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  1. When your guns have guns you are never out gunned.

    Insert random rolling stone related comment here cause you know Derringers

  2. “In other news a local woman was gunned down by the NYPD for brandishing two pistols in public. Reports say the officers fired 87 rounds and hit seven bystanders.”

    • The reason she was “gunned down” was because the cops missed her 87 times, so they just gunned her on the head with the butt of their pistol, and knocked her down.

    • We can’t use that one because all the boys in blue on here will say RF is a cop hater. Who can’t take a joke? “knock knock, license and registration please.”

  3. “I don’t know, sometimes they just go off on their own…” (punches wildly at the air)

  4. The tattoo artist said this would be really cool. I agreed because it was a convenient shape to cover the old “13s” I had on there before.”

  5. Just by following our easy step by step plan for only 90 days, you too can turn those flabby little guns in to a set of 44 mags or even S&W 500s.

  6. Derringers to the right of me,
    Derringers to the left of me,
    But it’s my Glock in front of me, that will volley and thunder.
    Don’t you DARE try mug THIS maid !
    Leave me alone, and use your haid,
    Lest it be your final blunder.

  7. She was going to be the valedictorian of her class until she showed up at school with her new tattoos.

  8. I’ve got two guns, one for both of you.

    But, that would mean Doc Holliday has been channeled by a burlesque dancer.

  9. Bernice didn’t realize until too late, that the Brazilian wax option included complimentary tatoo’s.

  10. Let’s see… what caption can I come up with that doesn’t rehash the “Biceps/Guns” gag that’s been done two dozen times? Welp, here goes:

    “After years of avoiding the nasty stuff, Olivia tries canned spinach for the first time and finally gets what her old man Popeye and big brother Swee’Pea were always raving about.”

    Eh, not my best, but you didn’t give us much to work with.

  11. This might be a bit out of place, but with those two “pits” staring at me I can’t resist.

    Definition of a coward: A guy who wakes up in the morning with his nose in his wife’s armpits, and is afraid to open his eyes!

    • Heh-heh. He said “pits.” I can’t resist either….imagine the above photo as part of an ad campaign for a new women’s deodorant, with the headline YOU DON’T NEED NO STINKING GUNS.

      I am so juvenile….

  12. Yet another misogynistic TTAG post that further discredits the gun rights movement.


  13. I don’t care what the haters say about little guns, my guns made the Rolling Stone list of Top Five Most Dangerous Firearms.

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