Chiappa Firearms Rhino Now in 9mm and 40 S&W

Whatever else you can say about the Chiappa Rhino, that man Norton knows how to shoot.


  1. avatar John says:

    Now how about out a .45 ACP and/or 10mm. Oh, and make it pretty…
    (never satisfied)

    1. avatar 2Wheeled says:

      I’d consider a 2 or 3 inch model in .45ACP, that’s it.

      They’ll never sell me on anything else.

      1. avatar Wayne De Cicco says:

        actually I like a 45 acp with a 4″ barrel and I have the 38/357 with a 4″ barrel AND I like it just fine….

  2. avatar Travis Leibold says:

    Want it. Bad.

  3. avatar Todd S says:

    That is one butt-ugly firearm, but it is well made and fun to shoot. I got a chance to try the 2″ .357 mag and I loved it. The “push” rather than “kick” was cool and made recoil extremely manageable. I’ll be getting a 4 or 5 inch model at some point soon.

    1. avatar Wayne De Cicco says:

      I got a 4 inch 38 357 like just fine. Now I want one in 45 ACP but I’ll take the 40 ACP but how much $…. WAYNE

  4. avatar Joe Grine says:

    Butt ugly aside, the Rhino makes all conventional revolvers obsolete. It’s that good.

    1. avatar Totenglocke says:

      Only the 2″ model is ugly. Once you get up to the 4, 5, and especially 6″ models they look pretty badass.

  5. avatar GnD says:

    kinda want

  6. avatar Steven says:

    Almost interesting, but lots of nagging questions remain, including:
    Why isn’t the 40 S&W chambered for 10mm/40cal?
    Why is the trigger a quad/triple action trainwreck?
    Why so many parts?
    Why is reliability questionable?
    How can I justify one of these with the wife?

    1. avatar PCnotPC says:

      Re: Why so many parts: If they would have made the gun double-action only, and not had to have devised some arcane method of providing a “hammer spur” for cocking purposes, they could have probably left out a bunch of parts.

  7. avatar Derek says:

    Why? Why couldn’t they’ve just made that .40 a 10 and let you shoot both? /sigh

  8. avatar Totenglocke says:

    Did you ever get that Rhino back after the repair work on the stage 1 trigger?

  9. avatar lee n. field says:

    I’m guessing these shooters are autoloader guys? The first guy looks to be holding his index finger forwards towards the cylinder gap, where Chiappa specifically says not to. The second guy — it’s a revolver, no need for the 2 thumbs forward grip.

    Want — “kind of”.

  10. avatar Stefano says:

    Italians do it better.. Revolver also!
    Improved Rhino 2″ with Federal 159gn .357Mag. Commercial Full Charge… Less than 38spl. in 4″ Normal revolver but .. what a Bang!! And fantastic control of the gun, i’ve never shot with Revo but Rhino is very simple!!
    Hello everibody from Italy!

  11. avatar Totenglocke says:

    I’m guessing that you’ll probably read this, but Rob, how in the heck do you get ahold of this company? I have one of their guns that I’d like to send back for some warranty work and all they have for “contact us” is a web form to send an email….which apparently they never respond to (it’s been around 3 weeks and no response).

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:

      Check your inbox

      1. avatar Totenglocke says:


  12. avatar Deja vu says:

    They should make one in 500 magnum! Any thing that will help tame the recoil would be great!

  13. avatar bob says:

    Any recent reviews or updates on these? Have they sorted out the reliability and trigger issues in the 4″ models?

    Would love one of these but weary after reading Grant Cunningham’s blog and in-depth review. Wondering if Chiappa made any improvements since then.


  14. avatar Dom says:

    Chiappa has some really cool stuff but my concern is the customer service. You have to use the email contact. If they respond to you , they will e mail you a contact phone #. I wish I kept the #. The customer service seems hit and miss. I hope chiappa adopts the “spectacular” service that Ruger and Charter Arms has given me in recentl times.

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