Marines Hunting “More Lethal” Sniper Rifle

Of course, the Marine Times is trying to say that the Corps wants a sniper rifle that's more lethal more often at greater distances than their current weapon. 'Cause you couldn't really say that...

A Range of Ways for Gun Owners to Celebrate Earth Day

Today is Earth Day. Huzzah! Let there be fireworks! Light shows! Feasts! Oh, wait. Fireworks pollute the air. Light shows waste energy. Feasts ignore the plight of the teaming millions of starving third-world wretches,...

Get the Lead Out for Earth Day?

Speaking of Earth Day (if we must), did you hear the one about the environmentalist who wants to ban lead in bullets? ( mean that's not a joke?) Nope. It's not. Environmentalists really wanna...

This Day In Gun History: Titanic Fires White Flares

The Titanic wasn't completely unprepared for the disaster which sank her. Just woefully. As we all know, the ship didn't have enough lifeboats, and loaded them inefficiently (40 percent of capacity remaining unused). Less...

Editorial: Ammo Sapiens

As some of you may have noticed, I am not any sort of expert on guns. In the late 1970s, I shot a rifle, probably a .22, for about an hour at a strictly-monitored...

Editorial: The Wonderful Thing About Ammunition Standards

Because of the constant need to one-up the competition and develop better-performing guns, I don't think there's ever a chance we'll see real standards emerge in ammunition. As long as there's a demand from consumers for bigger/faster/better, the gun industry will continue to say, "Standards? Standards!? We don' need no steenkin' standards!"

Editorial: Store Your Ammo in a Fireproof Safe

I don't know about you, but I sleep better at night knowing that I have a great deal of ammunition in-house. Zombie attacks, natural disaster-related social disintegration, post-apocalyptic hunt-for-your-food scenarios---bring it on. I have...

Why is Ammunition So Expensive: UPDATE

I just got back from a little trip to civilization (Dallas). On my way back, I felt the urge to check out a store with a HUGE selection of guns. The billboards weren't lyin.'...

New Ammo Promises to Render Targets Unconscious, Not Kill

German ammunition manufacturer Scheiße AG has announced the availability of a "revolutionary" cartridge designed to wound - but not fatally injure - a human target. Designated the Scheiße Ich Lüge, the bullet itself is designed to break the skin, but not penetrate through muscle tissue, organs, or bone, dissipating the kinetic energy throughout the body to render the target unconscious.

Walmart: We Still Sell Ammo. When We Have Some to Sell

So, that's that. Walmart is NOT banning ammo. Now I just wish the country-wide ammo shortage would ease so I could find some .38 special practice loads...

ATF Expands eTrace to Belgium. JPFO: Why?

Belgium makes some first-class firearms. The City of Liege has been at it since 1350ish. Thanks to Europe's pervasive anti-gun culture (just sayin'), the country's firearms industry is a shadow of its former self....

Has Walmart Stopped Selling Ammo? Or Has the U.S. Ammo Shortage Gone Critical?

I'm not an alarmist. If it's conspiracy theories you want, talk to Oliver Stone. I'm NOT your guy. I prefer to dig for facts and work patiently and carefully towards an operational theory. Then...