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The speech above is from my new least-favorite gun control advocate speaking at the Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America anti-NRA rally in Atlanta. The Rev. Raphael G. Warnock of the Ebenezer Baptist Church earns that accolade by dint of his charisma and his ability to speak falsehoods with complete, convincing (for some) conviction.

With gravitas provided by his association with Martin Luther King Jr.’s church. Who’s your least favorite anti-gunner? Watts? Bloomberg? Schumer? Feinstein? And what makes them so special?

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    • If I had to pick one right now, it would be Dennis Reese and the boys at Springfield Armory.

      Like a cancer destroying the 2nd from the inside out.

    • Alas, but there is one who may get the power to hurt all of us gun owners! I would choose Sen. Joe Lieberman. You know, anti-2nd Amendment, “assault weapons” and “hi-cap” magazine banner, Democrat, liberal Joe Lieberman who NRA’s 2nd Amendment savior and Tea Party favorite Donald Trump wants to be the head the FBI? Say it ain’t so Ralph, say it ain’t so! But it is;

      • Liberals have seen him as a traitor for 10 years now. Don’t expect him to try to garner their favor again.

        • So what is he choosing these leftists for? Is he just a fake? A recent article showed that almost half of who he (and Kushner and Ivana) is bringing into his administration are democrats.

          If Hillary was in now and was pushing for Lieberman as the head of the FBI, the con-(men)servative talk show celebrities as well as the NRA would be up in arms – but Trump seems to get a free pass. Don’t forget, “conservative” legend Ronald Reagan supported the “assault weapons” and “hi- cap” magazine bans and banned machine-guns, Bush 1 banned imported “assault weapons,” Bush 2 supported a permanent domestic “assault weapons” ban and did nothing for the Second Amendment all the while getting support from the NRA and conservative groups. Why does Trump get a free pass with some of you people? Trump was for banning “assault weapons” and “hi-cap” magazines just Four or five years ago and he stated that the Tea Party was too conservative and radical. Then he decides to run for office and one of the biggest issues to sway an election is gun rights and all of a sudden, he is pro-gun. Well I say bull$hit until I see it! Just as another author pointed out on this site recently, there is much that can be done to fix regulations without Congress or executive action and it’s not being done. Trump wanting a liberal, anti-gun, (pro-abortion for that matter) Democrat to head the most powerful LE agency in the USA is back stabbing the people who got him elected and you can’t blame the democrats for something Donald wants to do.

        • Jumping on someone for an offense they haven’t actually committed yet ralph? You angling for a federal circuit court appointment from the next dem president?

        • Ralph Mouth – The Donald is not a conservative, has never been a conservative, and in fact his health care plan on the campaign website called for MORE Federal money.

          But he appointed Justice Gorsuch. I’ll give him a break.

  1. I have to pick ONE?There’s so many!!!! How about all the Illinois scum who seek to deny my rights?!?

  2. My least favorite anti gunner is whoever is speaking and being heard, but mostly any anti gunner who has the political authority to write and pass legislation. Vote those assholes out.

  3. The cackelers on the view…they worship these absolute moronic Dems and think they are so holier than thou… Of course, I have to have equal disdain for all the anti politicians….they should have passed a reading comprehesion class sometime in thier academic life and have read the constitution….and apparently none of them have.

    • That’s a lower profile one but a very good pick. He’s a complete jackass and an embarrassment to the Catholic Church.

      My tops is Shannon watts and those associated with the mom’s group. They are such cowards blocking everyone on twitter, facebook, lying and never entering debates on the topics, etc.

  4. How about Fudds and other 2A “But”heads? They give legitimacy to the claim that “most” gun owners favor “common sense” legislation of firearms. That in turn further validates anti-gunners in their own eyes.

  5. I’m from New York City so this is really hard. I guess I will have to go local. Bloomberg is always a perennial favorite, as is Shumer. But the one that really rubs me the most is our Guv, Andy Cuomo, instigator of the SAFE Act here, so it’s personal. He is a real arrogant power hungry SOB who gives speeches as if he is Hitler at the Reichstag and thinks he’s the personal embodiment of all things NewYork. He also has a very punchable looking face.

  6. Spaceman spiff.
    How he uses his brain damaged wife is dispicable. He’s less than human.

    • You beat me to it in almost the exact same words that were in my head. Kelly gets the Lifetime Lowlife Award.

      • Naw, it was his Mertilizer. Besides “Deep Fat Fry,” other settings were “Shake & Bake,” “Frappe,” and “Liquify.”

  7. Shannon. I’ve encountered her twice in public and she’s definitely easy to look at. But then the nausea starts.

  8. I’d say Bloomberg simply because he has the most money. He could use that money for cancer research or something. But it’s his money.

  9. Without a doubt Bloomberg. He is essentially bankrolling the entire anti-gun movement at this point. If it wasn’t for him they would be way less effective in pushing anti-gun legislation across the country.

    • Good nomination. That nazi SOB is funding/pulling the strings behind the entire anti-American progtard machine.

      I was thinking Senator Unchucky Schemer but I think you have it correct. Soros is the machiavellian puppermaster. All the rest are just disposable pawns

    • I think that was Carolyn McCarthy. She isn’t in Congress, anymore, but I don’t know if she’s still active out there or just retired.

      • It was Carolyn McCarthy that said that.

        She retired from politics due to having a treatable form of lung cancer, and getting treatment. Dunno what else she’s been up to.

        • I’m hoping she’s just kicking back and smoking about 3 packs a day.

    • yup, she gets my vote, as a Californian.

      watch out for our ex-AG-New Senator Harris, she is just beginning her career.

  10. Whoever is currently saying “I support the 2nd Amendment, but…”

    Other than that:

    Gimp’s Bully boy
    And all the rest of the wanks trying to take my rights away

    And a special place for those unshorn sisters of the apocalypse, Betsy Riot.

  11. Amy Schumer, other than as a ignorant unfunny vulgar comedian, she brings nothing to the conversation.

  12. Anyone who tries to deny me my rights, while they demand their own be recognized, which is any and all Libtard extremists who believe making everyone defenseless makes criminals harmless.

  13. Paul McCartney. Least favorite because he’s not too much of a clown. I like his music, don’t need him to agree with my RKBA, but it hurt my feels when he went openly anti.

    Most of the other prominent anti gunners are such jokes, I’m like “good, you go on the other team”. Rosie ODonnel is the gift that keeps on giving. Gersh Kuntzman is my 2016 Rookie of the Year. Ladd Everitt, holy shit.

    • Shannon Watts, Michael Moore, Amy Schumer, Diane Feinstein, Kevin DeLeon, Mike “The Gun Guy”, whiever’s running Betsy Riot; I treasure each of them and hope they’re very active for their side

      • If you put that guy (with that name) in a story as an anti-gun ninny, nobody would be able to suspend their disbelief. Yet here he is. Reality is a strange drug.

  14. Wait! That a$$ hat is “thankful” there are sirens at that moment? He’s thankful there is an emergency somewhere? Somewhere, where there is someone possibly loosing their life from a heart attack, stroke, fell in a well and any number of other things I can think of, but he’s HAPPY!

    I’m not even going to go any further because what I would have to say will not make it to the site. He should be ashamed.

  15. All of them but in Australia special mention for former prime minister John “I hate guns” Howard who orchestrated the gun stealing “buyback” in 1996

  16. My least favorite anti gunners are certain Republicans of the Florida Legislature and federal Congress who claim to be pro 2nd amendment. They are legion. Which is why despite their monopoly on power, the right is so heavily infringed.

  17. He starts off by saying this isn’t about being against the second amendment we aren’t against the right to bear arms. When he said that three people clapped the rest looked around with confused expressions like ummm yeah we are…

    I don’t like Bloombergs money. Without that cash the anti 2nd people would be lost.

  18. None of them are honest or trustworthy, you can tell that by the way they have tried to hijack the phrase “gun safety.” My least favorite would have to be Chuckie Schumer simply because he has some power to damage the 2nd Amendment. Bloomberg may have money to try to cause trouble, but he gives it to people who seem entirely incompetent; so much so I wonder if he cares about much more than being invited to the right parties and a bit of a tax write-off.

    • Agree 1000 % !!! I once wrote Chuck the Schmuck a letter saying that as we both grew up in Brooklyn; if I had known he would cause me so much grief and anger in the future, I would have gone to his neighborhood and kicked the sh/t out of him. I must be on a list somewhere.

    • +1, beat me to it. She certainly has the biggest impact on me. The face of the smart gun ban, and the voice of “confiscate confiscate confiscate.”

      Once Christie leaves, we’re getting 10 round mags, ban on .50cal, FID’s embedded in drivers licenses (for max police harassment during traffic stops).

      • After six years I’m finally fleeing NJ for greener pastures in two months, almost to the day. With the approaching shitstorm in our already godawful legislature, I truly feel like I’m boarding the last chopper out of Saigon.

    • It is the same here for the Democratic component of the California Legislature, and when Governor Brown terms out, his probable replacement, Gavin Newsome is going to go whole hog to ban or regulate to the verge of nonexistence any and all gun rights in the State. Other than the fact that he is a particularly slimy politician (having bedded the wife of his best friend and chief of staff), we have him to thank for the coming ammunition license law. As of January 1, all sales have to go through a licensed ammo vendor, who will take down all of your vitals, a thumbprint, check your picture ID, record the amount and caliber/gauge of ammo sold, and run an instant background check before delivering ANY ammo. This will likely eliminate internet purchases and will specifically prohibit UPS deliveries to your door. soon enough we will have to purchase a required $50 license (with another background check) just to have the privilege of buying ammo.We dread what he will do next should he take office.

  19. The NRA. Bloomberg wishes he could have gotten the NFA, GCA, LEOPA, Hughes amendment, and the UFA passed or even just the UFA renewed (the last in particular was re-endorsed well after they supposedly changed and was re-endorsed to quash new innovations in firearms manufacture).

    What was the saying “Always shoot a traitor before an enemy”?

  20. Gavin Newsom is the POS that we will have to look out for. He is worse than Than any Ca Dem currently on power.

  21. Every single gun-hating person. I work and live in Denver, if you want to talk about being behind enemy lines. Liberals here are about the dumbest people I’ve ever met in my life.

    But…..if I had to choose TWO, it would have to be Diana DeGette AND Dianne Feinstein.

    Degette for being about as dumb as a bag of dirt. Feinstein for her stupidity and hypocrisy.

  22. All of them.
    But especially those with power to really hurt the legal gunowners. Like the four retards at the SCOTUS. Hope they all die within the next year and get replaced by decent picks from Trump.

  23. Hrrm, I think this should be done by categories, like Hollywood awards are.

    Worst president grabber:FDR; He signed the NFA of 34 so despite Obama or Bill Clinton being on the radar I think he was probably worse.
    Senator:Diane Feinstein. No one likes a hypocrite and being a concealed carrier and then trying to ban guns for non-elites is way up there.
    Bankroller; Bloomberg, nuff said. Close second is Soros.
    state hack, Deleon. What a moron.
    RINO hack:Mark Kirk. Duckworth is probably worse, but at least he’s gone. Maybe next time the Republicans will step up and get someone in who doesn’t tow the Democratic party line.
    Organization lead:Damn, so many people to hate on here but I think I’ll go with the head of MDA. At least Giffords has an excuse
    News media hack:Katie Couric. Violating the laws in making a documentary about how what she’s doing wasn’t illegal and should be, not to mention the interview alteration. Thank goodness those people recorded it. What an embarrassment. Not to mention being a lapdog for Bloomie.

  24. I don’t discriminate….. i dislike them all equally. I hope they step on a lego barefoot.

  25. Rebecca Peters. After being the figurehead for Australian gun control, our lesbian-feminist heroin addict (the very epitome of progressivism) has expanded her reach by being ensconced at the UN in New York to promote global gun control.

    It amazing how quiet these groups when guns in the hands of criminals, despots, death squads, and terrorists appear to be a greater problem than someone who hunts for food and target shoots as a competitive sport.

  26. See my screen name, beside that anyone who has the benefit of taxpayer-financed ARMED 24/7/365 security and derides the 2nd Amendment and opposes semi-autos, “large” (by Liberal’s standards) magazines and Open or Concealed Carry for law abiding citizens.

    I can attest from personal experience that when taking the #6 subway to City Hall the diminutive despot, now “former” NYC mayor, Michael Bloom-BOIG was surrounded by at least SIX (6) sometimes EIGHT (8) of the largest NYPD officers I’ve ever seen.

    Bloom-BOIG’Ss home, a jillion dollar townhouse just steps from Central Park not only had a “post” for an NYPD officer at the curb, which was staffed 24/7/365 whether he was there or not but also another detail of two officers in a patrol unit and a scooter unit parked outside.

    Bloom-BOIG, famous for touting Leftist environmental policies made much hay allowing the corrupt Liberal Media to videotape him “biking to City Hall”, what they didn’t show was his entourage, a fleet of SIX (6) large black SUVs containing his ARMED security detail or THEIR escort, a marked patrol unit in both front and rear, a much larger “carbon footprint” than presented to the public one that impacted the environment far more than taking the subway or being chauffeured to downtown Manhattan in a limo or large SUV.

    Hypocrites, hang them by the neck until dead, after a trial of course.

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