is Chicagists.

    (Did I just coin a phrase?)

    1. avatar The Gray Man says:

      I wouldn’t lump all Chicagoans, such as Illini-Zim, into that category. Just a few are causing most of the problems. Illini-Zim just goes looking for minor trouble compared to the gang-bangers.

      1. avatar The Gray Man's missing gray matter says:

        So what’s your point?

        1. avatar former water walker says:

          The point is it’s a retarded troll.

    2. avatar Nativeson says:

      I’m not the biggest fan of Chicago and the people that live there, but most of them just want to enjoy their lives without the threat of violence. The people responsible for these crimes comprise a small, but lethal segment of the population. They’re mainly Black and Latino gang members. The Democrats who control the city refuse to identify the real cause of the violence for political reasons; namely, those two racial groups are their power base. Instead, they focus on the inanimate tools used.

      1. avatar John Boch says:

        You sir, are spot on.

        Add to that the local prosecutors who eschew aggressive prosecutions (again, not wanting to offend their voting base – the relatives of the violent predators).

        And the sperm-donor daddies, and the “hip hop” lifestyle glamorized.

        I’m beginning to think the whole “Hip Hop” culture was created by the KKK. It’s done more to keep the black man hobbled than all of the KKK’s evil-doings.


        1. avatar Otis McDonald's ghost says:

          State Rep. Brandon Phelps did a pretty “good” job hobbling and disarming blacks with the unelected Star Chamber Concealed Carry Review Board in his 2013 concealed carry bill. The Illinois carry app. requires a ten year address history, so every department in Illinois combs the applications to see if there is anyone they don’t like. That way every department has an equal shot at tanking your app.

          When the police object to your app., it stops the clock on the application process. Hundreds if not thousands of people have been waiting months or years for their Illinois concealed carry license. No help from Phelps there. But why would there be? Phelps bragged that he “wanted to give them (police) the benefit of the doubt.”!! Remind me again why Phelps is sponsoring gun bills after he sold out Illinois gun owners?

          Hey John, the next time you exchange secret handshakes with Phelps, can you ask him when he plans to sponsor legislation to abolish the CCLRB? Since 2011 you have been telling your members that we only needed a simple majority to change the carry bill once “we” got it passed.

      2. avatar CarlosT says:

        The vast majority of crime is committed by a network of connected individuals. Law enforcement is just barely starting to glimpse the edges of this concept. The top cop in Chicago wants to begin using data analysis techniques to produce a pool of people the police should focus on. While there are some Constitutional concerns here, there are ways to implement something like this correctly that would also be effective. Shutting down the group of consistent repeat offenders is the real way to reduce crime and keep it down.

        1. avatar J says:

          Ah, yes, referencing the SSL, which was actually started in 2013 as a program of who should be first introduced into social programs such as work placement and drug rehab. Too bad that list did not go that way and only became a profiling target for the police. 3 years after the list has been created the city is widely using it as a tool to make good people feel safe. You see the last two holidays had two big gang banger roundups? Somewhere around 85% of the people arrested were on that list. The problem was that they were released back into the community with a low bond for lower level offenses. Supernintendo fast Eddie better get his city set straight and look good to the public….before the city cops stop screwing things up and there is time for the promotional exam fiasco to bring the axe to him.

        2. avatar Joe R. says:

          Guns ain’t the only problem.

          Chicago ain’t the only problem. The voters of illanoying continue to give us this sh_t, and then hit us up with the “We’re F’d up, We need to fix you BS!”.

          Fm all.

          If there’s any part of (D)ilannoyance, let planned parenthood (“we sell desd babies as food”) do it.

  2. avatar ready,fire,aim says:

    come on Chicago…i know you can beat your old record….

    1. avatar Sir Publius says:

      Sadly, they probably can and will. And in their desperation, because its not a problem easily fixable…a problem caused by poverty and poor schools and lack of opportunity and a total collapse of the family unit, because of that, they’ll look of course for the most expedient political quick fix, or illusion of it, which is banning guns. The truth is, if the liberals and progressives who ran Chicago were REALLY liberal and progressive, they’d support gun rights, because gun rights are equal rights. But they aren’t liberal. They’re just statists: https://mattsamerica.wordpress.com/2016/09/04/why-progressives-should-love-the-2nd-amendment/

  3. avatar NorincoJay says:

    5% of all US gun homicides occur in Chicago.

    1. avatar NYC2AZ says:

      Looks like they’re shooting for 8% this year.

      1. avatar sagebrushracer says:

        i c wut you dun did thar.

  4. avatar Soccerchainsaw says:

    The politician that ‘triples-down’ (they ‘doubled-down’ a while ago) with the “we need more common-sense gun safety laws, blah, blah, blah….” wins a cigar. (Lewinsky style)

  5. avatar Captain O says:

    These deaths illustrate how well gun control is working. The prosecution… rests.

    1. avatar Binder says:

      There is no extra “gun control” in Chicago that really matters. FOID is $10 for ten years and you just mail in the form (I think you can do it online now). If it does anything, it lets a gang banger know if their record is clean enough to get a gun before going to the FFL. The problems are not gun control, but this is not the truth about crime control, so why exactly is TAG so obsessed with the Windy City? The only reason I can think of is that the politicians are blaming the lack of gun control? The real bitch of it that the problems have only gotten worse after the relaxing of said gun control.

      1. avatar tdiinva (Now in Wisconsin) says:

        The problem is that the police no police because to do so risks a loss of career, money and potentially your freedom. Look at the negative publicity that comes when an officer shooting is legally justified.

      2. avatar Geoff PR says:

        “The real bitch of it that the problems have only gotten worse after the relaxing of said gun control.”

        The recent mass surge of ‘gun violence’ is because the Chicago (and every other) PD have been trained by the actions of the Obama administration’s Dept. of Justice in not backing up law enforcement.

        If you do your job, law enforcement officer, we will prosecute you to the fullest extent possible…

        EDIT – tdinva (now Wisconsin) *just* beat me to it…


      3. avatar Joe says:

        the truth is that gun control has little to do with the current numbers. What has actually changed these numbers is that in the last two years we have witnessed the death of pro active policing. Following the events in Ferguson, MO, Baltimore, MD and New York, law enforcement is very weary of engaging in any use of force, particularly when the officer is a different race than the person they are using force against.

        Leadership within the Chicago Police department at at the mayor’s office are all to eager to sacrifice individual officers to the mob if they are involved in a use of force, deadly or otherwise. We’ve seen this with the MacDonald shooting and separately with a number of less than lethal use of force cases where officers were stripped of police powers prior to an investigation even getting started.

        So now what we have is a police department that answers calls and takes reports but does little, if any, street stops
        or other proactive measures in finding bad guys. (and i don’t blame them at all for this given the current climate)

      4. avatar DaveL says:

        There is no extra “gun control” in Chicago that really matters

        So, if it doesn’t “really matter” does that mean we can get rid of FOID cards, waiting periods, the open carry ban, theft reporting, secure storage, and the assault weapon ban?

        Hint: All of them matter for people who care about not running afoul of the law. None of them really mattered for those who ignore it.

  6. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    Oh, that was good Mr. Boch:

    Chicago … America’s largest open-air shooting range!

    That is the best slogan that I have ever heard.

  7. avatar JR_in_NC says:

    “so there’s little in the way of deterrence that’s likely to change things in the Windy City any time soon.”

    Chicago needs to learn the kind of deterrence advocated by Chief Craig of Detroit.

    Or, maybe the kind that’s working well now in the Philippines.

  8. avatar Pete says:

    Chicago really needs bigger “No Guns” signs.

    1. avatar NYC2AZ says:

      But the bangers can’t read the signs. That’s obviously the problem. Literacy programs are really the answer here.

  9. avatar James69 says:

    Welcome to Mega-City 1
    “Step Up” by Drowning Pool on continuous loop on the L.

  10. avatar Kyle says:

    At some point, they need to through the entire procedure they are using to fight crime into the shredder and do a ground up reboot of how to do police work.

    I know I’m preaching to the choir, but I’d consider switching from sorta “may carry” to MUST CARRY. hell, I’d consider offering bounties for wanted bad guys.

    It may be time to starting using the “pretty bad” guys to go after the “completely bad” guys.

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      Must carry opens a huge can-o-worms.

      You know those folks who project that they would never carry a gun because they *would* shoot someone?

      I’m fully on board with those folks *never* carrying…

  11. avatar gs650g says:

    Cancer is safer than Chicago it seems.

    1. avatar J says:

      You’re only guaranteed two things in Chicago: Death and Being Taxed.

  12. avatar samuraichatter says:

    When people interject, “But what about black on black crime” its not just a polemic. Around this country in a year, cops of all races kill fewer blacks than the entire city of Chicago does. Let that sink in.

  13. avatar James69 says:

    I have an idea. 10pm curfew. (willing to bet the deaths occured after 10pm) Truckloads of National guardsman patroling the streets.(we’re paying,feeding,equiping them every month anyway) I know,I know but we have to do something “For the Children”. Let’s ask Hillary what needs to be done.

  14. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

    As bad as it is in Chicago, it’s nowhere near what must be 5,000+ murders that Indianapolis has suffered so far this year, what with being in the middle of Indiana, the state whose lax firearms laws cause Chicago’s woes.

    1. avatar OakRiver says:

      5,000 murders in Indianapolis in 9 months? From what I can find we currently have 75 recorded homicides for this year, and 2015 ended with 144. By contrast Chicago has had more than 500 homicides so far this year.

      If you are claiming that homicides in Indianapolis occurred almost 35 times more frequently than they did the prior year I think you need to provide a source or retract your statement.

      Also please specify what you mean by Indiana’s “lax firearms laws”. If the issue was the alleged easy availability of guns in Indiana then it would be Indiana with the problem.

      Guns that were traced to Illinois; 22, 051
      Guns that were traced to Indiana; 7,747
      This does not indicate whether the firearms were stolen, or illegally bought in Indiana and transported into Illinois.

        1. avatar OakRiver says:

          I’m hoping that I fell into the sarchasm, and that someone was not giving us a case study in the Dunning-Kruger Effect



      1. avatar former water walker says:

        Clearly you don’t understand sarcasm. Chiraq blames half of their crime on Indiana?

      2. avatar thegreatclownpuncher says:

        I believe what he was implying is that since Indiana’s gun laws are blamed for the failure of Illinois stricter gun laws that Indianapolis, being in the middle of all those guns of Indiana, is awash in murders. I think he was making a joke, but I didn’t stay at a holiday inn last night so I could be mistaken.

  15. avatar BrooklynInDaHouse says:

    Is there a map that show where all the shooting are happening? I cant imagine its all over the city right? How big of an area is all this taking place in?

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      There most certainly is, sir!

      Click on the ‘Deadliest ‘hoods’ section.

      Personally, I’m kinda partial to ‘Shot-in-the-Ass-O-Meter ‘ and the ‘Shot-in-the-Junk-O-Meter’ graphic…


      1. avatar ColdNorth says:

        I just had a look at the Austin neighborhood using google maps, and it’s all a terrible shame. The old houses look to have good solid bones, and the park nearby has a lot of charm. Frankly, my neighborhood doesn’t have as nice a layout (and the houses look slapdash and cheap). I don’t think I’d want to go anywhere near any of it, however.

        1. avatar former water walker says:

          Hey ColdNorth there’s lots of brownstones and bungaloes in Chicago that have great bones. Buildings aren’t the problem-criminals/lowlifes are…and they burned down half of the west/southside in 1968. Plenty of stupid to go around…

  16. avatar Joe R. says:


    Until there is no enemy [http://www.spectergear.com/].

    Until there are no more friggin’ Chiraq by the Lake.

    Piano cat, play them out to Drowning Pool https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04F4xlWSFh0. Can’t believe no link, c’mon!

    1. avatar Joe R. says:

      Sorry, my try at the “Bodies” link in the OP went to adlink and FROZE.

  17. avatar Sir Publius says:

    The complete and utter chaos that is that city is not escaping the notice of the left and the media in this country. They’ll pick up on a mouse farting in China if they think it’ll bolster progressivism and hurt conservatives. They know. They’re not reporting it, now especially, because they do NOT want to talk about gun-control right before the election, and especially in this context where a liberally controlled city, like most are, is in chaos even though it has strict gun control. They’re laying in wait, don’t doubt it.

    I hope people share the simple truths of the article I’m about to post. There’s no stats and such. We’ve all heard those before. Just the barest of truth as to why we deserve the right to own firearms and to protect ourselves. The truth is, is progressives were REALLY liberal and really for individual rights, they’d love gun rights. That they don’t exposes them as the statists they really are: https://mattsamerica.wordpress.com/2016/09/04/why-progressives-should-love-the-2nd-amendment/

  18. avatar Libertarian says:

    The biggest problem is the off place list for legal carriers in illinois gun laws

    PROHIBITED AREAS Section 65. Prohibited areas.

    (a) A licensee under this Act shall not knowingly carry a firearm on or into:

    (1) Any building, real property, and parking area under the control of a public or private elementary or secondary school.

    (2) Any building, real property, and parking area under the control of a pre-school or child care facility, including any room or portion of a building under the control of a pre-school or child care facility. Nothing in this paragraph shall prevent the operator of a child care facility in a family home from owning or possessing a firearm in the home or license under this Act, if no child under child care at the home is present in the home or the firearm in the home is stored in a locked container when a child under child care at the home is present in the home.

    (3) Any building, parking area, or portion of a building under the control of an officer of the executive or legislative branch of government, provided that nothing in this paragraph shall prohibit a licensee from carrying a concealed firearm onto the real property, bikeway, or trail in a park regulated by the Department of Natural Resources or any other designated public hunting area or building where firearm possession is permitted as established by the Department of Natural Resources under Section 1.8 of the Wildlife Code.

    (4) Any building designated for matters before a circuit court, appellate court, or the Supreme Court, or any building or portion of a building under the control of the Supreme Court.

    (5) Any building or portion of a building under the control of a unit of local government.

    (6) Any building, real property, and parking area under the control of an adult or juvenile detention or correctional institution, prison, or jail.

    (7) Any building, real property, and parking area under the control of a public or private hospital or hospital affiliate, mental health facility, or nursing home.

    (8) Any bus, train, or form of transportation paid for in whole or in part with public funds, and any building, real property, and parking area under the control of a public transportation facility paid for in whole or in part with public funds.

    (9) Any building, real property, and parking area under the control of an establishment that serves alcohol on its premises, if more than 50% of the establishment’s gross receipts within the prior 3 months is from the sale of alcohol. The owner of an establishment who knowingly fails to prohibit concealed firearms on its premises as provided in this paragraph or who knowingly makes a false statement or record to avoid the prohibition on concealed firearms under this paragraph is subject to the penalty under subsection (c-5) of Section 10-1 of the Liquor Control Act of 1934.

    (10) Any public gathering or special event conducted on property open to the public that requires the issuance of a permit from the unit of local government, provided this prohibition shall not apply to a licensee who must walk through a public gathering in order to access his or her residence, place of business, or vehicle.

    (11) Any building or real property that has been issued a Special Event Retailer’s license as defined in Section 1-3.17.1 of the Liquor Control Act during the time designated for the sale of alcohol by the Special Event Retailer’s license, or a Special use permit license as defined in subsection (q) of Section 5-1 of the Liquor Control Act during the time designated for the sale of alcohol by the Special use permit license.

    (12) Any public playground.

    (13) Any public park, athletic area, or athletic facility under the control of a municipality or park district, provided nothing in this Section shall prohibit a licensee from carrying a concealed firearm while on a trail or bikeway if only a portion of the trail or bikeway includes a public park.

    (14) Any real property under the control of the Cook County Forest Preserve District.

    (15) Any building, classroom, laboratory, medical clinic, hospital, artistic venue, athletic venue, entertainment venue, officially recognized university-related organization property, whether owned or leased, and any real property, including parking areas, sidewalks, and common areas under the control of a public or private community college, college, or university.

    (16) Any building, real property, or parking area under the control of a gaming facility licensed under the Riverboat Gambling Act or the Illinois Horse Racing Act of 1975, including an inter-track wagering location licensee.

    (17) Any stadium, arena, or the real property or parking area under the control of a stadium, arena, or any collegiate or professional sporting event.

    (18) Any building, real property, or parking area under the control of a public library.

    (19) Any building, real property, or parking area under the control of an airport.

    (20) Any building, real property, or parking area under the control of an amusement park.

    (21) Any building, real property, or parking area under the control of a zoo or museum.

    (22) Any street, driveway, parking area, property, building, or facility, owned, leased, controlled, or used by a nuclear energy, storage, weapons, or development site or facility regulated by the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The licensee shall not under any circumstance store a firearm or ammunition in his or her vehicle or in a compartment or container within a vehicle located anywhere in or on the street, driveway, parking area, property,building, or facility described in this paragraph.

    (23) Any area where firearms are prohibited under federal law.

    1. avatar Joe R. says:

      “The biggest problem is . . .” all the liberal_progressive_communist (D) in the world, they are a scourge, and THEY HAVE ABSOLUTELY ZERO CLAIM ON US. WE ARE TIRED OF ALL OF THEIR “WE’RE ‘F TO THE 3RD POWER [REALLY, REALLY, REALLY F’D]”

      I.E.: “WE’RE F’D, LET US FIX YOU”


      IF YOU HAVE:



      1. avatar Joe R. says:

        I think I would pay cash to get the edit feature back [to correct my spelling/grammar/punctuation only].

    2. avatar Otis McDonald's ghost says:

      Libertarian- “The biggest problem is the off place list for legal carriers in illinois gun laws.” There are hundreds of gun-free zones in the Illinois concealed carry act. But the biggest problem with the gun-free zones for licensed carriers is that every violation of the act is punishable by six months or one year in jail.

      What are John Boch and Guns Save Life doing to repeal the criminal penalties? Nothing. John describes GSL as a “regional gun rights powerhouse.” Powerhouse? They are a powerhouse at kissing ass with the police unions and the cops who conduct John’s training courses. Regional? That part at least is an accurate description of most GSL members. They never leave Champaign County, they drive everywhere, and they don’t support NRA members from other areas in Illinois.

      They have divided and conquered themselves, and speaker of the House Mike Madigan looks out at them from his office in Springfield and laughs as the rubes backstab each other climbing to the top of the crab bucket. Brothers in Arms indeed.

  19. avatar tiger says:

    Must be the water? Really, too much lead or something. Other cities have issues & gangs. But damn even in the Capone days, it was not this bad. Maybe Chicago is really the town in “Resident Evil?”

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