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 Suspect's car (courtesy

“A woman suspected of being involved in a car chase across central Washington was shot and killed by police outside the U.S. Capitol building this afternoon,” reports. “The incident, which sparked a lockdown of Congress, began when the woman tried to ram through security barricades outside the White House. An official said a Capitol policeman was injured when the car driven by the suspect crashed outside the Capitol.”

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  1. Ok… So she injured a police officer so that immediately allowed them to become judge/jury/executioner after the fact? That is what I took away from this.

  2. Late model Infiniti ,East Coast leftist state tags, and she was using it to ram the White House security gate?

    Likely suicide by cop.

      • Don’t be silly! It’s only an assault car if her sound system stores 7 songs or more. . .

        • Most standard CDs hold 10-15 songs. But a high capacity mp3 CD can hold 100s. Imagine if she could plug in a 16 or 32 GB iPod/iPhone… Or worse Pandora!!! endless hours of Indy music, ahhhhh!!!! And what if she had a DVD player with a screen thingy that goes up!!!!

    • For a car that supposedly “rammed” a barricade, it sure doesn’t have much damage to it’s front end.

      • Where did the word “rammed” come from? The press? Maybe she sideswiped a bollard? Realized she was going the wrong way and made an “oh shit” turn and wasn’t fast enough?

        • Maybe her car was having some problems and the accelerator stuck… she crashed through a barricade, blazed 16 blocks dead straight (she wouldn’t be able to turn) and finally stopped short of the capitol building and with a child in the car she stepped outside panicked and confused only to find a police officer giving her the “POP, POP, POP, POP in the face upon exit of the vehicle. All could be true, but now that she is dead, maybe we’ll never know. The guys in the black suits are probably coaching the kid on what to say as we deliberate.

          *****”We were standing there, looking at the building, and all of a sudden we heard a pop-pop-pop-pop,” he said, saying he thought he heard four to five shots fired in rapid succession.

          ****”Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom!” Posey told POLITICO. “Then sirens went off, cops started going everywhere yelling ‘get inside, get inside!'”


    • That looks like a 2011-2013 G37s coupe. A 3.7 liter 330 HP assault engine with a high capacity 7 speed automatic transmission. Top speed roughly 155-158 mph. (My G37s is grey and has an “Extremely Rightwing” sticker from LaRue on the back).

  3. I’ll bet she did it with a Militarized black scary AR15 fully automatic double barrel sawed off ghost ring sighted evil pump shotgun. Does that cover it?

  4. Is anyone else really relieved? Of course, they’ll tear her house apart, and if they find guns there we’ll hear about it in excruciating detail, even though it’s completely irrelevant.

    I do really wonder what was going on, though, what with the kid in the car and all. Maybe she just had a bad reaction to meds or something, but she’s dead, so now it’s unlikely we’ll ever know.

    • More like they’ll tear her house apart, find partially-used expired SSRI med bottles, and we’ll hear nothing more of it.

    • Young teenage tourist who got lost, hit a barrier on accident, then fled the scene. Cops gave chase, one got hurt chasing her, tourist shot to death.

    • Nah. We’ll hear that she had an arsenal, which some FBI will write up as her dead grandpa’s top-break, Iver Johnson .38 S&W with a box and a half of ammo. That will somehow magically transform in the pressroom into an arsenal including two cases of ammunition with cop-killer bullets.

      God help us if she hung onto grand dads old .22 single shot and double barreled shotgun…

      • I believe that amount of weaponry only counts as a “weapons cache,” it doesn’t rise to the level of “arsenal.”

  5. Thank god she didn’t use one of those high capacity sports utility vehicles with a high powered engine.

  6. I can hear the spin already:

    The driver was out of control and officers *thought* she might be armed; just another reason why we need more gun control.

  7. Maybe she logged onto and found out that it wasn’t going to be free after all.

  8. This is what happens if you catch your daughter doing crack and you pull her out of school. She wind’s up going to her baby daddy house trying to score money or rock and gets shot for her efforts.

  9. Don’t tell Congress the lockdown’s been lifted. Maybe those dill-wads might get something accomplished; or do I need to take off my rose-colored glasses?

    • I say let ’em sit around doing nothing.

      “No man’s life, liberty, or property are safe while the legislature is in session” – Mark Twain

      • I’ll agree with that! I’d rather them do nothing than do something. They only have five ideas in their minds:

        1) Lets propose that bill that was handed to me from corporation A that I can insert in the tax code so they will give me that high position with excellent benefits with stock options upon retiring from the US gov.

        2) Lets propose anything (it doesnt matter) and pass it so I look like I’m helping my constituency and i’ll score some votes out of it – certainly works in NY – look at Schumer!

        3) Lets propose more regulation on anything (it doesn’t matter) so that we ultimately have more traceability on the people and more power over what they do (whisper)… so we can tax them more!

        4) Jesus – we are out of money. Can the federal reserve print us some more? Can we raise taxes?

        5) My cousin’s friend’s nephew was looking for a job and I told him I would find him an easy job were he would never be fired and had the best benefits – so lets create some by forcing the american people to use this service that would be better, monetarily and efficiently, provided by private industry. – And of course the people have to pay for it. Lets think of some patriotic names to call this bill.

  10. Heard a report on NBC that the police agencies involved include the Capital Police, DC Police (why are there two separate police forces for one federal city anyway?), the ATF, the FBI, and of course the Secret Service. Then I see pictures of every police car and half the emergency vehicles in the metro area all camped out on Constitution Avenue, and I think to myself, I thought there was a government shutdown. How many of these guys are pulling OT, and do we really need that many cops for one lady (who happens to be dead) and one car???? And this article has guys running around in combat gear, so the SWAT team must have been called out as well. What does the bill look like for this much overkill?

    • Because it’s the Capitol Police, not the Capital Police. The Capitol Police has the responsibility for security of the Capitol building and grounds, and that’s it. Remember the CERT team that was called off from the Navy Yard shootings? That stands for Containment and Emergency Response Team, and they are part of the Capitol Police. The Capitol Police have a pretty standard policy of not getting involved in issues outside their sphere of influence, hence the call-off.

      • Gee, I guess they were wrong when they taught me in school that the District of Columbia was the capitol of the United States. I guess it is just those big white buildings then? So maybe they ought to give the rest of the city back to Maryland. Or are the DC police too incompetent to handle security for a few buildings? Redundancy is wasteful. And other than correcting my spelling, Matt, you didn’t answer the question. Why five different police agencies when one detective would do the job? And why is the ATF involved at all, given that the rammer appeared otherwise unarmed?

        • Because there was never a LEO that didn’t appreciate overtime (it’s how many of my childhood friends’ fathers paid for Christmas and summer vacation). The ATF? They will squeeze into ANYTHING to gain press. They are absolutely desperate for continued justification of their entire existence. Those ATF boys and gals are probably terrified that the FBI will just take over their caseload and enforcement areas while shipping the ATF crew into the TSA.

        • “Gee, I guess they were wrong when they taught me in school that the District of Columbia was the capitol of the United States. I guess it is just those big white buildings then?”

          Look, I’m not trying to be rude, but you brought this on yourself. I was just trying to explain it because I figured you heard someone say “Capitol Police” on the radio or TV, and you were unaware that such an organization existed, and what it did. You made a logical assumption that they were referring generically to police in the capital, but you were mistaken in that assumption. So I explained it.

          But since you want to go down this road, no, they were not wrong when they taught you about the District of Columbia, you were mistaken in your understanding. The Capitol is just the big white buildings, which are located inside the capital, Washington, D.C.

          A capitol is a building in which a legislature meets. A capital is the municipality enjoying primary status in a state, country, province, or other region as its seat of government.

          Why does the Capitol Police exist? To provide security for the Congress, both within the District and throughout the country (though they primarily are focused inside the District, and further, almost solely on the areas where the Congress works). They are focused on that sole task, and are intimately familiar with it, whereas the DC Police are in charge of law enforcement (not security) throughout the District as a whole. It’s the same reason Presidential security is handled by the Secret Service, instead of DCPD.

          As for why five different agencies, well… it’s Washington, D.C., and it involved both the White House and Capitol. I agree it was probably a horrendous overreaction, but I can’t say that I’m surprised at all.

        • Washington, D.C. is the capitAl of the United States (with an A) and has it’s own police force, the capitOl (with an O) is the building.

          They are two separate things and you were just flat wrong to lay into him for trying to resolve your confusion. Which apparently continues.

          He wasn’t correcting your spelling. You were using the wrong word.

        • Great explanation Matt in FL Mark N. you are correct in assuming the DC police are too incompetent though. DC used to be the murder capitAl until recently.

      • Every time a cop pulls out an AR type rifle a bunch of people on this blog wet the bed and start biting their pillow. Although some concerns are probably legit, there’s also a lot of cop bashing just for the sake of cop bashing. It gets old.

  11. Nice work, overkill. 2 more victims of gun, I mean cop violence. Bet the report of “exchanging gun fire” is a lie, I mean “they got it wrong”. That’s one child that will grow up hating the po-leece, and who the hell could blame him/her?

  12. Why didn’t they simply apprehend this lone woman and make her stand trial for… what do you call what she actually did? Reckless driving, property destruction?

    Jeez. The neighborhood watch over on Capitol Hill is so quick to machine-gun down strange-behaving interlopers.

    • I’m not saying it’s right, but the instant she drove through officers to get away – or rather as soon as one of them had to step or jump out of the way, regardless of whether it was necessary or not – she committed a whole host of felonies based around the assault of a po-po. At that point, she’d be considered a half step away from a cop killer. And from that instant, it was predetermined how it would end. Badly.

    • Obviously she was a professional of the highest degree. I’m curious why they decided to not block her in with all those cars around her vehicle.

    • This video proves some of my previous statements of things possible… not possible. However, given that she made those cops look so ridiculous they had to shoot her 4/5 times just for her humiliating them so much.

      Rather than “death by cop”… this is a special case of “death by humiliation – cop assisted.”

  13. “The 12-block chase ended at Constitution Ave. and Second St. with Carey mortally wounded, police said. The child was removed from the car by a police officer and taken to the hospital.” -NBC news

    Something about being shot on those two streets just screams irony.

  14. Ok where pushing really hard on the negative police shooting theory’s with very little info just like the media does with every slightly conteversial self defense shooting lets give it day and wait for more info ; just like the media should with these situations! Ok? Can just everyone take a breath. Do it with me *IN* and *OUT* and IN* and *OUT*

  15. I guess all the concerned mommys across the land will start an effort to ban assault sedans – “FOR THE CHIIIILDREN!”.

  16. USA military and police scared of everything and shooting at everything and everybody. They killed thousands innocent people in Afghanistan, Serbia etc. (schools and TV buildings, journalists, wedding celebrations, civilian buses and trains…) Because of fear they saw those are armed terrorists groups, but USA citizen probably don’t know it?! USA Government call it “Collateral damage”. But what now? They shoot “Collateral damage” in the Heart of USA? Is it time that USA Citizens finally start care about that? Is any human life deserve to finished as “Collateral damage”?

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