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Charlotteans (Charlatans?) could be excused for an increased level of concern over a recent uptick in murders in their fair town. But as far as the Charlotte PD are concerned, there’s nothing to worry about. “A burst of five unrelated killings in Charlotte – including three in a single day – led police Tuesday to the unusual step of announcing that the public had little to fear and that the slayings appeared related to risky lifestyles.” So 5-0 in the cradle of NASCAR subscribes to the axiom that it’s a good idea to stay away from stupid people in stupid places at stupid times. That’s always good advice, and the boys in blue want you to know that as long as you keep your nose clean, all will be well . . .

“This is an anomaly,” said Kerr Putney, deputy chief for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police, at a news conference.

Investigators believe at least three of the killings since Thursday were related to the drug trade, Putney said. Others were likely the result of disputes between acquaintances prone to violence, he said.

So there’s really nothing for John or Jane Q. Public to fret over. As long as the idiots are only shooting themselves, that is.

There were still more reassurances to disseminate:

“We’re trending in a good direction right now,” said Putney. “We could match a historic low.”

They could match the historic low…unless the current rate continues.

The deaths increased Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s homicide total this year to 35 – three more than last year at this time, Putney said. The 52 homicides last year were the fewest for Charlotte-Mecklenburg police in 24 years, and the city was trending even lower until the recent spate of violence.

Deputy Chief Putney didn’t talk about what happens when those living “risky lifestyles” stray from the reservation and have the effrontery to interact with others. We’d suggest an M&P Compact 9 in a StealthGear Onyx, but that’s something Charlotteans will have to decide for themselves.

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  1. stay away from stupid people in stupid places at stupid times

    Translation: Avoid D.C. Putzney (sic) in Charlotte when he’s speaking.

    Why is it that a spate of murders by gangbangers is an anomaly even though such shootings happen every day in every city in America, but a school shooting that happens almost never requires a deep national commitment to disarming every American citizen?

  2. Don’t you just hate it when you have a spate? Thank goodness their spate appears to have been confined to a cluster.

    • LOL! Journalists sure do love their spates. Maybe it isn’t such a good thing when your spate ends up in a cluster–sounds like something that might result in streaking the ol’ tighty-whities.

  3. The children.. assault weapons, common sense.. High capacity bananas…

    There we go, I think I hit about all the left talking points there.

  4. What’s isolated or an anomaly about this? MOST murders every year in this country are gang-related, due primarily to the illegal drug trade.

    Due, more specifically, to the fact that drugs are illegal and this creates a black market where criminals must use violence to protect their product (can’t insure it, can’t keep it in a bank or really rent a secure commercial building for it), protect their money (cash is king. can’t deposit your drug money), and protect their territory. The entire motivation for the majority of gang violence, which accounts for the majority of murders, is money; and this money comes from the illicit drug trade. The war on drugs has only made the streets more violent. Just like Prohibition.

    Of course, banning guns will have a positive effect. In this one case, it’ll work. Even though banning drugs obviously can’t keep them off the streets and the prohibition of alcohol went so well for the country (so well that it likely caused the NFA because, you know, guns were the problem as usual), banning guns will work. Yes. Even though they find guns IN FREAKING PRISONS, just making them illegal in general will keep them off the streets and reduce violence. Cool. Where do I sign up? Please take them away from me now. You know. For the kids.

  5. Hmm. Charlotte is in North Carolina and very close to South Carolina. Both states have had fairly liberal firearms and concealed carry laws for several years now. There are more firearms in circulation than ever in U.S. history. And the murder rate in Charlotte last year was at a 24 year low and the murder rate this year is on par for a similar result.

    How is this possible? U.S. citizens own more guns than ever and something like 10 million U.S. citizens — far more than any time in history — legally carry concealed handguns. According to the civilian disarmament gun control people, that should lead to an all time record high in violent crime, not a 24 year low. Something doesn’t add up.

  6. I work in Charlotte but live a few miles over the boarder in SC. While Charlotte has a few rough areas, it is not bad overall. NC recently passed some laws that go into effect October 1st allowing CCW in more places. I’m hoping SC follows suit. NC also has legal open carry, something I’m looking forward to trying out on a lunch break this month.

    • Yeah, NC has open carry but we’re a bit schizophrenic about it. I say that because we also have a “going armed to the terror of the public” statute whatever the hell that means in the mind of the arresting officer. “911 what’s your emergency? There’s guy in the Starbucks waving a pistol around. It’s in his holster on his hip and every time he turns, it’s waving around. I’m scared out of my wits!”

  7. Well, at least they’re going after one of the gangs:

    The city of Charlotte landed a direct hit Thursday in its fight against gang crime, with a Mecklenburg judge approving a wide-ranging set of rules designed to cripple the Hidden Valley Kings.

    Police say the Charlotte gang runs a drug ring and has been linked to violent crime ranging from assaults to robberies to murder.

    For the next year, Kings’ members who meet with each other can be charged with a misdemeanor crime. That includes everything from riding in a car together, to “standing, sitting, walking, gathering or approaching” other known gang members in public.

    Read more here:

      • Perhaps, but since I advocate an unlimited, year-around open season on known gang members, I’ll see their negative habeas corpus and raise them two good lucks.

        Anyway, due process is more or less still there; these are “peope” with a criminal past being barred from hanging with others with a shared criminal past.

        They’ve simply extended the “avoid known criminal associates” rule for parolees to this subset of (in some cases) non-parolees.

        • “Perhaps, but since I advocate an unlimited, year-around open season on known gang members, I’ll see their negative habeas corpus and raise them two good lucks.”

          Id like to up the ante with a few ballistic tips….

    • So the gang members can’t meet with each other. Great. Good thing there’s no way they can communicate without being in talking distance of each other…

  8. I think that if you’re born here, you’re a Charlottean. If you move here, you’re only a Charlatan. That means I’m the latter and my son is the former, if I have my latters and formers figured out right.


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