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At a campaign stop in Philadelphia, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton declared “We have just too many guns on the streets, in our homes, in our neighborhoods.” In our homes? How scary is that? That said, Ms. Clinton assures her audience that she doesn’t want to take away guns from “lawful, responsible gun owners.” (Cognitive dissonance much?) Ms. Clinton then uses gun control to “pivot” away from criticism that she’s a Wall Street’s lackey, declaring . . .

“There’s been a lot of talk about the power of certain interests in this country,” she reminds her audience, “and we do have a bunch of powerful interests in this country, make no mistake about it. But there is no more powerful lobby than the gun lobby. None.” Translation: pay no attention to the corruption behind that curtain. Because guns! Would that misdirection strategy work in the general election, or will Hillary dial it back to lure the firearms freedom fence straddlers? Watch this space.

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  1. She and Bill might have too many guns, but I could use a few more myself. Maybe Bill should put up a few of those extra guns on Gun Broker so someone else could get some use out of them.

      • There has to be. If there is such a thing as not enough ammunition there must be such a thing as too many guns.

    • With as many people across the globe who have legitimate reasons to want the Clinton’s dead, how can anybody really say they have too many guns? I say she should stock up now while she is a free woman.

    • Sorry, Gov, but I think she is projecting. From the rumors about the fights between her and Billy Jeff in the White House she believes that if she had a gun at the time we would be referring to her as The Widow Clinton.

      • ‘Concealed’ means CONCEALED, Bill!

        Perhaps Bill’s got a blow gun he’d like to sell? Probably named it Monica?

  2. She is right, at least sort of. I need to buy lots more ammo while I can still find it cheep. Then I can buy another gun. That was what she wanted me to remind me of right?

  3. Funny I thought that the banking lobby was pretty darn powerful. Or the foreign nationals. Maybe we should crack the Clinton Foundation books and find out?

      • The Saudi’s can cash their 750 billion’s bonds, please do. That vacuum sound is not money leaving our country, but our armed forces leaving their kingdom, their fate to which we just authorized building nukes, left to the Iranians.

        • This. We need to simply abandon this region entirely with a huge middle finger. Iran, Turkey, and the Saudis will all build nukes. They’ll all whipe eachother out and take Daesh with them, and leave the whole region a horribly irradiated wasteland, roamed by massive radioactive mutated camel spiders. This would be a benifit to the world.

        • (Applause)
          Our good friends and “Partners in Peace” Saudi Arabia can suck it. The House of Saud are a bunch of coke snorting, hooker screwing, double speaking Wahabist pimping douchebags and have known full well about those funding terrorists from within the family for decades. Sure, every now and then they let us kill one of the fat pigs who really deserves it (heart attacks on their yachts being my favorite) but nothing ever changes.
          Thanks to North Dakota maybe we can finally get out. Now does anyone know where I put the remote kill switches we installed on their F-15’s and Abrhams tanks?

        • I actually think that Iranians can successfully reintegrate the entire region in some kind of new Persian Empire 2.0 if US stops backing Saudis and other local autocrats.

          And while Iran is an Islamic state, compared to Saudi Arabia or UAE, it’s a shining beacon of human liberty and democracy (and it actually has a good chance to evolve into something truly free). So all in all, it would be a good thing.

          Well, except for Israel, which is playing divide-and-conquer politics in the region quite successfully. But, whatever. They could use to learn some diplomacy aside from bribing lobbying American politicians to keep the region fucked up for their convenience, and pay a large part of their defense/military bills.

      • One-Niner Hotel, while I might not completely agree with your Israel take, I’d like to believe (hope and pray) that your take on Iran is spot on. If the secular majority can run out the mullahs, there is hope.
        Does Iran have a Second Amendment?

  4. Big trouble is on the horizon , the two leading candidates for Pres. are gun collectors , the kind of collector that collects mine and your guns .
    A Clinton agenda will be collections and as I see it , so will a Trump agenda , if that’s what he wants to do .
    God , how I pray we get Cruz elected , somehow .
    I just read what ISIL has been doing to young women in Mosul and the first thing that comes to mind , this is what happens when you disarm a populace , always has and always will .

    • I have a problem calling ISIS, ISIL. From my understanding it gives them credit for more territory than they actually control, and secondly from things I have read they hate being called ISIS.

      • I understand your reasons Jeff and have debated the issue before , but I have chosen to use the ISIL description because it most accurately describes the ideals and goals of the members of the organization I’m referencing . The determination and goal of these fighters is to reinstitute the Levant , which is an area of Iran , Iraq , Syria , Jordan , Lebanon , and Israel .
        When referring to the individuals within this ISIL organization , I prefer , mooslem whackos .

        • Daesh. That’s the word to use.

          It’s as geographically accurate as ISIL, it’s actually an Arabic acronym, and they *hate* it; apparently it’s susceptible to unflattering puns in Arabic, and their fragile egos can’t handle it.

      • The name those scumbags hate the most is “daesh”. They have threatened to cut off tongues to anyone using that name. They are very touchy about their name. People have been beheaded for referring to them as ISIS and not Islamic State or caliphate.

    • Given his performance in NY, Cruz has no chance in the national. He needs to bring swing voters to the table and he has no chance to do that. Trump, on the other hand, got more votes in NY than total votes cast in the 2012 NY GOP primary.

      • Republicans wooing mythical moderates lose. Republicans campaigning as conservatives win. Try to out-democrat the Democrats and your conservative base stays home and you lose. So-called swing voters are just liberals too ashamed of the label to own it. Their big decision is whether to vote at all, in which case they vote Democrat, or to stay home and watch T.V. A conservative’s best play is not to rile them up, pander to them, and drive them to vote Democrat, since doing so will alienate your own base and capture any new votes.

        • If you think that you can with with only the hard-core bible-thumper vote… Good luck. Hillary will enjoy eight years to bury her bodies.

      • Google RealClearPolitics Polls Kasich Clinton

        Kasich beats Clinton by 4 to 12 points in every recent poll, even the liberal ones. He is moderate, polite and electable.

        Trump and Cruz cannot beat Hillary (unless she is indicted, which is highly unlikely with a DC grand jury) and should both step aside for the good of the Nation. If Clinton is elected, with a democrat Congress, Australian Style Gun Control will be come the law of the land and SCOTUS will back it up.

        • National polls are irrelevant. We don’t elect a president by popular vote. Trump has a solid chance of swinging traditionally Democratic states, neither of the others do.

  5. The outcome of the next election, like all elections in the last 20 years or so, will depend on some minority demographic.

    The defining characteristic of that minority demographic is where things get interesting. Historically, genetic ancestry (e.g. African and Latin ancestry) characterized that minority demographic … which typically votes heavily in favor of Democrat candidates. I wonder if we have now crossed a threshold where firearm ownership is a key demographic. Remember, something like 10% of potential voters in the United States now have a concealed carry license (or self-identify as concealed carriers in “Constitutional Carry” states). That is a decisive voting bloc that politicians would be foolish to alienate.

    I suppose it all depends on how many of the “carry in public” supporters, as a voting bloc, are staunchly conservative versus fence sitters that have historically voted for both Democrats and Republicans. How many “carry in public” supporters will now switch their votes to Republicans to protect their carry rights?

    We will find out this November … assuming that the election process is actually legitimate and not rigged.

    • “minority demographic” its called the white vote. Ann Coulter rightly pointed out that if Mitt got 4% more white votes, he would have won against Obama. The idea that GOP should court minorities is a loosing proposition.

    • All elections, everywhere, are illegitimate and rigged. Always have been. By what legitimate authority is our individual liberty put up to a “vote” of any kind? By what legitimate authority are some people given power over other people, to use force, fraud and lies to control individuals and their property?

      Just consider all of the current “candidates,” at any level. Which of them would you trust with your life, your wife, children, your wallet? Which of them is qualified to dictate what you eat, drink, wear or drive? Which of them are competent and worthy to trust with your income, job, health care, retirement? Which of them can guarantee your safety?

      None of the above. Replace them yes… with nobody. Take care of these things yourself, and in _voluntary_ association with others.

  6. We have to many butt ugly wemon running for president. Poor Bill, can you imagine waking up to that thing, yuk, coyote uglies, double bagger, she’d even make a cuban cigar go limp. If Amish vibrators new theyd have to do her, corn would never grow, birds fall from the sky, and fish drown themselves

  7. Here’s a list of the most powerful, influential and spendy lobbying groups for the past 17 years.

    NRA must be at the top, right? Top 5? Top 10? On the list at all?
    You meant to tell me the Hildebeast is just making shit up? No freaking way! When I think Clinton I think honesty, integrity and of course likability.

    • I looked at the same thing and then thought money spent isn’t the only measure of a lobby’s power. Maybe they have Sauron’s ring, the Locnar or popular support or something.

      • Excellent point. Motivated membership goes a long way. Money spent matters, too, which can be lobbying, contributions to parties or campaigns, or issue advocacy to the public; but ultimately it’s voters that matter most.

        AARP is a great example. None of their money spent is contributions. It’s all lobbying and membership outreach, to great effect.

    • Good link! Really interesting when you look at the numbers for 2015. Chamber of Commerce–$86,000,000. NRA–$3,085,000.

      Even for the whole gun rights industry, the spending for 2015 is $11,406,000. Compared to $68,000,000 for banking, $96,000,000 for securities and investment, $129,000,000 for oil and gas. And the industry leader, pharmaceuticals, leading the pack by far with $238,000,000. But none of that matters right?

    • Being that ugly youd just have to have a hate for the world. Just like her twin sister Medussa.

  8. We have just too many guns on the streets, in our homes, in our neighborhoods.

    You mis-spelled violent criminals.

    Indeed: we have just too many violent criminals on the streets, in our homes, in our neighborhoods.

    But guns? Firearm ownership is at an all-time high (hundreds of millions of firearms in civilian hands), and the rate of violent crime (including those such crimes committed using firearms) continues to plummet.

    • But…but…the falling crime rate is proof that the guns are unnecessary, just like it proves that the increased incarceration rate is unnecessary. Or something like that. I get inside the twisted mind of a gungrabber and it gives me a headache.

  9. Most other industries have managed to neuter or co-opt the government agencies charged with regulating them. If the “gun lobby” were as powerful as she pretends it is, the ATF would’ve been dismantled a long time ago.

  10. Is it just me or does anyone else get that ‘fingernails on the chalkboard’ sensation anytime they hear Hillary (or Obama, or Bernie, or…. etc., etc., etc…..) open their pie hole?

  11. What we have are too many laws and regulations that only inconvenience those “law-abiding, responsible” gun-owners. We also have too many criminals that are not inconvenienced by these gun laws as evidenced by the fact that they still get their hands on firearms. We have too many adults who haven’t managed to grasp the reality of the world they live in; who have neither the courage nor fortitude to accept the responsibility of their own protection and that of their family. We have too many politicians who are perfectly willing to cater to these children in return for dependence and abject worship of the state. The same kind of politicians who claim that one corporate lobby controls the country, while crawling deep into the pockets of another, much more powerful lobby. I will never own enough guns, at least until I own one of each gun that can still be found in existence.

  12. So if the number of guns we have is a problem, I’m assuming she has a solution that reduces the number of guns… But she doesn’t want to take our guns, so maybe she wants to make it so difficult for gun owners that we willingly give them up…

    • Kind of like the NFA tax. That’s where I see them eventually going. Banning through taxation and forcing all but the very wealthy out of guns and ammo for good.

  13. If she and others like her were truly scared and concerned about crime we would see a massive drive to bring economic prosperity to the poor urban and rural areas in this country where violence hits hardest. The fact that these people are completely ignoring the real problems but pandering to the fear of the masses shows they are full of, well you know.

  14. we have one too many bullets. So if somebody fires that one extra bullet, we won’t have to hear from idiots like this any more?

  15. One of my favorite movie scenes of all time is from Iron Man 2. In a hearing about Iron Man a senator lies for the cameras and says that our enemies are days away from creating their own “Iron Man” weapons to use against us. Tony Stark, sitting in the hearing, pulls up satellite imagery of the enemy test sites, pulls it up on a projector, and shows how incompetent their efforts are, PROVING the senator a liar right then and there.

    I mention it, because until someone has the stones to do this sort of thing, bring up links like the list of lobby groups above, replay videos contradicting a lie WHILE the politician is lying, they’ll keep doing it and getting away with it.

    We know the truth, and we can post links to the truth all we want after the fact. Unless they’re PROVEN to be lying while actively lying the damage is already done. The low information segment has already heard and accepted their bullshit.

  16. I have too many guns…said no gun enthusiast ever.

    I have too many guns…said no antigun activist ever.

    We only have what we want and sometimes less than we want.

  17. The internet is a wonderful thing, because it makes it much easier for ordinary people to connect and talk. It lets me talk to Americans and let them know just how bad things can get.

    The anti-gunners in the states like to talk about gun control and stopping gun violence, and they point to other countries like Australia and Canada as models. Well, up here in Canada you cannot own a taser or stun gun. You cannot have pepper spray for self defense against people (you can own “bear spray” for use against bears or dogs, but it is comparatively watered down versus the US self-defense stuff, as bears and dogs are more sensitive to the spice). You cannot have a baton for self-defense.

    Right now those anti-gunners say things like “oh, just carry a taser” or “oh, just use pepper spray” when you bring up guns for protection. If they go full Australia or full Canada, you won’t have that option. I suppose then it’s “Oh, take a self-defense course”, until that eventually becomes “oh, just give him what he wants”. Finally it evolves into “oh, there isn’t much crime, quit fearmongering”, as they carefully avoid all the bad neighborhoods and make sure to be locked up at home before dark.

    To repeat myself as many times before: the slippery slope is not a fallacy. I know exactly where folks like Clinton want you to be, because I am there already.

    • Your right ColdNorth, but what do we do? Seems to be a snowball rolling down hill on gun control/confistication. ?????? Dont have anything but liars running for pres. I blame it on global ecconomy, I think the western hemisphere could do just fine on its own.

      • You have to do what works. So far, the US “gun lobby”, which consists of ordinary Americans protecting their rights is doing a pretty good job on the political and grassroots level. The anti gunners don’t have the exclusive ownership of the bullhorn anymore, which helps. Websites like TTAG are great for organizing and keeping people informed.

        If I were to offer any advice, it would be “keep it up”.

  18. You say you have too many guns? You say you have no problem with lawful, responsible gun owners? Mrs Clinton, I have a solution. I will accept your excess guns.

    That’s what you meant, right?

    • Demo-rats what to install an emotional compromised woman in the most powerful position on the planet. And she wants law abiders guns and model legislation of both California & Australia.

  19. Maybe if she wins the election, she can push the mythical “guns go away” button that progressives seem to think exists.

  20. Well, I promise if i ever find one of these guns on the street I keep hearing about, I’ll take it home, clean it up, and give it the love it deserves. No gun should be homeless.

  21. “We have just too many guns…”

    For once, I agree with her. There are way too many guns in the hands of enforcement-types of various federal agencies, assuming vast prerogatives, with poor oversight or worse. So, yes “we”, meaning you Satraps and your minions have too many guns (and used too freely, as in, say Baltimore. I’m certain I heard you say something about abuses there.)

    You, are free to give up those guns at any time.

    “… on the streets…

    Again, I find myself agreeing. There are far too many guns casually, irresponsibly wielded on the streets and elsewhere by crazies, thugs, whack-jobs, and terrorists. Indeed, there are far too many crazies, thugs, whack-jobs, and terrorists on the streets. Sometimes they use guns in their crazy-time, thuggishness, whack-jobbrey, or terrorism.

    You and your constituents – you said “we” – might want to clean up your act. I’d include the craziness & etc. in that, indeed, first, but that’s just me.

  22. Always remember that when Diane Rodham aka “Hillary Clinton” attacks the 2nd Amendment and so-called “assault weapons” that the former First Lady when running for one of N.Y.’s Senate seats took millions of dollars in campaign, Super PAC, and “charity” contributions from BOTH Chinese national arms manufacturer Norinco and their USA importer Poly-Tech owned by a guy named “Keng”, an operative of the Chinese government.

  23. The “gun” lobby is small and meaningless in comparison to other lobbies. What the “gun” lobby has that is priceless is a true grass roots movement of support. kapo bloombergs bought shill shannon can’t hope to match that with her 25-30 demanding(paid) moms.

    Why do you think desperate and shrill trolls like 2asux and kirk from brisbane come to our site? They try any way possible, and fail, to distract or derail the POTG.

  24. The whole the gun lobby is the most powerful of all is straight commical. The biggest gun companies, publicly traded, s&w and ruger are under 2 billion. Exxon, oil, apple, tech, are at least 150 times bigger. There are literally dozens perhaps 100 industries that are way bigger and spend more money lobbying than guns. No one makes bank starting a gun company, Sturm is dead, so is smith and wesson, and colt. Venture capital, which invests in good bizness ideas, never ever spends on a gun company, not cause there against it, cause your chance of hitting a home run is none. The big bad profitable gun company meme is like trying to rebrand them the military industrial complex from the 60s and 70s. Make big guns, sell them to the government you make bank. Make little guns for civilian, you probably go broke.

  25. “We Have Just Too Many Guns”

    Then lead by example, BXtCH. Tell your body guards to put down their weapons first.

  26. Did anyone else notice the word ‘Liberty’ next to her noggin in the background all the while discussing the problem of there being too much 2nd Amendment Liberty in this country?

    It was perfect.

  27. Define too many?

    I’d say too many felons have guns, and too many felons are not in the place they should be, jail. Start putting people away for good and the deaths by firearm will almost disappear.

    Yes it’s that easy put people in jail that cannot operate within the law in our society.

  28. As a person can normally only fire 2 guns at a time (one in each hand but I am sure there are exceptions out there), I don’t see how there can be too many guns.
    The real problems seems to me to be that people who have no business with a gun keep getting them. Mentally unstable is my primary focus. How to identify them is the issue.

  29. Everybody seems to misunderstand what she is saying.

    She’s not telling US that we have too many guns, she’s telling her communist/statist/socialist/globalist/loon (pick any 2) handlers why the left can’t stage the coup tomorrow. She’s just justifying her failure to execute.

    Although they are closer than ever. Colorado, we’re looking at you.

  30. If the gun lobby is oh so powerful, how come we still have so many infringements against our RKBA on books?
    If we are really so strong as this notorious liar says let’s get into offensive play and reclaim what was stolen from us piece by piece starting with the NFA.

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