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Courtesy Mayor Deborah Frank Feinen
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On March 13, the city of Champaign Illinois passed an ordinance giving the Mayor Deborah Frank Feinen a range of emergency powers including the authority to order a ban on the sale and transfer of guns. Residents would also be banned from giving firearms or ammunition to others. The move attracted national attention — a lot of it unwanted — for the central Illinois town.

Champaign is one of Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns member cities. And what was Mayor Feinen concerned about during the building Wuhan coronavirus emergency? Gun control.

Thanks to a FOIA request, here’s an email the Mayor forwarded to two people in the Champaign city manager’s office about an upcoming MAIG/Everytown event:

Mayors Against Illegal Guns University is premiering its first web-based training. Learn how your municipality can access millions of dollars in VOCA victim assistance funding and utilize it for gun violence prevention efforts in your community.

Two days before a declaration of a national emergency and the vote to give Mayor Feinen sweeping emergency powers, she was interested in obtaining federal Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) grant money for “gun violence prevention.” Translation: gun control.

As a result of the power grab, the city’s big wigs began to be deluged with complaints from citizens. The Mayor and City Manager were also apparently surprised about the national attention the town had gotten as a result of the emergency powers declaration.

A number of citizens were apparently under the impression that the Mayor had already used her new powers to ban the sale of guns, so the city posted an explanation on its web site. They wanted everyone to know that this was all perfectly normal, lots of cities are giving their executives unprecedented powers.

The City of Champaign is not unique in the language outlined under its orders and regulations. Many cities and states provide for similar listings of emergency powers in the event of a declaration of an emergency by a governor or a mayor. This includes the following Illinois communities: Rockford, Aurora, Normal, Naperville, Northbrook, Peoria, Joliet, Glenview, Glen Ellyn, Centralia, Peoria, and Springfield. Additionally, San Antonio, TX; Minneapolis, MN; Syracuse, NY; Seattle, WA; and the states of Georgia and Florida possess similar language in their emergency orders.

They’d wanted it to be known that all of the dumb rubes in the city speaking up have made their lives difficult.

It is unfortunate that the action taken by City Council to protect the community has been misconstrued in a time when we need clear, accurate information to protect public health.

Here’s a follow-up email from City Manager Dorothy Ann David after a meeting regarding the city’s power grab.


The “fun issue” is likely an autocorrect typo for “gun issue.”

It’s so inconvenient when citizens actually let their betters in city government know when their elected representatives take actions they don’t approve of. Particularly when it affects basic constitutional rights.


A version of this story was originally published at and is reprinted here with permission. 

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  1. Should be clear to everyone now that Illinois is uninhabitable. Illinois is bankrupt, fiscally, morally, and constitutionally. If these constant reminders don’t penetrate your brain, nothing ever will.

    Get out now.

    • Unless Illinoisans (is that the correct word?) are simply ignoring such edicts. Many Californians have taken up the practice of ignoring recently. You know there’s a disconnect and social breakdown between the People and their elected officials when the People begin to ignore them, making them impotent.

      • many Californians? Many??

        I’m not sure I know any that are following the law….

        ….except for me of course.

        • Thank you fair subject ….er… citizen. With your vocal example of obedience … er… respect for the law, we will have a safe and orderly oligarchy…er…. Republic!! Yes!! Republic….. *cough*… peoples’ republic.

        • I am kicking myself for not hijacking that name first.

          The *fun* I could have!

          Hey, is the internet noticeably slower for anyone else? It’s 8:15 EST, and it is *crawling slow* here in Flori-Duh…

          • Also in Fl but running fine @ 9:15, speed test says 230MB download 28MB upload… Run Spectrum 400MB w/houseful of “smart” tvs, xboxs, “smart” phones, computers and other internet dependent crap…

        • Eric Swalwell is a man of the people and a servant of the people! Let his voice be your own!!! **in other words use this sock puppet when ever you want…. just make it entertaining**

      • I Haz a Question,

        The civil disobedience that you describe is so minor that it is bordering on irrelevant. Reference San Jose where the mayor just shut down a firearm store claiming that firearm sales are “non-essential” during the present situation — even though demand and sales have increased something like 1000% which is a de facto demonstration that firearm sales, ownership, and possession at this time are absolutely essential. San Jose police ordered the store to close, the store promptly complied, and the community walked away with their heads-down in defeat. The fact that a few hundred people are sitting at home with “illegal” AR-15s that they acquired 20 years ago means nothing.

        True civil disobedience would publicly tell the Mayor and the San Jose police, “Hell no!,” and keep on a-truckin’.

        This harkens back to the little known “Battle of Athens, Tennessee” in 1946. When corrupt city officials illegally took control of their local election, the community said, “Hell no!,” and literally engaged in an hours-long gunfight with the local city government. When the dust settled, the community prevailed and maintained the integrity of their election. The same needs to happen in California and elsewhere when corrupt local governments violate bedrock principles of a free people, our inalienable rights, our nation, and our federal and state constitutions. We the People need to defend our bedrock principles and prevail.

        • It’s unfortunate that the San Jose Police Chief did not lean on his own oath to support and defend the Constitution. What often happens – following the advice of even pro-2A attorneys and advocates – is that people comply with unlawful actions under threat of arrest, and attempt to regroup and challenge in court.

          In times of emergency such as this, however, TPTB know full well that any challenges will happen further down the road due to the delayed court scheduling, and judges will be more sympathetic to the reasoning of “emergency measures” rather than the Constitution and the rights expressed therein. Hence the wisdom of making your preparations during the years of sunshine, so that you’re ready when the storm comes.

          While I agree with your premise stated above, I will tell you wholeheartedly that I know of multiple people – and this is only within my personal limited sphere – who obtained or assembled their own guns over the past few years hidden from the watchful eye of CADOJ. You know the tongue-in-cheek defiant battlecry from a couple of years ago, “Keep on building anyway!”, when CA imposed serial number and registration requirements for all home assembled 80%-er guns starting July 2018? Many people have continued to build under the radar for precisely a dire day such as this. Not long ago, when a group of us went to the desert to conduct some practice, one member brought out a bunch of P80s, AR-15s, and even AR-10s he had built, none of which were serialized or registered because they were his SHTF guns that he wanted to keep off the table.

        • I Haz a Question,

          I know you mean well and I am not piling-up on you.

          How will a person fare in California if they use a home-built firearm (from an 80% receiver, whether a handgun or rifle) to defend themselves and then police show up on scene? Will police high-five the righteous defender for having the wherewithal to assemble a home-built firearm for self-defense — and then close the case? Or will the police and local prosecutor go to the ends of the earth to crucify this uppity defender for making their own firearm and make an example of him/her?

          Plus, building your own firearm at home is well beyond the technical grasp of many/most people. How does the majority of people (who happen to lack the technical skills to build their own firearm) exercise civil disobedience in any meaningful way when they can neither buy commercially manufactured firearms nor assemble their own?

        • Absolutely
          Dumbocrats should be fixing there States. But thanks to Pelosi and her band of misfits it’s all about them.

        • That seems about normal. These people who walked away when the store was forced to close were either gun owners who simply wanted more ammo but already had some in stock or an anti-gun person who finally realized he has to be responsible for his own safety but still trusts the gov. to do the right thing. Basically, they really did not want that gun bad enough.

          People here in Ca who want guns already have them. I only know of one person who says he wants to arm himself but after years of saying this, still has to take the plunge. I have let him shoot my arsenal so he will have the feel of what handgun and rifle he wants, we have gone through gun safety and I have pointed him to classes he can take but he is still dragging his ass.

          California gun owners have almost given up or moved. I am hoping this recent situation will change their minds that they have to start standing up for their rights.

    • The problem isn’t these idiot liberal politicians. The problem is the large number of idiots who vote these idiots into office.

  2. Could not a pro gun, pro 2nd municipality watch their webinar and use their tactics to secure funds? To promote gun safety through education and youth programs promoting safe use, home defense and general firearms safety. Maybe even use for grants for the poor to purchase firearms for self defense, training classes, and licence fees.

    Use up the allocated funds for good use so they can’t use it against our rights.

  3. Ok, you dont even need to be a history major to understand THIS is when you “do” need to buy guns.

  4. Vote the ………from office. Hold her accountable in the event a person is killed and could not defend themselves.

  5. Is that a five head or a skullet? At the salon when asked how she wanted it cut, did she use her phone to pull up a photo of Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania?

  6. I hope someone records and distributes their webinar online. That would be most epic. Where’s Okeefe when you need him?

  7. I can only assume that the people of Champaign will be taking a long hard look at the citys ordinances and regulations as well as actual Americans to replace their current Communist Mayor and her staff as well as the City Council that voted FOR this crap…

    • Champaign is a university town (U of Illinois), so the progressive left-influenced students will outvote the resident citizens every time. Happened to formerly middle-of-the-road Madison WI after they gave the U of Wisconsin students the vote. Champaign isn’t that big – I used to blow through on I-74 in under five minutes. My view is that if the city government is giving its citizens grief over guns, the citizens can always go next door to Urbana, where I have heard of no such BS going on.

      • Defund the colleges and universities. Seriously. No group of people who doesn’t support Constitution and the Bill of Rights should receive any tax payer funds.

    • What was funny was they’re upset because the “news director changed WOULD to COULD”. They say it is important that the “staff keeps pushing the correct message”. So the message isn’t “would” or “could”? What is it?
      They’re upset because they got caught, not because they’re sorry.

  8. Note the attitude in the emails as they gleefully disregard the common folk.

    They are concerned only with tweaking the language to hide intent.

    • Great observation! I noted that also. They were more about reframing the narrative than worrying about unconstitutional laws….

    • A lot was tough to make out, but I got the overall impression the whole meeting was supposed to be a secret. Which would be the mushroom theory of community service, “feed ’em shit and keep ’em in the dark”.

  9. How to make something more desirable: tell people they can’t have it.

    I think more than a few democrats will remember this and buy a firearm even after this virus mess settles down.

    • I remember that scene. The Separatist plot was exposed, so the Chancellor needed emergency powers to mobilize the clone army.

      The Star Wars Galaxy’s own MSM must have praised Jar Jar to high Heaven!

  10. When you have a Democrat Jim Crow Nazi in charge you should know better than to let that POS ever get into a position to take over your rights. Rest assured these hypocrite tyrants have armed security.
    The bloomberg funded nitwits are releasing criminals and arresting less criminals and leaving you and yours for the wolves.

  11. Why is the Mayor wearing her glasses on her ass? Oops, my bad. That’s her face. Ever notice how Libtard women are always plain jane, scary boring, upchuck butt ugly? And, the conservatives are smokin’ hot? Reference Wretched Madcow for example. Utterly amazing why a Libtard woman would ever need an abortion with those looks. Do they not have mirrors? Or, have they just not read the User Manual on what that mirror should be used for?

  12. I just tried e mailing this hag and p.john whaddyaknow my message was blocked hmmmm

  13. uncommon_sense said, “How will a person fare in California if they use a home-built firearm (from an 80% receiver, whether a handgun or rifle) to defend themselves”
    A good question. I have said before and I say again, what does it matter the legality of the person or his weapon IF he SAVES your life? Time and time again MSM states the good guy had a carry license and a legal gun. I still ask, so what?
    I can only wonder if the MSM and politicians would be asking the same questions if a person had saved their life or the life of one of their family members!
    Does it matter? If anyone and I mean anyone saved my life or the life of anyone in my presence I would want to buy this person a dinner of their choice.
    What am I missing?

    • Around here all the local elections are on odd numbered years so nobody will show up to vote except their cronies.

      But that’s not voter suppression or anything…

    • That is coming. Antifa will be using their Torches. And then they will blame the Republicans.

  14. USA doesn’t have a “gun problem”, it has a huge crime problem. If all the inept ,unqualified, and incompetant at their job mayors (and democrat politicians)would spend that money to remove the true criminals and gangs that do the crimes and violence off of our streets, *instead of trying to ban guns*, they might actually prevent deaths. But since they haven’t a clue on how to prevent CRIME and deal with it’s perpetrators, innocents will continue to die. But they’d rather release prisoners, empmty the prisons and turn the ones that do crimes back on the streets. And that’s truly sad.

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