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As you may have guessed, YouTuber NeverEnuffAmmo is not a huge fan of Dick’s Sporting Goods. I can’t say that I am, either. The Bee Cave DSG gun counter is lonelier than a Jew at a Christians for Israel convention (don’t ask me how I know). If you can find a salesman, he knows less about guns than Ladd Everitt. I’ve seen worse. A Rhode Island gun store owner once made fun of me in front of his cop buddy for insisting that he stop pointing a shotgun at my stomach. “How long have I been selling guns?” he asked Officer Triple Chin. “Haven’t shot a customer yet,” he joked. Punchline: “Not that I didn’t want to.” What was your worst experience at a gun store?

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  1. Worst gun store experience was at the Target World north of Cincinnati. No RSO presence on their indoor range when I was there, and I had to stop somebody from putting rounds into the ceiling, because they couldn’t understand how handgun sights work. Not to mention that the range was filthy and poorly ventilated. I have never returned, though I hear rumors that they were revamping their indoor range after Point Blank popped up. It’s a far cleaner facility, if a bit pricey.

    • ” rounds into the ceiling,….poorly ventilated.”
      Sounds like one problem was getting itself worked out.

      • hehehe, ohh that made me laugh! Cept for the leaks, its not the worst solution. when you run a range, you always have a high chance of new shooters present, cause they don’t know anywhere else to shoot. a RSO on duty at all times there is a customer present is MUST!

    • They did revamp it. Looks nice enough but still no RSO to be seen and had to show a guy who rented an AR how to run it because they didn’t show him. (He didn’t even use the sights to shoot it) but I go on like a Tuesday night and I’m the only one there so it’s ok.

  2. Gander Mountain. I don’t know how they sell any firearms. 3 people behind the counter. One is always on the phone. The other two are shooting the chit with their buddy they call to buy up all the 22lr when shipments arrive.

    • I’ll second that. Almost 2 hours to make purchase – and I bear a concealed weapons permit!
      Never again unless/until it’s the last gun store on the planet.

      • Third,
        My first gun purchase was from Gander. Glock 22 with adjustable sites clerk sold me a display model. Got home and clerk hadn’t checked to make sure all items were present. I ended up having to contact glock customer service to get the missing parts since Gander wouldn’t correct the mistake.

        I now check the manual in the case to verify the listed items with what’s present. Never again now go to my LGS which has better prices

    • My worst experience was also at a Gander Mountain. Mine was slightly different. I was the firearms supervisor for the store. When the District Manager told me that it was more important for my department to hire good “sellers” and less important to hire individuals that are experts in the field I decided it was time to move on. Let alone the fact that we were judged less on our ability to sell firearms and fill out paperwork properly than we were to sell “Gander Mountain Firearms Protection Plans” and Credit cards. I couldn’t have been more happy the day that I turned in my two weeks.

    • IIRC, you’re a western New Yorker… was this at the gander Mt. in Tonawanda? Because that place sucks.

    • The selection at gander mountain is fantastic IF you can get some help. There were more employees at the counter than customers and i still had to take a number. (about twenty behind what the ticker was reading.) only reason i got any service was because one of the employees overheard me cursing what bullshit it was. It’s a gun store run by people who have never actually been in a gun store.

      That being said, I would probably still go there to test fit if no one else had something in stock. But I’d call up my LGS to order it.

  3. Bought a single-shot .22 at Wal-mart once. Between finding someone to do the BGC, doing the BGC, finding someone to walk the gun out of the store, and actually walking it out, I thought I was never going to get out of there. Never thought about buying one there again.

  4. Pointed a shotgun at you on purpose? After asking him to point it someplace else. File an assault complaint, let the court sort it out.

  5. Being ignored at Academy. Just me and one salesman, who was about two feet away, pushing paper. He never looked up, never spoke to me, nada.

    Took my son into Gander Mountain. Son works at a “Mom and Pop” gun store, with less inventory than Gander Mountain. I thought he’d be like a kid in a candy store, but he got angry. He noticed that two salesmen were ignoring two customers, and the prices marked on guns his store sold were priced at full M.S.R.P..

    I haven’t tried to buy a gun at Dick’s. but have tried to buy tennis shoes. First, I had to fish a salesperson out of the stock room. Then, he couldn’t find my size. I left empty handed, and bought elsewhere. As far as their clothing, same stuff is available at Target. I know I won’t get any sales help there, but I really don’t need to fill out a background check for athletic clothing.

    • Gander is always MSRP on everything. I have no idea how they sell guns or who to, unless they have a dedicated clientele who has no capacity to comparison shop.

      • Plenty of people assume that big box stores have better prices on everything and can’t be bothered to look elsewhere.

        • Instant gratification is a big part of it too…You’d be amazed at the amount of people who will spend an extra $100-$200 or more to get a certain gun today than order from a local gun shop, I know, I own one. I do love the look on peoples faces when I tell them what I would have charged them for whatever it is they bought…I make more than a few customers that way, but there are always those who, if it’s gonna take 2-3 days…nah, they’ll just go to gander and spend the extra buck n a half…consumers consuming.

      • Big box stores are a lot nicer than every gun store I have been inside. Typically they are dark, cramped, bars on the windows, and uninviting. Feel more Like a shady dive bar than a store.

        • Yeah some of them can seem pretty sketchy. I found a real nice one near me run by a retired LEO. It’s so good, prices are low and the people are nice.

          The selection isn’t huge, but you can always go to Gander to take a Gander, then order from the local guy.

      • The Gander Mountain location in my area is usually overpriced. But now and then a used gun pops up in the display case for a very reasonable price. I bought my VG condition Smith & Wesson K38 for $179, a Glock 34 with 3 mags and a Lone Wolf barrel with original case for $299. And I found a Smith & Wesson 4566 TSW for $289. Field stripped that gun and found that it had never been fired. But you literally have to be right there when they put those priced guns in the case.

  6. Just before my 21st birthday this summer. I wanted to buy a 10/22, so I visited Solar Tactical in Livermore, CA. When I walk in the door, there are two sales people shooting the shit with some friends. They immediately stop talking, and eye me suspiciously. One asks me “how old are you?”

    No “how can I help you” or “what do you need today,” just the immediate “how old are you”

    I tell the sales person that I’m 20, and I’m looking for a 10/22. He reluctantly goes and gets a takedown model, which isn’t what I wanted. The whole experience left me feeling like they really didn’t want to sell a gun to me.

    So I left, and drove the extra 20 minutes to Tracy Rifle and Pistol. Which has become, hands down, my favorite gun store.

    • I hate when people underestimate your knowledge and abilities based on your appearance. Im young and skinny. It does not mean “you would jam a .45 if you ever shot one because you could not handle the recoil.” Thats what someone at my LGS said to me. I handle them fine and that shop didn’t get my business.

  7. Rural King

    Went up to their counter and asked to look at a Glock 21. Guy at the counter told me I didn’t want that, I should look at a Sig….at twice the price. Said that’s what he carried when he was a cop. He kept going on and on about Sigs and how good they are, etc. I wanted to ask to see the hi point pistol they had in the display case and test how well one works as a bludgeon.

    • I have had similar experiences with rural king. Usually being told not to buy “plastic” guns. I over heard one conversation where the clerk was telling someone not to waste money on a gun when you can just carry a knife or screw driver for defense. However, the majority of the time, their prices are the best in town.

      • That’s the thing, they have GREAT prices on their guns(especially sale prices), I would just rather not have to put up with the d-bag at the counter if they’re all like the guy I talked to.

    • As a salesman at the gun counter at Rural King, I’m not surprised by this at all. The only requirement to work the GC is being over 21. Of the 4 regular people the work the counter, myself and one other are the only ones who can tell you the differences between a SA/DA, DAO, or striker fired pistols. As a gun salesman, I try to help find guns that will work for a person’s lifestyle, finances, how they plan on using the firearm, etc. I do my best to not put my opinion into a person’s purchase, unless it is asked of me, then I give them the best advise I can and often times direct them to TTAG

  8. The Cabelas in Tualatin. I saw a gun on my “Oh yeah, I’ve been looking for one of those” list. So I stood in line after they did the preliminary paperwork.
    Then I sat down. I watched 3 employees examine a long gun for about a half an hour. Mind you, I hadn’t filled out a 4473 yet.
    An hour later they called me up to fill out the 4473. At the pace they were “working” I figured it would take a couple more hours, so I left.
    I was the only customer there in the “I’m buying a firearm” area.

    • Cabela’s doesn’t rank very high in service sometimes, but I like the fact that they give veterans 5% off, and I never have had to show my DD-214 yet.

    • Have you ever been to “The gun room” in Portland? Every single trip into that place was my worst gun store experience on one level or another.

      • The gun room is if you are looking for classic/or higher value stuff. Especially shotguns or rifles. If you want cheap or plastic he doesn’t have time for you.

        • The last time I was in there his “classics” were rough and about 30% over top price for a mint condition example.

  9. Sportsmans Warehouse, doing their level best to perpetuate every single obnoxious old fat white guy stereo type. Not only is their customer service some of the worst, the guys they have working the counter are typical “I know everything” assholes spouting off their opions as fact or the law of the land.

    Against my better judgement I tried to grab a 870 from them after my fist attempt at buying a super blackhawk several months earlier. Waited 45 min for a clerk (maybe it wouldn’t take so long if they weren’t so busy telling the guy in front of me that knows what he wanted what the best of the best is) who looks at me with this deer in the headlights face, then doesn’t know if the 870 I’m pointing at is an 870 so we wait even longer for him to find a point to interrupt the other clerk that’s droning on to some lady how the sig she’s looking at isn’t a “womans gun.” I insisted it was but dude made us wait until he could verify with his co worker (surprise it was!).

    Then kid goes on to tell me how my money is better spent on a mossy or beretta. I ask how much for the gun I want and he gives me a decent price. Ask to look at it. Get the price quote again. The guy still hasn’t handed me the damn shotgun yet so we just kinda stare at each other awkwardly for a moment. I tell him that I came into his store for one reason that day, I needed this shotgun for duck season.

    I go on to explain that he somehow managed to take a for sure sale and piss it away as I was leaving for Discount guns who had the same 870 for about 30 bucks more down the street. I kinda thought that my first attempt to buy a pistol from them was a fluke and I caught someone on an off day but after the last trip they are one of the top stores for bullshit service.

    A lot of gun stores have “those people” behind the counter that like to play expert on everything but I’ve never seen it taken to the almost satirical level that Sportsmans did. Not that Discount minds, they get all my business now.

    • Really? I’ve purchased 3 handguns from sportsmans. And walked a friend through his first gun purchase as well. No pressure, very helpful. Everyone working their gun counter is former military or police, and almost all of them hunt. They are familiar with all types of firearms. If you want a Taurus they’ll sell you a Taurus. You want to look at 20 guns, they’ll show you 20 guns. They know what they have and in what caliber. I’ve never heard them tell someone not to buy a certain gun because another was better, or their favorite. The only hold up I’ve ever had is waiting for a second clerk to double check the 4473 and look at my drivers license. They are very serious about getting the paperwork done properly and sell guns to legal individuals. Only place I’ve had a better experience is at my LGS. Very helpful and no pressure as well

    • NSFW is foolishly outdated as an acronym. I have heard that comment (“sucks dick”) and a whole lot worse/more obscene from the mouths of average women in just the last week.

    • Funny thing, from way, way back in the day I had understood that the phrase “that sucks” meant exactly what the vid title says. I recall a Vanderbilt fan’s anti-Univ. of Tennesee bumper sticker “No fruit Sucks Like The Big Orange” from my college days in the 70s. And the people that used that phrase understood it to mean that too. The way it has since crept into the mainstream language to the point that schoolteachers use it , kids use it, virginal church nursery workers use it (like my daughter, for instance), people who won’t own a TV because of its evil influence use it–well, I would say it’s amusing, but I really am not particularly amused by it. Same with “that bites”, comes from the same source, referring to the same sexual activity–and now enjoying the same linguistic popularity.

      • My dad told me that Little Richard was considered vile, and “whop bobby loo la ba lop bam boo” was the sort of thing that would get you arrested…

  10. I’ve never honestly walked into a retail gun seller and bought anything. Of the 30 or so firearms I’ve owned I bought all of them out of pawn shops, gun shows, gun broker, or just face to face.

    At that point I don’t really have much in the way of expectations, so I can’t really speak of much in the way of an ‘experience’.

  11. I was hoping for an Israeli Super Model when I clicked on the Ladd Everitt link, not knowing who he was. Disappointment doesn’t adequately describe my reaction.

  12. At Gander Mtn. I was helping my mom look for her first handgun. We walked up to the counter right in front of a clerk and stood there looking at guns. He didn’t even look at us.

      • If I’m actively talking and looking at the products I shouldn’t have to if the guy is standing right in front of me. A good salesman would have at least said hello.

      • It doesn’t take genius-level sales skills to acknowledge the customer’s presence. Being ignored by sales/services personnel is one of my pet peeves. It quickly becomes obvious when a company is either hiring wrong, training wrong, or both.

        • I work at a certain large box store, and I’ll gladly share some of my experiences from the other side of the counter. My job is to actually do the background checks, and all of the paperwork associated. I am actually separated from our gun counter when it comes to our structure. So imagine this: all of my gun counter guys are busy and there are actually lines behind them to get help, I’m in a relatively separated area but still close by. You want service so you go up to me and ask to see some guns. There are two possible outcomes here.

          A) I help you look at some guns, play salesman for a while, you waffle and don’t actually buy anything because you came to “just look at something.” Meanwhile all those people that were being helped by my gun guns are now standing around waiting for someone like me to finish their background checks, and they are 6 deep because I’m helping you look at guns and they’re getting pretty irritated about waiting too.

          B) you be patient and wait for the gun guys to get to you when they can, and then let me deal with the background checks that I am about to be deluged with because they’re busy as all get out. The net being everyone as a whole getting timely and competent service, but you yourself are not immediately helped like you think you ought to be.

          Also, in my case, if I am ignoring you its because I’m either already helping someone, doing the paperwork that’s required under federal, state, and local law, or doing something else that is very important that’s needed by my manager. No I don’t have keys to the scopes. No I don’t have keys to the handguns. No I can’t help you with the air guns, or cut those arrows down for you, or even with a tree stand.

          I see a lot of griping about store employees and experiences here, but one thing I’d love to see is gripes from the other side of the counter about customers because quite frankly some that I’ve dealt with have been real doozies.

  13. Was young (many years ago), new to AR’s and was having fte issues. Asked guy at counter what he thought, said I probably needed a new BCG. They had a “brand new in package” Colt one they could sell me for a crazy high price. Got home and looked at the BCG and noticed it had a bunch of wear marks on it. Immediately went back to the store, but they wouldn’t take it back. But they WOULD sell me the NEW upper it came out of for a “good price”. I liked the upper, so I bought it. Took it home and saw the upper was nothing like new, dirty inside and had marks from mounting various items on it. Decided I’d had enough and went back to accept nothing less than a return. After an hour of negotiating manager agreed to return, but said “I can’t return sales tax because we don’t get that back”. Finally next day I spent another hour or so talking to the owner and finally got all my money back.

    Vowed to never go back, but fortunately they are under new management and have good people working there now.

  14. I work at the LGS.

    Customer walks in with a gun he bought from his buddy and he couldn’t get it to work. GLOCK chambered in 45 GAP, .45 ACP ammo, GLOCK 17 (9mm) magazine.

    • Proof positive there are some folks who shouldn’t own firearms, and their complexity turns out to be a vauable safety feature.

      • Not a creature yet ever born holding a firearm, everybodys gonna need to get up to speed before their up to speed, and some people have a real big fly wheel and it takes them longer to spool up. Many of those people really get it better when they do. Everything dangerous needs special and specific training and patience.

    • I got a third magazine for a firearm once. In the wrong caliber. And the wrong make. And the make of the third mag was Taurus.

    • I don’t suppose you know where your ‘friend’ got this gun?

      Cause that reminds me of what the police find with confiscated guns.

      • Sounds like a stolen gun, to me. Way, WAY back when CB radios and 8-tracks (and their theft) were big in the auto industry, a friend tried to sell me and another friend a “really nice” used CB radio that he was “sure” wasn’t stolen. When we went to look at it, it had no mounting bracket and the power and antenna cables had been cut off (would have taken several seconds to disconnect). Both of us instantly told him it was stolen and walked away. That is about as obvious as this example is.

  15. Bass Pro shops in Cincy. I’ve stood there for 30 minutes waiting for the guys behind the counter to come over and ask me if I needed help. A couple of times I stood there and watched the guys behind the counter and finally just gave up and left. The hole thing was a ridiculous ordeal.

    • Tire kickers of every variety can soften every sales force eventually. Gotta be polite and patient, but engaging.
      Can’t stand prior/off duty LEOs playing “keys to the kingdom” in doleing out the guns, they need to follow the above too.

  16. My worst experience comes in retrospect of changing times .
    In 1989 I was visiting a friend who had a small gun store and he had a beautiful 357 Colt Python hunter with a 8 inch barrel and scoped and he wouldn’t take less than $ 2,500.00 for and I was a little cash weak at the time and even more stubborn than I am now so I walked away smugly . De de de moment .

  17. Vance’s in Columbus Ohio. Had to fill out the forms three times because they didn’t like some of my handwriting/printing. Never spent so long at a gun shop to purchase a firearm.

    • There’s a reason for that. The ATF is notorious for finding any small problem and making it into an issue. “That looks like an S not a 5 to me.” Or “I can’t tell what they wrote for the date.” When clearly everyone can tell. Generally the solution is to use the e-check system, but also for customers to actually take their time and write neatly and clearly in the first place. We don’t want to make you redo the form, but we have to if what you did is completely illegible.

  18. I was in Turner’s Outdoors in Signal Hill CA. There was a petite young woman trying to buy a particular pistol. The sales staff was so condescending to her, I walked out. I started researching the FFL acquisition process and in a few months opened for business. I did it from my house and specialized in internet transfers, primarily Gunbroker. A few months later, the petite woman was filling out a 4473 in my office complaining about how she was treated at Turners. She didn’t remember me from that day. Turns out, she was Long Beach PD. Not long after, a bulk of my business was from her referral.

    Customer service is paramount.

    I held my FFL for eight years and did quite well until I left that God forsaken state.

    • A big part of me, reading your story and being able to relate to it myself, makes me thankful for this question of the day. I have thought quite a lot about getting an FFL and starting my own business. The times I have been into the big box stores around my area, and even the smaller gun shops that I’ve been to… I know I could offer better customer service than these places.

  19. Specialty Sports in Colorado Springs, CO. I’ve visited a couple dozen times over the course of 10yrs, and every time I wonder why I didn’t remember the last outrageous experience. The huge selection of firearms draws me in, but the laughably terrible customer service drives me out. They’re as rude as it gets, to all customers. I’ve seen them make smartass comments to youth and elderly, new shooters and old vets, active duty in uniform (Ft Carson and Peterson AFB are a stone throw away), everyone. There’s no telling how many potential new enthusiasts have walked in, had a salesman scoff at their lack of knowledge or inquisitive nature, and walk out, never to return.

    • That’s really surprising to me. I’ve never gotten that kind of treatment from them, and I’ve never even observed that kind of treatment of others. There are a couple of people behind the counter who don’t know WTF they are talking about, and one of the co-owners will talk about pending legislation like it’s 20 times worse than it actually is, but that’s different from rudeness of this level.

      • It’s possible I saw the worst when I visited. There was a 6yr break between my last visit (this summer) and the previous visits (2006-2009 timeframe). 06-09 were the worst. I didn’t see much improvement this summer, but they were also busy on a Saturday morning.

        Now that the Springs has a Bass Pro (or is it cabelas?) and an indoor shooting range on the north side (in addition to the one near peterson), maybe they’ve had to lure in customers.

        It’s a great store, in terms of firearms selection and accessories. That’s the only reason I long to visit whenever I’m passing through.

    • Agreed. I’ve had some decent experiences there over the years, but like you said, I generally received or overheard at least one comment that made me take my money elsewhere.

      For example, as a person of color, I don’t want to walk into a gun store and be acknowledged by anyone with “Yo Yo Yo! What’s up dawg, looking at picking up a gat today?” when I’ve never heard them say anything like that to anyone else (Jesus, I sound like some sort of social justice warrior). Their price gouging a few years ago sealed the deal, and I haven’t been back since.

      Shootin’ Den is my store of choice these days. The staff is friendly, prices are fair, and the selection is decent for a smaller store.

      I have mixed feelings about American hunting in Salida. If I drop in there every other week, and often buy their high priced firearms that no one else is touching (I’m looking at you Arsenal SAM7SF), I’d like to walk in there once without being asked if it’s my first time in. On the other hand, they’re polite, and they usually have hard to find items in stock. I can let go of the fact that they don’t remember me when they have Gen II Kel-Tec sub2000’s in stock for below MSRP.

      As for my worst gun store experience, while buying 2 boxes of ammo at Wal-Mart a few months back, the woman behind the counter verified my age on my ID for the first one, approved it and handed my ID back. She then scanned the second box, looked at me and said, “It says I have to verify your age, so can I see your ID again?”. I don’t think a single person in line behind me held their laugh in.

      • Man, don’t sweat them jive turkeys, bro-ham. Ain’t no thing but a chicken wing! You dig, cuz? Keep it rill.

        I always find it both strange and amusing when white dudes try to talk black to black dudes.

  20. A gun store in the northwest of Denver area that boasts a large NFA/Full Auto collection.

    I had bought a Tavor from them a bit earlier without incident, even though they had a reputation of being unfriendly to non LEO types.

    It’s said they specialize in selling guns to LEOs and don’t like selling to “civvies”, (I know, I know) even though they advertise incessantly on local radio to “everyone”.

    With my first experience with the Tavor , I figured the rumors were overblown.

    I was in the middle of building a more target – oriented AR, and they’re the only place I know of that stocks AR parts in this area.

    So I got some from the bins and was looking around while three employees kissed the ass of some leathery old guy who was telling “cop stories”… of the nature of “So I tell the guy to get on the ground face down and what does he do?? Moron sits on the ground!” Hilarity all around.

    Between the tales of bravado, I slip in and ask one of the employees if they have any 20 inch 5.56 barrels.

    Wrong question.

    All four of them start laughing… one of them folds his arms and regains his composure and gets dead serious like I just kicked his dog…”We don’t stock that shit. Our customers are *tactical*, get it?” He points to a SBR hanging by velcro straps from the ceiling (another clue that locals will get) and sounds it out.. “Tac-ti-cal.”

    I toss the parts onto the counter as I just hear the retired cop guy imitate me in a falsetto as I leave “eeeh gut a twenny inch barrel?” and they all start chuckling it up again.

    Sucks to lose a local shop where I can get stuff like springs / pins / gas tubes etc when I need them, but I’ll never darken their door again.

    I don’t really understand it though. I’m not a lookie – loo, I actually buy stuff, I collect, and not cheap stuff. I figured in the kind of customer a LGS would want to retain.

    But “firing” your customers because they aren’t LEOs? I guess the guy has enough money and is doing it for the brotherhood.

    Oddly enough, the local police supply store *helped* me get an order of pmags in before the ban, and was pleasant as could be even though once again I was probably the only non LEO in the shop.

    Still don’t understand the attitude, and am still disappointed because I wanted a local shop that I could get a suppressor through soon too. Oh well.

    • … Bluecore Shooting Center in Lakewood, CO? I’ve been there. I went in looking for G19 magazines and the walking operator stereotype salesman asked me if I was a civilian. I replied “No, I’m a Citizen and you won’t be receiving any of my business because of your shitty attitude”. Haven’t been back since.

      • After hearing stories about them threatening to draw down on open carriers, I resolved never to go there. Of course someone from near Colorado Springs isn’t likely to go farting around in Lakewood anyway.

      • “You read my mind…” Local people know, I guess. I’ve heard so many other bad stories I guess my first experience was the exception.

        Green Mountain Guns up the road aways used to be full of grumpy old men — but they’ve gotten better, and I’ve never had an experience there quite as bad as at BluCore.

        Don’t bother with their indoor range either. They’ll mistreat the hell out of your guns and offer a whole lot of “opinions” on your equipment.

        I suppose the Lakewood PD is their primary clientele — those guys act like a miswired Robocop, on the other hand most Jeffco sheriff I’ve met who see my CCW permit see it as an opener to friendly conversation about a mutual interest.

        BluCore should just say “LEOs only” and spare both us and them the aggravation.

        • All you had to say was Lakewood. My 6 months there at Colorado School of Trades was 6 months too long.

  21. Got turned away at the door in Glenwood Illinois because of my out of state DL (Indiana), so therefore no FOID card. That’s, Firearms Owners Identification Card for all you free individuals that are not in the know. What a joke of a state.

    • You took MY shop Marc-Glenwood Gunshop,Glenwood,Il. Be glad you left. The owner “greeted” me with “what the hell do you want?”.Bear in mind I’m an OFWG over 60 who buys & sells for a living. He’s a racist deaf azzwhole(previous owner murdered by young black men years before). Which is odd as it is a mainly black area…besides being rude and ignorant he has a very mean dog to intimidate. Google this jerk-you will NEVER see so much hate for a shop owner. I don’t know how this old jerk stays in busy-ness. Did I mention I have a big mouth?Obviously I won’t go back… Whatever you do don’t go near him if you’re black or brown-I recommend Blythes in Griffith,In or Cabelas/Hammond,In or even Pelchers in Lansing,Il(way overpriced-especially the range). I also had a very bad experience at Gander-they lied to me on the phone-a 90mile round trip…

    • Be sure to check out Yelp on Glenwood guns-15 hidden bad ratings(a record?). I can’t say enough bad about that old fart…

      • Yeah, I shop at Blythe’s, Cabelas and Westforth’s primarily. I live in Crown Point. My Glenwood experience was years ago; maybe 8 or 9. Haven’t even thought about going back. And from your post, Former, sounds like I’m better for it.

  22. So I actually very recently bought a rifle from Dicks. And It was actually quite pleasant, it must have been the caliber of employees you had been dealing with versus the company itself. I dealt with 2 employees. One to do all the paperwork, and one to retrieve the gun from the back, new in box. When filling out the paperwork i was given the option of using a computer(That had a Keyboard and Mouse), or the sheet of paper. Being Who i am, i chose the computer as it was quicker for me. Filled out all the paperwork, the employee made a call for the background check and filed some stuff in the Computer(Im in mASSachusetts). Signed a paper, and then left. Longer than most places being in MA. But still didnt take any longer than maybe about 30 minutes. Not the company, its the employees that cause that kind of BS. -AS

    • “…it must have been the caliber of employees you had been dealing with versus the company itself.”

      I’m sorry but I really have to disagree with this. If you are running a business and your staff are driving away customers by giving them poor service and bad attitudes then that is on you. Somewhere along the arc of hiring, training and supervising mangement failed to do their job. Whether it was the department head, the store manager, company CEO or the business owner, somebody is screwing up.

      Of course, in the long run this sort of problems tends to self correct. Any businessman has to keep in mind that is not just individual sales here and there that are being lost because a certain salesman is a lazy snot or an arrogant know-it-all. It is (potentially) the business of that customer’s family, friends and acquaintances. In the end, your staff may well get to exhibit their bad attitudes at a going out of business sale.

      A good reputation is hard to earn but very easy to lose.

  23. I actually had a very bad experience at Palmetto State Armory once. This was right in the middle of the Newtown panic, and they were having a special on Sig 2022s. I drove an hour just to check out the store in person. I ask to see the display gun. Guy hands it to me, I pop out the mag and it’s a 10 round cali mag. I ask the guy “Do you have one with a regular sized mag?” Guy looks at me and says “I don’t know, it depends on the one you get.” I say “Okay, well I don’t want one with a restricted mag, can I get one with a regular mag?” The guy now cops an attitude and says “I don’t know I would have to go pull one from the back and check.” I said “Can you do that?” He says “We’re very busy right now I can’t just run and get a different gun for you to look at.” I wanted to start screaming at this point but thankfully some other employee was listening in and figured out ‘hey this guy wants to buy one’ and made him go get me a different gun from the back. He apologized up and down for the other guy but I didn’t buy another gun from them for well over a year after that. My opinion of them has improved slightly since that bad first experience.

  24. My worst experience was in Langley Virginia. Walked into a new story that had opened up and immediately saw it was for the Gamebox players. All they appeared to have under the glass or up on the racks was the AK or AR variants. As well as all the common pistols that you see in COD or any of those “There I was action hero super star Merc…” books in the book store. Add in all the tacti-cool gear that does nothing to actual shooting performance, but gosh darn it if some action hero super star wasn’t using it in a book or youtube vids so they had to sell it. I was getting distracted more and more by the derp going on just in the store. I walked up to the counter and asked if they night sights for a S&W M&P pistol that I have and got the cocked head look from the dude by the counter. The rest of the conversation went with “What sort of gun is that? Who sell is again? I wonder why I didn’t hear about that one?” Mind you up back they have a whole slew of “Authorized seller of X” signs up where X is the popular brands like S&W and Stag and others in the tacti-cool gear. I realized as well looking at the gear on the racks and comparing them to even Amazon prices or Cabela’s prices they were over priced with a large mark up. Then looking at a few of the pistols they had confirmed it was about double was even MSRP was when I looked them up online. Realized they were out there to rip of the Gamebox kiddies that wanted to own a gun like they played with on COD or some other gamebox game.

    Never walked back in there again. Heard a few years later the place went out of business because of tax issues to the city and state.

  25. Worse:Tex-Gun, Austin TX – good ole boys club, cash only, who get to you after visiting with their buddies, will then up sell a woman to Crimson Trace laser sight hard plastic grip. First time I fired LCR .38, took the damn thing off, hard plastic hurts like hell, replaced with stock tamer grip, loved it every since, no thanks to them!
    Ordered on-line a Ruger LCR 9mm revolver from Gun Genie. Picked them because had been there before for gun smithing on a handgun, yes they actually have a competent gunsmith on staff. He changed out stock blade front sight for an Xs Std Dot Tritium, I provided, while I filled NIC form, 1st. place I’ve ever been in that did not run it BECAUSE I have a CHL. After new sight installed, told them just wanted to use their indoor range to do function test, RO set me up, even putting up target, explaining how electronic target mover worked, put about 15 rounds down range, RO took down my target, went to front desk to pay, was told “no charge” Walked out with new revolver, new front sight, some range time, all for a little under $500.00 including minimum charge for gunsmith of $45.00 Everyone was friendly and very nice. Good bye to good ole boy gun stores, good bye to old nasty indoor gun ranges (Red’s gun range). Welcome to the future of modern combined gun range/gun stores

    • Your experience with Tex Guns mimics mine. I am not a lady in any shape or form, but their condescending and despondent attitude was very off-putting. Called Nagel’s Guns from their parking lot and been doing business with them ever since. Even if it means driving all the way down to San Antonio.

  26. I’ve never really had a bad experience at gun stores, but that’s mostly becuase the majority of my guns were acquired with a c&r license. Only experience that annoyed me while buying a gun was CA’s shitty DROS system being down and I had to wait an hour for the DROS to submit or something. No fault of the gun store though.

  27. Cabela’s in West Hartford – nice guys, but really kind of incompetent (or at least their IT is) and really, really slooooow.

    Also, it was a bit weird being called “young man” repeatedly – I mean, I’m in my early 40s now. I sure as hell don’t feel young.

    • I can second that. I have never bought a gun from them but I have waited around on others buying guns. All the employees who hang around the floor have been helpful and knowledgeable with reloading stuff though.

      I’ve never had a truly terrible experience but Hoffman’s takes the cake for having 60%+ of their staff being complete dicks.

  28. This happened about 15 years back at a pawn & gun in Tampa, Florida on one of the main east-west drags near the downtown.

    I had an errand to run in Tampa after work and noticed this small pawnshop.

    To set the stage, I had just gotten off work at about 2 in the afternoon on a hot summer day. My department was supporting the chemical engineering folks who were testing a process change in one of the acid trains. I was hot, sweaty and liberally covered with dust.

    If I have some time and see a pawnshop while out-n-about an area I’m not familiar with, I try to pop in and see what they have. One never knows if they have something for sale stupid cheap that I could flip for some easy money. I’ve worked pawnshops a few times at various points over the years.

    Grubby nasty sweaty me looks in their display cases and I see a Hi-Standard .22 target pistol. I asked to see the pistol. I was the only one besides him in the shop.

    He looks at me and says “Got any money?” I replied to the affirmative and he just stood there, looking at me. I asked *again* to see the pistol. They were asking about $120 for it, an OK but not great price. “Let’s see your money”, he said.

    To say I was surprised was an understatement. I took out my wallet, looked inside and started laying out 4 100 dollar bills and a few smaller on the glass of the display case. He fished out a key and started to open the case. I picked up my money and stuck it back in my wallet and then back in my pocket. I told him “You’ve seen my money. Now will see it walk right out and never in your little shit shop ever again.”

    And that, was that.

  29. It’s a store/range combo, but a lot of the employees at Colonial Shooting Academy in Richmond really irritate me. A lot of them come across as arrogant, like because they’re working at a gun range they must know everything there is to know about firearms, and assume I am a lowly peon because I don’t wear 5.11 tactical pants. The fat girl in particular grates on my nerves. It’s a nice facility though and the employees that aren’t like the aforementioned ones tend to be personable and knowledgeable.

    Best gun shop in my area is hands down Town Police Supply off rt. 360

  30. On occasion we’ll get that young guy that likes to talk about how gun smart he is. Very annoying. Just because I’m a woman doesn’t mean I’m a complete idiot. My 17 year old is very educated on anything firearms related and has been known to correct the sales folks at Gander when needed. It still amazes me how many salespeople will muzzle you when you come into their store. I would hope the guns are unloaded but, please don’t muzzle me…ok?

  31. John Jovino’s in Manhattan, where the motto seems to be “If you’ ain’t a LEO, you ain’t sh!t.”

    • Jovino’s storefront and sign showed up in an episode of ‘Law & Order.’

      Well; they _do_ have more than 35,000 potential LEO customers ….

      Speaking of ‘L&O’: Manhattan District Attorney Arthur Branch (aka: Fred Dalton Thompson) just passed away.

      We’ll miss you, Fred. 😐

  32. Being ignored by the gun and optics counter guys at Fort Thompson in North Little Rock while on TDY at the local Air Force base. I don’t look anything like the OFWGs that they themselves were, and were shooting the breeze with, so I could tell they wouldn’t give me the time of day.

    The kids actually working the shop floor were very nice, though.

    • Most of the time, Ft. Thompson is really a great place to shop. But during the approach of hunting season, or on a Saturday, or during a gun buying panic, I avoid them because the counter is lined 3 deep with people trying to buy.
      I recommend the guys at the pistol counter as being among the friendliest and most helpful in central Arkansas.

      • I might try the pistol counter some time then. Can’t say the same for the rifle side of the house though. To be fair, prices were good for everything nongun, and they had a huge selection of safes, too.

  33. Clerk refused to sell me a shotgun because my 4473 address didn’t match my drivers license address. I told him I recently moved a few blocks down. Both the license address and the 4473 indicated I lived in the state of Oklahoma. The driver’s license in Oklahoma is proof of residence in Oklahoma – not proof of my address on my drivers license. They ask you what the address is when you get your license – nothing more. I could have totally made it up and they would have put it on my license.

    I didn’t bother arguing with him. It was his shop and his inventory. Furthermore, the more I would have argued with him the more he would have assumed I was a gestapo ATF agent looking to bust him and close down his store for some small paperwork issue.

    • That’s because a government issued identification is required for your photo, name, DOB and current address. If you had a car registration or a hunting license with your current address it would have worked.

    • Unfortunately a “gestapo ATF agent” might very well “bust him” if he sold to someone whose ID address didn’t match his 4473 address. It’s not his fault. I ran into the same thing when I moved to a different address in the same town and hadn’t gotten my DL changed to reflect the new addy. Couldn’t buy a gun until I had an ID with the current address.

      • What if your DL address is a Post Office Box, seeing as how some of us don’t trust our mail remaining in our home mail boxes when we’re gone for several days as a part of our jobs?

      • What if you don’t have an address and a PO box is your address?

        I know a single, childless guy whose work requires he travel from factory to factory. He basically lives on the road and in hotels. He was considering ridding himself of his apartment and selling off the few things he owns simply because he is rarely ever there.

  34. Favorite LGS went nutter on me.

    Being asked just inside the front door whether or not I had entered the store with a concealed weapon, and, when thinking I was in friendly territory, my affirmative response was met with “We need to unload and zip-tie it.”

    For that, I deliberately muzzle-swept them several times, dropped it on the floor, and on the table, etc… If they’re going to accuse me, I may as well act the part.

    Oh, I didn’t buy anything, and didn’t come back. Ever again. These people knew me my name… Not anymore.

    • So,because you disagreed with a new store policy, your response was to point your loaded handgun deliberately at several people? I.G.O.T.D.

      • You’re not doing too well on this thread, friend.

        First you say most women are idiots, then you admit to deliberately muzzling people with a loaded gun.

        If you’re a troll I’d say the quality has gone up from the past few.

        If you’re not then you’re the sort of gun owner that the grabbers LOVE.

      • Instead of muzzle sweeping people like an idiot to troll, would it have hurt to simply respond “NOYFB” and go elsewhere without all the drama?

  35. I have nothing but good things to say about Faith Armory in Temecula, Ca. I’ve never had a bad experience there, never seen the owner and employees ever be anything but friendly, professional and personable. In the height of the ammo drought, they never gouged, even on 22LR when they got it it. If you bought a 22LR firearm, they held in the back a 100rd box of CCI blazer and sold it to you at the then low price of $9.99 ( when the same box was going for $21.99 at other LGS) along with your new firearm so you’d have something to shoot out of it. I always thought that was classy.

    They’ve grown, expanded, added archery, employees have come and gone but they all reflect the great attitude of Nate. I spend an inordinate amount of money there..

  36. My worst was with Dick’s Sporting goods, of course. Looking back, it’s really more of a bittersweet experience than anything else. See if you can spot the reasons why in this exchange:

    Me:“I’ll take one brick of .22 Thunderbolt, please.”

    Girl with Dick’s:“Is it for a rifle or a handgun?”

    Me:“It- well, it’s for both, I guess.”

    Girl with Dick’s:“Sir, we can’t sell this to you if it’s for a handgun.”

    Me:“Are you shittin’ me? …Fine, it’s for a rifle, then.”

    Girl with Dick’s:“That’ll be $21.74, sir!”

    I haven’t been back since, but I gotta say I’d probably put up with their idiocy again if I could still snag a brick of .22 ammo there for $20.

    • Were you in MA? That was an issue way back when I got my FID card ( long arms only) in the late 60s. You needed an LTC (carry license) for handguns as well as handgun ammo. So you’d have to state that you were buying .22s for your rifle. There was an ammo register as well.

      • Thanks to gca 68 there was a nationwide ammo register. And yes, if you bought any dual purpose ammo, rounds that could be used in a handgun or rifle, you had to be 21 or if
        not state they were for a rifle.

      • I live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I assure you no state laws factored into the exchange, but rather it was Dick’s’s (?) idiotic corporate policies at work.

        If you’re interested buying stock in Dick’s Sporting Goods you can probably pay for it with bananas, because I suspect their CEO is actually a chimp in a pinstripe suit.

    • Girl with Dick’s: “Is it for a rifle or a handgun?”

      Me: “Neither. It’s for an AOW Cane Gun.”

      GwD’s: “??????”


  37. At a particular shop known to stock rare and unusual items, an old man came in. He brought with him an old rifle. He asked the clerk if the clerk could show him how to take it apart. The clerk offered to do so for a fee. An angry customer who overheard the conversation interrupted and showed the old man how it was done. The clerk was not happy about the interruption and kicked them both from the store.

    • Bad behavior aside… Dismantling a firearm can also be a liability to the store. I watched a know it all at a LGS COMPLETELY dismantle a customers revolver only then to give him the name(no number) of a local backyard “gun guy” that could put it back together after he fumbled with it for a few minutes. He handed the revolver back in a paper bag and walked away from the old man COMPLETELY unapologetic.

      Not only did I NOT buy anything from them or set foot in there again, I waited for the old man in the parking lot and put him in touch with an ACTUAL local gunsmith that could help him. My gunsmith offered to do it free once he found out what the man had gone through. The only catch was that he not deal with that LGS again(he also sells). Only then did I find out why all of this transpired… He just bought the revolver and asked the gun store employee if the springs felt weak to him!

  38. I’ve had quite a few times where the guy behind the counter was more interested in BSing with a buddy than in actually selling anything to someone he didn’t know, but the only really bad experience that left me walking out the door mad and never going back was in a little one-man shop where the guy did some amateurish gunsmithing and always had a few things for sale that never seemed to move. It was one of those shops attached to a house where a buzzer went off inside the house when you walked through the door, and the guy (or his wife, if he wasn’t home) came to the shop and seemed annoyed that you were interrupting something.

    Around 15 years or so ago, I bought some bullets and powder for reloading one time and made the mistake of telling the guy it was a good price; he started bellyaching about how he’d had the stuff on the shelf for so long he was losing money on them by having to sell them at the price he had marked on them.

    A year or two later I remembered he had a Hakim on the rack for something like $250, and I decided I needed it, so I went back and sure enough it was still there. I had an extra Russian SKS I was planning to offload, so I made the mistake of asking the guy if he might be interested in a trade. (At the time, the supply of Russian SKS’s had recently dried up, and they were selling for a little more than he was asking for the Hakim.) He launched into a harangue about how SKS’s are junk, and the Hakim is twice the rifle any SKS is, and he doesn’t care if it’s Russian because the Chinese ones are better anyway. Had he just politely said he wasn’t interested in trading and needed cash, I would have gladly paid his asking price, but as it was I just walked out and vowed never to give him any of my money again. I realized then why he appeared to go years between gun sales.

    • As much as I despise gun jingoists who reflexively say “Y is crap, I only buy X”, their narrow-minded tendency to write off certain weapons as junk sight-unseen because they aren’t “X” means you can get occasionally get some good deals off them.

  39. When I lived in suburban DC (Fairfax County), Galyans used to have a great selection of guns, at pretty good prices. Then Dick’s bought them out, stopped selling handguns, cut half the long gun selection, and jacked the prices. I never bought a gun there again — or much of anything else. That store sucks.

  40. Herb Bauer Sporting Goods in Fresno, Ca. High prices and know it all a**holes behind the counter. Don’t waste your time going there. Ever.

  41. Cabelas, East Hartford. Best and worst in the same transaction. Spouse buying his first gun. Had a specific budget to stick to. Guy behind the counter (who looked about 12 years old) immediately started talking Sig. Out of the budget. Asked to look at other 9mm by other mfgs. Guy kept waiving the Sig at us. Said at least three times in less than 10 minutes that “sure X brand of gun is fine, if you want to die. Sig won’t fail you.” Then he looks at my hip, snorts and says “really? A Taurus? Never saw a worse gun in my life. FTFs, jam all the time. You must have a death wish.”

    As this is happening, Daddy Warbucks walks up and announces that he has $2000 to spend on his baby girl who is moving into her first apartment. Of course, this meant we couldn’t get this guy to even look at us again.

    Another guy came over (had been on his break). Told him what we wanted, what our price range was. He asked questions about how spouse wanted to carry, looked at his hands, etc. Told us he had two guns that would fit the bill. Pulled out a S&W M&P and a Taurus 709. Spouse chose the M&P. Guy then walked him over to get a holster. Grabbed three or four holsters. Went back to the counter and let him try them with the gun. We walked out with a great gun, nice IWB Kydex holster, the guy even added in a few extras, cleaning supplies as a thank you.

    Daddy Warbucks also left at the same time. Him and his baby girl were empty handed. Seems Daddy Warbucks wasn’t aware that his little girl needed to have her permit prior to buying a gun.

    • There is a Cablas just over the Idaho border, about 15 minutes away or so. But it is Idaho so any purchase would have to get transferred to an FFL in Washington.
      Cabelas is one of the stores where I note a higher degree of snottiness as opposed to other gun stores. I buy ammo there but so far, their snotty attitude displayed would cause me to seriously consider if I really wanted to buy a gun from them. I don’t have a problem in the world in walking away from someone.

      • I only cross into north Idaho for smokes. There’s a pretty good shop in Spokane called Protection First real knowledgeable guys.

  42. Worst experience that was my fault.

    Go to turners outdoorsman in ca with my mom to pick up her first gun. She waited 10 days (ca sucks) we drive two hours to get there and they messed up on the paper work. They can’t sell her the gun and she had to re do all the paperwork and 10 day waiting period. To apologize to her they sell her ammo and merchandise at sale price or at cost. She only got two 525 rd bricks of .22 for $16 and a box of 9mm for $8 and they said “is that really all you want, you can get more.” They would have sold her a dozen bricks at that cost but new to shooting we didn’t think we needed it. This is early 2012 by the way, by the end of 2012 we realized we made a mistake. Still kicking myself for not clearing out the store.

    Turners outdoorsman add: they are great and take good care of their customers.

  43. My local LGS’s (small town of 3000 in KY) are both quite pleasant for me to look through and just hang out in. They never seem to look down on me for my young age, and treat me as one of the guys. They’re also happy to share knowledge with me and allow me to watch them work on guns. I’ve never had a decidedly bad experience, but that might be because I’m young and don’t visit many different gun stores.

  44. Bass Pro in Ft. Myers, Fl or Dicks in Ft Myers, Fl? Toss up……
    Bass Pro guys are too busy chatting with one another to help you out and the 18 year olds that Dicks hires are some of the most helpless little bastards I have ever encountered. I still go into Bass Pro from time to time, but never to buy a gun. I refuse to go into Dicks again.



    • Bass Pro has been helpful when not busy. Otherwise,
      Good luck wid dat… Firearm sales at Dick’s is a corporate afterthought.
      Most other LGSs in the area are the dark/ “we know more than you”/ prices are outragous sorta shop.
      THEE BEST LGS- Guns 4 Less, a short drive north in Cape Coral. Family owned, really good staff, and the best pricing around. They actually give a damn about helping their clients, newbies, LEO’s, POTG w/ an intch to scratch. I have never had a bad experience there and have referred many. All have reported back positive experiences.

  45. Ferrell’s in Rome, GA. Back during the 2012/2013 panic buying my friend and I went around looking to possibly buy each of us a semi-auto center-fire rifle (this was within the first few days before we realized how insane the buying frenzy had gotten). He was on leave after doing a tour in Afghanistan so he had a little more money saved up at that point. Found out quickly that most of the larger stores in town were out of everything, so we started hitting the smaller stores outside of town. I had been in Ferrell’s once a couple of years before for only a few minutes and didn’t get any real impression of the place so I decided we’d hit it on our route. We get inside and see that there’s only the owner, one customer, and us, and that there’s all sorts of politically-incorrect rifles on the walls; Mini-14s, AR-15, even a PTR-91 and a Galil all with reasonable price tags. We ask about them and it turns out he’s put them all up on Gunbroker but decided to leave them on the wall specifically to get customers to bid on them (this really rubbed me the wrong way; I get the tactic but it felt kind of cheap). So my buddy and I start looking around the cases while the owner chats with the other customer.

    At this point I should mention that my friend and I have been best friends since we were about 4, so after 20 years we’re to the point that half the time we don’t have to talk to communicate in certain situations, because this is where the visit really went downhill.

    First the customer asks about a PHP under the counter, which the owner refers to as being “trash” because it’s “from Croatia”. The customer, who’s open carrying a Springfield XD, nods knowingly.

    My girlfriend is trying to learn about guns, so I had been trying to figure out which stores would be hospitable to her while she was in there. Then during their conversation I overhear the owner say the phrase “man you can’t get black people to do work for nothing”. Given that she’s black, this kind of removed Ferrell’s from the list. My friend and I shoot each other a “browse for another minute, then slowly leave without saying anything.

    Then the owner makes a comment regarding Muslims, saying that “we should just kill them all”. At this point my friend shoots me a look that says “LEAVE NOW”. When we get outside he looses his normal demeanor (for some perspective, everyone mistakenly assumes he smokes weed) and goes off on the owner for easily the first ten minutes of the drive out. I don’t remember his exact phrasing, but basically spending so long actually interacting with muslim’s left him with a low tolerance for gross generalizations like that.

  46. Dropping a lineman’s plier while compressing a B connector, lunging after it, falling off my ladder and spraining my ankle.

    They’re a loyal customer, though.

  47. Bullet Hole Firearms in Holland, MI is hands-down the worst place to go. I came in to buy locally at a small business, but I quickly discovered that one of the owners was a massive asshole who had zero issues with belittling people and talking up his own experience and opinions. I know that everyone has their beliefs, but the things that were said were rude and dismissive. There was an atmosphere of pettiness and the place felt slimy for some reason. I’ll shop at a big store before shopping there ever again. Cabelas has yet to let me down and I’ll be doing my buying there from now on. The old assholes working there aren’t in a position to belittle you for fear of reprimand. Some people shouldn’t be owning gun stores, not because they’re evil, but because they make us all look bad to outsiders.

  48. If you’re in North Jersey and thinking about buying a gun, DO NOT, under any circumstances, shop at the worst gun store in the world, aka Bullethole. You’ve been warned.

    On a side note, even the good stores/ranges look at you funny if you want to shoot by yourself. I don’t know if that’s a Jersey thing or what, but range trips are turning into headaches now. No bueno.

  49. One of the worst experiences that me and my son ever had at a gun store was FrogBones in Melbourne Florida. Their people behind the counter have nasty and condescending attitudes. This in spite of the fact that my son is a first responder locally. It is the only range I have ever been to in Florida that doesnt allow aluminum cased ammo. I will never spend a dime in their range or their restaurant.

    • I hate that when a gun range does that. Brass only no reloads blah blah. They just want to sell the brass online as once fired and can’t be bothered to pick through steel or aluminum while sorting calibers.

  50. Back in the early 80’s, when i lived in N.Y., L.I. specifically; I was not a gun owner. Too many hoops to be jumping through. A friend took a pistol course that ‘allowed’ him to own a gun. The process took over 6 mos. I went to a small gun shop with him and as we were looking around, he spotted a chromed Ruger revolver in the showcase. The saleslady was a spitting image of ‘Large Marge’ from the Pee Wee Herman movie. My friend asked to see the revolver, and she immediately asked, in the gruffest voice ever out of a ‘woman’; ‘Can I see yer license?’ I eventually moved to the ‘Gunshine’ state and never, ever, had an experience like that again.

    • That’s par for the course across this state, as it is illegal for them to hand you any type of handgun if you do not have your permit. They also cannot sell you handgun ammunition.

  51. Being asked to pull my shirt down and cover my visible concealed weapon that was visible. I have a carry permit. His attitude was pretty poor so I asked him if he was scared because I didn’t understand his issue.
    He said in another snotty tone, “there’s a big red sign on the front door”
    Well yes there is and what the sign says is “concealed carry ok with permit. All other guns must be unloaded and in carriers” I took that to mean that if a person has a concealed carry permit, you may carry your gun. I didn’t take it to mean that if you have a permit and a concealed carry gun, it has to be concealed. If they mean that, the freaking sign should say that. Or NO OPEN CARRY. Don’t put a f—- sign up that is open to interpretation and then act like an arrogant little f—- about it. I don’t appreciate snotty kids half my age giving me attitude because I’d rather wrap my hands around their throat and choke them until their eyes bulge out. It still pisses me off.
    In general, as many know, in gun stores, people behind the counter very often tend to have a rather condescending attitude that I have seen quite often at various gun stores. Not every person at every store, but it has happened too often.

    • “visible concealed weapon”?
      That’s not concealed. The problem wasn’t an unclear sign. The problem was your reading comprehension.

  52. Joe’s Sporting Goods in Roseville, Minnesota. I was trying to have night sights installed on the Sig 226 I planned to use at the armed security gig I had in college. The guy took six weeks to get to my piece instead of the promised one, and he put the wrong ones on. I had to have the manager get involved.

    Also, at least half of the times I’ve been to any gunshop anywhere, some mall-ninja wannabe douchebag butts into my conversation with the sales staff to share the knowledge he’s acquired through years of Playstation and Soldier of Fortune. You know who you are. Especially you, the guy who described himself as the “eyes and ears of the insurance industry.”

  53. I have bought two long guns at the local Dicks: A Rem 870 Synthetic and a stainless Ruger 10/22. The assoc was actually able to locate an NIB example fairly quickly, but in both cases it took longer than usual to do the paperwork. I filled it out, the manager checked it, they walked the gun to the front door and I paid for it. There was some BS paperwork about basic firearms safety yada-yada. No computer forms were used, but this was back before Dicks did a belly flop over the Sandy Hook kerfuffle.

  54. Had a Gander Mountain clerk not once but twice hand me a handgun without checking clear and questioned me why I did.

    • My LGS will ALWAYS hand a handgun over the counter without verifying that it is clear. And they will put it back without verifying clear as well. It’s kinda scary.

  55. Several years ago now, I went to Wades in Bellevue WA and asked if they had a scope mount for an M14. The guy sitting, not standing behind the counter, leaned way back in his chair, put his hands behind his head, and said in a very smug tone, “M14? You mean an M1A, right?”

    I told him whatever he wanted to call it, they had receivers that were practically identical except the cut for the auto selector, and the mount would be the same. Then he tells me they don’t actually stock any mounts, but showed me a website that sold the mount he would choose, that cost several hundred dollars and required a milling machine to install.

    I told him I wasn’t interested in cutting up my receiver, and he responded with some comment about precision rifle shooting that I don’t even recall, except that it was meant to make him sound awesome and was at the same time completely wrong. I told him that was interesting, but my instructors in sniper school had told me different (I was Army at the time, and had finished the school a few months prior).

    This only made him stutter for about fifteen seconds, which was long enough for his other friend behind the counter to come over and try to rescue him by starting a conversation about how many silencers they each owned.

    Since then, have found some far more pleasant shops closer to home.

  56. My local Dick’s Sporting Goods and another local store (part of a regional chain) will not remove trigger locks and let you investigate trigger quality or even verify basic function of the firearm. You have to purchase it “as is” having no idea if the action even cycles. Needless to say, I don’t buy at either store any more.

  57. “Can I see the Ruger Bearcat?”

    *grabs Ruger SR9

    “No, the 22 revolver?”

    *grabs Ruger SR22

    “No the revolver.”

    *grabs Ruger SP101

    “No the 22 Revolver. Below that.”

    *reaches for Ruger Bearcat, finally

    “Oh can I see the Talo version with the round butt?”

    *pauses, uncertain… hand hovers over black finish standard Bearcat

    “The stainless one?”

    *hands me black finish standard Bearcat

    At that point I just gave up. My local Sportsman’s Warehouse is usually great, and most of the gun counter guys are awesome. But I guess you can’t cover every shift with an expert.

  58. I don’t get the hate for Gander Mountain. Not my first choice but was the only store in town with a Mini-14 in stock. It was priced $100 less than MSRP and it took 20 minutes to close the deal and that was with the mandatory sign up for a credit card to save $80. Delays caused by a NICS check are not the fault of the retailer.

  59. Discount Gun Sales in East Vancouver. I went into the store to buy a dual magazine holder for my Glock 23. The store was located in the middle of a strip mall. Now closed. Upon checking out I was advised I needed to provide my drivers license and phone number. I asked if he was kidding and he said no it was store policy. I said it was not a firearm and he reinterated it was store policy. I said forget it then and was walking out when the clerk asked someone in the backroom if they could make an exception this one time and was told yes. I went ahead and made my purchase because I was tired of running around. I noticed early this year the store space was empty.

    • I think Discount Guns went under after the two high profile at thier stores in Bellevue and Tukwila occurred. The Bellevue one the crooks tunneled in from another store below the one used by Discount got away with what was said to to over $25k in guns. The Tukwila robber had the crooks smash a stolen truck through the front windows and doors and there they got away with over 400 guns if I remember the news reports. My time in there they seemed more interested in carrying the AK and AR clones and some other over priced and in my mind over hyped stuff like the deagles Colt Snakes with the barrels that are like 12 ft long. There was nothing from any brand that wants Sig or a LEO/Mil-Spec gun or a movie gun (when the Kahr Arms Thompsons like what Band of Brothers carried where out the only place I could find one was at DGS).
      The attitude I got was if I wasn’t doing tacti-cool then I wasn’t a real gunner.

  60. One of My favorite gun stores had a customer muzzle my daughter. I politely asked the clerk to make sure the customer stopped. I know the guns are unloaded but my daughter is learning the 4 rules.

    Clerk gave me a little attitude then had the customer give me some shit. Politely explained that if my 6 year old had proper gun handling skills I expected the same from an adult.

    Switched stores but that was due to a move not the sales clerks.

  61. Knowledgeable sales force at any gun store is mostly out the window.
    Small gun shops are usually filled with clannish Fudds who want to sell old Model 12 shotguns and talk about coon dogs. Prices are sky high. Cash only.
    Rural King has decent prices, sales force is iffy.
    Gander Mountain gives me a nose bleed and one guy is always on the phone.
    Bass Pro is mediocre, but they do have a nice selection of hunting guns.
    Walmart had good prices, but sales force is laughable.
    ACME in Seymour is decent.
    Bradis in Camby is decent.

    • Ace Hardware in Scottsburg has a decent selection. Cabin in the woods(also in Scottsburg) is a small home run shop that usually has some pretty eclectic firearms as well as a decent selection for a small shop. His giant dog Winchester is pretty awesome too…lol.

    • I guess that I am a renaissance gun nut. I am equally at home talking about personal defense, hunting and coon dogs. (I have two of them) We got to stop this fratricidal Fudd hating. We just need to educate them on the anti-hunting part of the anti-Second Amendment agenda. We have a lot of common ground, i.e., guns. The local small town gun store is more than just a place to do business. It is a social gathering place. The fact that you don’t want to be social or only want to talk about what is the best CC piece doesn’t make it a bad place to buy a gun. It is just not the store that best meets your needs.

      And the best answer when a Fudd asks you why do you need 30 rounds to shoot a deer is “so who says that you have to put 30 rounds in a 30 round magazine?”

  62. Got a couple.

    First, I won’t buy from Dick’s after their post-Newtown chicken shit act.

    Second, Middleboro Gun Shop (MA). I was checking out a used Hi Power and the trigger seemed gritty. (I asked before dry firing.) I tried it a second time and the guy rudely told me to stop. So I did. And then left.

    Third, Ivanhoe’s in Watertown. WhileI bought my first 2 guns there when I got my LTC, each time I walked in, I got a “what do you want” look from the staff. Once I found another LGS, I never returned.

    I’m with most of the posters here: rude service turns me right off. Unless there is something there that I can’t find anywhere else, I’m gone.

  63. Dick’s sells guns? Well, yes, in the back of the store there are a few with nobody attending the desk.

  64. Merchant Firearms in Phoenix, AZ. Came out of a nearby restaurant with my family and spotted the store. Drove over and parked right in front of the door. We walked up and as I reached for the door handle an employee ran up and locked the door then turned around and walked away without even looking us in the eyes or saying a word… Looked at the closing time on the door and it was still 7 minutes to closing time.
    I get not wanting people coming in at the last minute, but you’re either open until closing time or your not, and not having the balls to just tell us you’re closing early… inexcusable.

  65. Gunsmoke in Denver, the same one featured on TV, provided for the worst experience I’ve ever endured in a LGS. To sum up things; I wandered in with an eye towards picking up a nice Mauser 98k or other suitable milsurp, or maybe a Swiss K31. After finally finding a specimen that didn’t look like it came from Mitchell’s Mausers (at equal price-points), it took well over 30 minutes to wrangle the attention of an employee. I got the distinct impression that as I was hunting for a budget milsurp and wasn’t interested in the rest of their ungodly priced firearms, I wasn’t worth their time.

  66. I have nothing but nice things to say about Arkansas Armory in Sherwood. I bought my AR there, and took it to its range a few times while I lived in central Arkansas. Range fees are reasonable, space is plentiful, area is clean, and they provide everything you need for a good range trip. And best of, friendly staff, no matter your age, shape, color, or gender.

    Prices might be a little higher than some vendors, but the built-in range and local business atmosphere more than make up for it.

  67. Never tried to by a gun at Dicks because their prices are just too high. I can always do better at my LGS. I do by ammo at Dicks when they have a sale. Last week Remington 9mm range ammo $11/50.
    But the gun counter people I did talk too see at least vaguely familiar with fire arms. One young lady who was stocking shelves in the area was looking forward to her 21st she could get her CCH.
    My worst attempted gun buying experience was at a gun show. The first table we saw a Walther CCP at the guy wanted $600. So we walked around and found another vendor that had it at normal retail ($409).

  68. Bass pro in South Florida – Just moved to the state and wanted to buy a .22 rifle – the guy behind the counter was rude and then flat out lied to me that i needed permit to buy a rifle!
    oh and to use a gun range there you need go checj you gun at the door to have a zip tie put on it and then go to second floor range to have the zip tie cut also no shooting human shaped targets. Dealt with that nonsense
    once and found a better range

  69. “The Gun Room” in Portland Oregon, extraordinary over priced, everything about 130% MSRP. The owner is the most irritating jackhole I’ve ever tried to deal with. Seriously if you’ve never met him you can’t understand.

  70. Love to rant on the LGSs here in middle Tennessee.
    You should never assume you know more than a potential customer.
    That said. My worst experiences always seem to be at gunshows. I guess if you’re at a gun show you are :
    1. Complete newbie.
    2.Complete dumbass
    3. Really hard up for money.( You brought something to sell or trade. )

    I’m not a difficult customer. I usually know exactly what I want and am willing to pay a FAIR price. Negotiations is part of business.

    I’ve had to tell dealers, ” you have nothing here I NEED it strictly a want, I have a safe full at the house, so you got give me a deal and I’ll walk over $10.” You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve laid money on the counter and walked out over $10!!

  71. Well, after all these worsts, how about a great?

    Dad’s Super Pawn in Gulfport, MS. They have a huge selection (NAA through Barret 50), with knowledgeable, friendly people. When I asked to see a (insert your favorite gun name), the clerk first checked to make sure it was not loaded (yes, each & every time), then handed the firearm to me, butt first. If it happened that this clerk did not own one of the gun I was looking at, they would ask another clerk (that DID own one of these) to come over and chat with me about it. If I came in & knew exactly what I wanted, I was in & out in less than 15 minutes! One last thing. Dad’s has better prices than any of the “big box” (WalMart, Academy, Dick’s, etc.) stores. Take THAT, big chain-store brute!

    • I have to say that we’ve got some good shops in MS. Modern Outfitters, Garrett’s, Rockhouse all in Meridian, Philadelphia Gun & Pawn, Gary’s in Columbus/West Point…I’ve never had a bad experience at any of these places.

  72. Pretty tame by comparison to some of these stories, but went to Shoot Straight in Apopka (the big store, and the mothership to the rest) looking for my first handgun. I’d decided on a Springfield XDm 3.8 in .40 S&W, black on black, and I figured if anyone in town had one, the mothership would. Shoot Straight has another store in greater Orlando, in Casselberry. That store was a tiny hole-in-the-wall at the time. (It has since moved across the street and into a new, bigger, and much nicer facility.)

    Anyway, after spending a few minutes to attract the attention of a counter guy (if you go there, avoid the ones wearing 5.11 gear), I told him what I wanted, and that I didn’t see one in the case. He quickly discovered that they didn’t have one. I asked him if he thought the Casselberry store might have one, and he quickly and confidently told me that no, they wouldn’t, because they get stocked through the mothership, and “if we don’t have it, they won’t have it either.” I then inquired about ordering one, and how long it would take to get it, making it clear that I came in prepared to buy. He told me that the manager who handles that was currently out to lunch, but he would leave the manager a note to find out and let me know about availability and timing, as it was a model that they usually had in stock. He told me that I could expect a call within an hour or so. I thanked him, and as an afterthought, reiterated my question about the Casselberry store, and received another firm “no.” I went on my way, but about a half hour later, while grabbing some food, I decided to call Casselberry, just to check, because the money was burning a hole in my pocket. Sure enough, they told me, without hesitation, that they had one on the shelf that they’d be more than happy to sell me. I didn’t have my concealed permit yet which would let me skip the 3 day waiting period, so I didn’t get to take it home that day, but it was legally mine about 30 minutes later.

    Never did get that phone call.

  73. Since I work in the industry, my worst experience usually occurs every day I work. While the company I work for was mentioned a few times, it was nice not to see my location. My pet peeves are; people interrupting when I’m speaking to a customer (volunteering their idea of the best gun) I’ve lost sales because of this. At least with my co-workers, I can tell them to back off. People acting like they are gun smart asking to see a 9 Eleven. Men telling their wife/girlfriend they need a .45. customers that just want to talk when there are other customer waiting.I could goon but, I won’t.

  74. I’ve never really had a bad experience at a lgs or even a big box retailer, but I will say that there is one gun store that I’ve been to several times that I just don’t think likes having customers. I know you may not be getting great pay or your preferred hours, but make me feel welcome when I buy overpriced .22 ammo.

  75. I didn’t buy, but the time I was shopping for the basic 10/22 carbine and found that both of my local rural shops wanted $350+ for one. I had bought two guns at one of the shops and overpaid a bit for both, but they were a good operation and the SKS they had was the best one I’ve seen on a shelf anywhere. However, $350 for a 10/22 is outrageous. I was gonna trade in my Marlin 60 and a little Taurus .22 revolver toward a 10/22, but not for that price. Luckily, the one shop offered the same value in cash as trade in…so I traded that two in, went to Wal-Mart and bought a 10/22 for $230 and had money left over for a BX-25 and a brick of ammo. I didn’t feel bad at all. I would’ve bought from them if it was a $25 or so markup, but not almost 50%.

    The Wal-Mart transaction took a little while, but it wasn’t bad for the savings. I’ve also bought a gun at Dick’s, a nice Savage .22WMR. Painless transaction.

    I’m also into guitars, and, though I hate to say it, I’m not big on local shops in either industry at this point. Too much snobbery, know-it-all-ism, and hassle. If I wanna give some new guitars a spin, give me Guitar Center any day of the week. All I have to do there is wave off the salesmen once or twice and I’m not bothered again.

    Power equipment shops are pretty bad too. I worked in the outdoor power equipment department at Lowe’s, and I know my stuff. I know that the stuff we sold was bad. But the guys at the local John Deere shop would tell folks our Deere’s weren’t “real” John Deere’s and that they were not obligated to service machines they didn’t sell. They were bottom-rung Deere’s, for sure, but there is no difference between the Lowe’s models and the same model number if sold by a dealer…and, the kicker…they are absolutely contractually obligated to service the machines we sold. Why they don’t realize that accommodating a big-box customer and giving superior service could increase their consumer base is beyond the pale.

  76. “The Bee Cave DSG gun counter is lonelier than a Jew at a Christians for Israel convention (don’t ask me how I know).”

    Self loather is still a it. Get some cheese with that whine.

  77. I purchased a pistol though PPT here in California. I met the buyer at the local gun store to do the transfer. The clerk starts telling us how he was at a private outdoor rifle range, shooting with some buddies next to another guy who has camouflage pants on and was using an chronograph to measure the FPS of his loads. The clerk decides this is funny (for unknown reason) and tells us he starts to make fun of the guy and starts shooting at the guys targets, knocking them over. The PPT process was handled relatively well but this kind of arrogance is annoying and doesn’t represent well to the anti-gun community or the beginning shooters.

  78. Academy – One time class was canceled so I figured I’d kill time by going to the closest academy (not my usual store) saw this midget lady and her two friends. Her two friends were helping her pick out a gun, lord help this lady because she did not know anything about guns she pulled a slide back on a handgun and the gun locked back and she said “omg its stuck! why is it stuck?” But thats not the problem, the problem was that the guy (older guy) was behind the counter. Whatever gun she pointed he took out and handed it her with out safety checking it he did it multiple times too! I wanted to say something to him but I figured ill go find a manager on my way out and tell him because it would mean more from a manager than me.

    During the same trip, another older gentleman walking behind the gun-bar and I walked up to him. I saw the Sig 220 TACOPS in .40. Ive seen the 9mm one and it help 20 rds so I curious on how many the .40 held. I asked for it and he safety checked it and I saw that it was only 13 rds. So i said “aww only 13” the man behind the counter then *sighed* really loud and said “why does everybody say that?!? You just need one!” and held a finger out. So i politely asked him, “what if you miss sir?” he then said, “you should have spent more time at the range then!”. Obviously this guy has never been shot at before. With a disgusted look on my face i gave him back the gun and left.

    On the way out I did find a manager to report the guy that was not safety checking the guns. The manager asked me, “was it busy back there when he was doing it?” I told him “Nope it was just me, her and her 2 friends. I know that the guns are suppose to be empty but still and on top of that the little lady did not know anything about guns and he was showing her bad examples”

  79. Arranged with a Maine FFL to receive a semi-auto Mini-Uzi from a Gunbroker auction for a $35 fee 2004). Firearm arrives but FFL refuses delivery w/o reason & doesn’t tell me until I ask him WTF?

    He changed his mind on the possibility that the firearm “could” have been a full-auto SMG. Why he didn’t consider this before agreeing to the transaction was beyond his comprehension.

    Palm slap to forehead.

  80. Okay, so I’m filling out a 4473, when I hear; “Son, what’d’ya think of black people?” from behind the counter. Totally unsolicited, from a complete stranger. “Think you better stick to your business, before you lose some, sir.” One of few decent stores in the region, and I assume every new customer all day long is getting a similar dose of ‘country ugly’ when they try to engage the gun culture. Nice.

  81. Every dang time I go into a gun store, they end up taking my money! I mean, how much worse could it get?

  82. Many years ago, I ordered a Century FAL out of the Shotgun News. It was delivered to my LGS in Miami. When I took out my $35 to pay for the transfer, the owner said, “That’ll be $35 for the transfer and another $35 for the sales tax.” I told him I didn’t buy the gun from him so he didn’t need to collect tax (which I confirmed was true in Florida). He insisted he had to collect the tax. I said I’d pay him sales tax on the $35 transfer fee even though I didn’t think I had to. Nope. I decided I wanted the gun more than the argument and handed him $70 and left pissed off with my new gun which should never ever happen. I know he just pocketed the extra $35. Since then, I have never paid sales tax on a transfer and it is one of the first questions I’ve asked before having a gun shipped to an FFL. The FFL that does my transfers now isn’t even in a gun shop. He owns a jewelry store and is terrific, knows me by name and gets me out the door in less than 10 minutes.

  83. I was transferring a pistol from another state. FFL took weeks. Finally the sending store called me and said what’s up. Then the FFL says I need to drive over to give them the Fax # of the sending store. They had this already. I did drive over. In fact the sending FFL had been trying to reach them. They still didn’t do it. Then I took my business elsewhere. The sending business completed it in one week. Meanwhile I bought another nice piece from the receiving shop.

    The original receiving FFL has bad reviews on line. They gave me an excuse that why mine didn’t happen was because someone had sent ten firearms but only had paperwork for three. Really? Why does that affect me? I tend to think he made that up. LOL

    Losing business is just that, losing business. Treat someone well and reap the rewards. I found a really friendly place that has received all my business. They never talk down to anyone. You know. Buy something and you need accessories. 🙂

    Or empty safe syndrome! LOL

  84. I will never shop at dicks again after what they did to Troy industry’s. Dicks had a Black Friday sale on a exclusive Troy industry’s AR. they sold it at a ridiculously low price(brake even at best) and allowed back orders. The rifles were bought in mass and thousands of back orders. A few weeks later sandy hook happened. Dicks then decided to not sell any more “evil black rifles” and did not honor the thousands of back orders. Troy was stuck sitting on thousands of rifles that they couldn’t possibly sell at the price they were promised for.

    • Hard to find a more concrete example of breach of contract. I hope Troy sued the crap out of them but they probably didn’t.

    • “Troy was stuck sitting on thousands of rifles that they couldn’t possibly sell at the price they were promised for.”

      So what was Troy forced to do, blow them out for 3x the price Dick’s was supposed to pay? Darn, it sure would suck to be Troy, stuck with all those scary black rifles when there was a buying/hoarding binge going on in scary black rifles.

  85. I only got about 90 seconds into this before it was blatantly clear that this guy has no frickin clue what he was talking about. His comments show a clear ignorance of the way the e-file 4473’s work, and the benefits to them. Sorry you went to a big box store and it took a long time. Just a heads up, water is wet.

  86. Been buying and selling guns for many years, all over the place as jobs moved me around. By far, the worst place has been Gander Mountain. Over priced by a country mile. Lots of people standing around, doing nothing.
    The last straw was when I was looking to trade a mint BPS 12 gauge deer/turkey special. They offered me $125.
    Gander has helped me sell my unwanted guns on Armslist for very decent prices, thanks to their gouging.
    My local Cabela’s has been decent to work with. I almost always buy used, and have worked with one particular guy in their gun room, who has been pretty fair. For new stuff, I stumbled into a hardware store about 30 miles form home whose owner is an avid shooter and FFL. He will match any internet price, and will hold guns for me if I ask. I don’t go to douchebag operated stores any more. I pretty much have everything I want (for the moment).

  87. Murl’s Guns in Granbury, Texas has a couple “No concealed guns” (or some such phrasing) signs on the door. I stood there, read them, turned right around, and got back in my car. Gots no time for a Fudd like that.

  88. Shooters Paradise in Yuba City, CA.

    This place is only open because of the attached range, and the drive time to more reputable dealers.

    Gun store employee hands live round out of “dummy box” to customer for safety check for a snub nose .38. Customer follows commands, and sends round into case of 1911’s, glass flies everywhere.

    Needless to say I started driving more and scouring the internet for parts and ammunition.

  89. My worst experience was the job interview I went in for at Dury’s in San Antonio when I got out of the military. Seven years later and I still hold a grudge about it; it was that bad. Wrote a Google review about it which I’ll copy and paste here:

    “I used to do ALL of my gun shopping at Dury’s. That’s until I went in for a job interview. I was fresh out of the military and applied for a sales job there. I had done a few sales jobs before and thought my DD-214 would be a testament to my professionalism and discipline. WRONG!

    I filled out an application and a questionaire. The questionaire had many obscure questions about archaic rifles and shotguns I’d never heard of. My expertise lies with handguns, and I thought once I had a chance to speak with the interviewer (David Dury) about this all would be well. Instead he talked down to me like I was a total idiot, and even criticized me for using dittos on my application, despite the fact every resume class tells its students to do so (“Why would I hire someone who’s just too lazy to fill out the answers?”) His attitude was so condescending and disrespectful it was revolting. I literally left in disgust. I was prompltly hired elsewhere a week later and told I was everything they expected from a military vet. It seems David Dury was too locked in to his rigid interpretation of my answers to what he convinced himself were fool-proof questions to see my qualities.

    I went there a few months later with my mom who used them to do an FFL to FFL transfer on a 1911 handgun. We went to pick it up and the young girl behind the counter asked, “What does it look like?” I said, “It’s a 1911.” She said, “I don’t know what that is, I only work here. Could you describe it to me?” No, I can’t because it would be pointless. “It’s black with wood grips,” isn’t going to help it get found any faster. Basically this girl not only doesn’t know what the most popular handgun on the planet looks like, she’s asking me to do her job by helping her find it. The same job I wasn’t qualified for.

    Not only that, but these people exploited their customers to the hilt during the 2008 elections. I saw a crappy Century CETME priced at $1200. This is a $600 gun at most. I also saw a Century FAL priced at $1800! This is a $700 gun! They completely played on the fear of gun owners that they would never be able to get these guns again and laughed all the way to the bank. They still sell copies of Boston’s Gun Bible for $40. The list price on the back is $33, and Amazon sells it new for $21 (Excellent book, by the way.) Their “Lifetime warranty” only covers guns which were paid in full. Customers who paid in installments are S.O.L.

    Do business with Dury’s if you like supporting people who exploit their customers and treat veterans worse than garbage.”

    • Wow! Tom Gresham speaks very highly of Dury’s. Says that they helped sell his dad’s guns when he died. I was going to suggest that my kids contact Dury’s when I left for the big range in the sky. Maybe not now.

      • Some of the employees there are good, some are total dumbasses, and some like David Dury are total dicks. Their used commission is pretty high and the prices they offer to buy used guns are the same as your average pawn shop- about half of resale value. I’ve even heard bad things about their custom gunsmith’s work. There’s just no reason to do business with them when competition in the gun industry is so high. There’s nothing these guys do that isn’t done much better by others.

        Try a private sale on first if you’re looking to make the most money!

  90. I’ve never experienced this kind of stuff. Just the “wait while we find the guy with the key to the ammo case” at like Walmart. And even then it’s not that long and the prices are usually worth any wait cuz where I live no one is buying ammo at these kinds of stores so you get it at prices from years ago.

    Then again I live in Canada and we can buy online and have it mailed to our house (guns and ammo) so most of my guns were bought like that. And the gun store I’m in most is attached to my club so it’s all knowledgeable people who check the display guns before handing it over.

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