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The fallout from two recent Supreme Court rulings is receiving needed attention, as it’s up to activist gun owners to keep apprised of looming threats and opportunities, and to minimize damage/maximize gains of case outcomes. For one decision, Gun Owners of America has been at the forefront of warning against the anti-gun dangers hidden in Obamacare. On the flip side, some are looking at the same sex marriage ruling to prompt states to recognize concealed carry permits. But as important as those concerns are, they may ultimately become moot points if a case SCOTUS declined to hear is an indicator of things to come . . .

“The Supreme Court … refused to accept a case which sought to allow states to supplement a federal voter registration form so as to require proof of citizenship to vote,” Legal Insurrection reported Monday. “This is not just a battle of forms. It’s a battle for preventing theft of elections.”

“A new study … indicated that 6.4 percent of all non-citizens voted illegally in the 2008 presidential election, and 2.2 percent in the 2010 midterm,” National Review reported in November. “Given that 80 percent of non-citizens lean Democratic … Al Franken’s 312-vote win in the 2008 Minnesota U.S. Senate race [is] one likely tipped by non-citizen voting.”

While Obamacare is cited as a law that was passed by adding Franken’s 60th vote to the total, his hostility to gun rights and his affirmation of anti-gun nominees to administration and federal court positions were also enabled by his questionable win. A co-sponsor of the “Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device Act,” which called for up to a 10-year prison sentence for violations, Franken is rated “F” by both the National Rifle Association and Gun Owners of America.

Still, the High Court’s deliberate indifference may have been based on recognizing that ascertaining proof of citizenship may itself soon be a moot point if establishment Democrats and Republicans have their way. That’s because the Obama administration is paving a “pathway to citizenship” for foreign nationals illegally residing in the U.S. Likely Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has pledged that as a priority. And GOP leadership and current flip-flopping frontrunner Jeb Bush are servicing their Chamber of Commerce patrons to ensure a continued source of “cheap” (meaning paid for by everyone else) labor.

Add to that an overlooked but undeniable danger identified by activist and journalist Rick Oltman in an exclusive report the media and political establishments have ignored, but that merits widespread attention: Expect a “massive naturalization of legal permanent residents [LPRs] before the 2016 election,” a move that will overwhelmingly favor Democrats.

That’s especially dangerous, because the Democrat Party includes “gun control” as a central part of its national platform:

We can focus on effective enforcement of existing laws, especially strengthening our background check system, and we can work together to enact commonsense improvements—like reinstating the assault weapons ban and closing the gun show loophole…

“With 29 electoral votes, it is generally believed that one must win Florida to win the presidency,” Oltman’s analysis explains. “If only 10 percent of those who are eligible become citizens/voters, it could put Florida out of reach for the Republican candidate. This will affect the 2016 U.S. Senate race in Florida, also.

“In the 20 states with the most LPRs, there are 14 U.S. Senate races in 2016: 8 Democrats and 6 Republicans,” he elaborates. “Marco Rubio (R-FL) certainly looks to be at risk, and perhaps the Arizona race whether John McCain (R-AZ) is the incumbent or not.”

Whether Oltman’s numbers play out as feared in 2016 or are delayed an election cycle or two, all credible polls and predictors point to an ultimate unchallengeable Democrat majority, meaning all legislative gains enjoyed over the past few decades will be erased. Likewise, with anti-gun Democrats controlling the advice and consent process, the make-up of the federal courts will soon allow for judicial gains to be reversed.

As a heretofore alien political view of the relationship of government with the people gains majority dominance, legal recourse against infringements, may be lost — with most gun owners not even recognizing there’s a danger until it’s too late.

Thus far, out of all national gun groups, only Gun Owners of America has warned its members of these dangers, as well as gone the additional and critical next step: On March 1, I joined host Mark Walters and guest GOA Executive Director Larry Pratt on the nationally-syndicated Armed American Radio program, and in response to my question (46 minutes into the segment), Pratt pledged GOA will begin including amnesty for illegal aliens as a factor in scores it assigns politicians.

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  1. Wow you are just figuring this out about the establishments plan to flood elections with illegals? AJ and others were warning of this ages ago but nobody would listen. But hey he is just a kook…huh?

    • AJ is there to make people question what is going on and he’s fine. You have think, and for some people I guess this is painful. Compared to MSNBC AJ is a Saint!

    • SCOTUS and progressive’s have become a real concern. Lynch may join the Court. Murthy is making a mess. The GOA needs our help, this is one of the stronger voices which can and will work for all of us.

    • The message needs to get out, it isn’t enough that only a few know what is happening with election fraud. The proponents of corrupting the election process repeat their propaganda relentlessly, yet the truth only gets spoken occasionally? When the Dem Party placed the plank for relentless gun control, it became a gun issue.

      What really pisses me off is that I was never really liked the Rep party but the actions of the Dems have go Rep come hell or high water, and seeing the relentless corruption in the Connecticut Dem party makes it real hard to have any respect for anyone that labels themselves a Dem. I don’t think I am alone, In CT There are 436 thousand registered Republicans, 798 thousand Democrats, and beating both there are 917 thousand “unaffiliated”. I believe the “unaffiliated” got sick of the lies from both Connecticut parties, but honestly, I think the CT Democrats have been much more successful at lying and most of those registered as such wouldn’t be “affiliated” if they knew what was really going on.

    • no, David is not just figuring it out, he’s been writing and blogging about it for years already. and unlike AJ, he backs up his assertions with credible data, and he doesn’t shoot off his mouth about things before he does due diligence. mind you, I like AJ a lot, but he’s just too emotional to be a good source of information.

      • The AJ you hear on the radio-TV is a character, a personality.

        The actual AJ is a businessman, a rather savvy one at that.

        But, damn, does he do some entertaining sh!t…

    • AJ is a F’ing truther idiot with a microphone funded by bigger idiots.
      Hell Jim Jones had a microphone and followers.
      If your target market audience is idiots, there are plenty to be found (witness MSNBC).

    • Codrea has been writing about this for years. Your ignorance notwithstanding, it does not change the agent provocateur status of Alex Jones.

    • Who says he’s just figuring it out? He’s been writing about it for a long time. Is that OK with you? Or can only “AJ” right about it?

    • The problem isn’t that Alex Jones isn’t ever right, it’s sifting through the haystack of bullshit to find that one needle of truth. He’s a perfect example of “the boy who cried wolf” syndrome in action. He’s beclowned himself enough that, even when he’s dead right about something, it’s easy to dismiss him.

  2. Yeah I am very concerned over the SCOTUS as a gun owner in at best a “neutral/hostile” state(Illinois). The SCOTUS or at least the threat of the SCOTUS is how we got our shall issue carry law. The second it seems the antis rule the roost on the court, which now seems may be the case, this will embolden local and state level antis to push and figure out where the new boundary is. SCOTUS has shown you can’t have handgun bans, but the issue of may issue, awbs, mag bans, storage, etc are still in the air.

    • “SCOTUS has shown you can’t have handgun bans, but the issue of may issue, awbs, mag bans, storage, etc are still in the air.”

      That is why more attention needs to be made as to packing the circuit courts with judges at the very least not hostile to the 2A.

      • Yup. Unfortunately, the GOP has been piss-poor at doing this. All of the Supreme Court Justices nominated by Democrats vote reliably liberal. Half of the Supreme Court Justices nominated by Republicans vote reliably liberal. 🙁

  3. Pratt pledged GOA will begin including amnesty for illegal aliens as a factor in scores it assigns politicians. Overdue. It is interesting that Trump is taking so much flak on this subject.

  4. Luckily, the supreme court did take Evenwel v. Abbott for next term. That will address if voter districts can be distributed by voting eligable population, rather than just total population. That could have a significant, positive, effect on the power of voters that do not live in areas that have a high population of non-voting eligible people. This could wrest some of the voting power away from liberal metropolitan areas which have large populations of illegal aliens.

    • “Luckily, the supreme court did take Evenwel v. Abbott for next term.”

      Could you please explain that case in non-legalese?

      • Currently districts are crafted based on how many people live in them, not how many are eligible to vote. The case is about whether or not districts have to be crafted based on how many people can actually vote in them, not just raw populations. Liberal districts are flush with felons and illegal immigrants who cannot vote, and they are counted towards the population. If the court rules that districts must be drawn based on how many citizens are eligible to vote, it’s estimated that the GOP will immediately gain 8 seats in the house based on the new districts.

        • That very potential is why Roberts will ensure the Abbot’s argument is not upheld. It is blindingly apparent his only concern at this point is only to maintain the status quo matters of importance because he is afraid of the court’s duty.

        • The illegal alien thing aside, felons are still citizens, regardless of right to vote. They don’t suddenly disappear into the backdrop. They are taxed. They are affected by laws and policies.

        • Grindstone,

          Yes they are still citizens who have rights, but they have lost the right to have any say over the policies and taxes you mention. illegals aside you would be giving someone who happens to live near felons more voting power than another citizen who couldn’t vote for both themselves and for their felon neighbors. Not to mention that either way they have no say in the election weather they are counted or not. If you want to argue restoration of voting rights that’s a different conversation that’s irrelevant to this discussion because they would then be counted as eligible voters.

  5. So what is the best position, from a pro-gun POV, on illegal immigrants? Is there any way of dealing with the issue posed by millions of undocumented immigrants that will not hurt the POTG?

      • Is that really a realistic strategy, though? There are how many millions of illegal immigrants; deporting them back to Mexico seems nigh-impossible logistically.

        I’m reminded of anti-gunners crying for confiscation, despite the impossibility of confiscating the hundreds of millions of firearms in the US.

        • Ww can put them in sanctuary cities. We can give them public assistance. We can give them so much health care that they bankrupt hospitals. We can bus them all over as UACs.

          Yes, it is feasible to find them and ship them out.

          Stem the tide. Remove the incentives. And deport them when found.

        • I’ll day it again – a government big enough to deport millions of people under a GOP President is big enough to confiscate “assault weapons” under a Democrat… You don’t think all of those hundreds of thousands of federal positions created to accomplish that are juat going to be eliminated do you?

          Mass deportations a) are never going to happen and b) would be the end of the GOP. The Today Show would run story after story about pre-K american citizens effectively being orphan when their illegal parents get sent back. It’s never going to happen…

        • I never said *mass* deportation. The government doesn’t have to search out and round up illegals like herds of cattle in order for deportation to be effective.

        • Remove the incentives. Don’t give them a reason to come here, don’t give them a reason to stay here. Boot them if you find em.

        • @Unknown Prosecutor: +1 to your first paragraph. I don’t want a government big enough and powerful enough to do either. It’s dangerous.

        • “I’ll day it again – a govt big enough to deport millions of people under a GOP President is big enough to confiscate “assault weapons” under a Democrat…”

          Bogus, disingenuous, red herring sophistry.

          * The President already as ample power, authority, and duty to halt and repel the invasion-occupation-takeover of the USA, and would have ample power to do it even if the government were vastly smaller than it is today.

          * Eisenhower deported and incentivized the self-deportation of millions of invader-occupiers with just 1075 border patrol agents, a tiny fraction of today’s agents and budget. No wall, no e-verify, no national ID, no exit visas, no high-tech surveillance, no excuses. He fired the right people and hired the right people and honored his oath to faithfully execute and defend our most fundamental national defenses – our borders and immigration controls.

          * The reason we are being invaded, occupied and taken over, overwhelming the native-born citizenry’s voting control of our country, has nothing to do with the size of the government not being large enough to halt or reverse it. It’s because the president does not want our borders and sovereignty defended, does not want the invaders repelled. This subversion and sponsored invasion has been relentless and progressive since 1961.

          * The subversive open-immigration, invasion, occupation, takeover crowd has provided the perfect excuse for massive growth of government that you pretend to oppose. Not only government, but the most dangerous kind. The police state (aka “security state”), militarization and expansion of police forces, the Military Industrial Complex, the Prison Industrial Complex. 911 was made possible by the subversion that you support, and it was used to justify a suite of Orwellian police state laws and apparatuses, and a vast expansion of the very kind of government that would be used to confiscate firearms.

          * A government big enough to *defend the USA* is plenty big enough to confiscate “AWs”. It’s even big enough to mass confiscate AWs, if the gun grabbers were stupid enough to have that as their plan. But that’s not the plan. Mass confiscation is a red herring diversion. The plan is the progressive, Fabian gun ban, prohibited person and confiscation schemes, isolating and disarming people one at a time, and the government is 100 times as big as it needs to be for that.

          That’s seems to be no floor to what open-immigration shills will sink to keep flooding the USA with “cheap labor”.

          “Mass deportations a) are never going to happen and b) would be the end of the GOP. The Today Show would run story after story about pre-K american citizens effectively being orphan when their illegal parents get sent back. It’s never going to happen…”

          Self-serving BS, preemptive surrender, and self-fulfilling prophesy at best. You swarm the USA with “cheap labor”, subvert our most fundamental defenses, then claim we can’t do anything about it.

          Failing to halt and reverse the invasion is in the process of ending the GOP, the USA, and gun rights. But no cost is too high for your fellow citizens to pay, so that you can get your “cheap labor”.

      • Deportation. Absolutely. So much this. We’ve got millions who shouldn’t be here.

        Additionally, only importing those who swear to uphold the actual intent of the Constitution, have a clean background, and can provide a legitimate contribution to our nation.

    • Well long term America needs immigrants. No doubt about it. We need more young working people. And immigrants right now vote left and so do their kids. We can try and hold the fort and lose a little farther down the road and lose the future generations too or we can be proactive and maybe win some immigrants.
      1. We can make assimilation more of a goal and less of a dirty word. This includes not only requirements that they learn English BUT maybe require a governemnt class that teaches them how bad government is ( we could use this in high school also).
      2 charitable outreach. We need not just to make them learn English , but teach them. And why not have repiblican sponsored free English classes and tutoring for kids. Remember people tend to dance with the one than brung them. Maybe republican charities.
      3. Outreach and minority’s candidates not afraid to call the left out. Asian immigrants are wealthy and do great in school compared to other ethnicities even whites. They are also heavily discriminated against in university enrollment. They are also paying a lot of taxes( although not compared to many of their home countries). But still they vote left. Blacks , esp middle class blacks who don’t work for the government, Have no reason to vote democrat but almost ever one does. Same with Hispanics who are generally pro life and many are business owners.
      4. Selection. We need to determine which immigrants are more likely to vote republican by class, and national origin. Maybe even by questionare and let more of them in the country. Here is where cutting off illegals is a HUGE part. For every likely Wellfair recipient from Honduras who sneaks in thats one less place for a Kenyan pharmacist or an Eastern European.

      • Immigration isn’t the problem, and isn’t what’s being discussed.

        Illegal immigrants vote left; but the underlying problem there is that illegal immigrants are voting, period.

        I would daresay that legal immigrants vote differently from illegals – but they’re here legally, and if they have been naturalized, have every right to vote however they want.

        • Actually, the heavy evidence to which Mr. Codrea refers, is that legal immigrants also vote heavily Democrat. That wasn’t so much of a problem from the 1920s under Coolidge through the 1950s under Eisenhower, when our borders and immigration controls were enforced, and the legal flows weren’t suicidal and overwhelming.

      • America “needs” immigrants “long term”? Really? No doubt about it? Even with 100 million Americans unemployed, underemployed and on various forms of welfare?

        America “needs” immigrants, or *you* do? Sounds like a shill argument to me, and that’s to the extent it doesn’t echo odious, insulting Jeb Bush, “U.S.” Chamber of Commerce propaganda. Bush has been going around saying we need “fresh blood”, etc. A twist on the lies about “jobs Americans won’t do”.

        To the extent Americans don’t do “those jobs” it’s because on the one hand, the self-serving “America needs immigrants” business crowd is importing people so they can grind Americans, pay the immigrants $1 an hour less than they would have to pay the 100 million Americans, which makes welfare and unemployment relatively attractive. The Center for Immigration Studies shows that since 2000, 100% of net jobs created went to immigrants. It’s really worse than that, since they didn’t take jobs that went to anchor babies into account. Real wages and cost of living have been squeezed.

        The “perfect plan” you propose is full of holes, wishful thinking, and delusion. At best, you’re gambling the future of the USA as a sovereign, first-world nation on the Hail Mary pass that Republicans will magically be able to get people who have consistently voted heavily Democrat to start voting at least 50-50. How? By appeasing even harder, preemptively surrendering even faster, and campaigning in Spanish? McCain tried all that and they voted overwhelmingly for Obama anyway.

        The solid evidence is that it’s not just the sponsored illegal invaders, but *legal* immigrants who are also overwhelming “liberal” and anti-gun. The flows are too large to assimilate, and so it’s our culture that is being assimilated. Cultural terraforming.

        And you imagine that America will enact criteria that only people who are likely to be conservatives can immigrate? Step AWAY from the crack pipe. I can just see the pledge now. “I pledge to never vote Democrat or for welfare, or against gun rights”. Good grief. In what universe? The perfect storm conspiracy of neo-“Libertarian” open-immigration cultists, “U.S.” Chamber of Commerce Uber Alles types, RINOs, neo-“cons”, and Democrats won’t even allow us to keep Islamofundos, jihadis, jihadi breeders, and jihadi sympathizers out, let alone non-Muslims who vote overwhelmingly anti-gun and Democrat. At least 1.6 million Muslims welcomed in since 911, thanks largely to the Bush family. The 1.6 million is of course a big lie underestimate, like the “11 million illegals” number they’ve been lying about for 11 years. And the bogus 1.6 million number doesn’t include hundreds of thousands of “OTMs” and other illegal Muslims that Bush welcomed in through his relentless subversion of our most fundamental national defenses – our borders and immigration controls.

        The USA needs to return to non-suicidal, pre-1961 immigration limits, controls, and policies. But you want the “cheap labor” and “fresh blood”. Commerce Uber Alles. “Free trade” and “cheap labor” at any cost, and at any risk. Let in tens and even hundreds of millions of fast breeding people who naturally lean 80% Democrat and anti-gun. And just take the risk that we can suddenly “reach out” better. Just adopt your plan and hope for the best. As if Republicans have never tried to get immigrant votes, and you have an entirely new idea.

        Your plan is too smart by far less than half. Just cut the subversive nonsense, cut back immigration to sustainable, assimilable levels, and deport all illegals, as Eisenhower did.

        40 years of relatively restricted immigration flows beginning with Coolidge and ending with Eisenhower, resulted in a golden decade or so of quality of life, cost of living, and job opportunities, from the 1950s to early 1960s, before the Kennedys and the RINOs re-subverted our immigration controls and policies.

  6. Marco Rubio supports amnesty and pathway to citizenship for illegals. I couldn’t care less if he loses his seat as a consequence of that position – except that the person replacing him will probably be an outright Marxist.

    If GOP-controlled House and Senate facilitate this madness, then the GOP Establishment deserves the certain obliteration the party will face.

    But We The People certainly don’t deserve the consequences that will follow.

    • Rubio’s out no matter what. Florida law precludes him from running for two offices at the same time. As he’s running for pres, he cannot run for his senate seat. Too bad as doubt he’ll win the pres nod, and we could have used him here in florida

      • Like Obama and Cruz, Rubio is also ineligible to hold the office of President. Not a natural born citizen as that term was clearly understood by the Framers.

    • Power deriving from the consent of the governed, we will deserve exactly what we tolerate. Free market governance.

  7. Rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. The Federal government has grown far too large and powerful. This was a valid concern when ditching the Articles of Confederation in favor of the Constitution. It won’t be contained through the unenumerated power of Judicial Review. You don’t fix current constitutional violations through a violation committed in 1803. How did those who debated about the Constitution believe the People would handle such a situation? Wasn’t the power of arms in the hands of the People considered the ultimate safeguard to individual liberty? Well then, how would they have assessed the modern situation? How would they have handled the runaway federal tyrannies we endure day after day? How did they envision us handling them? IMHO, they expected a mass refusal to comply backed up by an armed population. Instead, we are hanging hope on the usurped power of tyrants in black robes. If that’s the best we’ve got then we are sunk.

  8. don’t count out those losing their jobs and proverbial position in line to illegals change their allegiance.. . . . funny how things work like that

    • But really they don’t. In most cases the jobs illegals have might be done overseas. Instead of picking fruit in CA the grower will plant in Colombia or wherever. Remember I’d rather have a job for an illegal here than a job for a Mexican citizen in Mexico , at least from an economic standpoint.

      • But, is that worker likely, or not, to have just one, or perhaps many more, government funded children/grandchildren living here in the future? There are gross and net results to all actions which may start in the black, but end in the red (blue?)

    • Those driven to desperation due to the competition with illegals will only be vulnerable to promises government benefits, same as they are already. Hell, the unions don’t even seem to have figured it out yet, and they’re practically extinct.

  9. I have been saying it for a long time. 2016 is the GOP’s last chance to win a Presidential election. If the Dems win, they will be able to set things up so that they never lose another big election ever again. Once that happens you can kiss ALL your rights goodbye. Along with all your money.

    • “2016 is the GOP’s last chance to win a Presidential election. If the Dems win, they will be able to set things up so that they never lose another big election ever again.”

      Never underestimate the Left’s inherent natural ability to royally piss off the voters.

      • With the current crop of GOP candidates you shouldn’t underestimate the Republicans’ ability to look like total morons and to piss off the voters. Donald Trump anyone?

        • Trump is almost as big a joke as you, little god.

          Now dance, troll.

          I order you to dance…


  10. Marching towards the cartridge box becoming the only option left to preserve the republic continues apace.

  11. A new study … indicated that 6.4 percent of all non-citizens voted illegally in the 2008 presidential election, and 2.2 percent in the 2010 midterm,” National Review reported in November.

    Critical thinking time. You linked to an NRO article that didn’t provide the source data of the study. Sure, we challenge the studies that say that increased gun control resulted in crime drops in Conn. and that gun ownership is at a low. Because it doesn’t align with our politics.

    So why not apply that here, too?

  12. David, excellent that you moved to TTAG, because you add to the intellectual weight of the articles here! Well, done.

    As to the content, immigration is one of the greatest problems facing Americans today. Illegal immigration is worse than any of the plagues in Exodus! The super rich want lower wages so that they become richer. The democrats want power……and so, the more votes, the merrier……despite the fact that the votes are not cast by citizens. The democrats objective is 2020 and 2024…… which time they will be able to take over all of the state legislatures and redistrict at their will. By 2030, a Republican (or anyone else) will not be able to be elected as a dog catcher.

    The TPP presents a threat of the level of “clear and present danger”. Not only will it allow Obama to write his own immigration laws, but with his TPP partners, he could implement the UN Arms Treaty. Congress could only vote the entire treaty down……and if they did, we would face suit by the WTO!

    We voted for Republicans in the fall of 2014, hoping that they would “STOP OBAMA”, and yet, with notable exceptions, they have done all within their power to facilitate Obama’s agenda.

    My thoughts are these…..within my lifetime, the 2nd Amendment will be rescinded, citizens will be “force moved” into “population clusters”, religion will be prohibited, speech will be restricted………wow, sounds like Nazi Germany, doesn’t it! A sad future for what was the greatest nation the world has ever known.

    Keep up the good work………bring these weighty issues to the fore-front!

  13. Ive thought since the pre-amnesty DREAMER shenanigans that the long game for 2016 is all about national gerrymandering through amnesty and legalizing those who are already here illegally to generate voters for life. Coming up on that 4th box voting at a dangerously steady rate and Im beginning to feel like this will be one of the main catalyst issues.

  14. …and the same people will be screaming “why didn’t you something earlier ” after a few of our black haired middle eastern fiends amble across our southern boarder on their way to kill a five or ten thousand u.s. Citizens.

  15. That’s fine. The Progressives can win a bunch (or even all remaining) elections, pass all the abominations for laws that they want, fill all judicial slots with Progressive drones, and rule in favor of gun control on whatever law they want. That is precisely why we have the Second Amendment, over 300 million firearms, and tens of billions of rounds of ammunition in private hands in our nation.

    If that time comes, it won’t be pretty … but it will be necessary. Our great grandparents, grandparents, and parents let us down. They failed to stop the insanity in their lifetimes — just like so many of us utterly failed to stop the exponential increase in our national debt that will crush our children. Our generation will have to step up and clean our national house. No one else is going to do it.

    Of course we could have a much easier path to freedom and solvency if ALL freedom loving patriots would get off their lazy a$$es and vote!

  16. The Democrats are on the verge of guaranteeing the Presidency for generations. Anyone who thinks there won’t be amnesty for the illegals has not read history – It is a matter if time.
    The Supreme Court handed Republicans a present – when it legalized gay marriage it took an item off the plate that made Republicans seem like bigots.
    The Republican Party needs to court minorities and women – a good start would be a black or Hispanic candidate or a female candidate for President

  17. We would not need so much low paid illegal alien labor if as a society we stop paying welfare to people who thought working in the fields was beneath them.

    California’s fate will be sealed. The progressives gays in San Francisco will expand there anti gun views beyond the major cities with the new group of Democrat welfare voters. I see a civil war in California before the rest of the country. Modoc, Lassen counties, these and other rural counties are not going to turn in their guns.

  18. I just joined GOA for a one-year membership.

    $20 isn’t much in the grand scheme of things, but it adds up…

  19. Hahaha, and y’all thought anything would change. You’re open carry/constitutional carry isn’t even 2 steps back 1 step forward. The pollies play you like a cheap guitar and ride you like the village bike, both parties, spit roasting you. You keep voting, keep enlisting, think Reagan, Jefferson, Lincoln and Bush were just great. You keep funding the ATF with your slightly-less-loud, arbitrarily shorter guns. Get whoever you want elected, and see that it doesn’t just get worse like every other time. Think about it, you started from a bunch of monied guys trying to avoid British taxes who talked a bunch of poor farm folk into being human shields for grapeshot. They had no qualms about keeping slaves, marching federal troops on tax evaders like they were to the British and suspending habeas. Interning Japanese and a legal system where it’s still possible to be locked up for decades or executed and be innocent. Shining city my ass. Let the latinos and jihadis have it, the barbarians were always here.

    • It’s good to know that the other side of the argument to uphold our 2A Rights is onboard; this one may actually learn something else about our country in the process to counter this one’s opinion that the whole country was a hypocritical mistake, throwing everyone into the same chamber pot, right out the window. Doesn’t seem to willing to listen to facts, though. I think this is the kind of reader who would benefit from grassroots efforts to approach the ignorant among the non-gun community and share with them what it really means. We don’t need a Kickstarter campaign to make a 2A movie; there are plenty of outlets and talented people who collaborate on stuff like this with little or no funding by collaborating or crowdsourcing the talent. It is far past due that we escalate the 2A issue past soundbites and make further committed efforts to educate Americans how guns got us to where we are today so they can appreciate the consequences of ignorance and anti-gun hype. Ideas?

  20. To me, the 2016 elections is the most important event and potential turning point in US history since the Revolution. If we lose the election, the republic is lost. Sure, we will fight to get our freedoms back, but the US will never be the same again. We must win this election.

  21. So as much as 6 percent of illegal immigrants are voting?

    Just thinking out loud… I wonder how that compares in actual numbers to homicides with firearms? Could illegal voting be a bigger issue, have more real numbers when compared to ” gun violence”?

  22. Whine, whine, whine.

    A bunch of white male ammosexuals scared that they will lose their privilege. Ammosexuals afraid that women and children will become citizens. Ammosexuals that want to overlook gun crimes that are major felonies yet rant and rave about immigrants who have committed a misdemeanor – at worst – to come to the USA.


    No wonder no one cares.

    • “Pathetic.

      No wonder no one cares.”

      Well, god, you spend quite a bit of your little life following this blog…

      Pot, meet Kettle…

      Now dance, troll.

      That’s an order.

  23. Maybe it is time to stop treating Dems as the enemy and ramp up education and experience-sharing in a collaborative effort at the grassroots level to share the practical truth about guns in a friendly fashion with everyday folks – not the polarized ones. Like the recent bit on NBC, but in much higher quantity. Our country is going to be 80% “minority” by 2075 and if the party keeps blaming the immigrants for the indirect threat they represent against our 2A rights, it will continue to alienate (no pun intended) this part of the population, who will continue to see the party as a bunch of haters. We have already been compromised, so why not consider further negotiations out in the open (a fairly-moderated national/public dialog) because it would seem that the rest of America could learn a lot truths that had been obfuscated to this point that would benefit our 2A struggles.

    That guy who wanted to fund a 2A movie on Kickstarter had the right idea, yet he only collected a pittance. I thought that the NRA & 2AF should have been sponsors, but they didn’t see it that way; maybe it would have tainted the outcome, but they didn’t even give it a chance. If TTAG readers & contributors couldn’t help make it happen, what does that say about our resolve?

  24. Super, David, just super.

    Not to toot my own horn, but talkradio is my beat now. This is a perfect example of why gun owners need to go on mainstream talk radio as invited guest experts and not talk about guns. The key to being effective – and booked to be with a host – is to show how relevant gun ownership alertness is to the homes of listeners on subjects harassing them. They cannot make such connections on their own, and it’s going to take experts such as David and Larry to connect the dots. This is one such subject.

    If you have that ingredient of how gun control is linked to harassment of the household you’ll be a desirable mainstream guest expert for non-gun issues. This widens the scope of our liberty message into new areas.

    Gun control is antecedent to every harassment of Americans from education to property to shortages. Most just don’t know it yet. I’m not talking about ‘calling in’ about guns; I’m talking about being invited as an expert on showing how gun control has led to this. It’s the kind of mission best handled by several individuals guesting at dozens of shows nationwide.

  25. Besides submitting Amicus Briefs, can anyone cite any major 2A rights case that GOA initiated and won?

    Any major 2A gun rights expanding legislation that they PRIMARILY were responsible for getting passed by Congress?

    I don’t know. That’s why I’m asking.

    • What’s wrong with amicus briefs? They’re doing what they can with the money they have. The NRA has a $400 million budget. If GOA had a tenth of that, you can bet they would be the primary movers on a lot of legal activity. But the point of this article is that the legal activity will all be wasted effort once Bloomberg’s over-immigration cultural terraforming effort is sufficiently advanced in the next decade. GOA, unlike the other groups you allude to, has not ignored the key fact that if you don’t win elections, if you swamp the country with heavily left-leaning, anti-gun leaning, fast-breeding immigrants such that the Democrats have a permanent supermajority of the federal government and a supermajority of the states, you will soon no longer be winning court cases, let alone legislative battles.

      OTOH, there is at least one group passing and expanding legislation that they were primarily responsible for passing, or for passive-aggressively collaborating in passage. The NRA. The NRA has been passing and expanding all sorts of backdoor gun controls and gun confiscations that circumvent the right to fair jury trial to declare people to “prohibited persons” based on “mental”, “domestic violence”, etc.: Example:

      1. Lautenberg, “DVRO”. NRA coyly rolled for this.

      2. Veterans Disarmament. NRA was primarily responsible for passage. Cosponsored it with gun grabber Carolyn McCarthy. Lobbied for it. Praised its passage.

      3. Anti-gun Obamacare, which expands the recordkeeping that will be used to identify “prohibited persons” with “PTSD” and so forth. We needed only one additional senator’s vote to kill this backdoor gun confiscation vehicle, but the NRA ensured its passage by working with Harry Reid to “fix” it and falsely declaring that it was gun-neutral or even gun-positive. The NRA could instead have easily killed the bill. The NRA had 10 “A” and “A+” rated Dems, 2 “B” rated, and 5 “C” rated. The only way these phony A & B dems can survive in pro-gun states like Montana is with their phony A & B grades to fool gun owners. There is zero chance the NRA would not have killed Obamacare if it had a) not collaborated with Reid to pass it and b) had the NRA fought it as a back-door gun grab.

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