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Click here for CBS News’ lead story: their second, even more damning report on the ATF Gunwalker scandal. Meanwhile, lots of news as the scandal goes mainstream. The AP reports that U.S. Attorney General has “asked the Justice Department inspector general to take another look at the efforts of U.S. agents who hunt gun traffickers along the U.S. border with Mexico. Some on Capitol Hill have suggested the current strategy endangers law enforcement officers.” Not just the two LEOs killed by thugs using guns enabled by the Justice Department’s ATF branch? Who’d a thunk it? And some fresh info on the Dallas deal, where an ATF-enabled gun smuggler smuggled a gun used to kill ICE Special Agent Zapata . . .

That case developed after investigators for ATF and the Drug Enforcement Administration allegedly met a confidential informant near Dallas in November and gave him 40 guns to take into Mexico. The pistols, rifles and a shotgun — most without serial numbers — were seized before they crossed the border as part of the undercover operation by ATF and the Drug Enforcement Administration.

But authorities later learned that another gun purchased in October by one of the three men, Otilio Osorio, was used in the Feb. 15 attack that killed Zapata. It’s unclear how, when and by whom that weapon was moved into Mexico.

What IS clear: the ATF now says that Osorio smuggled that weapon before they gave him other weapons to smuggle. Click here and here for the affidavits.


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  1. I saw some of that. They BATFE&RBFs&GHs (and the reporter) were still trying to push the angle that most of the guns were coming from the US. The agent they interviewed claimed to have pointed out to his superiors that the more guns they let flow south, the greater the violence became. Although we all know that correlation is not causation, the correlation isn’t even there as roughly 90% of the guns seized (not used) in crimes in Mexico come from sources other than US gun stores (such as the US and Mexican militaries) .

    That being said, it was great to see the story reported, especially with a (hopefully) credible agent willing to put himself on the record.

  2. Still not a word of this on any of the anti-gun blogs. I wonder, do they agree with the BATFE’s tactics, or are they just head-in-the-sand cowards?

  3. Its about time mainstream media, you are only 49 days behind Bob Wright & Bob Mitzel of Thewatchmen.FM who first broke this on their morning radio show.


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