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Buckeye Robert goes for comfort and concealablity with his LC9s in that Alien Gear rig. See everything he carries at Everyday Carry . . .

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    • With all the complaining about “too much stuff” and how much a larger sized pistol weighs… I would guess that most people don’t carry a spare mag. It’s “too heavy” and it’s “stuff”.

    • Seems to be a common theme over at EDC recently.

      G26 in a similar holster posted last week.

      I personally don’t get it. I tote a G19 in a single clip Hopp Custom holster, at appendix position, with a gut and in Tx heat/humidity without issue. I see no benefit to adding a giant piece of leather/neoprene to the equation.

      • I have the same pistol and holster. I mostly pocket carry, but wanted to also try IWB. Honestly, I don’t like the Alien Gear holster. It chafes and irritates within a couple of hours.

      • My EDC holster is probably about the same size (Black Arch Ace1 Gen 2) but I carry a full sized USP in it.

    • Yeah, I ordered an aliengear for my Sig P238, WAY too big so just swapped the base backing for my 1911 commander…

  1. Oh, sweet, merciful Crom……”field notes”…….

    Is that where you document hourly, summertime sexual conquests?

  2. As for For field notes , well some folks work in the field and need a slim yet durable pad. Police , fire and ems , write down PT info , year make model and vin numbers , lunch orders the list is endless. Then there are others who work outdoors , from park rangers to surveyors and have a need for it. Add in a number of tradesmen who get tired of adding numbers , making sketches, and material lists on a wall or torn off piece of a box . This guy is a crane operator , perhaps he sketches skylines…. Who knows and I puzzle at why anyone would care .

    Field notes of course started with farmers, they were premiums from seed and fertilizer companies . My wife’s from a farm family and i see a pad and pencil in most of their shirt pockets still today .


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