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America would not exist without the heroism of the young adults who fought and died in our revolutionary army. Today we reaffirm that our Constitution still protects the right that enabled their sacrifice: the right of young adults to keep and bear arms. …

As to the semiautomatic rifle ban, we part company with the district court. Strict scrutiny applies. The main difference between this ban and the long gun regulation is the exceptions. The long gun regulation has a readily available exception, at least on its face—young adults can get hunting licenses.

The semiautomatic rifle ban has no such exception: the only young adults who can buy semiautomatic rifles are some law enforcement officers and active-duty military servicemembers.

It’s one thing to say that young adults must take a course and purchase a hunting license before obtaining certain firearms. But to say that they must become police officers or join the military? For most young adults, that is no exception at all. In effect, this isn’t an exception that young adults can avail themselves of by joining the police force or military; it is a blanket ban for everyone except police officers and servicemembers.

— Majority opinion striking down California’s ban on semi-automatic gun sales to adults under 21 years of age in Jones v. Bonta

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  1. Long overdue in the 9th. Circus Court of So-Called “Appeals”. Still unconstitutional about how you have to get a hunting license first before you can purchase. Our 2A rights aren’t about hunting but try to tell some damn lawyer that out there is worse than talking to one of their grapes. Still the victory is better than nothing but there never really is any reason for compromise to 2A rights with the Amendment being as clear day.

  2. Discrimination lost. After all…Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is unconstitutional simply because history confirms Gun Control is an agenda rooted in racism and genocide. All the courtroom drama boiled down to…Is discrimination constitutional? Duh.

  3. Is this a final decision by the entire 9th Circuit or only a 3-jusge panel?

    They have fooled us before with this first ruling business only to be overturned when appealed to the full bench.

    • CliffH,

      It’s a three judge panel. Expect the impending en banc ruling overturning it. Then, IF we’re lucky, we’ll get a SCOTUS opinion in NYSRP that puts them in their place.

  4. My wife would tell you that a leftist lawyer has a forked tongue, horns, and a tail. I can’t really disagree having watched one of them try to argue the meaning of “is.”

    • The lawyer’s argument on the meaning of “is” should be regarded as null and void unless they had at least a Masters, if not Doctorate, in historical language studies.

      But then they would find Ebonics had a linguistic base in southern white cracker culture which in turn came from northern and north-east England.

  5. Maybe next you’ll need a fishing license before you can receive your ” constitutionally protected ” abortion…. snowflake heads would explode.

    • I wouldn’t hold my breath if I was an 18-20year old aspiring semiautomatic rifle owner in Commiefornia…

      • Said 18-20 year old would be well past 21 by the time this is resolved (unless SCOTUS actually renders a rational opinion in NYSRP).

    • Russia continues to fail miserably at conducting combined arms operations.


    • “Russian battalion devastated as it crosses river”

      The mighty tank is dead! Long live the missile! 🙂

      • Similar predictions were made in the late 60s and early 70s. The problem is not the tank but how they are being used.

        The Russians have either forgot the lessons on combined arms and infantry cooperation or the conscripts weren’t taught how to do this.

        • The reality is a combination of things, and Russia has been for the last 40 years or so, steadily scrapping the most decrepit examples out. They got a rude surprise when they went to ship more examples out as replacements that critical components had been stolen leaving them useless.

          “The Russians have either forgot the lessons on combined arms and infantry cooperation or the conscripts weren’t taught how to do this.”

          The morale of the Russian army is now in ruin. Their special forces have had their asses handed to them in their hats. Hopefully, this ‘adventure’ will cure them of invasion fantasies for at least a few years.

          If Putin dies tomorrow, little changes. The guy he put in charge while he heals from surgery is every bit as bad as he is with visions of restoring the empire… 🙁

  6. I’ve never understood this ambiguity about “adulthood”, and why many (particularly, but not exclusively, the Leftist/fascists) play these idiot games about “majority”. You are an “adult” at 18 – you can vote, are (potentially) subject to the draft, etc., etc., but you cannot drink, smoke, rent a car (BUY a car, with many banks, without a parent co-signing).

    Pick an age, halfwits. Justify your choice, and then make that the age of majority. This “old enough to vote, go to prison, or be drafted, but not old enough to drink, smoke, whatever” is absurdist nonsense, that only a demented fool like dacian the stupid or MinorIQ could embrace. Personally, I would have no problem with 21 as the age of majority, and I could argue that 25 would be even better. I would live with 18, IF the idiots who pass our laws could achieve a little consistency. Is it 18? OK, then it’s 18 – to vote, be drafted, smoke, drink, buy/rent cars, you name it.

    Pick an age and stick with it, you morons – and don’t EVEN start with me on this “drinking/owning guns is dangerous” nonsense. Yes, it is . . . but not nearly as dangerous as them voting.

    Why are Leftist/fascists stupid?? Or is it that you have to be stupid to be a Leftist/fascist??

    • “Your comment is awaiting moderation”

      TTAG moderators? Osculate my anal orifice, you pathetic @$$clowns.

      • If they want voting at 16 years-old, then carrying a gun at 16 years old should be on the table. 🙂

        • IMHO one should be the age required for the office to vote in that race, I.E., 35yo to vote in a presidential election.

          Leftards would “reason” that illegal alien children should be able to vote in this country “because it affects them.”

    • Nature or nurture. And Yes.

      But Obumercare says child (on dads’s med insurance) until 25.

  7. I think having young first timers take a hunter safety course is a great idea.
    To get a hunting license.
    A gun safety course would be a great idea also.
    In grade school.

    • The hunter education here includes a section on firearm safety, so there is that. The California Teachers’ Union has been trying to kill off gun related activities in high schools for years, including shotgun shooting teams, with some but not universal success. (There is still a broad swath of red here that supports the 2A, and so there are shot gun teams and competitions.)

      • “trying to kill off gun related activities in high schools”

        I think that’s a big mistake.

        • I guess it’s true that a stopped clock is right twice a day. If you could only manage twice a day, you could be a stopped clock.

          Although my level of confidence in the current crop of teachers being able to competently teach gun safety/use is . . . on par with my confidence that Joe Biden will ever utter a coherent sentence.

        • “Although my level of confidence in the current crop of teachers being able to competently teach gun safety/use is . . . on par with my confidence that Joe Biden will ever utter a coherent sentence.”

          Then it’s high fucking time we get more conservatives to fill teaching positions in Leftist Scum ™ states.

          Maybe our billionaires can bump heads and offer low interest rate home mortgages as an incentive?

  8. It is still illegal for this age group to buy handguns. I haven’t checked, but I assume the only exception is LEO.

  9. The decision will of course be appealed and then the ban upheld. 2A does not guarantee civilians anything and never has and the history of gun bans proves it. Science has proven the average young person does not even reach full maturity until age 25 so gun bans are only commons sense laws for this group people.

    • “Science has proven the average young person does not even reach full maturity until age 25…”

      Good, raise the age to vote to age 25 as well… 🙂

      • I use his comments about maturity to school young people on what the other side thinks about them. I would hate to see herr dacian leave here. He does so much good for our cause.

    • He is right, the 2A does not guarantee anything. The Constitution is worthless if we fail to protect it.

      We, the People have allowed some Rights to be eroded and when we have put out foot down and said no more they say we are extremist for not willing to compromise. Compromise means if I give up something, I gain something from you. To them compromise means I give up everything and still owe them more.

      Of course his under 25 year old canard, guys like
      James Aloysius Walsh, William “Willie” Johnston and others may disagree. Of course the same people who promote the under anyone under 25 is not mature enough to own a fiream also tell us children as young 7 can decide thier gender, give medical and sexual consent and vote at 16. This is the mentality of people who say we are far right storm troopers because we vehemently disagree wth them.

      So let them spout this nonsense. When they come for us we will know who we must prioritize.

    • dacian, the Dunderhead, First, the next appeal would be to the Supreme Court. Now where do you think that will go? Next, so what if the “age of maturity” is supposedly 25. Are you proposing that people not be allowed to by a gun until they are 25? I guess then we should not allow anyone to enlist in the Armed Forces until they are 25 then?

      You are an example of how some people NEVER mature.

    • Great, dacian the stupid,

      Now do voting. You want to raise the voting age to 25?? Great, post the petition, I’ll sign it.

      Of course, intellectual consistency escapes you, dunnit?? Hell, intellectual ANYTHING escapes you. The only thing consistent about you, dacian the stupid, is your consistent worship of that pompous, hypocritical fraud, Karl Marx. Oh, and your buddies at Antifa/BurnLootMurder.

    • “Oh, by the way, TTAG “moderators””

      We all deal with it here. You’re not the only one.

      Lighten up, Francis… 🙂

      • Geoff,

        I know many others get “the treatment”, too. I am not HOPEFUL, but willing to try, to embarass TTAG and the mods to at least apply their “rules” with SOME degree of consistency.

  10. It seems the 3 member panel agreed that an outright ban is unconstitutional, and required “strict scrutiny” as the review standard….while agreeing that the requirement for permits to purchase firearms need only intermediate scrutiny, and that permits are constitutional.

    “levels of scrutiny” is not a principle of the constitution, but an article of jurisprudence, where SCOTUS proclaimed that its internal operations are not subject to legislative review.

    Of course, there is also the famous “interest balancing” scrutiny of the constitution. What tomfoolery; the Constitution is establishes all the interest balancing needed/intended.

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