C&H Precision’s New Speed Feed Grip Plug for GLOCK Pistols

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From C&H Precision . . .

While polymer striker-fired pistols revolutionized the defensive and competition shooting world, there is always room for improvement. Glock – one of the most recognized firearm brand names in the world – has long been the standard for striker-fired pistols. They continue to expand their offerings with new generations of firearms. However, one area with room for improvement on Glock firearms is the cavity in the grip.

Many companies have produced grip plugs for a variety of reasons. One of the first reasons is to keep dirt and debris out of the cavity in the handle. Another reason is that it’s wasted space and can offer a bit of counterbalance to assist in straight and effective shooting or storage. Lastly, many offer an intricate design to assist the feeding of a magazine into the mag well.

C&H Precision aims to solve all three potential uses with their Speed Feed. Made from polymer, aluminum, or brass, the Speed Feed offers exceptional quality. The optimized feed ramp angle for reduced ‘speed reloads’ is built into each model. For law enforcement, competition shooters and EDC users, C&H Precision also offers a polymer Speed Feed that doubles as a backup battery storage compartment. It can hold a battery as large as CR2032 or as small as CR1225; it can supplement power for most pistol optics.

For Law Enforcement and Competition Shooters, the increased weight in a grip can mitigate some recoil. The brass Speed Feed is Precision CNC Machined and weighs 1.8 oz – for G19 – or 2.6 oz – for G17 frames. If a little less weight is required, the Aluminum model is also available.

Currently, Speed Feed is exclusively available for Gen5 G19 or G17-sized frames. To learn more about Speed Feed, please click here.

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  1. How about filling the void with a mix of birdshot and epoxy?

    Would that do the same thing?

    • Functionally probably close enough but removal would be a bitch if you don’t like it. Wonder if these are gen 4 Glock 20/40 compatible.

      • Invert the pistol and fill the cavity with birdshot. Put some glue (need not be epoxy, at least at first) over the shot, tape it shut, and turn it rightside-up so the glue pools and hardens at the base. If you don’t like it, drilling / dremeling / prying out the small glue layer would be very simple.

        • May need to try that as most of these products don’t work with the 4mm backstrap attached. Pretty sure I have some dangerously old/poorly stored birdshot from ages ago.

        • Oh yeah found a partial box submerged a while ago and while the hulls and shot are fine the powder and primer are less than safely functional.

  2. Product looks well made and useful. My older model Glock 20 had a bulbous fixed backstrap that was hard to grip and pointed the weapon high. To fix that the bulbous portion only on the backstrap was cut off and filled with Steel Bed. Before the epoxy set the fix was gripped to conform to my hand and later some checkering was added. It’s bullet proof, no pun intended.
    No need for such a filler on a Sar9, the designers did their homework.

  3. I got some simple polymer grip plugs off of eBay for literally only $5 each. I’m happy with them.

    FWIW, a master instructor (a crusty ex-Marine in his 70s with decades of firearms instruction under his belt) told me to never use a plug because it interferes with the speed of your emergency reloads, as GLOCK designed the butt of the grip to permit your thumb to more reliably grab hold of the mag base to pull it out. I never had an issue, and was able to consistently drop-and-reload in under 1.0 seconds over and over. I prefer to have that space in the grip closed off.

  4. Decided to try a plastic one for my Glock 19 Gen 5. From looks, it could be a bear to remove if I decide I don’t like it, but assume one would remove the backstrap first, then the plug. Weight is an issue, so decided not to go brass or combo. I do have a Vortex Venom red dot which only added a couple of ounces and didn’t disturb the balance in my old hands. My G44 appears to be the same size, but though I’ve experimented with add-ons for my Sigs, decided not to risk it with the G44. Over nearly 10 years (most recent), have learned some good and some HARD lessons about add-ons. But shipping was about the same as unit cost for the plastic unit.

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