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Now that the National Health Care bill has passed, its supporters are magnanimous in victory. As if. Our friend Charles R. Larson over at Counterpunch isn’t pulling his, venting major spleenage at the Tea Party movement (i.e. anyone who disagrees with their political agenda). “Now that the Obama/Democratic health care plan has passed, what are the Tea Party fanatics going to do—start shooting members of congress?” And . . . he’s off! “The guns are another matter and certainly a further suggestion of their retarded development. During the summer, Tea Party infants attended town hall meetings, toting guns along with them. Under what circumstances did they believe they needed to be armed? Did they believe that liberals were about to shoot them? Or was it–as I have feared from the days they first raised their ugly heads–that in their total intolerance of others and ignorance of facts they felt the need to kill the messenger? It’s a toxic mix: selfish children, armed to the teeth, screaming their bigoted heads off, while the adults around them wait for them to grow up.” Whoa.

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  1. Really Charlie?
    Children are selfish because they have been taught how to safely handle a firearm?
    Bigoted? The right and responsibilities of owning a firearm are colorblind, I would wager there are far more firearms in the possession underaged children in minority communities in this country AT THIS VERY MOMENT then there is in hands of any other demographic your care to mention.
    So while we’re at it don’t hand us the the economic line of bullcrap either.
    Economicly disadvantaged (compared to who? Try politician or judges) communities
    seem have as many firearms as anywhere else.
    Still waiting to hear about recent gangs or individual white people in sheets and hoods having a shooting spree.
    Got that list on ya charlie? We’d love to see it.
    I don’t think anyone disagrees that some law enforcement officers have made horrendously catastrophic decisions in use of deadly force lately. charlie, you and your reporter ilk paint in awfully broad strokes.
    “Retarded” first aren’t you one of those politically correct persons who doesn’t believe in labels for certain individuals?
    Especially derogatory terms? Sorry, government mandated double standard, I forgot.
    It seems to me that one of the defining traits of the retarded is quite often the lack of common sense.
    Do you think going after someone else’s children with slanderous allegations and assumed degoratory labels is sensible?
    Perhaps those children have been taught right from wrong, and to have RESPECT for what a firearm can do. Perhaps they have been taught the concept of RESPONSIBILITY and have been instructed in the use of common sense?
    charlie, maybe these children versed in the responsible conduct with and around firearms might have something to teach you about engaging common sense before passing judgement on others.
    What’s that about retarded?


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