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Yesterday, Chicago criminals shot and killed six of their own. If Windy City gang bangers use gats to reduce four more people to room temperature today (Sunday) the city will surpass its previous weekend firearms-related homicide record (set last August): nine people killed and 37 wounded. This in the city with some of America’s most onerous gun control laws, in the only state in these here United that prohibits legal concealed carry. And yet the Powers That Be reckon that they need more civilian disarmament to disarm the bad guys. That’s like saying mandatory chastity belts will stop prostitution. Or something like that.

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  1. One of the only things I like about Chicago is that it is proof – positive that epic gun control laws do not reduce violence, do not disarm criminals, and do not flippin’ work in general. They also have great hot dogs and pizza.

    • I always love how the anti 2A people say it doesn’t work because the gun laws are not as strict around the city as they are in the city so we need to ban guns all over to keep the guns out of Chicago. So they think no guns would be brought in from Mexico, or that the community gat will magically disappear because a law was passed?

      • If the cause of the gun violence in Chicago was the easy to obtain guns around chicago, and remember Ill has it;s FOID card, then why aren’t these places that are less regulated than Chicago also awash in gun violence?

    • They also have great hot dogs and pizza.

      If you think that Chicago has great pizza, then you’ve never eaten pizza. And their hot dogs suck, too.

        • Either you guys have never been to Chicago or you went to the wrong places. The hot dogs are the best in the country, period. The pizza is also some of the best on the planet. If you don’t like deep dish, the thin crust beats NYC hands down. That is the only good thing I can say about this hole of city, the food ROCKS!

    • I was going to say tomatoe, tomato. But then I remembered what is being done to keep weapons out of the hands of the enlisted men and women except during training and actual combat. The point being that they are disarming civilians and soldiers alike. Citizen Disarmament it is!

  2. And how many of those were with ARs?? NYC Police Commissioner Ray Kelly finally admitted that ARs are not the problem this morning on Face The Nation (I can’t believe I sat through it. I wanted to puke at the easy feeding of pre screened questions to that ugly criminal Di Fi masked as some sort of “debate”.). He finally confirmed that their real gaol is to to outlaw handguns.


    • I thought handguns were realistically illegal in NYC? Despite Heller, hasn’t NYC kept handguns from being sold in NYC and legally owned there?

      • He said all the illegal guns in NY come from out of state and the rest of the states need to get on board and pass the same type of CONTROL legislation that Cuomo did. The same old blame someone else for your failed policies and initiatives excuse that we get from BO. It’s not enough to try to CONTROL his city or his state. He wants CONTROL over all the states from NYC. CONTROL from a criminal using the term ‘confiscation’ as a solution to keep violent criminals from assaulting peaceful citizens.

        • And it seems all disloyal thoughts in China come from outside China, so the rest of the world has to start imposing party discipline….

      • It’s expensive, frustrating and time consuming but premise permits for pistols can be gotten in NYC. Carry permits, however, are the purview of the wealthy and those who guard the wealthy.

  3. The people that believe that laws restricting gun ownership actually stop criminals and homicidal maniacs from gettin guns are right up there with people that believe gun free zones keep out homicidal maniacs with a gun and that owning a gun will turn a law abiding citizen into cold blooded kilker.

    It’s like they are a bunch of children believing in Santa Claus.

    They have a belief system like a bunch of little kids believing in fantasies that have no basis in fact or reality.

  4. I noticed Rahm still has his personal security detail. A real man (ie, non-ballerina) wouldn’t need police bodyguards for him or his family.

  5. Give the bangers guns and a place out of the city to go at it and then pick up the survivors and arrest them for leaving trash the same in every gang owned town.hell,make a tv series out of it “american? Bangers”

  6. We need to teach street thugs better marksmanship. Less collateral damage and these clowns will destroy themselves in due time.

  7. I wonder if there is a correlation between cities with high crime and douches dressed up like shiny clowns in charge. Seems like there might be a pattern comparing them to the sheriffs that say they won’t enforce unconstitutional laws.

    • Speaking of sheriffs, I am waiting for one that says that in a post AWB world, he would deputize any law abiding citizen who “volonteers” so that they could be armed with ARs to protect their part of the county (their home) in his or other deputies absence.

  8. Sorry, the gun violence and deaths are not a flaw, they are an intentional feature of the gun control laws.

    Someone once defined insanity as doing the same thing, but expecting different results. Rahm Emanuael, DiFi etc. are not insane. They know full well that the gun control laws they propose will not reduce crime, they will not reduce violence.

    That has never been their intention in proposing these laws. They intend for the violence to continue or increase, permitting them to continue to invoke the need for tougher and tougher laws. Since whatever the ‘last round’ enacted will never be ‘tough’ enough.

    Then when the last gun is banned, they will turn to banning knives, then various chemicals, etc. etc.

    Not a flaw, a feature.

  9. We keep saying what we all know to be true. But sometimes some of us forget, momentarily, that this isn’t about reducing crime AT ALL. If ANYTHING, it’s about INCREASING it, via control measures, so that people will BEG their loving government for “more CONTROL, please!”

  10. Mandatory chastity belts? Gonna be a run on lock picking classes and tools. Just another sales gimmick by obama. See where he thinks football is too violent as well, probably would like to see it being modified into a combination of tag/football. “Tag, you are it, now, sniff my butt”. Shootings up North are so common place as to be routine, only in certain other parts of the country are they considered massacres. Chicago/Detroit is an example of failure of gun control laws the media does not want to acknowledge. (In no way is this a taking lightly of defenseless children and adults being shot down by cold blooded killers).

  11. Up the count, now up to 7 dead before midnight Saturday…ice storm may prevent a 10 bagger for the weekend

  12. At least it was only six criminals killed. Are the illegal gun owners becoming more proficient with their weapons of choice so that now they are actually hitting who they shoot at? Is that a truly good thing or a bad thing?

  13. My suggestion is that Obama and Rhambo deputize the Million Moms for Gun Control, and send them into Chicago next summer to root out illegal firearms.

  14. “The philosophy of gun control: Teenagers are roaring through town at 90MPH, where the speed limit is 25. Your solution is to lower the speed limit to 20.” — Sam Cohen (inventor of the neutron bomb)

  15. During the Prohibition the gangs in Chicago fought for control of the liquor trade in the neighborhoods. Today, it’s the same. Only now it’s drugs.
    If they focus on gun control then they can try to pretend that the war on drugs isn’t a miserable failure that they can do absolutely nothing about.


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