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Ceasefire Oregon (courtesy

Gun rights advocates constantly warm about the “slippery slope” from “common sense gun safety laws” to a total gun ban. And rightly so. While anti-gun rights agitators insist that they respect the Second Amendment – even as they violate the Constitution’s prohibition against any and all government infringement on the right to keep and bear arms – they work ceaselessly to undermine it. Simply put, they will not rest until they have degraded Americans’ firearms freedom into oblivion. Proving the point, Ceasefire Oregon has laid out its plans to continue their anti-gun campaign, now that they’ve created a background check for all Beaver State gun sales and transfers. Here’s their master plan . . .

Recommendations for requiring higher standards for gun ownership include

(1) national universal background checks for all firearm sales

(2) prohibition of gun ownership for 10 years if a person has multiple offenses involving misdemeanor violence, alcohol or drug abuse, domestic violence, a domestic violence restraining order or serious juvenile offense.

(3) secure weapons storage

(4) standardized training for concealed handgun license applicants that includes marksmanship proficiency, active shooter training, and conflict resolution.

Ceasefire Oregon supports Dr. Webster’s recommendations to reduce gun violence by enhancing accountability of federally licensed firearms dealers (FFLs). The pipeline of crime guns can be stopped by

(1) requiring security cameras, computerized sales inventory, and other anti-theft measures as are required by other purveyors of dangerous substances such as pharmacies

(2) limiting gun purchases to one gun per month to reduce trafficking and straw purchases

(3) repealing the Gekas amendment of the 1994 Brady Bill that allows FFLs to sell a gun without a background check if the check is not complete in three business days

(4) imposing a waiting period of two weeks between time of sale and possession to deter suicide and impulse shootings.9

Affordable and effective technology exists today that would improve safety standards for guns and gun ownership. This includes

(1) a microstamped code on each bullet that links it to a specific gun

(2) magazine disconnect mechanisms (MDM) that prevent a gun from loading a bullet in the chamber. loaded chamber indicator (LCI or CLI) to show that bullets are still in the gun

(4) “smart guns” with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) or biometric recognition (fingerprint) capability . . .

To reduce the high number of people killed in mass shootings, the sale and possession of military-style rifles and high-capacity magazines should be banned.

Finally, Ceasefire Oregon and the Ceasefire Oregon Education Foundation call on President Obama to appoint a National Director of Gun Violence Prevention Policy. Over 30,000 Americans die every year from gunfire. Appointing a National Director to focus solely on gun violence prevention would give the necessary attention needed to reduce these largely preventable deaths.

Setting aside the inanity (e.g., microstamped bullets), it’s quite the wish list, eh? “Higher standards” for lowered gun rights! The fight to defend and extend Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected gun rights will never end, as long as its enemies strive to destroy it. Period. [h/t TVM]

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  1. I’m willing to be reasonable with them.

    New guns can have the worthless microstamp firing pin in exchange for the full repeal of the NFA and nationwide concealed carry.

    • Yeah I’ve offered up that bargaining chip as a “compromise” before on things like UBCs. The answer is always…. no response.

      Of course I don’t intend on compromising. GFY.

    • Not one more inch!!

      But I would accept this compromise if every new gun with that worthless microstamping firing pin comes with a metal file!

        • Actually, I had that gun with me, disassembled, when I had a boating accident. I managed to save the entire gun except for the firing pin. Oh, darn, and I so loved that microstamp, it was what made the gun work so fine! Still, I’ve had to make do with a new one.

  2. So magazine disconnects prevent a gun from loading a bullet in the chamber? Wow, the things you can learn from those “gun safety” savants. Seriously, would you take safe driving advice from someone who thinks the “accelerator” is what you use to make the window wipers go faster? Or who thinks a 20-gallon gas tank is “high capacity” and we could save fuel if gas tanks were limited to 10 gallons–since once you empty them, they are “used up”?

  3. What a crock!
    If these wackos ever got their way, we might as well give up our guns, and buy some spears and hatchets.
    This micro stamping bullets is the worst idea that ever came down the pike!
    What would they do about folks that roll their own on a bullet press, or cast bullet from a mold?
    We should tell these people to not let their “Mockingbird” mouth overload their “Hummingbird”
    ass hole!
    Speaking of bullets………………Did anyone watching the other nights episode of the “Black List” notice that there was no rifling on the spent retrieved assassins bullets!

    • Just to clarify for you… the micro-stamping scheme would imprint a number on the firing pin of the guns, so that when a bullet is fired, the number is pressed into the primer, not the actual bullet.

      Still a stupid idea that would do nothing for crime.

      • California’s microstamping rules require a stamp on the primer (imprinted by the firing pin) AND a stamp on the fired brass before it is ejected. Can you believe that? Requiring a technology that doesn’t even exist is lunacy!!

      • Except, that’s not what the summary says.

        It says microstamped bullets.

        They likely don’t know what microstamping actually means or does, they just know they want it.

        • They don’t know what “bullets” are, they are using “bullet” where we would say “cartridge”. They did the same thing when the said a magazine disconnect prevents a “bullet” from being loaded into the chamber.

      • I’m pretty sure that I saw a thing about actually micostamping bullets! Argument being that wheels guns wouldn’t leave any evidence if the shooter did not eject their empties, and why would they, 6 should do the trick!
        It’s mind boggling to think of all the paperwork and expense attached to such a stupid idea!

        • People with suggestions such as this should be informed that if the voting public wants it, the voting public should pay for it, thus higher taxes. See how that flies, since the whole idea is obviously to cause shooting sports to be unaffordable.

  4. Absolute morons. Every last one of them.

    I wish Oregon had done a better job of keeping all of the Californians out for the last 30 years or so…

    • It’s too bad the rain didn’t keep them out. My relatives tell me that people keep moving to Portland with no real job opportunities and excessively expensive housing. Then they complain about the rain. Of course southern Oregon is not nearly as wet, but they still seem to head to Portland.

      • It’s only excessively expensive because people (like me, BTW) sell their hyper-inflated house in Cali and are willing to spend anything in Oregon because the home prices here actually look cheap in comparison.

        • Same thing here in “The Peoples Socialist Republik of Travis Kounty’: aka: “Moscow on the Colorado” (Austin TX).

          All the displaced Prunepickers come here with their Kalifornikate house sales money and overpay for overpriced homes here; thereby driving home prices way above what they’re actually worth; meanwhile bringing their LibSoc ways with them. 🙁

        • No, a large part of why housing is expensive is because the same liberals who want imaginary technology in guns want the latest technology in every house, and think that the resulting housing units that sell for $180+ are “affordable housing”; another is that with urban growth boundaries the result is trying to put more housing in a vanishing supply of land, which drives prices up.

      • Reminds me of a letter I got from an Aunt in Washington state last week, she said it only rained twice last week! first for three days, then for four!

  5. I read nothing in their playbook which connects to criminal use. In every case these speak only to the law-abiding and create a less-safe situation. I’ve not seen any facts which display a three-day wait/release has directly led to crime. And the suicide thing, this is not a firearm related issue. They expose their ignorance by even discussing it.

  6. Loaded chamber indicators are great. If someone is familiar enough with guns to understand what it is they are looking at. Otherwise it is a complete waste of time and adds further complexity to a simple device.

    • I had a legitimate usage for an LCI once. The front sight had become dislodged on my Ruger LC9. I lined up the rear sight with the LCI. I went to the range and adjusted my elevation “Kentucky” style. The LCI worked just fine a s a front sight.

      Then I actually replaced the front sight and stopped goofing around with the LCI.

      • I disabled mine for fear of snags, the viewing port which allows you to see a case is loaded while locked up is adequate for any non-moron.

  7. These people who say they support the 2nd amendment and only want gun control,are nothing more than liars..They want gun control so they can try and ban this and confiscate that,little by little until guns are banned..That’s their end game,period.

  8. Two questions I ask: (1) What is it about the Second Amendment that you respect? (2) What is it about the Second Amendment you don’t like?

    In a nutshell, that would tell you exactly where they’re coming from.

  9. Will oregon ever have ccw reception ??
    Maglimit only don e one thing, people carry to big caliber for mostley of them then ^^

  10. Nope nada never.
    Not a reasonable compromise on their part being offered.
    Screw em. Just more I want I want.

  11. “President Obama to appoint a National Director of Gun Violence Prevention Policy.”

    Yep, that will fix everything, a socialist statist fascist appointing yet another “Czar” to monitor the actions of the proletariat.

  12. “To reduce the high number of people killed in mass shootings, the sale and possession of military-style rifles and high-capacity magazines should be banned.”

    Sale & possession. So they admit they are coming for our guns. Good to know.

    • Still seems more effective to just outlaw killing. Haven’t heard why that is not acceptable, sorta like “why not just get in the running car?”

  13. Background checks get pushed first because they’re an easy sell to a gullible populace. As we’ve seen before, the anti-gun zealots do not stop at background checks. CA, NYC, NJ, LA, and others are clear examples. Mag limits, CCW restrictions, “safe” lists, microstamping and unreliable smart guns are the next stage. Once the gun grabbers get a new round of gun control measures, they celebrate momentarily and wait until the next school shooting before warming up the next round of gun control. If they even wait that long. There’s no compromise, and the gun grabbers offer us nothing whilst raising prices on guns and ammo and passing new laws in the attempt to make us criminals.

    Any anger we show at their tyranny is closely monitored and celebrated. Thankfully we already have mass non-compliance with idiotic gun laws, but the fact that they remain on the books nationwide is clearly cause for concern. A pro-gun POTUS is critical in 2016. At least the lefties like Hrod are being honest about their gun control hopes.

    • The LibSoc gun haters’ idea of “compromise” goes like this:

      “You accept this ‘small, common sense’ step at Gun Control —- and we’ll hold off on the _other_, ‘larger’ steps for later on.”

      “Repeat as necessary until only we ‘Elites’ are armed.”

    • Seems like (maybe I’m wrong) a lot of right-coast Republicans are a bit weak on their 2A credentials as well, although I can see them declaring that was only because it was necessary to get elected.

  14. When women project hope into a belief and become swayed by men citing good for the children, nothing good comes of it.

  15. Oh please. Please, please, please let the SHTF even on a small scale for a brief period of time (perhaps a bit larger than Ferguson/Baltimore) if only to expose the idiocy of our opponents and their frivolousness of their nefarious agenda. Just the fact that a large number of those that seek to disarm us would be left vulnerable, unable to rely on what would be no doubt the law enforcement community they’re so dependent upon being stretched so thin a majority of calls would go unanswered thus resulting in not only a thinning of THEIR (our enemies) numbers but culminating with (as we have seen after many “natural disasters” with new “preppers”), a boon of fence-sitters and the previously uninformed/unconcerned coming over to our side.

      • I’ve been called an optimist BUT I don’t see our opponents EVER coming over to our side, to do so they would have to admit EVERYTHING they’ve ever espoused is wrong and THAT’S a mortal sin in the religion of Liberalism. I do have hope the fence-sitters and those who haven’t been paying close attention to the diabolical disarmament termagants and emasculated males that are regularly given so much publicity by the vehemently anti-gun Liberal Media WILL “see the light” and join us in the fight to preserve our 2nd Amendment Rights (it’s why I ALWAYS talk “self-defense” and “what if” with those who haven’t given it much if any thought and have won over a few, particularly middle-aged females, who I deem our most important constituency)

    • That’s what I’m thinking. Either that, or some home-grown idiocy like “any pistol with a greater than [insert number here]-round capacity”.

  16. When you read the master plan, you find the majority of the talking points and the reference material is generated by Bloomberg’s alma mater, Johns Hopkins, where he has endowed a gun control public health center with $50 million, and donated over $1B to the university.

    This makes Concealed Oregon nothing more than another sockpuppet group paid for by Bloomberg, who has funded citizen propositions for elections in Washington, Colorado, Nevada, tried to overturn Sheriff David Clarke in Milwaukee County, and now has his fingers in VA state Senate race, to support Democrate Governor Terry McAullife’s gun grab there.

    The question really needs to be asked- Do Americans really want the most liberal ex-Mayor of New York, who has bragged about trying to destroy the NRA, compared 2A rights citizens in Colorado to back country hicks, at the same time as hastily retracting his comments at Aspen about black on black gun homicides, to run this country with his payola to politicians, and fake groups of Moms Demanding Action?

    I predicted a year ago we would see coordinated and well-funded gun control groups colluding under the radar, for one last gun grab, for Obama’s legacy. This is not a tin-foil hat conspiracy now, but a serious threat. The question is, whether the StateRunMedia has the interest in reporting on the story, or if they are in the bag for Bloomberg.

    • If that happens, I hope whatever agency the jackass designates as responsible for enforcing his silliness is smart enough to stand up and say “No, sir, I will not do that.”. Otherwise, I’d predict they may start dying.

  17. People here have called them morons, but I suggest being a bit more careful before underestimating their enemy.
    While I’m sure they may be confusing some terms here and there, the end game is far more deliberate and insidious than that.

    Here’s their list translated into the native tongue of the Hoplophobe:
    1. Eliminate all private sales without government oversight. Ban all future transactions by obfuscating the process, increasing taxes, and eliminating legal alternatives. Create database of owners to verify compliance to any taxes collected. (See the final goal.)
    2. Reduce volume of available arms through private sales by forcing purchase limits. Force businesses to close by reducing sales. Utilize information collected to enforce limitations as a database of owners. (See rule #1)
    3. Create a ban on all sales and transactions by allowing infinite time to complete government registration/background verification. (See rule proposal #1.) (See Chicago handgun registration circa 1982.)
    4. Dissuade gun purchasers from gun and ammo purchases by enforcing arbitrary wait times.

    T1. Require new and expensive technology to increase cost and decrease profitability in hopes to dissuade new purchases and force manufacturers out of business
    T2. Require new and expensive technology to increase cost and decrease profitability in hopes to dissuade new purchases and force manufacturers out of business
    T3. There is no T3. But… I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the same as T1, T2, and T4.
    T4. Require new and expensive technology to increase cost and decrease profitability in hopes to dissuade new purchases and force manufacturers out of business

    and last…
    Set ‘legal’ precedence to ban sales and transfers of all guns and equipment, confiscate items already owned, and incarcerate for non-compliance to such bans based on loose legal descriptions with arbitrary conditions that can be used to describe any device. Use bans, registration databases, taxes, and collected effects of all previous provisions to create total civilian disarmament.

    • This is exactly right. The plan has always been to look concerned about the well-being and safety of people by offering up common sense “compromises”, and then letting the negative externalities of those policies do the work that they actually wanted done.

  18. Affordable and effective technology exists today that would improve safety standards for guns and gun ownership. This includes

    (1) a microstamped code on each bullet that links it to a specific gun

    Which is useless in the case of a revolver or if the shooter retrieves then spent casings.

    (2) magazine disconnect mechanisms (MDM) that prevent a gun from loading a bullet in the chamber. loaded chamber indicator (LCI or CLI) to show that bullets are still in the gun

    Which reduces crime how, exactly?

    (4) “smart guns” with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) or biometric recognition (fingerprint) capability

    Which reduces crime how, exactly?

    To reduce the high number of people killed in mass shootings, the sale and possession of military-style rifles and high-capacity magazines should be banned.

    First, you only seem to care about large groups of people getting shot, you don’t seem to have any concern for the bad guys at all.

    Second, what does the style have to do anything? Does having a military-style truck make you more or less safe on the roads?

    Third, where did you get the idea that the capacity of a magazine has anything to do with what criminals do with a firearm? Why would you think that criminals would only have a single magazine available?

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