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Detroit Police Chief James Craig (courtesy

“Detroit Police Chief James Craig spoke with residents Saturday about efforts to make neighborhoods safer and revealed he’d nearly been a victim of crime in the city as well,” reports. “‘I was almost a victim two weeks ago of carjacking,’ said Craig to a stunned crowd. ‘The Chief of Police, I know. Can you believe that? I’m happy I had the presence of mind.'” To do what?  Flash his badge? Travel with a lieutenant? Drive away? The article doesn’t say. But Detroit native and TTAG reader Dirk Diggler has something to say on the subject: “criminals don’t give a sh*t anymore.” Did they ever?

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  1. Yeah, I’m told we had a car jacking problem in Tucson and Phoenix a while back; where they’d pull you out of your car and drive off. “Had” being the operative word. People started shooting car jackers in the face and sorted that problem out.

    • How do you manage car carry? If I’m using an IWB holster getting my firearm out while I’m buckled in the drivers seat wouldn’t be fast enough to matter.

      • put a Remora holster between the seat and the center console. easy to pull the gun. I am a lefty, and I learned to shoot right handed just because of this consideration . . . .

  2. This guy might represent a glimmer of hope for the poor city:

    “A new program to enforce cleanliness at gas station and convenience stores is also in the works because “filth attracts criminal behavior,” said Craig.”

    This is the kind of low-level “NO-DUH!” policing that brought NYC out of the dark ages…

      • I think the analogy would go “Saying filth attracts criminals is like saying dust attracts dust bunnies”.

        Shelves? We don’t need no stinkin’ shelves man!

    • Even after the success shown in NYC, self-styled intellectuals want to contest the “broken windows” theory.

      • DG,

        I believe that the “broken window” theory relates to economic stimulus, not crime control. The idea is that someone breaks the baker’s window, so he gives money to the glazer to repair the window. The glazer pays for the supplies. Etc. The counter to that is usually that, if the baker didn’t have to repair his window, he could spend that money on new pans and such in the shop.

  3. He is doing a LOT for Detroit. Another initiative is he is making sure there is at least one detective in each district and he is trying to get all precincts to be open 24/7. He is also working to reduce the shifts from their current 12-hours, which probably kills morale.

    Also Kwami got 28 years. Hooray!

      • Kwame’s partner in crime (Literally), Bobby Ferguson, who was part of the RICO conspiracy/racket, only got 21 yrs. Of course, he faces another federal criminal trial in the spring for bid-rigging (hung jury last time).. . . . and he served time for pistol-whipping an employee whom he thought was banging his wife (whose birthday is today (Happy Birthday Marilyn aka Cookie), and who filed for divorce last week). 🙂

    • We all cheered at work when we heard about Guilt-patrik’s sentence. Apparently he was crying and hoped that he could forgive HIMSELF. What about hoping the people of Detroit could forgive him? He was a MAIG member to boot (BONUS!). Good riddance, and may the soap always fall from his fingers.

  4. No offense to the esteemed Chief, but what’s up with the SWAT look? Also, looks like he got promoted when going from Cincinnati to Detroit, 4 stars to 5. How about cops just dressing like cops and losing all the military crap.

  5. Miami had a plague of carjackings in the ’70s and ’80s. The high rate of carjackings was one of the factors leading the state to pass its shall-issue carry law in 1985, despite the resistance of that crone, Janet Reno, who was the Florida Attorney General at the time. Reno finally dropped her opposition, but only on the condition that open carry would remain prohibited.

    Carjacking has declined, just as carry proponents predicted. It seems that carjackers don’t like being shot in the face.

    • There was a brief flurry of deadly car jackings in the Late 90’s? or thereabouts. The bad guys figured that tourists flying in from overseas and out of stae were renting cars at the airports for their vacations. Rentals from the airports marked you as unarmed and easy pickings.

      Surprise, once the rentals were sent out unmarked and the bad guys could no longer easily pick them out the jackings faded out. Even unarmed foreign tourists are protected by 2a in the free states.

  6. “… criminals don’t give a sh¡t anymore.” Did they ever?

    Yeah, actually — some of ’em.

    I knew a second story man some decades back. His take on muggers, armed robbers, rapos and such was that “They’re bad people, degenerates. They give an honest thief like me a bad name.”

    He was known (by a select few, of course) to drop the occasional dime as a public service, in order to keep the streets a little more safe.

    Different times; different world.

  7. I thought I would post something since after reviewing the comments posted by so many vicious cretins I thought I would post something as a representative of the moral minority. In a civilized Christian society, one would not glory in the death of anyone, even a criminal or hope they get raped in prison, especially for what were mostly theft crimes. We don’t leave corpses hanging in public anymore; but I would be happy to give you a list of countries that do and hopefully some of your commentators will avail themselves of that knowledge and emigrate there.


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